10/11 Mathieson's ROH on HDNet Coverage: Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels in a non-title match, Shane Hagadorn calls out Davey RIchards, Kevin Steen vs. a mystery opponent, and the All-Night Express vs. the Dark City Fight Club

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Oct 12, 2010 - 05:51 PM

By Joe Mathieson

Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet
Taped in Philadelphia, Pa.

The show opened with a recap of the American Wolves splitting from Shane Hagadorn, and a Hagadorn promo saying he and Davey Richards needed to talk, and they would do it right now.

After the opening video, Hagadorn was in the ring. He said he was tired of waiting to do things on Davey's time, and called him out to the ring. Hagadorn said that everything Davey had achieved was because of him, but the worst part wasn't that Davey had punched him in the face and kicked him in the ribs: it was that he was trying to drive a wedge between him and Eddie Edwards.

Hagadorn said Eddie listened to Davey and not to him, and that Davey had to do the right thing and let him do his job, or he would get his ass beat. Davey asked if Hagadorn would beat his ass, and then said he would make the first move. As he took down Hagadorn, the Kings of Wrestling ran out and started beating on him until Edwards came out for the save. Hagadorn went up the ramp with the Kings as the Wolves yelled at them from the ring.

Joe's Judgment: That was weak. Hagadorn was okay on the mic, but it felt really rushed, and there could have been much more in teasing dissension in the Wolves, rather than just quickly splitting them from Hagadorn. The good news, of course, is Kings vs. Wolves, but that could have been so much more meaningful.

Christopher Daniels cut a backstage promo saying he underestimated the depths Roderick Strong was willing to stoop to, and he had lost twice. Daniels said that would end tonight, and he would beat him and earn his title shot.

Footage of the All Night Express killing Delirious from September 20th was shown, followed by a promo from Austin Aries and the ANX. Aries said they had taken out Delirious, just like they had Jerry Lynn, and now it was time to stop being entertaining and go right to the top and win the tag titles. Kenny King said that he and Titus had changed from sex machines to killing machines, but they'd still go all night long.

1. The All-Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus w/Austin Aries) defeated the Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis) in 8:51. King and Davis went back and forth for the first couple minutes, with King getting the advantage and the ANX following up with some double team work on Chavis.

At 5:00, Chavis went for the tag, but Titus had knocked Davis off the apron and the ANX hit a couple nice kicks. Davis finally tagged in after Chavis countered a King hip attack of some kind into a nice powerbomb. Davis hit a powerslam on Titus for a nearfall. The match broke down with all four men in the ring.

King did his cartwheel kick and shotgun knees in the corner on Davis. Chavis hit an elevated powerbomb on King and Davis hit the Pounce on Titus, which was immediately followed by King rolling up Davis for the three count.

Joe's Judgment: Rollup finishes are what they are and I'm not going to complain about them here. Good action, even if there was no selling (at least from the DCFC), psychology, or really anything other than action.

Kyle Durden, backstage, asked Truth Martini for thoughts on tonight's main event. Truth said that it was a tragedy that leaders lie. He mentioned Roswell, and asked who shot JFK, and then asked why Roderick Strong was facing Christopher Daniels tonight. He called it a conspiracy, but said that because Roderick has him on his side, he would prevail.

Strong asked Daniels why every time he lost, he blamed it on Truth. Strong said he was the one winning the matches, and tonight he'd do it again. Immediately afterward, Mike Hogewood narrated footage from two weeks ago of Truth tripping Daniels, leading to Strong pinning him.

Kevin Steen vs. a wrestler of El Generico's choice is coming up next. Steen entered and seemed upset about some trash in the aisleway. El Generico's music hit and he and Colt Cabana came out to the stage. Cabana said that if Jim Cornette would have let him, he or Generico would be facing Steen, but since that wasn't possible, Steen would face Steve Corino tonight.

2. Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino never happened. Cabana and Generico sat at the timekeeper's table. Steen grabbed the mic and said that HDNet had been trying to screw them for a long time by censoring Corino, cutting out their matches, and such. Cabana told them to shut up and wrestle each other. Steen said there was no way he would ever fight Corino.

Corino said that he and Steen were the ones drawing the money, not "the golden boy who's leaving". Corino told Steen that the grass was greener somewhere else. Steen took the mic and said the golden boy was leaving, but not Tyler Black. Steen said that he quit and he and Corino walked out through the crowd. [C]

Joe's Judgment: Steen and Corino continue to be the most entertaining act in wrestling. Can't wait to see where this angle goes.

Back from commercial, Mike Hogewood said good riddance, and Dave Prazak said ROH wouldn't be the same without Steen and Corino. Hog introduced the main event.

3. Christopher Daniels defeated Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) in a non-title match in 14:16. Both men came out firing with strikes, Daniels getting more. At 1:30, Daniels caught Strong with a slap on the apron and then a dive to the floor. More back and forth action on the floor in the first few minutes.

Strong worked on Daniels' back on the floor and when back in the ring went to a waistlock. Strong hit a backbreaker and then some bodyscissors as Truth read some of the Book of Truth to him. Daniels countered a backbreaker into a nearfall but Strong was able to maintain his advantage until Daniels came out on top in a chop battle at 8:00, then reversed a Strong pin into one of his own.

Strong locked in a Boston crab, but Daniels got to the ropes. Daniels knocked Strong off the top rope, went for a crossbody, landed on his feet, hit a forearm, clothesline, and leg lariat, then an STO, and some mounted punches. Daniels got two with a blue thunder powerbomb.

Shortly afterward, Strong hit a uranage backbreaker and a gutbuster for a good nearfall. Strong set Daniels on the top rope and hit a top rope side slam for another nearfall. Roddy went for a Gibson Driver, but Daniels countered and hit an AJ Styles-esque Lionsault into inverted DDT.

Both men went to ringside and Josh Raymond and Christian Able ran down to distract the ref. Truth climbed to the top rope with the Book, but Daniels crotched him on the turnbuckle. Truth fell down and made some exaggerated movements, leaving the book in the ring. Strong re-entered the ring and hit the Sick Kick for two, but the ref noticed the Book and stopped counting. Strong acted confused and Daniels hit a uranage and the BME for the pin.

Joe's Judgment: I'm not sure what that finish does for anyone involved. The match was great up until that point, but the finish just left me confused. I think Daniels and Strong could do great things with 30+ minutes and no interference, so hopefully the inevitable title match will get those two things. Otherwise, I've seen this match enough already.

Next week is Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards. If for whatever reason you haven't seen their Death Before Dishonor match, watch it, and then make sure you tune in next week. Until then, feel free to email me at

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