2/14 Shore's ROH on HDNet Live Coverage: Happy Greg "The Hammer" Day, The Top Prospects Tournament begins, All Night Express, Kings of Wrestling, Steve Corino and Homicide vs. Marl Briscoe

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Feb 14, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

ROH on HDNet
Taped in Philadelphia, Penn.

A video recapped the eight man tag match from last week…The opening video aired and the show opened with Jim Cornette in the ring with a group of wrestlers and Truth Martini. He announced the 2011 Top Prospect Tournament and it's participants: Kyle O'Reilly, Adam Cole, Andy "Right Leg" Ridge, Grizzly Redwood, Michael Elgin, John Gresham and Bobby Dempsey.

Cornette said apparently the eighth man didn't get the memo because he was supposed to be in the ring. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett's music hit and he and Bob Evans made their way to the ring. Cornette introduced him and said apparently Bennett needed a special entrance.

Bennett tried to cut a promo and the crowd chanted, "Bobby." Bennett tried to sell being annoyed but he came across frazzled. Bennett said he was already the top prospect, but he would "Play with the kids in the sandbox." He said he would give all the kids their five star match, but he would win the tournament because 2011 is the year of "The Prodigy" and he would be ROH champion this year…The announce team hyped Homicide vs. Mark Briscoe for next…[C]

Shore's Slant: Good opener. Bennett had some rough moments but was more good than bad. If only his matches were that good. I'm looking forward to this tournament playing out.

1. Homicide defeated Mark Briscoe at 11:31. Homicide bumped around to start and went to the floor. Mark hit a suicide plancha and rolled Homicide back in the ring. Mark worked him in the corner, but Homicide hit a drop toe hold to drive Mark into the corner. He hit a running boot in the corner and went to work.

He tried for Three Amigos, but Mark hooked a roll up on the third for two. Homicide went to the top and hit a tackle that made Mark's head hit the mat. Homicide worked the head with rest holds and strokes. He shoved Mark to the floor and hit a sick dive.

Back in the ring the two men battled on top of the rope and Mark drove Briscoe to the mat. He hit a great looking frog elbow for a near fall. They battled on the top rope again and Homicide hit a Hurricanranna for a near fall. They battled on the top a third time and Homicide hit an Ace Crusher (RKO) from the second rope for the win…

Shore's Slant: I have been very critical of Homicide because he has just looked uninspired and appeared to be phoning it in. Not tonight buddy. Fantastic match that was so good I forgot to report on part of it because I was sucked in. Nice work by both men here. If all the show from now till April have matches that good I won't make it.

A video recapped the Eddie Edwards vs. Christopher Daniels feud over the TV Title…

2. Kyle O'Reilly defeated Jon Gresham in a Top Prospect Tournament Match at 4:57. They started with some neat back and forth moves, minus a seriously botched arm drag from Gresham. They traded chops for close to thirty seconds and then Kyle took control with a slam and body scissor.

O'Reilly's chest looked sunburned as Gresham hit more chops. O'Reilly hit a cradle German suplex for two, and then they rolled around trading small package pin attempts. O'Reilly locked in a triangle choke out of nowhere for the win. O'Reilly advances in the tournament to face the winner of the Adam Cole vs. Mike Bennett match.

Post-match, Steve Corino cut a promo from ringside about O'Reilly. He said he looked good, but he needed to take the fight to his opponents more. O'Reilly nodded at him and left…

A video package hyped the Kings of Wrestling vs. The All Night Express for the ROH Tag Team Titles. The announce team hyped Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rhett Titus for next week and Kenny King vs. Chris Hero for later…Homicide came back to the ring for a promo…[C]

Shore's Slant: Standard ROH style match where there should have been a little more selling, but the moves were good. O'Reilly and Cole together impress me greatly. Apart they still haven't clicked for me yet. Maybe this tournament will do it.

Homicide called for a mic and Mike Hogewood said the main event had been postponed because Homicide refused to leave the ring. He stammered through a promo and said he was an ROH original and he only won the title one time in 2006 and a fat Japanese guy took it from him and he never got a rematch. He said he would beat Roderick Strong at the PPV.

Strong ran out with Martini in tow. Strong told Homicide he was a has been and this company didn't owe him anything. He made a crack about Homicide sucking on Konan's teet in TNA (he said "That company in Orlando") and said Homicide ruined his celebration the night he won the title. He said Homicide should apologize for ruining his celebration.

Homicide said he was sorry. He said he was sorry he, "Didn't do this earlier." He attacked Strong and they fought all over the ring with several refs and "other officials" breaking it up several times. Homicide ended up pulling Strong's pants off as Strong escaped and Martini tried to cover his ass with the Book of Truth…

Shore's Slant: I don't know if I'm just hyped up or what, but I thought Homicide and Strong were very good there. Strong has always struck me as very Ric Flair-esque in the way he carries himself, and the pants gag was always great when Flair did it. Strong was as good here. If they can teach him to talk like Flair they might take over the world. I'll have more tomorrow on the hitlist, thanks for reading and I'll see you then.

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