6/7 Mathieson's ROH on HDNet Live Coverage: Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries in a non-title match, Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino, El Generico vs. Ricky Reyes, and more

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Jun 7, 2010 - 07:00 PM

Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet
Taped in Philadelphia, Pa.

A video package aired with comments from Roderick Strong and Tyler Black, and a recap of their feud, culminating with the title match at Supercard of Honor V, moving on to the announcement of Black vs. Davey Richards for Death Before Dishonor VIII, and the Strong/Aries angle from the last show. The video ended with a graphic overlaying Black, Strong, Aries, and Richards over the ROH World Title, and Mike Hogewood informed us that tonight's main event is Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black in a non-title match.

Joe's Judgment: Well-made video package that nicely recapped basically everything that happened with the ROH World Title since April or so.

1. El Generico defeated Ricky Reyes in 3:45. Reyes dominated the early going. Generico got two with a really quick rollup, but Reyes went right back on offense. Generico hit a Michinoku Driver for two and went for a Yakuza kick, but Reyes dodged. Reyes sent Generico into the corner, but Generico bounced off and hit the Yakuza, then followed up with a brainbuster for the win.

Joe's Judgment: Generico didn't dominate, but he looked good. I guess that was the idea. Reyes is still boring.

A really long video package recapped the Kevin Steen vs. El Generico feud, interspersed with comments from Steen, Steve Corino, and Colt Cabana.

Corino and Steen were backstage with Kyle Durden. Durden asked Corino for comments on his match tonight with Jerry Lynn. Corino said he and Lynn had history, but history was for people who weren't focused on the present. He said that Lynn was a legend, but tonight, he'd lose to a legend, and walked off. Durden asked Steen for comment. Steen asked Durden if he wanted some gum, and when Durden said he did, Steen spit his gum in his face.

Joe's Judgment: Crazy Steen is crazy awesome.

2. Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn ended in a no contest in 8:05. The crowd chanted "ECW", and Prazak and Hogewood mentioned that they were chanting for the "real ECW". They went back and forth for the first couple minutes, until Lynn hit a senton off the apron onto Corino on the outside. They threw each other into the barricades a couple times, and Corino got two when the action came back in the ring.

While applying an octopus stretch on Lynn, Corino stuck his thumb... somewhere in the lower regions of Lynn. Shortly afterward, Lynn stuck Corino's thumb into his own mouth, popping the crowd. Corino hit an Expulsion on Lynn, and shortly after a sliding clothesline. Colt Cabana ran down, followed by Kevin Steen. Corino and Steen started to beat on Cabana, but Lynn stopped Corino. Kenny King ran down and hit Lynn, and the match was thrown out.

Steen and Cabana brawled in the ring, and Steen set him up for the package piledriver when El Generico's music hit and he came down. He tossed Corino to the side, and faced off with Steen, but didn't hit him, because Corino interfered. Steen gave Cabana a package piledriver, and went to hit him with a chair, but Generico ran him off.

Joe's Judgment: The match wasn't great, but it was a cool flashback to ECW. The post match pretty much just showcased how great the Steen/Generico feud. And I guess Lynn vs. King is still going.[C]

A recap of what happened before the break was shown, with a graphic for Steen vs. Generico at DBD...

Sit-down interviews aired with Davey Richards and Tyler Black, with each talking about their inspirations, growing up in Washington and Iowa, respectively. Both men talked about how they'd worked to get to where they are, and how good the other was, and what made them so good.

Joe's Judgment: If you aren't watching the show right now, then go out of your way to watch that interview segment. Great stuff, particularly with Richards talking about his grandparents. The emotion was real, and I could empathize with both men. They're really building up Black vs. Richards as a big fight, and this did it better than any in-ring promo segment ever could.

3.Tyler Black defeated Austin Aries in 12:40. Black dominated the first few minutes, getting two with a leg lariat after a moonsault off the barricade on the outside. Aries rolled out of the way of first a quebrada and then his running shooting star. Aries hit a neckbreaker on the apron, then a running knee strike and double axe handle to the neck, then got two back in the ring with a slingshot elbow.

Aries switched up his focus to the knee of Black, and applied the figure four after repeated stomps and kicks. Black got out and they exchanged shots on the apron. Black got the better of it and hit a springboard lariat, but came up clutching his knee. Aries hit a brainbuster, but Tyler kicked out at two. At 12:00, Tyler went up top for the Phoenix Splash, but Aries crotched him on the top rope and Tyler fell down into a one-legged Tree of Woe. Aries knocked him down and went back to the Figure Four, but Black rolled him up for three.

Post match, Aries decked Black and called Kenny King out for a spike piledriver, but Jerry Lynn ran out and ran off King. Aries hit Black, and Roderick Strong ran out. All four brawled to the floor, and Black hit a somersault dive onto all of them, then posed with the belt in the ring. The camera got a shot of Delirious in the front row to close the show.

Joe's Judgment: Far from their best match, but I enjoyed it. It was a nice showcase of psychology, where the finish, albeit a bit weak, made sense. I could do with less run-ins though.

As a whole tonight's show was pretty good. Both halves had clear focuses, and they are really the two most important things going on in ROH right now, so that made sense. The sit-down interviewa with Tyler and Davey was the highlight of the show for me, but everything else was pretty solid, if not spectacular.

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