9/24 Shore’s ROH Wrestling Live Coverage: ROH kicks off the Sinclair era with the final match of the Kings of Wrestling

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Sep 24, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

ROH Wrestling on SBG affiliates
Taped in Chicago Ridge, Ill.

[Q1] The opening video featured clips of wrestlers getting ready cut with shots of belts and cheering fans. A voice said, “This is ROH Wrestling.” The crowd was chanting “ROH” as the show opened, and Kevin Kelly was in the ring. He hyped the WGTT vs. the Kings of Wrestling as the main event, and then introduced the man who will be the color commentator, Nigel McGuiness!

Nigel came out to a great pop and the streamers flew. He cut a great promo about being back and put over ROH as the best in the world. Kevin Kelly setup a video that allowed both teams in the opening match comment…

Shore’s Slant: Great opening. ROH fans popped big for Nigel, and new watchers were told that this guy is a big deal, which made for the best opening you could get. Nicely done.

1. Future Shock vs. The Bravados. Future Shock hit a set double team moves and then tied up both Bravados in a dual submission. The ref caused the break and the match settled into a standard match. Cole took a beating from the heels. The Bravados hit a nice kick into a bridging German suplex that O’Reilly broke up.

O’Reilly got the hot tag and took out both Bravados with kicks and a double dragon leg screw. He followed with a missile drop kick on both men. Cole tagged in and they hit a cool rolling butterfly suplexes into a release German suplex. Cole hit a dive on the floor, and O’Reilly hit a drop kick on the chair in the corner on the floor. Future Shock hit Ride the Lightning for the win…[C]

Shore’s Slant: Great opening match. They did this opening show up big time. Very, very impressed. They stayed true to their style and these four put on a solid match every time I see them.

The first commercial was an old school promo with Kevin Kelly and Davey Richards putting over coming to “your city soon!” The WCW Saturday Night fan of the 1980s just marked the eff out.

[Q2] Kevin Kelly setup a video that had him recapping Best in the World. The video really put over the tag team title and world title matches. Davey Richards said he had to crush Eddie to win because you can’t beat Eddie, so he had to crush him. Edwards said the last thing he remembered was Davey saying “You will always be my brother,” and then the lights went out. The video closed with part of Davey’s emotional speech…[C]

Shore’s Slant: The “I had to crush Eddie” line is kind of over the top, but I really dislike the idea of Eddie saying he was knocked out. I know it’s kayfabe and all, but there’s just been too many things go wrong with head injuries in this business that I never like seeing that.

The “Inside ROH” feature explained the Code of Honor…Kevin Kelly hyped Jay Lethal challenging El Generico for the TV Title next week, and then Jay Lethal cut a promo on the match…[C]

Shore’s Slant: Nice use of pre-tapes. The Inside ROH segment is a great idea, and Kevin Kelly managed to provide more hype for their next show than WWE has in the last 10 shows. If you are 32is or older, and you grew up watching Saturday morning and night wrestling, you are going crazy right now. I’ve moved to the floor and am watching sitting Indian style. I never sit like this.

[Q3] The ROH Flashback video showed the WGTT winning the four team elimination match at Best in the World. It also included the post-match beat down…Back ringside, Nigel asked a fan who would win the main event. The fan said WGTT. The Kings made their entrance. WGTT was out next…[C]

The first commercial was another live event hype featuring the Briscoes…

2. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated The Kings of Wrestling (w/Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn) to retain the ROH Tag Team Championships at 16:27. Claudio and Haas started. Claudio worked over Haas to start. Benjamin got the blind tag and hit a big clothesline from the top. Claudio drove Benjamin to the corner and tagged Hero, but Benjamin hit and arm drag somehow to keep control.

[Q4] The ref got distracted and the heels double teamed Benjamin. Hero hit a roaring boot and drove Benjamin to the floor. Hero started to drag Benjamin into the ring. Kelly said they were going to the last commercial, but they would keep the cameras rolling…[C]

Shore’s Slant: OK, the keep the cameras rolling was a bit much. I’m liking the old school feel, but don’t try to sale me on you don’t know when this match will finish. We all know better at this point. It’s just a little thing, but it stood out for me.

Back from commercial, a cut in video showed Claudio attacking Benjamin during the break. Benjamin hit a stiff inverse enziguri on Claudio and tried to tag Haas, but Hero dropped Haas off the apron to prevent the tag. The ref argued with Haas because he tried to come in without a tag, and Hero hit a roaring elbow to the back of Benjamin’s head.

Benjamin reversed a double suplex attempt into double neck breakers. Haas got the hot tag and worked the Kings. He hit a release German suplex on Hero and a T-bone suplex on Claudio for two. Hero got a tag and hit an elbow to Haas for two. He hit another roaring elbow and tagged in Claudio. They hit the helicopter crash, but Benjamin dragged Claudio off.

The Kings tried for KRS-1, but Benjamin ran in and hit a spear on Claudio. The WGTT hit Wrestling’s Greatest Finisher on Claudio, and then a flying clothesline/spine buster combo on Hero for the win…

Shore’s Slant: Good match. I hate to say it, but it was a ROH TV match. I don’t mean that as a disrespect, but we’ve seen what these teams can do together, and this wasn’t that for sure. It was still good, and something the KOW should be proud of.

Nice opening salvo from ROH. I find it interesting that it was all tag team matches. I realize they are putting emphasis on the tag division, as they should, but I’m surprised that was all we got tonight. Still, I could not have hoped for more. Well done ROH. I’ll have more to say tomorrow on the ROH hitlist. Thanks for reading along tonight.

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