4/2 Shore's ROH Honor Takes Center Stage iPPV Results and Review: The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The American Wolves, The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express, and Roderick Strong vs. El Generico

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4/2 Shore's ROH Honor Takes Center Stage iPPV Results and Review: The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The American Wolves, The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express, and Roderick Strong vs. El Generico
Apr 2, 2011 - 12:00 PM

By Chris Shore

Dot Net Members will be listening to exclusive audio after today's show as Chris Shore and Will Pruett break down both last night's and today's shows. You can sign for this and all the audio and inside news now via theDot Net Membership Page.

Aired LIVE on GoFightLive iPPV
Atlanta, Ga. at the Center Stage Theater

Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak opened the show by hyping the American Wolves vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team…The Kings of Wrestling were out first. Lose the titles and then curtain jerk the next day, tough…

1. The Kings of Wrestling (w/Shane Hagadorn) defeated Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole at 9:20. The KOW attacked when the handshake should have happened. Castagnoli and Cole started as the announcers put over the KOW reading Hagadorn the riot act after the loss last night.

Hagadorn took Prazak's headset and said he would make sure the Kings got their rematch. Kelly asked him about the heat between the Kings and him and Hagadorn said it was family business.

Back in the ring, Cole hit a double missile dropkick on both Kings and took out both me. He hit a leg lariat from the second rope on Hero and then kicked Claudio to the floor. He hit a weak leg scissors on Claudio and then o'Reilly followed up with a dropkick from the apron.

After some crazy back and forth tag team moves, Cole locked in the front choke. Hero hit two kicks to Cole but he held on. Hero spun for the roaring kick, but O'Reilly hit a superkick on him instead. O'Reilly dove on him on the floor as Claudio stood up with Cole. He hit a popup European uppercut to break the hold, and then he and Hero hit a double kick for the pinfall victory…

Shore's Slant: Great opening match. I had some technical difficulty with the Dot Net site and missed a little bit of the middle, but the ending was hot as it could be. Nice work from both teams.

Prince Nana came to the ring with Princess Mia and company. He cut a promo and introduced the newest member of the Embassy, The Squire Dave Taylor. Colt Cabana was out next…

2. Colt Cabana defeated Dave Taylor (w/The Embassy) at 6:35. Colt chased off Nana and Mia for a moment and then he and Taylor locked up with a clean break from Taylor. On the next lock up, Taylor hit a snapmare, flying head scissor and dropkick that caused Cabana to slide to the floor.

Cabana and Taylor traded crossover chokes and Cabana hit a back drop. Taylor came back with a European uppercut and took control. Taylor worked his methodical offense of ground and pound. Out of nowhere, Cabana ducked a clothesline and scored a schoolboy roll up for the surprise win…

Shore's Slant: Well that was odd. It was fun to see Taylor again, and it makes me hope that we get to see Regal make a run through ROH before he hangs up the boots for good.

Barrister Evans took the mic and said Nana shouldn’t fret because they have another match and introduced Tommaso Ciampa. Homicide was out next…

3. Tommaso Ciampa (w/The Embassy) defeated Homicide at 9:46. Nana convicned referee Todd Sinclair to check Homicide. Ciampa hit a dropkick over Sinclair to start the match. Homicide spilled to the floor and Ciampa followed. Homicide got the better and worked Ciampa all over the floor, throwing him into the railings and the ring post.

Homicide rolled Ciampa back in the ring and worked some throws. Ciampa rolled to the floor and Homicide ran for a dive. The Embassy stood on the apron to stop him and Ciampa ran over and attacked from behind. Ciampa hit a Burning Hammer type move for two.

Ciampa stomped Homicide in the corner and then hit a kick in the corner. Homicide fought back and hit ten punches. He called for the lariat, but Ciampa kicked the arm his own lariat for two. Ciampa hit a straight punch and Homicide no sold. They did the "boo/yeah" punches and then Homicide tossed him to the floor.

Homicide climbed on the stage where the fans are sitting and hit a cannonball dive. He rolled Ciampa in the ring and hit an exploder suplex for two. Ciampa reversed the ace crusher into a back breaker for two. Homicide fought back and hit his own boot in the corner. He hooked a double underhook setup, but Ciampa spun out and hit a neckbreaker for two.

Ciampa lifted for his powerbomb, but Homicide escaped and lifted for the cop killa. He dropped Ciampa and grabbed Mia who was on the apron. Ciampa grabbed Homicide from behind and hit a northern lights suplex with bridge for the surprise win. Post-match, Homicide threw a chair at the Barrister and then attacked Mia. Nana saved her before any damage was done…

Shore's Slant: An OK match, but Homicide looks like an idiot after that.

4. Christopher Daniels defeated Mike Elgin (W/Truth Martini) at 10:15. Daniels attacked at the bell. Elgin caught Daniels on a crossbody attempt and powered him into a suplex. Very cool. Daniels hit a chin breaker and then an enziguri that spilled Elgin to the floor.

The battled on the floor and Daniels drove Elgin into the post. He rolled Elgin in the ring, but Elgin took control as soon as Daniels climbed on the apron. Elgin hit a shoulder and Daniels rolled to the floor. Elgin followed and drove Daniels into the railing. He rolled him back in the ring and held a stall suplex for almost 20 seconds.

Elgin tossed Daniels through the ropes into the post. He hooked a Boston crab in the ropes, but missed a shoulder tackle from the top rope that allowed Daniels to work his offense. Daniels hit a foot stomp from the top rope for two. He tried it again, and Elgin hit a pump handle driver for two. He went to the top rope and missed a moonsault type move.

Elgin fought right back and went for a lariat, but Daniels hit an STO. Elgin came back with the lariat and stalked Daniels like Randy Orton. Daniels grabbed the ref and hit a low blow with a kick. He followed with the BME for the win…


Shore's Slant: Maybe it's just me, but so far all of the matches except the opener have felt flat. I'm really disappointed so far. But I expect the two top tag matches to be off the charts so they are probably saving the crowd for that.

Jim Cornette opened with a shot at TNA by saying their main events last longer than 1:28. A "F--- TNA!" chant broke out. He got the crowd hyped up by asking who thought ROH was the best in the world. He called out Davey Richards who came out to a good pop.

Davey put over the Kings of Wrestling and World's Greatest Tag Team match the night before and said the WGTT were about to face the best in the American Wolves. Cornette asked him about Eddie Edwards and Davey put him over. Cornette again asked Davey if he would take his title shot and face Eddie for the title. Cornette did a good job of setting it up as a great business idea.

Richards said this was Eddie's time to shine and he didn't want to be the one to crush his brother's dreams, so he declined. Eddie Edwards music hit and he came to the ring. He called out Davey's comment as it sounding like Davey was saying it was a forgone conclusion that Davey would win. Davey said he didn't mean it like that and that tonight was about

5. Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara to retain the Shimmer tag team championships at 7:38. Daizee and Tomoko refused to shake hands and Tomoka and Hiroyo started. Hiroyo hit several shoulder tackles until Tomoka begged off. Daizee attacked from behind and Hiroyo hit a cross body on both for two.

Ayumi tagged in and hooked a leg lock on Tomoka and Daizee came in and kicked her to break. So Daizee is a heel now? OK. Ayumi locked in an arm lock on the ropes that Daizee had to go to floor to break it. Ayumi went to the top and Tomoka spit water in her eyes to distract. They went crazy rapid fire from there and Daizee and Tomoka won after a combination of kicks and a suplex from Haze…

Shore's Slant: Wow. I was completely blown away by that. I may have to email Prazak and ask for Shimmer DVDs to review for the site. Just a fun match that really made Daize look the weakest to tell the truth.

6. The Briscoes defeated The All Night Express at 14:50. ANX came to the ring and the Briscoes attacked from behind. There were two different bells so I'm not entirely sure when it started. All four men battled and both referees came to the ring to try and maintain order. The match regained some semblance of sanity and King and Titus hit a double team kick on Jay.

Mark scored a blind tag and Jay whipped Titus into a lariat from Mark. Mark took a cheap shot at King and both refs argued with him while the Briscoes slammed Titus face first into the post. Titus bladed and Jay worked punches on him before rolling him back into the ring.

Jay tagged in and stomped Titus in the corner. He and Mark worked in and out, keeping Titus from making the tag. Mark bit (gummed?) Titus in the corner and he and Jay cleared the announce table as if they were going to use it. The ref's talked them out of it and Jay tagged in and hit a huge kick to the face before locking in a chin lock.

Mark tagged in and both he and Jay are covered in blood. Jay tagged in and taunted King. Titus finally escaped and got the hot tag to Kenny King. King showed off his insane athleticism. He hit shotgun knees on Jay and covered. Mark broke the count and everybody battled.

Mark and Titus went to the floor. King picked up Jay and dropped him on the apron. Jay stepped down on the table and Titus ran up out of nowhere to hit the Super Sex Factor through the table. Jay bladed as ANX worked on Mark. Jay pulled Titus from the ring to break up the double team. Jay is bleeding so bad he's spitting blood like it's red mist.

Titus hit Snake Eyes on Mark onto the post and he and a super bloody Jay Briscoe traded blows. Titus ended up with the better end and he and Kenny hit a Doomsday Device type move. Mark broke the count and Jay hit a Jay Driver on King for the win. Post-match Jay cut a promo as blood gushed out of his head. He said he didn't care about any of the fans and that they weren't losing any more.

Shore's Slant: Somewhere there is an OSHA official have a complete conniption. I've seen less blood at some of the calls I ran in EMS. That said, WOW! What a great match. Great spots, great psychology, but a somewhat disappointing finish. It wasn't bad, it was just a little bit of a letdown after all the great spots earlier. Still, that's picking around the edges. Nice work from both teams.

7. El Generico defeated Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) at 16:15. Strong worked the arm with various twists and holds to start. Generico came back with a series of arm drags and then hit nine punches in the corner as the crowd chanted in Spanish. Generico went for a springboard, but Truth pulled him to the floor and stomped on him before rolling him back in the ring.

Strong hit a suplex and locked in a rest hold. Generico had a moment of hope, but Roddy hit a great dropkick and then a camel clutch. Roddy ended up tossing Generico to the floor and hit a enziguri on the floor. He slammed Generico into the rail and then whipped Truth into him.

They rolled back in the ring and Strong locked on a full nelson with his legs. Generico pushed back to create a pinning predicament and Strong broke the hold. He whipped Generico to the corner and Generico bounced out with a clothesline. He hit several more and hit a spinning Liger bomb for two.

Generico charged at Strong who hit a kick and then a sick enziguri. Genercio stumbled back to the corner and Strong hit a forearm and a back breaker for two. They traded blows in the center of the ring, and the spit balls, and then Generico hit his knuckle lock into the swinging DDT. String rolled to the floor.

Generico hit the ropes for his dive, but Truth pulled him to the floor. Truth got in the ring and teased doing a dive. He hit the ropes, but String was trying to get in the ring and pulled the rope down so Truth crashed to the floor. Generico hit an akuza kick to send Strong to the floor. Generico hit his dive on both of them.

Back in the ring, Strong setup Generico for the top rope brainbuster. Truth distracted the ref and Elgin ran in. Generico hit a flying head scissor on him to take him out, and reversed a suplex lift into a brain buster for the win.

Post-match, Elgin and Strong attacked Generico. Colt Cabana made the save, but Elgin finally got the best of him. Christopher Daniels ran out with the Book of Truth and nailed Generico with it. He and the rest of the House of Truth beat up Generico and then slammed him through a plastic chair…

Shore's Slant: An interesting ending there. Fantastic match that didn't feel like a letdown after the brawl we had before. Good work from both men. Can't wait to see what's happening with Daniels now.

8. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team defeated The American Wolves at 32:00. The crowd started competing Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards chants just before everyone shook hands. Davey and Haas started. They bumped around and then Edwards and Benjamin tagged in. They bumped around with a test of strength and then reset.

Haas and Davey tagged back in and Davey worked the leg. He immediately tagged Edwards and they worked in and out on Haas's leg. Davey worked a Muta lock until Haas made the ropes. Edwards tagged in and they switched to the arm. They again worked in and out on the arm with various arm bars and double team moves.

Haas strong whipped Davey to the corner and tagged Benjamin. Benjamin worked knees to the stomach and then hit a stall suplex. He tagged Haas back in and hit a spear in the corner and then another strong whip for two. Haas slapped on the body scissors in the center of the ring.

Davey reversed the move into a submission, but Benjamin broke it up. Benjamin tagged in and hit a headbut to the nuts. He might have hit it legit as the ref stopped Benjamin for a moment. Benjamin locked in a Boston Crab and Edwards broke it up. Benjamin tagged in Haas who whipped Davey. Davey hit the handspring into the enziguri.

Haas rolled to the floor. Davey acted like he was going to dive, but Benjamin hit him. Davey tossed him over the top, but Benjamin skinned the cat. Edwards hit a dropkick on Benjamin while he skinned the cat and then Richards tossed him to the floor beside Haas. Both Wolves hit dives on Haas and Benjamin and rolled Haas back in the ring.

The Wolves again worked quickly in and out on Haas. Haas made a tag and Benjamin worked the leg of Edwards. He hit the DDT on the leg and teased the figure four, but waked away and tagged Haas instead. Haas worked submission holds on the leg and then tagged Benjamin who hit a stomp on the leg on the rope. He picked Edwards up by the leg and slammed him into the buckle.

Benjamin lifted for a powerbomb. Edwards flipped out into a sunset flip for two. Benjamin hit a spinning heel kick for two and tagged in Haas who went back to the leg. Haas set Edwards on the ropes. Eddie fought out and hit a codebreaker and made the hot tag to Richards.

Davey hit a double dropkick on Haas and Benjamin. I missed the next minute but saw Richards lock in the ankle lock on Haas. Haas flipped out and got a tag to Benjamin. He slingshot Richards into Benjamin with a fireman's carry. Davey slid down into a crucifix for two.

All four men battled and the Wolves hit double enziguris. The WGTT hit double back suplexes and then the Wolves reversed and hit their own. Everybody was laid out in the ring and Richards and Haas made their feet. They traded blows while the other two recovered on the mat. Haas hit several elbows and Davey no sold into a spinning kick.

He went to Benjamin, and Benjamin hit a great superkick. Edwards hit a superkick on Benjamin, and then Haas hit an Angle Slam on Edwards. Richards and Haas battled again. Richards hit a thousand forearm shots, but Haas hit a reverse atomic drop and Benjamin hit a superkick for a near fall.

Haas set Richards on the top rope and climbed up. Richards dumped Haas to the floor, but Benjamin hit a kick. He went up for the superplex, but Edwards kicked him. He and Richards hit a powerbomb into a backstabber move on Benjamin. Richards covered and Benjamin kicked out at two, but Richards held the leg and hooked in the ankle lock.

Haas ran in and Edwards hooked the Achilles lock on him. Benjamin kicked Davey off into Edwards. Edwards fell to the floor, and Benjamin followed with Pay Dirt (or whatever he's calling it now) for the pinfall victory. Post-match, the Wolves argued just a little and then shook hands with Haas and Benjamin. They continued to argue after the hand shake until Edwards left the ring as if in disgust.

Richards yelled at him from the ring as Todd Sinclair tried to talk to him. He threatened Sincalir who walked away and the fans chanted "next world champ." Richards nodded and made the belt sign. He did his finger point salute to end the show…

Shore's Slant: Solid main event that also sets the stage for the apparent feud with Richards and Edwards. It wasn't the strongest match on the card, but it was very, very good. Overall it was a good, but not spectacular show.

There were some production problems that needed to be addressed. I don't expect WWE shine, but camera lenses were dirty or scratched and at least one of the cameras had a short in its cable. Still the audio was solid, and Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak are growing on me. There's still work to be done to make iPPV a viable long term solution, but for $20 (for both shows) we got to see a boat load of good wrestling.

I will have more to say tomorrow in my double hitlist, along with audio later today when Will Pruett and I breakdown both shows. Audio is exclusive to members and there is no better time to sign up than today for all the WrestleMania 27 coverage we bring to you tomorrow. Thanks for reading along and I will see you then.

Questions and comments to css3238@gmail.com or on Twitter @the_shore_slant.




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