Powell's 7/22 ROH Wrestling TV review: Jay Briscoe vs. Matt Hardy for the ROH Title, Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong

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Aug 26, 2013 - 09:41 AM

We are playing catch up on our ROH TV coverage today. Check back on Wednesday for Jason Powell's review of the latest ROH television show.

By Jason Powell

ROH Wrestling on SBG television affiliates
Taped in Baltimore, Maryland at Du Burns Arena

[Q1] The show opened with members of SCUM talking in the back of a limo. Steve Corino led the conversation and questioned what ROH has done for them. He said Matt Hardy will beat Jay Briscoe for the ROH Title during the show. He said SCUM is thankful for the restaurants and hotels he takes them to... The open montage aired...

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino checked in on commentary and hyped the ROH Title match main event. Corino said the end is coming and it begins today...

Powell's POV: Yes, it's our latest ROH TV catchup day. As you can tell, I fell a bit behind, but I will be caught up this morning.

Ring entrances for the Adam Cole vs. Will Ferrara match took place. Before the bell, Roderick Strong came out and cut a promo. He said Cole made a decision at Best in the World that wasn't as honorable as he says he is. He said he is disappointed in Cole. Cole responded by saying he's become obsessed with wins and losses and so he took the count out win. He apologized if he disrespected Strong.

Cole told Ferrara that their match could not happen at that time. Ferrara left the ring. Cole asked the crowd if they wanted to see a Best in the World rematch. There were some fans applauding, though most seemed pretty lethargic at this point in the taping...
1. Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong. They traded offense leading into the break while Kelly recapped their Best in the World match. [C] MsChif was featured in the text message campaign spot. She actually spoke on ROH TV. Back in the ring, Strong performed a bulldog on Cole for a two count.

[Q2] Corino put over Strong's ability, yet questioned his character on commentary. There was a dueling chant for the wrestlers between what sounded like three fans. Late in the match, Cole kicked Strong off of him and into the referee. Corino called for Cole to take advantage of it. The wrestlers traded punches and Cole eventually superkicked Strong.

Corino stood up from the commentator's table and tossed a chain inside the ring. Strong picked up the chain. Cole kicked Strong's knee. Strong dropped the chain. Cole picked it up and struck Strong with it. The referee recovered enough to spot it and called for the bell.

Roderick Strong defeated Adam Cole by DQ.

Powell's POV: The idea was that Corino supposedly threw the chain in for Cole, but Strong ended up picking it up. It was a good match and a good followup to the count out at the pay-per-view. Unfortunately, the live crowd couldn't have been flatter. It's mostly a product of this being one of the shows held later in the taping, though it's not like the fans have incentive to cheer either wrestler right now.

The announcers hyped the main event... [C] B.J. Whitmer cut a promo about an upcoming live event... A video package for Steel Cage Warfare was shown. Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, and B.J. Whitmer spoke about the match and warned Kevin Steen that he better be on the right side...

SCUM was shown exiting the limo at the building. Matt Hardy was the last man out of the limo. He handed out cash to his stablemates. He offered a fan $20 to tear up his Fat Hardy sign. The fan said he believes in Steen. Hardy offered him $80 and he still passed. He upped the offer to $100, but the guy still said no. He upped the offer again. Cliff Compton took the sign and tore it up... [C]

Powell's POV: Ladies and gentlemen, the dumbest (or richest) pro wrestling fan. Nothing against the guy if he wasn't a plant, but how do you not take the cash in exchange for a shitty sign that you can easily replicate?

Another live event spot was shown...

[Q3] Matt Hardy and Steve Corino made their entrance. ROH Champion Jay Briscoe made his entrance. Kelly noted that Briscoe's shoulder was heavily wrapped and he wasn't competing at 100 percent. Corino delivered the super over the top introduction for Hardy, which was a riot as usual...

Veda Scott, Roderick Strong, Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Matt Taven, Truth Martini, and one of the Hoopla Hotties were featured in the text service spot... [C] The MsChif text service spot was replayed...

2. Jay Briscoe vs. Matt Hardy (w/Steve Corino) for the ROH Title. Hardy targeted Briscoe's injured arm from the start. The crowd was livelier for this match. Hardy continued to work over the arm heading into the break. [C]

[Q4] Briscoe had his first offensive run after the break. He flipped off Corino and it was digitized. Corino tripped him moments later, then Hardy performed the Twist of Fate for a two count. Later, Hardy hit another Twist of Fate on Briscoe and then picked him up and performed the same move again. Hardy covered Briscoe, who kicked out of his finisher again.

Hardy, who had a boot off at this point, went to the top rope, but Briscoe recovered and cut him off and performed a side suplex. Hardy landed on Briscoe and the referee counted to two again. Briscoe had an offensive flurry that was cut off by a kick to the gut. Hardy went for his finisher again, but Briscoe avoided it and caught him in a small package and got the pin.

Jay Briscoe pinned Matt Hardy to retain the ROH Title.

After the match, the referee handed Briscoe the belt. Rhino hit the ring and gored Briscoe. Mark Briscoe ran in for the save, but Corino hit him from behind with a roll of quarters is in his hand. Jay Lethal and BJ Whitmer came out, but other SCUM members tied him to them to ring posts.

SCUM performed a Conchairto on Mark Briscoe and they continued to beat down Jay. Nigel McGuinness led security ran out, but they were tossed from the ring. Corino said he wanted Jay Briscoe finished once and for all. SCUM wrapped Jay's arm in a chair. Hardy jumped off the second rope and stomped the chair with Briscoe's arm wrapped inside. Kelly sold it huge on commentary. Corino took the mic and said ROH not only dies, but it turns next week...

Powell's POV: This was the big injury angle that set up the departure of the Briscoes at least temporarily. The main event didn't really live up to the hype, but the post match angle was strong. It was also logically timed heading into the Steel Cage Warfare showdown match next week with SCUM facing Team ROH in the win or go home match.

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