4/1 Pruett’s ROH Honor Takes Center Stage Night 1 live coverage: Eddie Edward’s first ROH Championship defense against Christopher Daniels, Kings of Wrestling vs. Haas and Benjamin for the ROH Tag Titles

Apr 1, 2011 - 07:00 PM

By Will Pruett

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Live from Atlanta GA at Center Stage Theater

A Go Fight Live video aired with a voice announcing that the show would be starting in two minutes. This then transitioned to a graphic featuring event posters for both of this weekend’s ROH iPPV shows.

In the arena, we see the fans. Kevin Kelly introduced the show along with Dave Prazak. They hyped the two big championship matches that are this evening’s main events. Kevin Kelly called for the countdown to the event to begin and the ROH countdown opening played.

The fans clapped along to the pre-show music. Referee Todd Sinclair stood in the ring.

The opening match was introduced and Michael Elgin made his way to the ring without Truth Martini. El Generico made his way to the ring next with the fans singing Ole.

1. Michael Elgin defeated El Generico in 9:16. The House of Truth is banned from ringside in this one. This is a rematch from the 9th anniversary show. The two shook hands and the bell rang. Elgin and Generico locked up with Elgin throwing Generico down. Elgin locked in a headlock, Generico fought out with knife edge chops. He tried to take out Elgin, but Elgin held his own and Generico went down.

Generico got Elgin in the corner and the ROH faithful counted in Spanish. Generico hit a crossbody from the top and got a two count. Elgin got Generico in a powerbomb position, but Generico fought out and went for the swinging DDT. Elgin reversed into a backbreaker.

Kevin Kelly announced that the All Night Express got into a brawl with the Briscoes earlier today and that they would be banned from the event tonight.

Elgin gave Generico a big elbow then drove his knees into Generico’s back. The fans chanted “You suck” at Elgin. Generico tried for a rollup, but only got two. Generico was whipped into the corner and he went down to his knees. Elign hit a hard punch in the corner. Elgin put Generico up on the corner and Generico fought him off. Generico hit a sunset flid from the 2nd rope and Elgin tried to jump down onto Generico. Generico moved and Elgin is in pain.

Generico hit Elgin with a series of clotheslines but could not take him down. Generico hit a head-scissors from the top and blue thunder, but only got a two count. Both men got to their feet and Elgin got out of Generico’s grasp. Generico supelexed Elgin into the corner and pinned him for only a two count.

Generico set up for the “Okuza Kick” but Elgin caught him and went for a powerslam. Elgin could not get it, but did get another slam on Generico followed by a pin for a two count.

Elgin went for a powerbomb on Generico, but Generico backdropped him. Elgin clotheslined Generico for a pin and two count. Elgin hit a big splash in the corner and tried for one against the ropes, but Generico pulled the ropes down. He hit a crossbody on Elgin on the floor, but was caught. Generico managed to throw Elgin into the barriace then hit a swinging DDT on the floor. He slid Elgin into the ring and set up for the Ole kick. A masked man ran out and grabbed Generico’s foot.

Elgin hit the 360 powerbomb for the three count.

They showed the camera footage from the New York event where Eddie Edwards won the ROH World Championship.

Pruett’s Pause: Good match from those two. Not surprising to see Elgin cheat to win. Fun opener that didn’t blow me away.

Truth Martini is in the ring saying that he can change the fan’s lives. The fans chanted profane things at him. Caleb Conley is in the ring with Truth and he is looking to prove that he belongs in the House of Truth. Conley will get either a thumbs up or thumbs down from Martini after the match.

Truth Martini is in the ring saying that he can change the fan’s lives. The fans chanted profane things at him. Caleb Conley is in the ring with Truth and he is looking to prove that he belongs in the House of Truth. Conley will get either a thumbs up or thumbs down from Martini after the match. Tommaso was out next with the Embassy.

Homicide made his entrance next. Colt Cabana finished the foursome and we’re set for our second match.

2. Homicide defeated Tommaso Ciampa vs. Colt Cabana vs. Caleb Konley in a four corner survival match in 9:28. The fans chanted for Colt Cabana. All four men shook hands. Homicide and Caleb started the match. Caleb hit an armdrag on Homicide and taunted the fans. Homicide gave Conley the thumbs up. Conley threw Homicide into the ropes then hit another armdrag.

Another throw into the ropes and Homicide hit Conley with a clothesline and tagged Colt Cabana in. Cabana hit Conley with a reverse flying ass for a two count as Kevin Kelly referenced Micheal Cole with “Vintage”. Homicide and Ciampa tagged in and Homicide gave him 10 punches in the corner before being dumped to the floor.

Princess Mia hit Homicide with a spin kick and Ciampa almost got a three count, but did not. Homicide ran into a boot from Ciampa then Ciampa tagged Conley. Conley hit a suplex on Homicide. Conely was tagged by Ciampa. Ciampa hit a clothesline on Homicide and dug his elbows into him.

Another tag by Conley who hit Homicide with a big kick. Conley choked Homicide on the ropes and used his legs to choke him more. Conley went for the pin and Ciampa broke it up.

Conley locked in a submission hold on the arms of Homicide. Homicide fought out, but was whipped up against the ropes by Conley. Homicide tagged Colt and everyone got a Bionic Elbow and Princess Mia got a kiss. Colt hit another ass drop on Conley for two. Ciampa ran in and gave Colt a neckbreaker. Conley took down Ciampa with a flying knee.

Whip for Ciampa and a Powerbomb into a backbreaker from Ciampa. Homicide tagged in and it’s Homicide and Ciampa exchanging punches. Homicide hit a suicida to the outside on Colt. Ciampa went for one, then Homicide came at him again. Conley was thrown to the floor and Homicide went three for three as the crowd cheered him on.

Homicide rolled Conley into the ring and hit him with the cop killer for three.

Pruett’s Pause: Fun action, but I’m not too into the four corner survival matches. This would have played better for me as an odd couple tag team match.

Truth Martini returned to the ring and held his thumb sideways and then up. Conley has been welcomed into the House of Truth. Sadly it’s April Fools day and Michael Elgin ran out and gave him a clothesline and 360 powerbomb.

The announcers hyped that the Women of Honor would be in action next. Sarah Del Rey and Serena Deeb made their way to the ring. The Japanese women made their way out next.

3. Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ayumi Kurihara pinned Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb in 9:35. Hiroyo and Serena will start this match. They lock up and Sernea gets a waist lock go behind and takes her down. Serena was arm dragged by Hiroyo and Serena fired back with her own armdrags.

Sarah Del Rey tagged in and the two looked at each other. Hiroyo offered a test of strength and Del Rey kicked her in the stomach. Hiroyo tagged in Ayumi who hit double knees in the corner followed by a splash from Hiroyo. Ayumi ate a big kick from Sarah who got a near-fall out of it.

Sarah tagged Serena in and Serena ate a dropkick from Ayumi. Ayumi locked in a submission choke and Sarah broke it up. Serena looks to take advantage, but the Japanses team moved. Ayumi went to the top with Sarah and Serena on the floor and hit them with a big dive.

Ayumi put Serena back into the ring, whipped her into the corner and went for a monkey flip which Sernea reversed, but Ayumi reversed it into an armbar. Sarah broke up the hold and Serena pinned Ayumi with a near fall for a two count.

Serena tagged Sarah. Sarah took Ayumi down with a big slam for a two count. Sarah tagged Serena as the Shimmer Tag Champs were shown at ringside. Serena hit a legdrop for a two count then locked in a sideways headlock on Ayumi. Ayumi countered the hold for a near fall and Del Ray not Hiroyo off of the apron. Ayumi tagged Hiroyo though after a backdrop.

Hiroyo hit a crossbody on both of her opponents for a two count. Hiroyo gut Del Rey with a gutbuster and Deeb broke up the pin. Serena tagged in and gave some jabs to Hiroyo. Hiroyo tagged Ayumi who gave Serena a missile drop kick and a Urange. Hiroyo hit a backdrop driver on Deeb and pinned her for a three count.

Pruett’s Pause: Really good action. I’m very impressed with the Japanese women although I had a hard time spelling their names. Sarah Del Rey is just plain amazing.

The Shimmer champions spit water into the face of their challengers for tomorrow and they all ran to the back.

The announcers talked about the confrontation between the Briscoes and All Night Express including their New York match.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly made their entrances. The Briscoes then made theirs. Man Up.

4. The Briscoes defeated Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly in 13:21. The Briscoes were booed at they came to the ring, but the crowd still chanted “Man Up”. All four men shook hands. Adam Cole and Mark Briscoe started the match with a lockup and some chain wrestling. Mark ran the ropes and exchanged armdrags with Adam Cole.

Kyle and Jay tagged in and was taken down by Jay Briscoe. O’Reilly applied a hammerlock on Jay Broiscoe who fought out and hit a shoulder block. O’Reilly went for the cross-armbreaker and Jay fought out. Adam blind tagged and almost got the pin.

Mark Briscoe tagged in and hit some chops on Adam Cole, who got came back with chops of his own. Kyle O’Reilly tagged in and hit a double team move on Mark for two. Jay Briscoe mad his own blind tag and slammed O’Reilly then hit a leg drop.

Mark Briscoe tagged in and the Briscoes rocked the double team chops in the corner. Ouch. Kyle O’Reilly got a huge backdrop from the corner for two. Mark with a modified camel clutch, and a tag to Jay. Jay ate a kick from O’Reilly who tagged Cole.

Cole elevated Jay over the top the kicked him to the floor. Cole dove through the ropes onto Jay and hit him. Jay hit a spinebuster in the ring on Cole as they both got back in. Jay beat on Cole in the Briscoes’ corner then tagged his brother Mark.

Suplex by Mark for a two count. Mark tagged Jay and the two double teamed Cole. Jay hit a splash on Cole in the corner and a clothesline for a two count. Mark then continued to keep Cole in their corner and dominated him. Mark punched Cole in the corner as Cole got his boot up.

Kyle O’Reilly got the hot tag and hit some big kicks and a leg sweep on Mark Briscoe. Jay ran in and O’Reilly hit both men with a double dragon-screw legwhip. Cole Took both men out from the top and O’Reilly hit rolling butterfly suplexes on Mark. Cole blind tagged and hit a belly to back suplex on Mark. Jay broke up the pin that followed.

Jay pulled Cole down to the floor where Cole caught Mark with a kick. Cole hit a crossbody in the ring on Mark for a two count. Cole lifted Mark up with in a fireman’s carry and O’Reilly came off the top with a knee strike followed by a backbreaker on Mark and stereo kicks for two.

Jay Briscoe made the blind tag and hit the falcon arrow on Cole for two. O’Reilly exchanged shots with Mark and ate a superkick from Jay followed by an exploded suplex from Mark. The Briscoes hit Cole with a springboard doomsday device for the three count.

The All Night Express showed up at the broadcast position and made their way to the ring and began to brawl with the Briscoes. The referee tried to break up the fight and the locker room emptied to break it up. The crowd chanted “Let them fight” as the four men can not be separated. Kenny King and Rhett Titus are getting extra intense. Finally Kenny King went for a piledriver on the floor on Mark Briscoe and Jay threw a security guard at the King and stopped the piledriver.

All four mean are still going at it and the floor camera man is down. The All Night Express is in the ring and the Briscoes are retreating as the crowd is chanting “ANX.”

The announcers threw to intermission.

Pruett’s Pause: Super fun tag team match and a very intense brawl to follow. ANX looked awesome in their run in. It’s nice to see them getting so intense. This segment did a lot to get me looking forward to the Briscoes vs. ANX match tomorrow. The heel Briscoes are really fun to watch in the ring. Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak are doing a good job of getting their antics over.

The ROH Countdown happened again and the few moving lights they own danced as people took their seats. Roderick Strong and Truth Martini made their way to the ring as Kevin Kelly discussed the end of Strong’s title reign. Davey Richards was out next. The on floor camera’s lens is very dirty. That’s unpleasant.

5. Davey Richards defeated Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini in 27:10. Richards offered the handshake and Strong spit in his hand and went for it. Davey didn’t want that. The two circled each other and traded arm locks on their feet.

The announcers talked about Strong’s mental status after losing the ROH Championship. Roderick rolled to the outside to avoid Davey then came back into the ring. Davey took Roddie down with an armdrag and the crowd clapped. The two men locked arms for a test of strength and Roderick Strong took control, pushing Davey up against the ropes. Davey hit some big kicks on Roderick and took him to the mat. Davey followed up with a snap suplex which got him a one count.

Davey put Roderick in an almost Texas Cloverleaf and Strong almost reversed for a near fall. Strong received a scoop slam from Davey and attempted what is almost an upside down figure four. Roderick got to the ropes and Davey released. Davey hit Roderick with a backbreaker and went to the top rope. Truth Martini grabbed Davey’s foot, giving Roderick enough time to kick Richards down to the floor.

Roderick stalked Davey on the floor and chopped him in front of the fans. Davey and Roderick returned to the ring and Stong stood on Richard’s throat. Davey is bleeding from the mouth. Roderick punched Davey in the mouth, cause blood and spit to fly.

Roderick stretched out Davey’s shoulders on the mat and Davey fought out to eventually eat a knee to the gut from Strong. Strong locked in a headlock on Davey as the announcers mentioned that Davey had “dabbled in MMA and whatnot.” Davey escaped the body scissors and turned it into his own submission. Roderick escaped with a kick and took Davey out to the floor.

Roderick dumped Davey across the steel barricade throat first. Strong then slammed Richards on the edge of the ring. Roderick returned to the ring and waited for the countout. Richards returned to the ring and got stomped by Strong. Richards landed a few kicks on Strong, but ended up eating a punch that put him in the corner for a few shoulder blocks. Strong chopped Richards in the corner and slammed his head into the opposite turnbuckle.

Richards tried to fight back, but was taken down with a backbreaker from Strong. Strong got a two count out of that. Snap suplex from Roderick once again got two. Roderick with a front-facelock on Davey, but Davey landed some shoulder blocks in the corner. Roderick tried for a splash into the corner, was elevated over and to the floor. Richards hit a big kick from the apron than dove outside on Strong through the ropes.

Richards put Roderick back in the ring and hit a missile dropkick. The two traded forearms as the fans yay’d and boo’d as they wished. Richards got a near fall and then reversed an arm drag attempt from Strong into a crucifix pin. Richards hit a german suplex with a bridge for two. Richards locked in an Ankle Lock which Roderick reversed into a LeBell Lock that Davey attempted to turn into a pin.

Strong hit Davey with a front-facelock into a slam, then a big back suplex for a two count. Strong put Davey on the ropes and climbed up with him. Strong kicked Davey’s back, then gave Richards a backbreaker into the turnbuckle. That got Strong a two count. Strong applied the Strong-Hold and Davey crawled to the ropes. Davey ended up in the corner eating a few chops, until Davey reversed it for a few kicks. They two reversed like that until Strong hit quite a few chops in the corner. Davey then got up and placed Roderick in the corner for another series of kicks that got crazy. Davey ran into the corner and ate a boot from Roderick.

Roderick and Davey traded shots in the middle of the ring until Roderick landed a knee strike to Davey’s head to take them both down. Richards crawled to the apron and Stong followed. Both stood and traded kicks and chops. Roderick elevated Davey to the second rope and Davey tried to fight him off. Roderick slammed Davey down back first on the edge of the ring frame. Ouch.

Roderick got in the ring as the referee began to count. Richards tried to return, but Roderick hit him with a superkick to send him back to the floor. The count started over. Richards rolled back into the rig at 17. Roderick unloaded with forearms and chops and Davey responded with his own kicks.

Strong hit the sick kick and only got two. Roderick hit a backbreaker and a gutbuster for two. Roderick is getting frustrated. Roderick set Davey up for the Gibson Driver and dropped to a knee to block. Davey elevated Roderick over him. Richards hit a belly to back suplex and a clothesline to get a two count. Richards hit a big kick on roderick’s head and a couple more to only get two. Richards locked in the Ankle Lock. Truth Martini distracted Richards who ate a backbreaker from Strong. Richards kicked out at two.

Roderick hit the Gibson Driver and flipped Richards over into the Strong Hold as the crowd chanted “Please don’t tap.” Richards reversed the hold into the Ankle Lock. Martini tried to run in, but was taken down. Strong went for a kick, but ended up back in the Ankle Lock. Roderick Stong got to the bottom rope. Davey took Roderick up for a superplex and floated over into a Falcon Arrow which he transitioned into an Ankle Lock. This caused Roderick to tap.

Pruett’s Pause: Really great match from these two. It’s nice to see Richards’ get his win back from Final Battle. That closing combination of moves must be seen to be believed. Strong has some great matches. I hope they don’t have him lose too many more so he still means something.

Kevin Kelly transitioned into talking about the tag title match and Dave Prazak handled the ring announcing with in ring introductions. Haas and Benjamin were out first. The Kings of Wrestling with Shane Hagadorn were out next.

6. . Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas defeated the Kings of Wrestling w/ Shane Hagadorn and Sarah Del Rey to win the the ROH Tag Titles in 23:05. Chris Hero and Claudio called themselves the World’s Greatest Tag Team as the crowd dished out some dueling chants. Charlie Haas lunged for Claudio instead of shaking his hand. Claudio and Shelton will start the match.

They lock up and break after neither man can get the advantage. Claudio flexes and Shelton goes for a quick roll up. Shelton hit a shoulder block on Claudio and went for another quick pin. Chris Hero tagged in and stood across from Shelton.

Hero takes Shelton down with some chain wrestling and Shelton then took advantage and locking in a headlock. Hero gets to the ropes and eventually takes Benjamin to the ground. Both men get up and exchange slaps. Hero lands a knee to the body and Shelton responds with a whip to the corner and a tag to Haas.

Haas hits a belly to belly suplex over his head and covers Hero for two. Haas applies an armbar to Hero’s left arm. Hero reverses and forces Haas’ face into the mat. Hero chops Haas in the corner. Hero gave Haas a thumb to the eye. Haas responds with a couple of deep armdrags and a hammerlock on Hero.

Hero gets out of the Hammerlock with a chinbreaker and Claudio tags in. Charlie works on the knee of Claudio and tags Shelton. Shelton continues stomping Charlie’s knee and kicking it. Benjamin works the knee with some knee strikes in the corner. Shelton tags Charlie and Charlie jumps over the top onto Claudio’s knee. Claudio tries to fight back, but Shelton ends up locking Claudio into the half crab and Hero breaks the hold.

Chris Hero eats a double elbow from Haas and Benjamin. Claudio and Hero take control and attempted to launch the challengers into each other. Haas and Benjamin avoid that and end up hitting double German suplexes on both men. The Kings slid out of the ring. Claudio lured Shelton to the ropes and snapped his throat against the top rope. Benjamin ate an elbow strike from Chris Hero and Claudio tagged Hero.

Hero was whipped into a corner and he elevated Shelton over the top. Shelton ate a big boot from Chris Hero. Chris Hero went for a pin for a two count. Hero picked up Benjamin and tagged in Claudio who hit a European Uppercut for a two count. Claudio tried to separated Benjamin’s shoulder, which I don’t believe worked. Benjamin managed to stand and punch Claudio who repeatedly buried his face in the corner.

Claudio went for the chokeslam and Benjamin countered with a rollup. Claudio went for another chokeslam and landed it for a two count. Claudio tagged Chris Hero who taunted Haas on the apron. Chris Hero landed a backbreaker on Shelton and continued to put him in a headlock.

Hero managed to tag Claudio after a chin-breaker from Shelton and Claudio choked Shelton behind the referee’s back. Claudio picked Shelton up for a press slam on the ropes and pinned him for only a two count. Claudio locked in a sleeper hold on Shelton.

Shelton fought to his feet and ate a European uppercut and a big boot from Hero. Hero pulled Haas down off the apron before getting the tag. Hero stomped Benjamin, who caught his foot and punched Hero to fire back. Hero hit an elbow in the corner, then a spin kick from Shelton took Hero down. Hero grabbed Shelton’s leg to keep him from tagging in, but Shelton managed to tag Charlie who hit clotheslines on The Kings. Haas hit a T-Bone suplex on Hero for two. Hero managed to land an elbow strike then he received a powerslam from Haas.

Claudio entered the ring and ran into Haas’ boot. Hero was hit with a superkick from Shelton and The Kings are passed out on top of each other. Haas and Benjamin hit their leap frog tag-finished on both Kings at once for a two count. Hero fought his way up and hit a rolling elbow in Haas. An injured Claudio tagged in and hit a boot on Benjamin then on Haas for a two count.

Claudio attempting the big swing and Hero hit Haas with the kick in the head. Benjamin broke up a pin attempt. Claudio and Hero almost ran into each other and Benjamin hit Paydirt on Hero. Haas hit a big DDT on Claudio and pinned him for only a two count.

Haas and Claudio traded punches. Claudio hit a pop-up European uppercut and went for the Ricola bomb. Haas hit an Angle slam and locked in the Haas of Pain. Shelton hit a T-Bone suplex on Hero from the top rope as Claudio tapped out.

Pruett’s Pause: Great tag team action here and definitely a must see match for the title change. Claudio sold the leg injury really well and the Kings worked hard while dropping the titles. Haas and Benjamin looked great here and really deserve to be at the top of the best tag division in the country. Damn good match here. Watch it.

As Haas and Benjamin left the arena, Kevin Kelly hyped the Daniels and Edwards main event. Daniels entered first. Eddie Edwards was out next and ROH is doing a great job making the new champion’s first appearance seem like a big deal. Dave Prazak introduced both guys in the ring.

7. Eddie Edwards defeated Christopher Daniels to retain the ROH Title in 30:18. Edwards and Daniels shook hands in the middle of the ring and exchanged words about the ROH title. The announcers mentioned that Daniels is a founding father and has never been ROH champion.

Daniels and Edwards locked up and Edwards took Daniels down by his arm. Daniels fired back with a headlock, which Edwards reversed into a sort of Hammerlock. Daniels locked up the arm of Edwards and tried to roll through for a pin. Edwards chopped Daniels and sent him to the floor. Daniels rushed back in and slapped Edwards in the face.

The two faced off and slapped hands again. They tied up with Daniels forcing Edwards into the corner and following it up with shoulder blocks and stomps. Edwards then ate an elbow strike from Daniels. Edwards lead frogged Daniels then hit him with a headscrissors and an armdrag which he turned into an armlock. Edwards backed Daniels into a corner and gave him a hard chop on the chest and stomped him.

As Daniels wandered out of the corner, Edwards chopped him down and pinned for not even one. Edwards went for a headscissors and Daniels reversed it and locked him in the Achilles lock. Both men went to the outside and Eddie hiptossed Daniels into the barricade.

Edwards chopped Daniels against the barricade then took him to another barricade and chopped him again. Eddie sent Daniels back in under the bottom rope and hit a belly to back suplex into a pin for a two count.

Edwards put Daniels up on the ropes and kicked him so Daniels is in the tree of woe. Edwards gave him a dropkick to the side of the head from outside and covered him for a two count. Edwards locked in a headlock and Daniels fought to his feet. Daniels punched Edwards and hit him with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Edwards scored a two count.

Edwards went for a suplex, but Daniels blocked until hew finally got him up, Daniels landed on his feet and ran into a chop from Edwards, but Daniels hit Blue Thunder. Daniels took Edwards down with a series of chops and an STO. Daniels ran into Edwards’ elbow in the corner, then was slammed face first to the mat. Edwards scored a two count.

Daniels hit a standing kick to the back of the head and Daniel had an urange reversed for an armdrag. Edwards put Daniels on the top turnbuckle and is going for the backpack chinbreaker to the floor. Daniels then hit s uranage through the ringside table from the apron and both men are down outside.

Daniels rolled back into the ring and then realized that he cannot win the title via countout. Daniels placed some chairs together at ringside and slammed Edwards through them. Daniels is now firmly a heel to these fans who are chanting “F*** TNA” at him. Daniels rolled Edwards into the ring and tried to pin him, only getting two.

Daniels gave a couple scoop slams to Edwards and taunted him. Edwards then ate a third and was pinned for a two count. Daniels picked up Edwards and whipped him into the corner. Edwards collapsed out of the corner and Daniels stood and stomped on the back of Edwards.

Daniels picked Edwards up and planted him with a floatover suplex for a two count. Daniels locked in a headlock and Edwards fought to his feet. Edwards chopped Daniels hard twice, but then received a spinebuster. Daniels got to his feet and picked up Edwards. Daniels placed Edwards on the turnbuckle and hit a second rope superplex and floated over for a two count.

Daniels got up and place Edwards in the corner on the turnbuckle again then slapped him in the face. Daniels went to the top rope for the superplex and Edwards fought out with a series of headbuts. Edwards then hit a missile dropkick on Daniels. Both men are down.

Both men got to their feet and Edwards hit Daniels with a series of boots until Daniels reversed one into a pin. This was followed by a great series of near falls and pin attempts.

Edwards sent Daniels to the floor and then dove through the ropes with an elbow strike on Daniels. Both men are down outside. As both men got up, Edwards threw Daniels into the ring. Edwards went to the top and hit a crossbody on Daniels for a two count. Edwards hit a few chops on Daniels and drove him into the corner for about 50 more chops. Damn.

Edwards then hit a Tiger Suplex with a bridge for a two count. Edwards got to his feet and walked into a Daniels headlock, which then lead to Edwards hitting a kick to the back of Daniels’ head. Edwards got to the top and missed a strike. Daniels wrapped himself around Edwards in an interesting submission hold and Edwards attempted to fight to the ropes, which he eventually did.

Daniels whipped Edwards chest first into the corner then placed him up to. Daniels hit a belly to back suplex from the second rope and got a two count for his efforts. Daniels hit Edwards with a series of forearms, but Edwards managed to reverse one into the Achilles Lock.

My stream froze and then both men were on their feet exchanging blows. Daniels shot in with a serried of palm strikes some kicks and a belly to back suplex. Edwards hit a lariat and followed it up with a 2K1 bomb. He pinned Daniels, who kicked out at two.

Eddie Edwards got to his feet and elevates Daniels to the corner. Daniels reversed a superplex attempt and looked for a super angels wings. Edwards back body dropped him out of the corner and hit a double stomp.

Daniels hit the Angel’s Wings and went for the pin, but Eddie Edwards kicked out at two. Daniels got up and hit the Urinage and landed the BME. He pinned Edwards for two. Daniels stared at Edwards then began to pound away at his head.

Daniels went for another BME, but Edwards got his feet up. Edwards shifted a rollup into an Achilles Lock and Daniels freed himself. Both men are down and Daniels is fighting to his feet. My stream has once again become frozen.

Edwards hit a series of awesome suplex looking slams with the legs hooked. He pinned Daniels after the last one for the three count.

Pruett’s Pause: I’m fairly frustrated that my stream cut out at the climax of the match. I’ll definitely have to catch the replay and see what happened. This is the ultimate problem with iPPV. To make this a viable product someone must find a way to keep streams from doing that. Aside from that minor issue, this was a good match. I never bought into Daniels winning, so the near falls did not hold much excitement for me. Edwards looked great in his first title defense and will be a strong champion.

Edwards offered Daniels a handshake as both men got up and Daniels glared at Edwards. Daniels eventually walked away as the crowd booed him. Edwards stood in the middle of the ring with his World Championship as Daniels left.

Edwards grabbed the mic and said that he enjoyed the match he just had against Daniels. Edwards said that it was an honor to be in Atlanta tonight and said that they made it worth their time. Edwards said it is a privilege to represent ROH and asked for people not to forget about tomorrow. Kevin Kelly gave a final sell for tomorrow’s iPPV event at 1:00pm eastern.

Pruett’s Pause: This was a really great card from top to bottom. The problem I have with it is that there wasn’t enough time to digest one match before another began sometimes. Then there was the momentum killing 20 minute intermission where the show was just blank and empty. This show really could have used the occasional video package (like for the Daniels-Edwards feud and Tag Title match) to make things seem just a little bit more important.

ROH proved that they could make awesome videos in the last few months, so why not use them on this iPPV? This is another minor complaint, but it really takes away from the product. Another quick production note, ROH needs to really look at some better lighting setups. What they are doing makes things really hard to see on the low quality iPPV stream. They have to find a way to fix that.

This show is totally worth checking out if you missed it. The tag title change was the match of the night and one of the greatest matches I’ve seen.

Chris Shore will be back tomorrow afternoon with coverage of tomorrow’s ROH event and it is possible that we will do a member’s exclusive audio review of both show tomorrow. Thanks for watching with me and happy WrestleMania weekend!

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