9/11 Mathieson's ROH Glory By Honor IX report: Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH World Title, The Kings of Wrestling vs. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries

Sep 11, 2010 - 06:50 PM

By Joe Mathieson

ROH Glory By Honor IX
Live from the Manhattan Center in New York, NY

The show began at 7:50 with Bobby Cruise in the middle of the ring running down the top matches on the card. Biggest pop award went to Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, most heat to Tyler Black. Joe Dombrowski and Kevin Kelly are on commentary. Audio is a bit patchy. After all the introductions, Cruise asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of 9/11. Video packages then hyped the main events.

After the video packages, Kevin Kelly welcomed us to the show. His mic wasn't working properly for a couple seconds, but it picked up quickly enough. Crowd is very hot.

1. Kenny King defeated Jay Briscoe in 7:35. King was accompanied by an unnamed woman. They started the match with a couple shoves and at 2:00 exchanged slaps. Jay got the better of a brief strike exchange and one two count, but King quickly took control and at 6:00 went for his shotgun double knees in the corner. Jay caught him on his shoulders and then just kinda dropped him on his head, which got a "You killed Kenny" chant from the crowd.

Briscoe got two with a knee to the face and Rhett Titus ran to ringside. King whipped Briscoe into the ropes and he dove onto Titus. Back up on the apron and Briscoe tried a sunset flip but King sat down and grabbed the ropes, but Briscoe kicked out. Shortly afterwards, King hit the Royal Flush and scored the clean pin.

Titus and King beat down Jay until Mark Briscoe ran out, leading directly into the next match.

2. Mark Briscoe defeated Rhett Titus in 9:28. King and Jay stayed at ringside for the match. At 3:30, Titus gained control with a thumb to the eye and a back rake, then hit a new cutthroat neckbreaker over his shin type of move. Think a wrist-clutch Zack Attack.

Mark teased suplexing Titus to ringside but Titus blocked and they brawled on the apron. Mark knocked Titus to the floor and went to the top rope where he hit a somersault senton and the crowd went absolutely crazy. Titus tried some top rope move, but Briscoe got out. At 8:30, Mark went for the Cutthroat Driver but Titus countered into a rollup. Both guys traded pin combinations with nobody getting a three count. King climbed up on the apron but Jay pulled him down, and Mark hit a superkick and the Cutthroat Driver for the pin.

Joe's Judgment: Two pretty good short matches to kick off the show. The false finishes worked pretty well but hopefully the cheap finishes will end here.

A video recapped Balls Mahoney showing up in ROH back in May, with comments from Mahoney and Prince Nana.

3. The Embassy (Erick Stevens and Necro Butcher w/Prince Nana) defeated Grizzly Redwood and Balls Mahoney in 7:44. Necro has actual tights now, and he's wearing an Evan Longoria jersey. Nice. Balls hit Stevens with a few cups of beer at ringside in the early going but the Embassy quickly took over.

Stevens backdropped Redwood ro ringside where Necro caught him with a punch. Ouch. Stevens worked over Redwood for a bit before Grizzly hot tagged Balls. Necro went for a Tiger Driver on Redwood but it was countered into a DDT. At 6:00, Balls threw Redwood onto Stevens at ringside and then hit a frog splash for two when Nana pulled the referee out of the ring. Balls lifted Nana up for something but Stevens pulled him down and hit Ghanarhea for the pin.

Joe's Judgment: That was much more fun than I thought it ever could have been. Most I've enjoyed an Embassy match in a long time.

Bobby Cruise warned us that the next match "had the potential to be a bloody war" and told the crowd to watch out in case it went into the crowd, and the viewing audience to use viewer discretion. There will be a coin toss, and the winning team can choose who is chained to who.

4. El Generico and Colt Cabana defeated Kevin Steen and Steve Corino in a double chain match in 19:42. Steen called heads and lost, and Generico chose to be chained to Steen. The faces dominated the first couple minutes. Steen was busted open at 3:00 and Generico started biting his forehead.

Corino bled as well after some chain-aided punches from Cabana. The faces hit chain-assisted Irish whips, sending Corino and Steen into each other, and Cabana hit the Flying Asshole but was quickly decked by Corino.

Steen choked Generico with the chain and pulled back like he was trying to pull his head off. Generico wouldn't tap and Steen kicked him in the back. Corino threw Cabana into the barricades at ringside and grabbed a chair, then threw it into the barricade. Corino called for a turnbuckle brainbuster and Steen tried to help him, but Generico pulled him down and suplexed him into the turnbuckles, accompanied by a Cabana Flying Asshole on Corino.

Cabana set Corino in a Tree of Woe, then held a chair in front of him for Generico to do his flipping Van Terminator, but Steen wouldn't let him, so Generico dove onto Steen at ringside. Cabana called for a table to be set up and Steen and Generico brawled on the top rope. Steen jumped to ringside and then yanked the chain, sending Generico through the table.

Corino and Cabana were left in the ring and Corino went for a Northern Lights Bomb, but Cabana blocked. Steen tried to get there but couldn't pull Generico with him. Steen yelled "Colby" and Colby Corino ran down with scissors and cut the chain off Generico's wrist. Steen and Corino tied the other chain to Cabana's wrist, and the other end around the ropes. Right then, my feed cut out.

A few minutes later, it came back up and Cabana was still chained to the ropes, with a few dented chairs around him and Generico getting beaten up by Steen and Corino. Generico made his big comeback with a half and half suplex on Corino onto a set-up chair. Generico freed Cabana, hit a couple chairshots on Steen, and then dove onto him at ringside. Cabana locked in the Billy Goat's Curse on Corino and he tapped immediately.

After the match, Steen brawled with Generico briefly and Generico went for the turnbuckle brainbuster. Steen struggled to fight out of it, and finally ripped Generico's mask off and held it up triumphantly as Cabana covered Generico with a towel and ran him backstage.

Steen looked at his shirt, which depicts Generico's bloody head on a chair, and set up a chair in the ring. Steen placed the mask on the chair, and in Corino's blood, wrote "Mr. Wrestling" on the chair back. He, Corino, and Colby posed with the chair and up the ramp.

Joe's Judgment: This is the feud of the year. Nothing can possibly come close. The match was brutal and bloody, and the post match was sick. Steen and Corino are the best act in wrestling today, bar none. Steen in particular was amazing with the facial expressions all through the match. Colt played his part to perfection, and Generico was great as well. Most of the above recap is strictly from memory, because I was so engrossed in the match I forgot to write anything.

Kevin Kelly introduced a pre-taped video with Jim Cornette interviewing Davey Richards before Richards left for Japan earlier this month. Cornette asked Richards about his choice to retire at the end of the year. Richards talked about his past, how he went to Japan right after getting married, how he was a licensed firefighter now, and similar things.

Richards said he had gotten a call from his mom, who struggled with addiction, and his mom told him that even though she wasn't always there for him, wrestling had been. Richards said he realized how true that was, and because of that, he had decided to stay in ROH and chase the world title.

Some videos played during intermission and Jim Cornette came out and announced for the live crowd that Davey would be returning, and that at Final Battle in the Manhattan Center, Richards would get a title shot. Cornette got the crowd hyped up for the second half of tonight's show.

Joe's Judgment: Fantastic interview segment, the best part obviously being that Davey isn't retiring. Davey's not a great promo guy, but when it comes to just sitting down and talking into the camera, there are few who can match him.

5. Eddie Edwards defeated Shawn Daivari (w/Prince Nana) to retain the ROH World TV Title in 7:38. Daivari didn't get any pre-match promo time. At 2:00, Edwards was sent left shoulder first into the ringpost and Daivari continued to work over that arm. Edwards quickly came back but favored the left arm the whole time.

Kelly noted that Shane Hagadorn wasn't out with Edwards as Edwards hit a dropkick for two and continued with a couple more nearfalls. Daivari hit a tornado DDT for two but Edwards quickly went for the Achilles Lock. Nana distracted the ref but it backfired and Edwards got the Achilles Lock again and Daivari tapped out.

Joe's Judgment: That was disappointing on so many levels. It started okay, but the finish came far too quickly and was pretty weak. I guess Edwards looks strong, but Daivari looked really weak. Just a huge disappointment.

After Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels entered, Aries grabbed the mic and said that Daniels originated the A-Double name, so he proposed that Daniels be called CD. Aries said that many felt that, like CDs, Daniels was obsolete. Aries said he didn't feel that way, and he proposed that he and Daniels proved they were still the best and that they should steal the show.

6. Christopher Daniels defeated Austin Aries in 13:50. Daniels was a step ahead of Aries for several minutes until Aries raked Daniels' eyes and hit a neckbreaker over the second rope. Aries beat up Daniels at ringside for a bit and continued in control in the ring.

At 8:00, Daniels tried the Angel's Wings, but Aries avoided it. A short while later, he went for an Arabian Press to the floor, but Aries dove in the ring and then hit the Heat Seeking Missile. At 11:00, Daniels locked in the Koji Clutch. Aries fought out and hit a crucifix bomb, then a brainbuster. Aries covered and Daniels kicked out at two. Aries hit the 450 and again Daniels kicked out. Aries freaked out and set Daniels on the top rope. Daniels crotched Aries and then hit a top rope Angel's Wings and scored the pin.

Joe's Judgment: That would have been much better with a hotter crowd, which kinda died for this match. Still wasn't bad by any means, but until the finish the crowd was quiet, which lessened the impact of Daniels' big finisher kickouts.

7. The Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero) defeated Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in 23:40. The teams shook hands and then shoved each other to start off the match. Great shows of athleticism in the first couple minutes. The Kings went for the KRS-1 early, but it was blocked, and WGTT went for a double-team of their own, but the KOW blocked it themselves.

The Kings dominated for a long time, including a sick deadlift gutwrench suplex from Claudio on Shelton and some MMA knees from Hero. At 17:00, Shelton and Hero traded strikes and Shelton finally hit a double neckbreaker and after fighting free of Claudio, hot tagged Haas.

Haas hit a few rolling Germans on Claudio despite Claudio grabbing the ropes and after a blind tag, slingshotted Claudio so that Benjamin caught him in a Samoan drop. Benjamin tried something on Claudio but Claudio popped him up into an elbow from Hero.

The Kings hit another double-team into a Hero elbow for a nearfall on Benjamin, but Haas interrupted and went for the Haas of Pain. Hero got out and Claudio hit an uppercut. At 22:00, Claudio and Haas brawled on the top rope. Claudio knocked Haas off the rope, but Shelton ran from across the ring and leapt up onto the top rope and t-bone suplexed Claudio off for a huge pop. Haas locked in the Haas of Pain on Claudio and just then Shane Hagadorn threw Hero the loaded elbow pad and distracted the ref. Hero hit an elbow drop off the second rope and covered Haas for the pin.

After the match, the Kings went for a loaded elbow strike on Haas, but Benjamin prevented it and the Kings left without Hagadorn or the title belts. Benjamin noticed Hagadorn in the corner and started grinning. Hagadorn begged off, but Benjamin stripped off most of his clothes, whipped Hagadorn with his own belt, and held him so that Haas hit an elbow drop on Hagadorn's crotch. Haas and Benjamin posed with the belts to loud "Please come back" chants.

Joe's Judgment: Amazing match while it lasted, which wasn't nearly long enough. A really long heat segment and not nearly long enough of a finishing stretch. And the finish was kinda bad too, and the post-match stuff was just silly. I'd love to see more of Haas and Benjamin in ROH for sure, though.

7. Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) defeated Tyler Black to win the ROH World Title with Terry Funk as the ringside enforcer in 14:50. Jim Cornette came out to do commentary. Lots of quick pin combos and other reversals early on. At 7:15, Black had Strong down and did John Cena's "You Can't See Me" hand gesture, then applied an STF to massive heat.

Black hit Strong with the Book of Truth and then a God's Last Gift, but Strong kicked out. Both men went up on the top rope and Black hit a superplex. He went for God's Last Gift but Strong countered into a vertical suplex into a double knee backbreaker. Amazing. Strong then hit a gutbuster and went for the Sick Kick, but Tyler dodged and Strong hit referee Todd Sinclair.

Black immediately superkicked Strong and both men were down as Terry Funk climbed in the ring. He tossed Sinclair out and ripped off his t-shirt to reveal a referee shirt. Josh Raymond and Christian Able ran down to the apron, but Funk ran them off. Truth Martini entered the ring and Funk sent him out too.

Lightning quick action for the next couple minutes with both men exchanging superkicks. Black hit a buckle bomb and Strong charged only to be caught with another buckle bomb. Black hit a superkick, and another, and a third. Strong spit in Tyler's face and Tyler superkicked him again.

Tyler went for the Phoenix Splash, but Strong avoided it and kicked Tyler in the back of the head. Strong hit several backbreakers and a Sick Kick and Funk counted the pin as Roderick Strong is the new ROH World Champion. ROH owner Cary Silkin entered the ring and shook hands quickly with Strong before heading back to ringside.

Strong celebrated with Truth. The fans chanted "Thank you Tyler", and Strong extended his hand for a handshake, but Tyler flipped him off instead and walked up the ramp. Suddenly, the lights went out and Cornette yelled something about technical difficulties. After a few seconds, Homicide's music hit and he appeared at the top of the ramp with a bandana over his mouth.

Homicide entered the ring as the fans chanted "187". He posed on the top turnbuckles before facing off with Strong in the center of the ring. Strong held up the belt as he and Homicide verbally sparred to close the show.

Joe's Judgment: That was exactly how that should have went down. Strong finally gets his title win, and Homicide is back and immediately in the title picture to replace Black. The match itself was the kind of match that goes over much better when watching it without knowing the result. The run-ins and such could have been done without, but I don't think they really took too much away from the match quality, personally. I liked the nods to their previous encounters and Black heeling it up was great stuff.

Obviously a very newsworthy show with the title change and the return of Homicide, but the highlight, at least in my view, was the Steen and Corino vs. Generico and Cabana match. Well worth buying the show once it's uploaded to GoFightLive, which should be Monday. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in a couple days.

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