ROH wrestler Rhett Titus on former tag partner Kenny King leaving for TNA, how a promotion can keep its fans happy

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Aug 16, 2012 - 10:12 AM

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On Kenny King leaving ROH for TNA and what he would do in that position: "I started my career in Ring of Honor, I trained there, I came up through Ring of Honor and I made my name through Ring of Honor. If I was ever presented with that opportunity, I would never want to leave ROH that way. No offense to Kenny or whatever happened there, but I'd want the proper sendoff. I wouldn't want to burn my bridge going out and ROH has done a lot for me and I've done a lot for ROH as well. I would just like to go out on a high note instead of a low note and a big press release being written and everybody questioning me. It sucks for Kenny that he had to leave the way he did and he didn't have the proper sendoff that all your other ROH stars that have moved on have gotten."

On how a promotion can keep its talent happy: "If you've got guys at the bottom or at the top or somewhere in the mid-card who are unhappy, it will kind of trickle down through everybody. It's hard to keep everybody happy at the same time because there are different roles to be played in the company. Guys have to understand that for a better business they have to be put in certain roles. If you look back a few years to 2008 or 2009, I was featured very heavily on the under-card of ROH and even before that for years I was featured on the pre-show, but I knew my spot and I was happy to have that spot and I always stayed positive. Guys in other promotions shouldn't be unhappy that they don't have a bigger spot, they should be happy that they do have a spot because out of all the professional wrestlers in the world, they're one of the chosen few to be in one of the chosen few companies."

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