1/31 Shore's ROH on HDNet Live Coverage: Colt Cabana vs. Mike Mondo, Sara Del Rey vs. Taler Hendrix, and Eddie Edwards vs. Christopher Daniels for the ROH TV Title

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Jan 31, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

ROH on HDNet
Taped in Lexington, Kentucky.

A video hyped Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards for the TV Title…The opening video aired, and Mike Mondo made his ring entrance as Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak checked in on commentary. A pretaped Mondo promo aired and he said it was Mondo time. Colt Cabana was out next…

Colt Cabana defeated Mike Mondo at 5:10 : Mondo took the match more serious at first and he took early control He hit a flying headbut for two, but missed the second one. Colt hulked up and worked some comedy punches. He setup for the Colt 45, but Mondo reversed into a leg sweep.

Mondo set Cabana on the top turnbuckle and setup for a superplex. Colt reversed and lifted him in a fireman's carry. He dropped down and Mondo slammed on the top rope. He followed with the Billy Goat's Curse for the submission win.

Shore's Slant: Pretty standard fare from Cabana. Mon do got in some offense and Colt got a few comedy spots in. I'm interested to see him and Davey Richards at the 9th Anniversary show.

Back from commercial, a video recapped Homicide's feud with Cornette in 2006 and their face off last week…In the ring, Truth Martini cut a promo on how he can change people's lives, just like he did with Roderick Strong. The crowd chanted, "That book's empty."

He said Strong had one more test and Truth called out Michael Elgin. Elgin and Strong will team together as a tryout for Elgin…

2. Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin (w/Truth Martini) defeated Alex Silva and Christian Hayme at 2:52. Elgin started and shoved Hayme around. He worked chops and strikes and tagged in Strong. Strong hit a chop and suplex and tagged back out. Hayme got the hot tag to Silva who hit a missile dropkick. Elgin blocked a hurricanranna and hit a buckle bomb, followed by a spinning sitout powerbomb for the win…

A video recapped the All Night Express vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team aired…[C]

Shore's Slant: Welcome to ROH Mike Elgin. Standard squash match.

A video recapped the MisChief and Daizee Haze drama…

3. Sara Del Ray (w/Shane Hagadorn) defeated Taeler Hendrix at 3:10. The bell rang and Del Ray hit three big boots in a row. Del Ray put on a clinic. Even a fan at ringside yelled, "Taeler, do something." Del Ray won after hooking a serious Gory special and then covering for the pinfall victory…The announce team setup a video that hyped The WGTT and the Briscoes vs. the ANX and KOW as the main event next week…[C]

Shore's Slant: Wow, that was brutal. Del Ray is just a cut above the rest. I would pay real money to see a promotion with her, Kong, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix. Oh and Taeler because she is my one lady wrestler crush.

4. Christopher Daniels defeated Eddie Edwards for the ROH TV Title at 19:17. The crowd was split pretty even and dueling, "Eddie Edwards/Fallen Angle" chants broke out. Edwards started by working the arm through several chains.

They ran the ropes and Eddie went for a leap frog. Daniels caught him in a fireman's carry and hit an attitude adjustment. Edwards rolled to the floor and Daniels rolled him in for a two count. Edwards escaped a neck hold and hit a sick chop, but Daniels hooked a crossface and Eddie had to fight to make the ropes.

Daniels hit a stop from the second rope for two and tried for the stomp again, but Eddie got the feet up. Eddie hit a superplex and both men recovered. Eddie tossed Daniels to the floor and hit a moonsault off the apron. He hit his ankle on the railing at the same time and sold the injury.

Back in the ring, Edwards hit a kick to the head and then a flying head scissor with Daniels on the rope for a great near fall. Daniels stormed back and tossed Edwards to the floor. Daniels hit his own plancha and the announcer gave a three minute warning.

Daniels hit blue thunder for two as the crowd started the chants again. Eddie came back and hit a double stomp on Daniels who was laid acros the bottom rope. Both men recovered on the floor and entered the ring with one minute left as a clock countdown appeared on the screen.

Edwards hit a double stomp on Daniels. Daniels kicked out at two, but Edwards hooked the ankle lock at 30 seconds. He dragged Daniels back in to the center of the ring, but Daniels reversed into a Koji Clutch. The time expired and the result was a draw.

Daniels demanded the mic. He said he wanted five more minutes because he could beat Daniels. The clock appeared again with five minutes on it and the bell rang. Daniels went right at him and they spilled to the floor. They battled until Todd Sinclair got to 19 and then both rolled in.

Edwards worked his offense. He hit a super kick and a back suplex for two. Edwards set him on the top rope and hit a Frankensteiner with one minute. Daniels completely no sold it and reversed the next lift into angel's wings for the win. Daniels did the borderline crying celebration as the crowd chanted, "That was awesome…"

Shore's Slant: Wow, great match. That was as good or better than the World Heavyweight Title match last night on the Rumble, and probably the best match you will see all week. If you didn’t see it, find a way to do so for sure. And FINALLY, Daniels is shown winning the title he's had for months now. I'll have more to say tomorrow on the hitlist. Thanks for reading and I'll see you then.

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