10/18 Mathieson's ROH on HDNet Coverage: Tyler Black's final appearance on ROH TV features Black vs. Davey Richards as the only match on the show

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Oct 22, 2010 - 04:47 PM

By Joe Mathieson

Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet
Taped in Philadelphia, Pa.

The show kicked off with a recap of Tyler Black winning the ROH championship, announcing he was leaving for WWE, and then losing the belt to Roderick Strong.

After the opening video, Jim Cornette was in the ring, announcing that there "had been an altercation" backstage moments before the show started. Footage from "Moments Ago" featured Davey Richards saying Tyler had been ducking him, followed by Tyler entering and yelling at Davey to say it to his face. They were separated by security.

Back in the ring, Cornette brought out first Richards, then Black. He reminded them to keep their language in check, and let Davey speak first. Davey said that all he wanted was one more match, no titles on the line, just him and Tyler in the ring.

Tyler said he thought he and Davey were similar, but they were different in that Davey had been given the same opportunity he had, but he turned down cash for competition. Tyler said that he could respect that, but three years from now, "the marks will call Davey Richards the best wrestler in the world," but he would be the richest wrestler in the world.

Cornette said that obviously Davey's challenge wasn't going to be accepted, but Davey interrupted and asked Tyler to name his price. Davey said he wanted to know what it would cost him to get Tyler to "stop being a little bitch." Tyler shoved him and the referees pulled them apart. Tyler yelled that he would wrestle Davey tonight before bailing up the ramp.

Cornette told Tyler to go get dressed to wrestle, and they could have the rest of the television show tonight for their match. [C]

Joe's Judgment: Hot start to the show. This feels like a big show, and it's something I've been hoping for for a long time: an ROH main event style match on TV.

Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak joined us for the first time. Prazak threw some papers over his shoulder and said that the whole show was out the window. Hogewood didn't know what to do, but got something over his headset or something saying that we would now have some videos looking at the careers of Black and Richards.

The Death Before Dishonor VIII hype video from the May 30th episode was shown, with both guys talking about their inspirations, their opponent, and what they thought the match would be like.

Joe's Judgment: That video was great the first time and it was only slightly less great here.

Kyle Durden talked to the Briscoes after a video recapped their feud. They said that taking the belts would just be icing on the cake when they beat up the Kings of Wrestling next week.

Joe's Judgment: This feud began ten months ago. Even in ROH terms, that's a long time. They've gotten two good PPV matches out of it, but I wouldn't bet on a third.

A video recapped the Richards/Black confrontation from earlier, followed by Davey Richards' entrance. [C]

Back from the break, Tyler Black entered and the match wasted no time in starting.

1. Davey Richards defeated Tyler Black in 27:14. Hot start to the match with Tyler going for a couple dropkicks, sending Davey to the floor quickly. Tyler hit a flip dive and beat Davey around ringside. Hogewood said that if this match didn't go the rest of the hour, there were more matches on standby.

Some back and forth action in the ring led to Davey hitting a few kicks on the floor. They exchanged various holds in the ring, culminating with Davey locking in a sick elevated cloverleaf and then turning it into a pin for a nearfall.

They did the "boo/yay" thing in the center of the ring, and Davey got the better of the exchange, but at 7:30, Black hit Paroxysm and Davey rolled to the outside. Tyler suplexed him on the floor then rolled him back in.

10:00 saw another strike exchange, the crowd doing the "boo/yay" thing again. Black won that exchange with a superkick, and went to an Indian Deathlock. Richards got the ropes and sent Black to the floor and hit his crazy dive, with both men getting sent into the barricades.

Both men exchanged boots and the crowd chanted "this is awesome" at 13:30. Hogewood agreed with them. Richards went back to the cloverleaf and Black got to the ropes.

Davey hit a couple kicks to the chest of Black, but missed one and Tyler rolled him up for a two count. Black went for a victory roll and when Davey reversed it, Tyler lifted him up and dumped him back to the floor, where he hit his quebrada off the barricade.

At 17:30, Black hit an F5 for a two count and went to the top for the Phoenix Splash. Davey got to his feet and went for a German superplex, but Tyler fought him off. Davey tried again and Tyler again fought him off. The third time, Davey got the superplex, but Tyler landed on his feet.

Both men missed kicks and Tyler hit a reverse huracanrana, but Davey followed with a lariat and Tyler hit a kick to the head. Both men ended up on the apron and Davey hit some sort of a rope hung DDT onto the ring frame.

Tyler didn't get to his feet until the count was at 15, then teased leaving but got back in the ring at 19. Prazak said that he was still Tyler Black for one more night, even if he might be "Blacky McTylerson" in the future.

Tyler hit the buckle bomb and superkick for a great nearfall. At 24:00, Tyler put Davey in the cloverleaf, which Davey rolled into a pin to escape.

Tyler hit the Alarm Clock and then God's Last Gift, which Davey kicked out of to a huge pop. Tyler once again went for the Phoenix Splash and again Davey followed him up the ropes. Tyler chopped him and Davey spit in his face, so Tyler hit a whole lot of chops, leaving Davey in the tree of woe, from where he hit a double stomp.

Tyler followed with a springboard coast to coast dropkick for a great nearfall. He once again went for the Phoenix, but Davey rolled out of the way. Davey hit the DR Driver for another great nearfall, and followed with the buckle bomb and a kick to the head.

At 27:00, Davey hit God's Last Gift. Nice! Tyler kicked out at two for another fantastic nearfall, but Davey then went right to the Cloverleaf and Black tapped.

Replays recapped the match and Hogewood and Prazak thanked Black for everything he'd done for ROH. Davey grabbed the mic and told Tyler to tell everyone in WWE that if they want real wrestling, they should come to Philly and watch ROH.

Joe's Judgment: Let me start by saying that nothing they could have done tonight could ever have matched their DBD match. That said, this came about as close as anything could. A truly fantastic match that is hands down the best in ROH TV history. Tyler is an incredible athlete and wrestler and he'll do well given the chance in WWE. This was an outstanding way to send him off.

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