ROH wrestler Jimmy Jacobs on whether the fan base has changed due to the new television deal, and Kevin Steen as ROH Champion

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Aug 16, 2012 - 09:21 AM

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On how he became aligned with Kevin Steen in ROH: "When I came back to Ring of Honor about a year ago, I was reform and we call it "rehab", or "Wrestling Rehab", me and Steve Corino; we shunned our evil ways. That’s the line I walked for a while, but then after my match with Kevin Steen, when I stabbed him with a spike in the face, I realized maybe being nice just isn’t for me. So, right now, Me, Kevin, and Steve Corino, are aligned and apparently, we’re S.C.U.M."

His views of Kevin Steen as ROH Champion: "In one manner of speaking, he’s been referred to as the most unlikely Ring of Honor Champion and in a way that’s true; in another way, he was almost the obvious choice to be the champ and he was the obvious guy who should be champion. We came back to New York City, and the place became unglued; it was electric, and it’s been that way ever since. He should be champion and you should be there at the live shows and feel the electricity that I felt."

If the Sinclair Media deal has changed the audience at live shows: "Yes, a bit. It seems like there are some more kids then there used to be. There’s also a certain fan base that have just picked up since we’ve been on Sinclair, so instead of these hardcore fans who are this underground internet following, you have some of these fans who know what they know cause they’ve seen it on TV, so they have a new perspective on things. I hadn’t really been featured heavily at all on for like the first six to eight months and there are some of those people who no idea who I am… But it has turned out to be a positive thing I think."

On his upcoming match with Johnny Gargano: "Johnny and I have had some animosity for the better part of since I’ve known him; for the entire time I’ve known him actually. I don’t really care for Johnny, and that’s not just me saying that; the first time we ever wrestled, in Pittsburgh I think back in ’09, and he’s a talented guy but his attitude, his wrestling and everything about him, reminds me of a young Alex Shelly, and that rubs me a certain way. Here I was, wrestling in the same company that me and Alex Shelley wrestled for 7 years earlier, 6 years earlier, and now we have Alex Shelley clones out there and for some reason that’s always rubbed me a weird way. We’ve wrestled each other at a hall a few times, and he just has got this certain thing that I really don’t like."

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