6/24 Shore's ROH Best in the World results and review: Fit Finlay vs. Michael Elgin, Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. The All Night Express for ROH Tag Titles, Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen for ROH World Title

Jun 24, 2012 - 04:00 PM

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ROH Best in the World
Aired Live on iPPV
From The Manhattan Center, New York, New York

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness welcomed us to Best in the World from ringside and ran through some of the matches. The Briscoes music hit and they came to the ring. Truth Martini was out next, alone. Truth cut a promo about how awesome of a manager he is by listing Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong in his stable. He said he needed a tag team, and introduced his "faceless tag team." Two bug guys came out wearing complete black masks that showed no facial features...

1. The Briscoes vs. The Guardians of Truth (w/Truth Martini). The GOT attacked before the bell. They tossed Jay to the floor and worked Mark in the ring. The GOT pulled twin magic at one point on Jay. Jay played the baby in trouble and made the tag to Mark. The match broke down and the Briscoes won when one of the GOT tried to flip out of the Doomsday Device and Jay pinned him. Post-match, the GOT saved Truth from a Doomsday Device and beat up the Briscoes a little...

The Briscoes defeated The Guardians of Truth at 6:02.

Shore's Slant: Snoozer of an opener. This should have gone on second after Cole vs. O'Reilly. This was not the way to get the crowd hot. Weak finish to a clumsy match. BTW, the stream seems to be working fine for everyone. Congrats ROH!

A video recapped how Eddie Edwards ended up facing Homicide. Homicide made his ring entrance, followed by Edwards...

2. Homicide vs. Eddie Edwards. Homicide made a big show during the Code of Honor, and then spit in Eddie's hand. Eddie slapped him in the face to start the match. Eddie dumped Homicide to the floor and hit a dive immediately. They traded blows on the floor and ended up back in the ring with Edwards hitting a shining wizard for two.

They hit big boots on each other and Homicide followed with a throw. He tried to get a chair from the crowd. Not folding chair, but a chair with arms. The ref stopped him, so Homicide tried for three amigos. He told the crowd not to chant "Eddie" before the third, so Edwards reversed and tried for three amigos. Eddie failed to hit the third as a "Si" chant broke out. Homicide climbed tot he top, but Edwards hit a superplex.

Eddie hit the Boston Knee Party and floated out of the nearfall into a half STF. Homicide got tot he ropes, and immediately hit an inverted atomic drop and tornado DDT for two. So much for storytelling. Edwards caught Homicide on the top and went for the backpack chin checker. Homicide slipped out and hit an Ace Crusher for two.

Edwards hit a superkick. Homicide fell against the rope and hit a lariat that turned Eddie inside out. Homicide tried for Gringo Killa, but Eddie reversed into a roll up for two. Eddie hooked the Achilles lock but rolled over and let Homicide kick him away. Homicide finally hit the Gringo Killa for the win...

Homicide defeated Eddie Edwards at 12:53.

Shore's Slant: That was one of the better Homicide matches I have seen in a while, but it had a rough ending. It didn't feel like it really built to that moment, nor did it come out of nowhere. I also hate to see Edwards lose. They don't seem to know what to do with him. So a fair match, but nothing special.

A video ran down the modified rules for the next match. They are too many to put here, but it's a wrestling match pretending to be a shoot fight with some technical ways to be disqualified through "fouls." I'm sure it is on the ROH website if you really need to know...

3. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Adam Cole in a hybrid fighting rules match. They b locked and dodged a series of strikes on each other, and then Cole went for O'Reilly's hurt leg. Cole worked the leg and then O'Reilly attacked Cole's arm. The New York crowd chanted a few times, but mostly seemed unimpressed with the match. O'Reilly beat down Cole and we had our first ten count moment of the match. O'Reilly broke the count to attack, but Cole hit a drop toe hold. Both men kicked each other at the same time to start a double ten count.

Both men made the count at eight and traded blows. O'Reilly did the kicks where he holds the head, and apparently kicked Adam Cole's teeth out of his mouth. Cole was a bloody mess, so much so the athletic commissioner rep came out. After reversing several submission moves on each other, O'Reilly finally tapped to a figure four. Post-match, O'Reilly slapped Cole and left the ring. They even showed Cole's tooth in the ring...

Adam Cole defeated Kyle O'Reilly at 12:43.

Shore's Slant: Crazy match. The crowd didn't care and then the blood started flowing and the place went nuts. Cole gained more in that match than he did pinning Davey Richards earlier this year. Of course he has to have major dental work because of it, but sometimes yo pat in sweat, sometimes in blood I guess. Crazy match that meant nothing until a mistake, and then meant a lot. Wild.

Michael Elgin cut a promo backstage with Truth and Roderick Strong. Elgin put over beating Finlay as a big deal. Strong said he already beat him so it wasn't that big of a deal. He called Elgin "porky" and other names. Elgin grabbed Strong and said he didn't want Strong or Truth at ringside. He said he would do it himself...

4. Fit Finlay vs. Michael Elgin. The first eight minutes was some great old school headlock, leg lock, arm lock action that crowd was polite for. Finlay worked in control for almost all of the time. Finlay finally rolled to the floor after a stiff clothesline. Elgin followed and Finlay took advantage. He slammed Elgin around the ring and then dropped him on the barricade. Elgin struggled back in the ring and begged Finlay for more. At 13:54, Elgin locked in a head scissor and the crowd turned and chanted, "Boring."

Elgin drove Finaly into the post and hit a superkick for two. Elgin started to climb up, but Finlay knocked him to the ground. Finlay rolled him back in the ring and hit the Finlay roll for two, his version of White Noise for two, and a pile driver for two. Elgin hit a backhand and then his spinning powerbomb for the win. Post-match, Truth ran out and celebrated in the ring. Finlay offered his hand and Truth told Elgin no. Elgin shoved him away and shook Finlay's hand. Truth jawed at Elgin, but Elgin backed him into a corner and Truth begged off...

Michael Elgin defeated Fit Finlay at 19:17.

Shore's Slant: It was weird watching a ROH match work so slow for so long. It was not bad, in fact it was a nice call back to my childhood. But it certainly wasn't what any other match on the card will be like tonight. I was surprised the NY crowd waited so long to shit on it. Elgin had a great night at Showdown in the Sun, but not here.


Kevin Kelly recapped the first half of the show and ran down the second half. Mike Bennett's music interrupted him and Bennett, Maria, and Brutal Bob came to the ring. Bennett had mic problems at first and I had a hard time making him out. Bennett said he wasn't interested in wrestling anyone but champions because he was the best wrestler there. The crowd chanted for CM Punk. Bennett said they could chant for the best in the world, but he was better than the best in the world.

Bennett said since he wasn't there to wrestle, he would just make out with Maria. Actually I couldn't hear what he said, but that's what he did. Mike Mondo ran out and did terrible mic work while running down Bennett. Mondo said he was going to have a fight tonight. He said he was going to fight Bennett and f*** Maria. Wow.

Bennett threw a punch, but Mondo took Brutal Bob out and beat up on Bennett. Bob finally pulled Bennett from the ring. Mondo dove on Brutal Bob, allowing Bennett to take control. One of the refs ran out at that point. My wife, literally, caught the kitchen on fire which was a little distracting, so I missed an opening bell.

5. Mike Bennett (w/Maria and Brutal Bob) vs. Mike Mondo. Mondo won with a roll up. As Twitter follower @I_AM_maxHELL pointed out, we just saw a match where the heel was protecting his girlfriend from the rapist babyface.

Mike Mondo defeated Mike Bennett in about 5:00.

Shore's Slant: Mike Mondo over Mike Bennett. What? Why? Holy crap. That was terrible.

A video recapped the weird TV Title feud and ring entrances occurred. Bobby Cruise gave old school in ring intros...

6. Tomasso Ciampa (w/Embassy Ltd.) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) in an elimination match for the ROH TV Championship. Ciampa attacked Lethal at the bell. Strong stayed out of the way while Ciampa powered Lethal around. Ciampa whipped Lethal and Lethal dove on Strong on the floor. There was some fallout from the kitchen fire so I missed about five minutes of match, but all three men ended up in a chop fest at 7:45.

Lethal hit sliced bread on Ciampa over Roddy in the corner. Roddy ran out and Lethal dropped him for a figure four. He grabbed Ciampa, who was nearby, and put him in a crossface at the same time. The crowd popped big for it. Strong punched Lethal to break both holds. Ciampa stood on the apron and hit a jumping knee on Lethal. He hit the top rope elbow on Lethal for a near fall.

Strong broke up a Project Ciampa attempt, and after everybody kicked everybody, Lethal hit the elbow on Ciampa for two. Strong dumped Lethal to the floor. Truth tried to take a swing with the Book of Truth at him, but Lethal blocked and flattened him. The Embassy went after Lethal, but he chased them around the ring. In the ring, Ciampa went for Project Ciampa. Prince Nana rolled in the ring and tripped Ciampa "by accident" to allow Strong to pin Ciampa.

Tomasso Ciampa was eliminated at 12:50.

Lethal jumped in the ring, but Roddy grabbed him and hit his backbreaker finisher for the win. Post-match, the announce team tried to get a word with Embassy, but they said nothing...

Roderick Strong retained the ROH Television Championship at 13:11.

Shore's Slant: They announced in the middle of the match that Paul Turner was fined $250 during intermission for allowing Finlay to use the piledriver. I appreciate the little things, but I think it was unnecessary. This was a good match, but I hate the story. Ciampa is leaving for a while to heal from diverticulitis based on his tweets, so I don't know why you don't use that to your advantage. (Full disclosure: I could have misunderstood him, but "Eight months recovery"--or something close--seemed pretty clear.) Great match, but I have no desire to see the followup.

7. The All Night Express vs. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team for the ROH Tag Team Championships. The titles can change hands on a disqualification. Haas and King started. The crowd chanted "F*** you Charlie," so he tagged in Benjamin before doing anything. The crowd chanted the same to Benjamin, but he and King locked up. King hit a couple of suplexes, but Benjamin made a tag to Haas. Haas slammed King around for a moment and then tagged Benjamin again, Benjamin lost control for a moment, then got it right back. He tagged in Haas, who took an arm drag, and then Titus tagged in. The early rhythm was weird.

King finally settled into the babyface in jeopardy when Haas hit a nasty clothesline. Benjamin tagged in and hit a gutbuster type move and covered. Titus broke the count. WGTT switched while the ref dealt with Titus. The ref argued with Haas when he turned around, allowing King to roll him up for two. Haas tagged in Benjamin, but King hit a double DDT on both men.

Titus took the tag and took out both men. He climbed to the top rope. Benjamin jumped up, but Titus slid out and hit snake eyes. King hit a double knee to the back and Titus covered. Haas broke the count and hit an angle slam. King tossed Benjamin a chair. The ref threatened to DQ Benjamin. Haas went after King, and Titus hit a DDT on the chair on Benjamin for two.

All four guys fought to the floor. Haas distracted the ref, and Benjamin hit Titus with the belt to bring blood. Titus bled like a stuck pig, and the ref threatened to stop the match. Titus told the ref not to stop it. Haas took the mic and said if the ref didn't stop the match, they would kill Titus. They setup for their finisher. Benjamin ran to hit the rope, but King botched jumping on him. He hit him enough to make it effective. Haas kicked Benjamin. Titus reached up and hooked a schoolboy for the victory.

The All Night Express won the ROH Tag Team Championships at 22:51.

Post-match, WGTT attacked. They hit King with a chair shot that Nigel said was unprotected, but I did not see the shot to say one way or the other. ANX recovered to still party...

Shore's Slant: Well, this is kind of all over the place. The match was OK, neither special for greatness or shittyness. I do like that ANX wins the title, those guys deserved it. I do not like how they won though. It seemed silly to roll up after a DDT on the chair. The psychology in ROH is getting worse under Cornette. By the way, Kenny King gave it away on Twitter today when he tweeted he was on the step of doing something he had always wanted to do. Still, congrats even if I didn't like the match and finish.

A video package setup the main event. Steve Corino made his ring entrance and ran down Jim Cornette. He said he was joining the announce team because he was a contracted announcer. Cornette came out and said if Corinio was sitting in on commentary, he would sit near the ring and if Corino got involved, Cornette would do something about it, personally. Ring entrances occurred next, followed by old school intros.

Before the match started, Kyle O'Reilly ran out and took a mic. He said he wasn't in Davey's corner because Davey didn't like the way Kyle handled the loss from earlier. Jyle dropped a couple of F-bombs on Davey and basically broke up with him before storming off....

8. Davey Richards vs. Kevin Steen (w/Jimmy Jacobs) in an anything goes match for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. Steen laughed at Dave from the apron. Davey kicked him in the face and Steen crashed through a ringside table. Richards slammed Steen on everything at ringside and then charged at him. Steen popped him up and hit a powerbomb on the apron.

Steen pulled the barricades off and stacked them on Davey. He hit a senton on the sheet metal on Davey. The match continued to be a train wreck. There were chairs, tables, and even a chain. Davey started to slam Steen on the announcer's table. Kelly said it would take them off the air, so they reversed direction. Corino said, "I know it's very rare we get kicked off the air."


Ring announcer Bobby Cruise took a superkick from Steen. Steen hit a codebreaker through a chair on Davey. Davey came right back with a superplex on a pile of chairs. Davey setup a table in the ring and put Steen on top again. Davey climbed up, but Steen bit him and slammed Davey through the table for a near fall. Davey choked Steen with the chain. He tied the chain on the foot and did the same kicks that busted Adam Cole open. Davey hit a final nasty kick and covered for two. Corino said "This is not the type of chain wrestling Davey is used to." Awesome.

Davey knocked referee Todd Sinclair out for the count. He got a ladder slid it in the ring. Steen recovered and hit the F6. Referee Paul Turner ran out and counted a near fall. Steen hit the piledriver on him, leaving no ref. Davey recovered and hit a double underhook DDT on the ladder and covered. There was no ref, so Davey climbed to the floor and dragged Sinclair back in.

Jimmy Jacobs got in the ring with the spike. Jim Cornette came in and snatched it away. He used it to get Jacobs from the ring, but turned around to find Corino there. Corino kicked Cornette in the nuts and then rolled him to the floor to beat him up. Davey hit an exploder DDT on Jacobs and took the spike. He showed it to the crowd, but Steen pulled a spike out of his ass (figurative) and jammed Davey in the nuts. Steen hit the package piledriver and Sinclair counted the pinfall.

Kevin Steen retained the ROH World Heavyweight Championship at 21:23.

Post-match, Corino introduced Steen as the winner and champ. Steen took the mic and cut a promo on hypocrites and hypocrisy. He ran down Cornette, but said their were worse hypocrites. He said he wanted to admit to Davey that he (Steen) was also a hypocrite. He said he had to be one to get the match with Davey. All the things he had said about Davey he didn't believe. He said Davey was one of the best champions ever, and was the rightful holder of the "Best in the World" title.

Shore's Slant: I may throw up.

Steen said that brings him tot he biggest hypocrites of them all, the fans. He said they were hypocrites because at Final Battle 2010, they cheered and sang when El Generico put him out, but six months later he was a god in the same building. He said they all loved Cary Silkin when he owned ROH, but when Steen wanted to break his neck with a piledriver, the fans cheered for it. He said they were hypocrites because they bought their ROH ticket and then came in and chanted for CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

The fans continued to cheer every single time he pointed out their hypocrisy. Steen said their biggest sin was how they turned on champions. He said they did it to Nigel McGuiness, Tyler Black, and Davey Richards. He said he didn't care if they turned on him because he didn't care about any of them. He said he won the title so he could be the last ROH World Champion, and that he and Corino and Jacobs planned to destroy it. He said when he came back a little over a year ago he stood in the balcony and said f*** ROH, but what he really meant was f*** New York. The fans even cheered for that as the three men left the ring...

Shore's Slant: OK, what in the blue hell did I just see. Let's break it down. First, there was a very good Kevin Steen garbage match that Davey Richards was fantastic in playing the heel. Then we have a mess of an overbooked finish that annoys me even more now that I know what Steen was going to say. Then we get Steen putting Davey over like Davey used to put guys over, and not in a funny, smart, sarcastic way; a legit way.

Then we get what I think was supposed to be a heel turn from Steen. Except, it didn't work. Now if the point was to get tape of the fans cheering him running them down so they can use it in the story later, then maybe this is OK. But I am utterly shocked that they tried to turn Steen in NY after beating Richards. It seems so surreal. If I had faith in Cornette to make this good, I would just let it lay out, but I don't have faith. Right now, I see this as a failure that could have been prevented. Hopefully they surprise me and prove me wrong. I really want to be.

Overall this was a weak PPV offering. There were only three or four matches that were good, and really only three that mattered in any way. I exclude the Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly match because sometimes you just catch lightening in a bottle. It's a shame Cole had to pay for it like he did, but welcome to Starville, kid. I'll have more to say tomorrow on the Hitlist and later tonight on the Member's Exclusive audio review. Thnks for watching along tonight.

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