6/22 Shore's ROH Best in the World iPPV full review and results: Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH Championship., Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy, Triple threat matches for both the ROH Tag Team and TV Championships

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6/22 Shore's ROH Best in the World iPPV full review and results: Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH Championship., Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy, Triple threat matches for both the ROH Tag Team and TV Championships
Jun 23, 2013 - 05:45 PM

By Chris Shore

ROH Best in the World
Aired live on iPPV on 6/22
Du Burns Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

The iPPV suffered from buffering issues live and made the show unwatchable. This report is based on the video on demand that still had some technical issues as of when I watched on Sunday.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino opened the show from ringside. Kelly hyped SCUM's ability to win two titles tonight. This is the problem with the SCUM story, it doesn't make sense for the ROH commentator to act that way…

1. Mike Bennett (w/Maria and Brutal Bob) vs. BL Whitmer. Corino channeled Attitude Era Jerry Lawler as he talked about Maria. The match started fast with Whitmer diving on Bennett on the floor. Maria grabbed Kelly's headset and complained about the way she was treated by Whitmer, which was all in her head. Bennett settled into control and worked his offense. Maria came back to the commentary desk and talked about things changing for Bennett and her soon.

Bennett setup for a powerbomb, but Whitmer hit a back drop instead. Bob came running in to hit Whitmer, but Whitmer dumped him to the floor. Whitmer hit an exploder suplex for the win off the distraction. Post-match, Maria yelled at Bob and said he was never there for Bennett. She grabbed Bennett's hand and dragged him to the back and away from Bob

BJ Whitmer defeated Mike Bennett at 7:15.

Shore's Slant: A fair, but uninspiring, opening match. The story getting to it was very weak, and it hurt the overall match because of it. Bennett and Maris still get great heat from the ROH crowd, and I'm interested to see where their storyline goes, but Whitmer continues to feel unimportant and downright boring at times.

2. Adrenaline Rush vs. The American Wolves. Richards and ACH started and ended up grabbing each other's leg. They agreed to let go on three, counted, but neither let go. They did it again, and they both let go. ACH played to the fans, and Davey kicked him for his troubles. Fun start. Thomas tagged in and took the heat. The Wolves worked heel moves whenever ACH would run in to save TD.

ACH got the hot tag and the match broke down. It also led to the first "This is awesome" chant of the night. Both teams paired off in different formations hitting crazy spots. ACH hit a dive on Eddied on the floor and ran over to the corner where Davey was down. He went for the 450 splash, but Davey got the knees up and rolled over into a pin for the win.

The American Wolves defeated Adrenaline Rush at 10:20.

Shore's Slant: What a great match. Thomas and ACH are future studs. While I've never been a fan of Davey Richards the singles wrestler, the American Wolves continue to be one of my favorite tag teams in the ring. This was the real opener of the show.

A video recapped how Adam Cole wouldn't shake hands with Roderick Strong after a match they had in Texas…

3. Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong. They did shake hands before the match. Corino called this a "29 year-old frat boy vs. the future of wrestling." Hilarious. Roderick worked his heel style, but not super heelish. Cole worked a babyface style. Strong focused on Cole's injured arm and back. Cole worked over the leg for the figure four. Cole went for the crossbody at one point and Strong drop kicked him out of the air in a cool spot.

Corino cheered for Cole to cheat the entire match, telling him to poke the eyes or pull the trunks on pin attempts. Cole put Strong in the figure four, but Strong grabbed the ropes. Strong put Cole in the Strong Hold, but Cole wiggled away and hit a shoulder breaker for two. Strong rolled to the apron and they fought there. They hit several heavy chops on each other before Cole superkicked Strong, who fell from the apron onto the timekeeper's table. Cole went to the floor and tried to help Roddy up for a moment, but he shoved Strong back down, slid in the ring smiling, and took the countout victory…

Adam Cole defeated Roderick Strong by countout at 12:50.

Shore's Slant: Outstanding match. I also like the story they are telling with Cole. He has had great heel work on the indies, and it's nice to see him heading that way in ROH finally. Strong is an interesting guy to turn on, seeing as how he is a heel too, but he is playing his part well here. I had this match at 15 plus minutes yesterday, but this only ran 12:50. There were obvious cuts in the match, so even the replay isn't the full show. What a mess.

Post-match, Steve Corino left the announce table and followed Cole to the back, cheering him for his decision. The show took a big jump and Veda Scott and RD Evans were out with Kelly. Kelly said he wanted to hear from Veda, but he also wanted to hear from Evans. They discussed it for a moment and Evans ended up on commentary…

4. Tomasso Ciampa vs. Michael Elgin. Elgin went for his stall suplex, but Ciampa pulled his body down and hit a stall suplex of his own. Evans crapped all over Ciampa as a cheater with his surgically repaired knee, but didn't reach the level of dissing Ciampa. Elgin finally hit his stall suplex and held it for close to 30 actual seconds. Wow. You could see Ciampa holding on for dear life on Elgin's singlet.

The match spilled to the floor and Ciampa drove Elgin into the barricade. The show took an immediate cut and part of the padding had been ripped up. Elgin hit an elbow on Ciampa, who was trying to dive on him. Elgin dragged him from the ring and hit a suplex on the concrete. Elgin hit a buckle bomb on the barricade and I cringed so hard I thought my neck would snap. He rolled Ciampa in the ring and hit a corkscrew plancha from the top rope for two.

Elgin hit a buckle bomb, but Ciampa reversed the next lift into a Kryptonite Krunch for two. He set Elgin in the corner and pulled the knee pad down…but the show skipped again and Ciampa hit a second rope Krunch for another near fall. They battled on the top rope again and Ciampa ended up hitting Project Ciampa for a near fall when Elgin put his foot on the ropes. Ciampa hit a Krunch on the apron and the show cut again to Ciampa trying for Project Ciampa, but Elgin hit a powerbomb instead.

Ciampa kicked out into a triangle choke. Elgin escaped and Ciampa hit a running knee. Elgin kicked out at one in the spot I always hate. Instead of exploding into something, they kind of staggered into a fist fight, which Elgin won with three back fists and a short arm clothesline to earn the pinfall.

Michael Elgin defeated Tomasso Ciampa at 16:33.

Shore's Slant: Holy crap what a great match. Even with the weird cuts it was fantastic. The finish didn't make a lot of sense with Ciampa kicking out of powerbombs but getting knocked out by a short arm clothesline, but welcome to ROH. I thought this might steal the show, and so far it is the high water mark. The right guy won. Elgin is the number one contender and should be booked strong. However, it shows poor judgment in making this match at this stage because Ciampa still needs wins with his recent return.

5. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven (w/Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties) for the ROH Television Championship. Nigel McGuiness had taken over on color commentary. Bobby Cruise finished introductions, and the show cut to the match already in progress. This is almost as annoying as the buffering from yesterday. All three men were on the floor, slinging each other around. All three men stayed involved, with very little "one guy powders while the other two fight."

Lethal went for a sunset flip on Taven and pulled the tights. Taven didn't fall, but his ass popped out. Taven stood there and posed with his foot on Lethal's throat. Jacobs recovered and dropped Taven on Lethal. All three men sold. Jacobs started a run of offense, but the show cut again and Lethal went for a pin on Taven, but it was a near fall.

Lethal dumped Taven to the floor and dove on him. He slid back in the ring, and Scarlett slid in too. She slapped Lethal and then turned to run away. Lethal grabbed her top and it ripped off. The crowd went ape shit and the ref grabbed a towel and helped her from the ring. While that went down, Truth went after Lethal, but failed.

Truth begged off and Jacobs ran in and hit Lethal. Truth begged off from Jacobs, and the still clothed hoopla hottie climbed in the ring between them. Jacobs told her to get out of the way, but she lifted him for a Kryptonite Krunch. Lethal recovered and hit a superkick on her. The show skipped and the match was already over and Taven had won…

Matt Taven retained the ROH Television Championship in about 11:00.

Shore's Slant: There were some cool spots in the match, but overall I was unimpressed, and very disappointed at the shortcuts. Scarlett is incredibly hot, and I won't turn down pictures if anybody wants to send me a copy, but there was no need for that spot. It took away from the match, even if it did get the hormones pumping for those in attendance.

6. C&C Wrestle Factory vs. SCUM (Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton) vs. redDRagon for the ROH Tag Team Championships. The match was changed from an elimination match to a straight up triple threat. The match was crazed from the start with all the people in the match. C&C hit Overdrive on O'Reilly, but SCUM tried to pull him from the ring to prevent the tag. Caprice dove on them to stop them, but Fish hit a superkick to Cedric and draped O'Reilly's hand over him to win…

reDRagon retained the ROH Tag Team Championships at 6:08.

Shore's Slant: A messy match that did a great job of making sure nobody got over. I would have gladly traded the shortcuts of the last match for enough time to keep this an elimination match. As good as the first half was, the second half has been equally disappointing.

Matt Hardy and Steve Corino made their entrance and Corino cut a promo where he trashed the fans for disrespecting Hardy. Kevin Steen made his entrance and asked that the match be changed to a no DQ since SCUM was probably going to interfere anyway, and he didn't want a cheap win. Nigel agreed and made the stipulation. Corino pitched a fit and talked to Matt. Steen asked if they were going to do this, or if Jeff was the one with the balls in the family. Matt charged and the match started…

7. Kevin Steen vs. Matt Hardy (w/Steve Corino) in a no disqualification match. The match spilled to the floor and then skipped. Steen slammed Matt's nuts into the ring post twice and then said there wouldn't be any little Hardys running around. Matt slipped out of the next lift and slammed Corino into the barricade near the Briscoe family. That's a dangerous place to be. He rolled Steen in the ring and hit him with a trashcan Corino gave him. Steen recovered and hit his cannonball on Hardy with the trash can between them.

Steen set a table up on the floor. Rhett Titus ran out and took a package piledriver in the ring. That allowed Hardy to hit a side effect for two. Hardy rolled Steen to the apron and tried for a side effect on the table. Steen fought back and started to hit a powerbomb through the table, but Jacobs ran out and moved the table. Steen hit two apron bombs on Jacobs, and then one on Hardy, before Compton ran out and hit Steen with a chair.

Compton slid a ladder in the ring for Hardy, but Steen hit a codebreaker across the ladder. He hit the F-cinq for two and setup for the piledriver, but Hardy hit a low blow and a side effect on the ladder for two. Hardy setup chairs in the ring and hit the twist of fate on the chairs for the win…

Matt Hardy defeated Kevin Steen at 11:41.

Shore's Slant: Did I miss a skip in the tape? That was a very entertaining match but a lame finish. It wasn't the chair spot, it was the setup. Steen killed two SCUM members and then Matt more or less won clean in the ring. If something happened and I didn't see it on the tape, OK, but it didn't look like the show skipped. It just looked like a bad ending to an otherwise entertaining match.

Some guy I don't remember seeing before interviewed Papa Briscoe. He said it was about to get real in here. The Briscoes made their separate entrances for the main event…

8. Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe for the ROH World Championship. Jay refused to shake hands before the match. The show skipped a ton at the start, but we did see Mark scoring a take down on his brother and playing to the crowd. Jay offered the handshake and Mark did the "slick his hair" tease instead of shaking it. The show skipped again and Jay hit a stiff ass superkick that dropped mark on the ropes. Ouch.

Mark hit a slam and Jay rolled to the floor. He pulled a table out of the ring, and Mark jumped down and helped him set it up. They went back to beating the hell out of each other, and the frigging stream skipped again and we didn't get to see the table spot if there was one. In the ring, Mark hit a slam from the second rope for two and walked over to see that the table was still there. He walked Jay over to that side and they battled on the apron.

Mark knocked Jay to the floor and dove on him. He sat him on the table and went to the top rope, and the show skipped again so we did miss the table spot. Mark hit a froggy bow on Jay in the ring and Kelly informed us that he also hit one on Jay through the table. Mark covered for a near fall. He followed with the move he used to beat Jay in their very first match in ROH, but Jay kicked out at two.

They traded blows and Jay hit a Jay Driller for two. He hit a short arm clothesline and another Jay Driller for two. Jay hit three superkicks in a row, followed by a Jay Driller for the win. For some reason we saw fans in the audience instead of the first two superkicks…

Jay Briscoe retained the ROH Championship in over 18:00.

Post-match, the Briscoe family slid in the ring and checked on both men to end the show…

Shore's Slant: Impossible to tell how long the match actually went because of all the skips, but it was a war. I enjoyed the match, but again thought the ending was flat. Even Kevin Kelly was flat in his call. It also didn't help that the build for this match was relatively weak. Brother vs. brother should take some time to build, not just come out of Nigel making a match. They did a fair job from there trying to make it feel special, but the underlying premise was too flimsy of a foundation to build on.

All in all a decent show, but I don't think it lived up to my expectations. The first half certainly did, and I encourage you to find those matches if you can, but the second half didn't deliver. The final two matches were good, but hurt by odd finishes, and I just didn't feel like Briscoe vs. Briscoe had the hype it should have.

As to the technical issues, the skipping today was frustrating, just like the buffering problems yesterday, but the biggest sin for ROH continues to be their total lack of comment when these things happen. It was exacerbated by their tone deaf postings on social media hyping upcoming matches on the show while fans were just trying to catch the opener. I'll have a blog tomorrow with more to say on that and the iPPV concept as a whole. Thanks for reading and I hope you get to see the show in its entirety if you paid for it.

Questions? Comments? Anyone, anyone? Let me hear from you. Email me at css3238@gmail.com or tweet me @TheShoreSlant with whatever is on your mind.

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