1/24 Shore's ROH on HDNet Live Coverage: Homicide in the ring and talking with Jim Cornette and two tag team matches including what should be a great main event

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Jan 24, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Chris Shore

ROH on HDNet
Taped in Lexington, Kentucky.

A video recapped the history between Jim Cornette and Homicide…The opening video aired and Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak checked in on commentary. They hyped Homicide returning to ROH…A video featured Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly giving their thoughts on various tag teams, and then the Bravado Brothers dressed in sweater vests talking about going over tapes with their grandmother…

1. The Bravado Brothers defeated Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly at 8:53. Cole and Lance started. Cole hit an arm drag and tagged in O'Reilly. Cole tagged back in quickly and ate a dropkick when Harlem tagged in. Cole came right back and he and O'Reilly continued to work in and out quickly on Harlem.

Cole went to the second rope and Harlem pulled him down to take control. The Bravados worked in and out quickly. Cole reversed a whip to the corner into a heel kick and made the hot tag to O'Reilly. He hit a missile dropkick on both Bravados and then two butterfly suplexes into a DDT for a near fall.

The Bravados snuck back in and hit a kick into a german suplex for a two. Cole and O'Reilly hit a superkick into a discuss clothesline for two. Cole and O'Reilly setup for their finisher, but the Bravados broke it up and scored a surprise rollup for the win…The announce team hyped the main event and Homicide confronting Jim Cornette next…[C]

Shore's Slant: We saw this match in Charlotte and it was my buddy's favorite. I think you saw why here. Both of these teams will certainly be on the Dot Net awards voting for next year. I love both groups, but I think the Bravados might be the better team right now.

A video recapped MsChief spitting green mist in Daizee Haze face last week. A video promo from MsChief said she was here to dominate and Sara Del Ray was next…

Jim Cornette was in the ring and introduced Homicide. Cornette said this was the first time they had been face to face in the ring since 2006. He said all their history was water under the bridge because he was the Executive Producer now and he had to put personal things behind him.

Homicide took the mic and said he was here to be ROH Champion. And nobody was going to stop him. Cornette said that's why he had Homicide out to prove he had put aside his personal feelings. He announced Homicide would get a title shot at Chicago and the 9th Anniversary show.

Homicide took the mic back and said Cornette was the bad guy. He listed all the people he has beaten since he returned and said he was ready to wrestle now. He said he was going to beat someone to send a message to Cornette and then go on to Chicago to become the two time champion…[C]

Shore's Slant: I hate Homicide's character. I do. I try to like it, but I don't get it. I'm willing to admit it may just be me, but it doesn't change the fact that I don't like it.

2. Homicide defeated Ryan Bishop at 3:30. Homicide attacked quickly and spent most of the match in control. He even bit Bishop's ear at one point. Homicide won with the Ace Crusher…A video highlighted the World's Greatest Tag Team and the All Night Express…[C]

A Christopher Daniels hype video aired. The announce team hyped the Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards TV Title match next week. Eddie Edwards cut a promo on the match for next week and Mike Bennett walked up. He introduced himself and said he would be holding that title soon…

3. The World's Greatest Tag Team defeated The All Night Express in 13:00. Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin started. They mat wrestled and King got the best at first. They ran the ropes and King did a leap frog and posed. Benjamin stopped and slapped King and tagged in Haas.

Haas slammed King's arm into the turnbuckle to work it, but King drove him back to the corner and tagged Titus. Titus hit a kick, but Haas grabbed the next one and scored a leg whip. Benjamin tagged back in and continued to work the leg, but King hit a cheap shot and the ANX took control.

King jumped over the top rope and hooked Benjamin's arm on the rope. He and Titus worked in and out on Benjamin's arm. Benjamin hit a kick out of nowhere and tagged Haas/ King didn't tag and Haas attacked. He ended taking out both men and sending Titus to the floor.

All four men ended up in the ring and Benjamin and King took each other out to the floor. The Kings of Wrestling ran out and slammed King into a camera man before fleeing to the back. In the ring, Haas hit a flapjack onto the ropes on Titus and then held him for Benjamin to do the splash across the back on the ropes. Haas hit a bridging German suplex for the win…

Shore's Slant: I apparently had too much good over the weekend because I was unable to see most of the last four minutes of tha match due to technical difficulty. Nevertheless, what I saw was as good as I expected. I would much rather see this on PPV or a house show where they would get great time, but 13 minutes ain't bad. I'll have more to say tomorrow on the hitlist. Thanks for reading and I'll see you then.

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