Shore's ROH Final Battle Live Coverage: Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in a fight without honor, Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide, Daizee Haze and Awesome Kong vs. Sara Del Ray and Serena Deeb, and Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards for the ROH Title
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Shore's ROH Final Battle Live Coverage: Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in a fight without honor, Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide, Daizee Haze and Awesome Kong vs. Sara Del Ray and Serena Deeb, and Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards for the ROH Title
Dec 18, 2010 - 06:30 PM

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By Chris Shore

Aired live on pay per view from New York, New York at The Manhattan Center

The Final Battle hype video aired…Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak checked in on commentary.

1. The All Night Express defeated Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole. My feed died just as the show started (my fault, not Go Fight Live). When I finally got everything fixed, The All Night Express hit their powerbomb double team move for the win…

Kelly read a statement that said ROH was separating itself from the Match Without Honor and said their match would occur after Final Battle officially ended…TJ Perkins made his ring entrance. Colt Cabana was out next…

2. Colt Cabana defeated TJ Perkins at 7:56. Colt scored a couple of quick takedowns and tried to punk Perkins. Perkins flipped out of an armbar and hit a dropkick. They worked some crazy reversals and Perkins scored a head scissor takedown. Cabana had a lot of fun and escaped into a pin attempt before hooking a body scissor of his own. Perkins escaped with a handspring and tried for a shoulder tackle. Cabana laughed at him.

Perkins got the better of Cabana for a moment, but Cabana hook in the Billy Goat's Curse. Perkins made the rope and Cabana broke quickly. Cabana went on the attack and hit several strikes. He whipped Perkins to the corner and charged in. Perkins got the feet up and covered for two. They rolled around some more and Cabana tried for the Billy Goat's Curse again. Perkins blocked the move, but the twisting continued and Cabana hooked the wrists under Perkins and rolled him up for the win…

Shore's Slant: Very nice match. Cabana worked his silly style, but he showed why he is the technical master. Perkins held his own well here and I look forward to seeing more of him down the road.

The Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Ray hype video aired…Del Ray and Serena were out first. Serena's hair is starting to grow back. She has a pixie type cut. Haze and Awesome Kong were out next with Haze dressed like Mini-Kong…

3. Sara Del Ray and Serena Deeb defeated Daizee Haze and Awesome Kong at 8:18. Del Ray and Haze started. Daizee scored some quick rollups and tried for a monkey flip in the corner. Del Ray reversed and set Haze on the top rope. Haze punched her in the face and Del Ray tagged Serena. A "CM Punk" chant broke out and Haze started to tag Kong.

Serena attacked her from behind and prevented the tag. Haze hit two sentons for a near fall. She hooked Serena's head and started to tag Kong again, but Del Ray ran in and kicked Kong. Serena hit a gut buster and the heels took over. Serena and Del Ray worked in and out using abdominal stretches and helped each other by grabbing the free hand.

Serena tied Daizee in the Tree of Woe and worked her with strikes. Daizee got her feet free and hit a sick neckbreaker. Double hot tags and Kong went to work. She hit a splash and Implant Buster for two. All hell broke loose with all four women in the ring. Serena hit a spear on Kong and Del Ray hit two piledrivers on Haze for the pinfall victory. Post-match, Kong carried Haze out in a piggy back…

Shore's Slant: OK, I missed a lot in the sprawl because I was stunned by how good this was. I mean this was unreal. WWE Divas can kiss my giant white ass.

4. Eddie Edwards defeated Sonjay Dutt at 10:41. Sonjay hooked a submission hold almost immediately but Edwards escaped into an ankle lock but Edwards made the rope. They ran the ropes and Edwards hooked the ankle again and Dutt made the rope. Dutt slapped Edwards and slipped to the floor and crawled under the ring. Dutt came out the other side and tried to attack but Edwards saw it and hit the Big Score for two.

Dutt hit a drop toe hold that set Edwards on the bottom rope and followed with a springboard moonsault. Dutt shoved Edwards to the floor and worked him on the barricade. He rolled Edwards in the ring for two. They botched trading blows until Edwards dropped Sonjay on the ropes and hit a flying head scissor for two. The worked the ROH mad reversal string until Edwards hooked the Achilles lock. Sonjay reversed into a roll up for two. Edwrads hit a chinbuster for two.

Sonjay reversed a move and draped Edwards on the ropes. He hit a Fameassor across the ropes and then a springboard splash for two. He followed with a swinging DDT and then a standing Shooting Star press for two. Eddie reversed a jump into a piledriver setup. Dutt escaped and Edwards hit a kick to the gut. They no sold Superkicks on each other and Edwards hit a German suplex for two. Edwards went to the top and hit a double stomp to the back, followed by a powerbomb, followed by the 2K1 for the win.

Shore's Slant: I'm exhausted. This has been a great PPV. But I still don’t like all the no selling that goes on. I appreciate the back and forth, but the no selling is very, very weak.

A video recapped The Kings of Wrestling vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team. A video showed a pretaped video where Jim Cornette interviewed Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Haas announced their goal in 2011 was to win the ROH Tag Team Championship…

Shore's Slant: Heads just exploded all over the lace. The World's Greatest Tag Team is coming to ROH full time.

The fantastic Kevin Steen vs. El Generico hype video aired…The show hype video aired again…


They played the Generico/Steen video again…"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett made his entrance with an older guy carrying a regular chair. He sat at ringside to watch the match. Chris Daniels made his ring entrance, followed by Homicide…

5. Homicide (w/Julius Smokes) defeated Christopher Daniels at 10:32. No handshake to start, but the fans did chant "F--- TNA." They started with mat wrestling and then ran the ropes. Daniels hit two slams and hooked a rest hold. Homicide escaped and tossed Daniels to the floor. He followed and they battled. Daniels hit an axe handle from the apron and rolled Homicide back in the ring. They battled as Daniels tried to enter the ring and it ended with Daniels hitting an Arabian Press on the floor.

Daniels rolled Homicide in for a one count. Homicide hit a neck breaker and went to work on the neck. He hit the Three Amigos, made a gesture towards the sky, and covered for two. Homicide hit an elbow that spilled Daniels to the floor, and Homicide hit a crazy flying attack through the ropes and into the barrier. Homicide rolled Daniels back in the ring and went to the top. He tried for a splash but Daniels got the knees up.

They traded submission holds and Homicide went for the Cop Killer. Daniels flipped out and hit a Rock Bottom. Daniels tried for the best moonsault ever, but Homicide moved. Daniels landed on his feet and went for Angles Wings but Homicide pushed him into the ref. Homicide took his shirt off and tossed it at Daniels. He followed with a face buster for the win. Post-match, Bennett took and mic and said, "Nice win Daniels." He tossed the TV title to Daniels and walked out…

Shore's Slant: Good match that felt more like a TNA or WWE match with its pacing. The ending was very strange, but whatever floats your boat. Nice win for Homicide, especially if he is hanging around.

The Kings of Wrestling vs. Briscos hype video aired. The two teams made their entrance and Papa Brisco cut a promo on kicking Hagadorn's "Peckerhead ass"…

6. The Briscos and Papa Brisco defeated The Kings of Wrestling (w/Sara Del Ray) and Shane Hagadorn at 15:48. Jay and Hero started. Hero got a cheap shot on Papa. Jay grabbed Hero and held him so Papa could get a revenge punch. Mark tagged in and they hit their double shoulder block. Hero fought back and held Mark for Hagadorn. Mark moved and Hagadorn slapped Hero. Hero stared at him and Mark hooked a roll up for two.

Mark dragged Hero back to their corner and Papa held him so Mark could hit him. Jay tagged in and Hero fought back and tagged in Claudio. They tried the same corner move again, and again Jay moved and Hagadorn got nailed. Claudio beat up jay and tagged in Hagadorn. Hagadorn hit several blows that Jay no sold. Jay slammed him and tagged in Papa. The crowd went nuts as Hagadorn crawled away as Papa kicked him.

Claudio tagged in and he and Papa traded muscle poses. Claudio hit a knee lift and picked up Papa. Papa reversed into a headscissor. No shit! Papa covered and Sara Del Ray pulled Papa to ringside. Papa grabbed her and laid a big kiss on her. The ref ejected Del Ray from ringside. All hell broke loose in the ring and the KOW took control.

Claudio and Hero worked in and out on Jay. Jay reversed a Riccola bomb attempt into a Death Valley Driver. He tagged in Mark and Mark hit an elbow from the top for two. Mark and Claudio hit clotheslines on each other. They both tagged their third men. Hagadorn ran until Hero could catch Papa. The Birsocs ran in and everybody took everybody out.

Hero hit the spinning elbow on Papa and they setup for their finisher (KRS1 right?). The Briscos broke it up and cleared the Kings from the ring. Papa Brisco went to the top and hit the Doomsday Device on Hagadorn for the win…

Shore's Slant: This show is unreal. I can't possibly keep up. When the actual wrestlers where in the ring it was amazing. And Papa and Hagadorn did a fairly good job all things considered. I want to watch again tomorrow to see what all I missed.

7. Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) defeated Davey Richards to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship at 30:28. Davey looked for the handshake, but Roderick declined. Stay with me folks, I'll do the best I can. First tie up ended in the corner and Strong broke clean. Richards scored a take down and they rolled around until standing in the corner. Davey broke clean. They traded armbar moves and Richards rolled it into a submission hold. Strong reversed into the same move. Richards reversed into a Muta lock and Strong elbowed out.

Strong attempted the Strong Hold but Davey reversed into a leg lock. Strong made the ropes. They locked up in the corner again and Strong broke dirty with a forearm. Richards came back with a crossarm breaker but Strong again made the ropes. He hit several kicks and locked in a cloverleaf, but again Strong made the ropes. Richards continued to work the arm. He hit a Northern Lights suplex for two and went back to the arm.

Richards rolled Strong to the floor and whipped him to the barrier. He hit a running big boot and whipped Strong again. He hit another running boot and rolled Strong in the ring. Strong rolled through to the other side. Davey went after him and Strong pulled his feet out and hit a kick. He whipped Richards into the barrier and rolled him back in the ring.

Strong hit several elbows and worked a seated abdominal stretch. He sat Richards in the corner and stomped him. Richards tried to fight back, but String hit a spinning heel kick for two. Strong worked a body scissor and elbows. Richards elbowed his way out and they traded blows. Richards went for the handspring insaguri, but Strong hit a dropkick to the gut at 12:20.

They battled at the ropes and Richards pushed Strong to the floor. He hit the far rope but Strong slid into the ring and hit the far rope. Richards shoved him to the floor again and hit a kick to the back. Richards hit the far rope again and hit a suicide dive that landed Richards about four rows deep.

They climbed back in the ring and Richards hit a huge missile drop kick. They traded blows in the middle of the ring and Richards hit a kick for two. They continued to trade blows and Richards hit the Alarm Clock. He hit a diving headbut from the top for two at 16:16. Richards used a suplex lift and twisted it into a crossarm breaker. Strong rolled over and made the ropes with his foot.

Richards charged at String in the corner. Strong got the foot up, hit a insaguri, and followed with a Falcon Arrow for two. Strong hit another suplex for two and quickly locked in a Strong Hold until Richards made the rope. Strong hooked for the Gibson driver, but Richards escaped and they traded blows with the "Yeah/Boo" chants. They backed to a corner and traded kicks from Richards with chops from String. Richards finally hit about 30 kicks in a row to stop it.

Strong charged at Richards but hit the corner. Richards hit a kick to the head and a German suplex with bridge for two. Richards walked Strong to the corner and went to the top. Strong fought back, but Richards dropped to the apron and hit a kick to the head. He climbed in the ring and hit a belly to back superplex from the top. Richards followed with a spinning lariat for two at 22:03.

Richards hooked an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Martini jumped on the apron to distract the ref. Strong tapped, but the ref didn't see it. Richards broke the hold and punted Martini. Richards hit a shoot star press from the top for a great near fall. They battled in the corner again, and Strong hit a half nelson backbreaker from the second rope for two.

They battled on the apron and Strong dropped Richards on the announce table. He hopped down and hit the Gibson driver on the floor and then tossed him into the fans. Richards made it back in at 19.999999. Strong immediately attacked and hit the gutbuster and Gibson driver with bridge for two.

Richards kick out and Strong hooked the Strong Hold. They reversed submission after submission hold until Richards reversed one into a two count. Richards hit his own Gibson driver with bridge for two and went back to the ankle lock. Richards dropped the hold on his own and looked dazed. The ref checked on him and they continued.

Strong hit a knee to the face and a kick. He followed with his backbreaker and Sick Kick combo. Davey kicked out. He hit the backbreaker again, and then a superkick followed by a Sick Kick. Richards kicked out again. Strong locked on the original Strong Hold (Lion Tamer) and the ref called for the bell.

Post-match the world rushed the ring to check on Richards. They made an announcement that Richards might have a concussion and asked the crowd to be patient. Richards had blood around the ear, but I couldn't tell if it was an ear laceration of if he was bleeding from his ear. Davey sold that he had been knocked out and then made his feet. The crowd chanted, "Thank you Davey," and Davey finally left the ring…

Shore's Slant: I don't know if that was the plan or not, but it was kind of scary for a moment. Just a great title match from these two guys. The ending was odd, assuming it was kayfabe, but it didn't take too much away. I'll be interested to see if there is follow up with Strong tapping on Monday.

The lights went out to symbolically and the ring announce announced that this was an unsanctioned match. He said there will be graphic content and said we had all been warned. Holy hell…

8. El Generico defeated Kevin Steen in a match without honor at 31:13. Steen must now leave ROH. Steen asked for a handshake and laughed. Generico spit in his face. Steen spit back and Generico hit a big boot that sent Steen to the floor. He hit a suicide plancha and the fight went to the floor. Generico found a chain under the ring and whipped Steen with it.

Steen rolled in the ring and Generico found a smaller chain. He hit Steen with it and then wrapped it around his head. He hit a kick to the face and Steen went to the floor and juiced at 3:20. Generico hit him with a table and then pulled a ladder out. He rammed Steen with it and slid it into the ring. Steen hit a kick and then powerbombed Generico onto the edge of the ring.

Shore's Slant: Oh my God.

Steen painted designs on his arm with his own blood. He ripped the sheet metal barricade covers off and covered Generico. He hit a frog splash on the covers on Generico. Steen wiped his blood on the camera and then picked up a whole barrier. He threw it at Generico but he moved in time. He tried for a piledriver, but Generico flipped him over and rolled him back in the ring.

Generico setup the ladder on the ropes and tried for the half nelson suplex. They battled and Steen hit a back drop on the ladder. He put his knee on Generico's head and painted Generico's back with his blood. He tried for the mask but it wouldn't come off. Generico ran the ropes, but Steen reversed it into a huge powerbomb.

Steen went to the floor and cleared the announce team. He took their chairs and put them in the ring. Steen threw one at Generico and then set one on his face in the corner. He hit a flip splash into the chair and then broke a plastic chair on Generico's back. He tried to rip the mask apart and managed to rip one of the eyes open.

He swung a chair at Generico but he caught it. They battled over it and Steen hit a Codebreaker with the chair and then a front flip leg drop with the chair. Generico juiced even worse than Steen. Steen wiped Generico's blood on his own hand and then licked it. WTF? Steen wiped more of Generico's blood on his body and then choked Generico on the ropes.

Steen set the ladder on its side. He pop kissed Generico and lifted him. Generico slipped out and slammed Steen on the edge of the ladder. He setup the ladder and hit the half nelson suplex on the ladder. He hit another one, but Steen landed on his face on the ladder. Generico covered for two and Steen rolled to the floor at 18:30.

Generico went for a dive through the ropes on Steen, but Steen held up one of the sheet metal barrier covers. Steen set the ladder bridging from the ring to the barrier. He powerbombed Generico onto a barrier and went back under the ring. He got a table and setup a table on top of the ladder. Generico dove through the setup and hit a swinging DDT.

They climbed back in the ring and Steen hit a big kick. He opened a chair and lifted for the package piledriver. Generico escaped and hit a half nelson suplex on the chair and then followed with a brain buster for two. He set Steen in the corner and went for the big boot. Steen moved and they battled in the corner. Generico laid on the table and Steen went to the top. Generico fought back and knocked Steen through the table on the ladder.

Generico hit a sick brain buster on the apron and rolled Steen in the ring. He covered and Steve Corino broke the count. He and the ref argued and Corino knocked the ref out. He grabbed a steel chair and got in the ring. Colt Cabana ran out and chased Corino off. He hit Steen with the chair and told Generico to get on him. Generico charged at Steen when he stood. Steen moved and the ref took a sick bump to the floor.

Generico looked at the ref and Steen hit him. He setup a plastic chair and hit the package piledriver on the chair. Another ref ran out and counted the near fall. Steen hit him with the Package Piledriver. He set Generico on the top turnbuckle and climbed up. He tried for a superplex, but Generico slid down and slammed him. Generico set Steen in the corner and hit the brain buster on the turnbuckle in a sick looking spot. Steen fell to the floor, but Generico quickly rolled him in for a two count.

Generico grabbed the steel chair and started to swing at Steen. Steen covered up and held out his hand which had Generico's mask in it. Generico stopped and looked at him. Steen offered the mask and Generico took it. Steen held his hands together as if prayer as Generico looked at the mask. Generico finally dropped the mask and hit Steen with an unprotected chair shot for the win. Post-match trainers entered the ring. One threw a towel over Generico's head. Generico put on his old mask and celebrated his victory…

Shore's Slant: I don't even know where to begin with this. It's not the sickest or craziest match I have ever seen, but it's pretty high on the list. The fought for so long they quit bleeding. Generico's back will never be the same. And Steen will have to retire after that brain buster in the corner. The only bad thing I can say about this match is it made Davey Richards look like a punk to some degree. I'll have more to say tomorrow on the hitlist and in a little while with the audio recap. Thanks for watching along and I'll see you then.




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