9/20 Mathieson's ROH on HDNet Live Coverage: Austin Aries vs. Delirious in a steel cage match, The Embassy vs. the Dark City Fight Club, and Sara Del Rey and Colt Cabana in action

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Sep 20, 2010 - 07:00 PM

By Joe Mathieson

Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet
Taped in Philadelphia, Pa.

A video hyped the steel cage main event, then the opening video played and we went straight to the entrances for the first match. The Embassy entered and Prince Nana was about to cut a promo, but was interrupted by the Dark City Fight Club's music. They ran out and Nana called them bums from the floor and asked if they knew how much money he had. Necro and Stevens jumped the DCFC to start the match.

1. The Embassy (Erick Stevens and Necro Butcher w/Prince Nana) defeated The Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis) in 9:44. Necro has real tights! Well, they're pants with designs on them. I'll take it. DCFC beat the Embassy up on the floor for a couple minutes, but as the action got back in the ring, Stevens took over.

Necro tagged in and hit a neckbreaker for two at 3:00. Davis reversed a Stevens suplex into a suplex of his own and tried to make the hot tag to Chavis, but Necro knocked Chavis off the apron. The Embassy continued working over Davis for a few more minutes until Davis hit a leg lariat and made the hot tag.

Chavis lariated Necro and hit a Last Ride-esque powerbomb on Stevens. DCFC hit a variant of Total Elimination for two. Nana tried to interfere but was punched by Chavis. Shortly after, Stevens hit Ghanarhea and scored the pin.

Joe's Judgment: Not a great match, but the crowd was hot for it, and I can't remember the last time an Embassy member hit a finisher and won a match. The right team won here, so the match was pretty good in this respect.

A video recapped last week's Aries vs. Delirious lumberjack match.

Aries was backstage with Kyle Durden. Aries said that Delirious wouldn't let the feud end, even after he apologized and tried to teach Delirious a lesson. He said that any blood that was spilled tonight, whether it was his, Aries', or Daizee Haze's, it was all on Delirious' hands.

2. Colt Cabana defeated Jay Freddie in 1:09. Colt sat down when the bell rang. Freddie tried something but Colt kicked him in the face. Freddie grabbed Colt's foot, but Cabana slid Freddie's legs apart and pushed him over. A few strikes and a Billy Goat's Curse later, Cabana won. Right when Freddie tapped, Steve Corino appeared behind Cabana with a fork and tried to stab Colt. Cabana grabbed the fork and Corino left through the crowd.

A video recapped Glory By Honor IX, starting with Kevin Kelly getting comments from fans outside the Manhattan Center and ending with Roderick Strong beating Tyler Black to win the ROH World Title. [C]

Joe's Judgment: Quick match that was still pretty fun. Corino's post-match thing was kinda quick for my liking. Well-produced video as well and I really liked the fan comments portion.

Highlights from last week's Davey Richards/Jim Cornette interview aired, focusing on Davey's decision not to retire...

3. Sara Del Rey defeated Taeler Hendrix in 2:42. Del Rey hit a capo kick and backbreaker in the first few seconds for a two count. Hendrix got in some offense with a jawbreaker, a kick, and a clothesline, but Del Rey caught her coming off the top rope with a kick to the midsection, then locked on the cross armbreaker for the submission win.

Joe's Judgment: Better than any three-minute Divas match on WWE TV. Taeler bumped well and Del Rey is amazing. Nothing really else to say.

A video recapping the Aries-Delirious feud aired...

Next week's main event is Roderick Strong and the House of Truth vs. Christopher Daniels and the Briscoes...

4. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) defeated Austin Aries in a steel cage match in 13:54. Aries grabbed Daizee Haze before the match started. Delirious opened the door and it hit Aries in the head. Delirious beat up Aries, throwing him into the guardrail and the cage. Eventually they went in the ring and Delirious locked and chained the door.

Delirious went to the top of the cage for Shadows Over Hell within the first three minutes. Before the got there, though, Aries caught him and they brawled on the top rope for a bit. Aries got the better of it and worked on Delirious' throat. At some point Delirious started to bleed.

Aries tried to pull off Delirious' mask, then tried to tie him to the top rope. Delirious fought free and Aries hit an elbow drop for two. At 8:20, Delirious countered an Aries suplex and sent Aries into the cage. Delirious hit a few headbutts and sent Aries into the cage again. He tried again, but Aries countered and then hit a shinbreaker/suplex combo.

Aries hit some grounded knee strikes right into the Last Chancery, then tied Delirious' tassels around his throat. Delirious got out by biting Aries, then countered a brainbuster into a Cobra suplex. Delirious hit the Panic Attack and locked in the Cobra Stretch. The All-Night Express ran out and Delirious broke the hold to knock Rhett Titus off the cage.

Aries joined Delirious on the top rope and raked his face along the top of the cage. They brawled for a bit and then Delirious set Aries on top of the corner of the cage, climbed on top, and locked in the Cobra Stretch, and Aries tapped out.

The minute the refs unlocked the door, Titus and King jumped in the ring and beat down Delirious, finishing it with two of their assisted package piledrivers. Aries said "Now, it's over" into the camera and he and the ANX posed in the center of the ring, then up the ramp as Delirious lay in the ring to close the show.

Joe's Judgment: I wasn't a fan of the feud, but this match was great. I was able to get into it, and the finish was innovative. Hot crowd, and a much better main event than I was expecting. The post match was an effective way to write Delirious off given that he is taking over as head booker. Overall a decent show tonight, and I'll see you next week.

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