Shore's ROH Wrestling TV Report: Week of 3/24 - Final hype for WrestleMania 28 weekend PPVs, Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole in a March Mayhem qualifier

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Mar 28, 2012 - 01:00 PM

By Chris Shore

ROH Wrestling on SBG stations
Taped in Baltimore, Maryland

A video recapped Jay Lethal beating Roderick Strong last week...The opening video aired, and Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness checked in on commentary. Jim Cornette was in the ring and introduced the men in this Friday's triple threat title match, Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini and Michael Elgin), Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards. The champ got a very lukewarm reaction.

Richards started and said he didn't like his opponents, but three of the greatest wrestlers in the world would compete that night. He said he didn't trust either of his opponents, including Edwards. Edwards told Richards that was wrong, and it was especially wrong to compare him to a prick like Strong.

Strong said there was no need for that. He said he would win the title at the triple threat and take it off that "MMA mother." Cornette admonished him and Strong said he edited himself. He siad even if he didn't win on the first night, he would get a second chance the next night because Elgin would give him his match. Elgin started to say something when Jay Lethal's music hit.

Lethal said he had more respect for Cornette than he did against "this butt munch," referring to Strong. Lethal wanted to know why he wasn't getting a title shot after he faced Richards and the locker room ended up in a brawl around the ring and cost him his chance. He said he was tired of waiting for what he wanted and was going to start taking it.

Kevin Steen's music hit and he came to the ramp. He asked everyone if they were impressed with the gaggle of hand shakers and ass kissers in the ring. He told Edwards he was genuinely rooting for him in the triple threat, not because he liked him, but because he wanted a title shot. He told Cornette that it didn't matter if Edwards won or not, he would find a way to get a title shot. He said once he did, he would be ROH World Champion, and he would be Cornette's personal worst nightmare...

Shore's Slant: Good opening that set the stage for this weekend's shows. Kevin Steen needs that title. No, ROH needs Kevin Steen to be their champion. The promotion is floundering and it needs a boost.

The March Mayhem main event of Adam Cole and Mike Elgin was hyped...WGTT and Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman cut promos before their opening match...

1. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander defeated Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team at 9:42. Benjamin mushed Coleman's face when they shook hands and those two started. Benjamin started by messing with Coleman so Coleman went on offense. Coleman hit a leg lariat and Benjamin hit a clothesline. Both men tagged out and Alexander and Haas worked preliminary moves. Benjamin tried to run in and both WGTT took drop kicks that knocked them both to the floor, and then both took dives. They rolled Haas back in the ring, but Benjamin hit a dirty shot on Alexander while the ref's back was turned...[C]

Back from commercial, Benjamin hit a Samoan slam on Alexander. He tossed him to the floor and distracted the ref. Haas hit a back suplex on the railing that got the crowd hot. He rolled Alexander back in the ring and WGTT worked in and out on him. Alexander got the hot tag and Coleman came in a house of fire. He took out both men, and then he and Alexander his a double superkick on Haas that saw Benjamin make the save.

Alexander and Coleman took out Benjamin and hit double team moves on Coleman. Alexander went to the top, but Benjamin tossed him to the floor. They setup for the leap of faith on Coleman. Alexander stopped Benjamin and they battled. Coleman flipped Haas down with his face in the ropes. The Briscoes ran out and Jay hit Haas with a chair. Coleman covered for the win...[C]

Shore's Slant: Good match with a rare screwy finish that I liked. Sometimes these finishes are effective, and here they were. Coleman and Alexander get a good win that is only slightly tainted, and yet WGTT loses absolutely nothing in this. And it adds heat to the tag match at the PPV. Well done.

Back from commercial, Haas was still dead in the ring. Veda Scott ran out and tried to talk to Benjamin, but he snatched the mic away. He said they had had enough, and that come Florida, they would end anyone with the last name Briscoe or any idiot who cheered them...

Shore's Slant: That promo shows why Benjamin never made it in WWE.

The "Inside ROH" segment aired. Kelly ran down the cards and showed the announcement of the return of El Generico. Lance Storm cut a promo on Mike Bennett and said he would teach Bennett respect. Bennett cut a promo with Maria, making fun of Storm's robotic style. He said he was going to lay Storm out. A video recapped how Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly announced their match...

Jim Cornette joined the announce team and said he was going to fine The Briscoes, but he was going to do it on the phone Monday. He also added a rematch of WGTT vs. Coleman and Alexander to Friday's PPV...The announce team ran down the March Mayhem rules and ring introductions occurred for the main event...

2. Mike Elgin (w/Truth Martini) vs. Adam Cole. Kyle O'Reilly joined the announce team and did his best to channel Davey Richards. Cole started fast and hit a dive to the floor, but Elgin came back and hit a back suplex into the turnbuckle...[C]

Back from commercial, Elgin worked on Cole's back. Cole tried to come back with a tornado DDT. Elgin stopped him mid spin and tried to slam him into the buckle. Cole slid off and they battled near the ropes. Cole hit a DDT on the apron on Elgin and rolled him into the ring for two.

Cole hit a wheelbarrow rollup for two, and Elgin came right back with a side slam for two. The men traded no-sell superkicks and clotheslines. Elgin set Cole on top and tried for a superplex. Cole fought out and hit a sunset bomb, and followed with a top rope splash for two. Roderick Strong ran out and attacked Cole as Truth distracted the ref. Elgin pulled Cole back and Strong hit an enziguri on Elgin by mistake. Cole rolled him up for the win.

Post-match, Strong attacked Cole. O'Reilly said if Cole was a better friend, maybe someone would help him. He took the headset of and left. Elgin recovered and started to work on Cole as well, but Eddie Edwards ran out made the save. The four men battled as the show went off the air...

Shore's Slant: Good match that showcased both men. I piqued by the House of Truth storyline as I'm not sure which of the two will turn baby, or if either will. My guess is Strong makes the turn, but the story is interesting. I wish I could say the same for Cole and O'Reilly. The crowd died at the end of the show, but that's what happens when you have marathon tapings.

A good go home show for the WrestleMania 28 shows, with as much emphasis as possible on the major matches. I will be covering both ROH shows this weekend, so be sure to check out my coverage. Thanks for watching along with me.

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