ROH TV Champion Adam Cole on how he became apart of Ring of Honor, his favorite tag team in ROH, and getting busted open in his match with Kyle O'Reilly

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Aug 29, 2012 - 07:14 PM

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How he became a part of Ring of Honor: “At this point, I’d been training pretty heavily and wrestling heavily at CZW and I started working a little bit for Gabe Sapolsky’s Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE promotion and, at the same time, I had started going to Ring of Honor shows, and at this point, I was just helping set up the ring and tear down the ring, just hoping for an opportunity. Eventually, I got some dark match opportunities and I did dark matches for about a solid year, and I remember each and every time I would have a match, I would come to the back and ask Adam Pierce how I did and he’d say ‘Yep, good job’ and that would be it; no opportunity to wrestle on television or anything like that. So I started thinking ‘I need to give him different; something to give him a reason to want to invest in me. So, I remember I decided that I was going to send him an e-mail and send him some promos of mine, some heel promos, and he really enjoyed the promos. So, for my next dark “opportunity”, he wanted me to go into the ring and cut an in-ring promo, that was it.; I was supposed to come out, before the show, cut a promo and leave. And as Adam Pierce was watching it, Jim Cornette also happened to be watching it and both of them really, really enjoyed it. When I got to the back, they said they enjoyed what they saw, and I was offered a contract right from there.

Who is his favorite tag team to face within Ring of Honor: “Oh man, that is so, so tough to say. I really take this very seriously when I say that, especially when Kyle and I were wrestling teams like The Kings of Wrestling and the Brisco Brothers and the American Wolves, I really felt that the tag team division within Ring of Honor just could not be touched. There were just so many good teams to work with, so to pick just one would be so hard, but if I had to pick one, I would have to say the American Wolves, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. They really taught us, from the get-go, about pushing ourselves and making sure we always get better and wrestling that main event level and being looked at as potential main event guys; they have that down to a science. They are just two of the very best wrestlers in the world and it was just a pleasure to just get into the ring with them and I fell like when we wrestled them that one time at No Escape in North Carolina, I think a lot of people consider that one of Kyle and I’s best tag matches in Ring of Honor against those guys and I think rightfully so, that a lot of it had to do with them. Those guys are definitely up there as favorite team to get in the ring with.”

Almost getting his match with Kyle O’Reilly at Hostage Crisis stopped because of being busted open: “We knew going in with it a Hybrid Fighting Rules match that it needed to be extra intense and extra edgy because of the stipulation that the match entailed. However, obviously, me getting busted open that way was not intended with that punch Kyle O’Reilly gave me right to the face that completely split my lip in half. Even at that point, I didn’t realize how bad I was cut until me and Kyle had finished an exchange and I collapsed on the mat because of exhaustion, and if you go back and watch the tape, I’m lying on my back and I immediately shoot up to my side because I was choking on my own blood. At that point, I realized how much blood there really was, I saw the puddles already starting to form, I saw the audience begin to rise up and they’re pointing and looking at their friends with concern and even referee Todd Sinclair looked like he was going to hurl looking at my face. That’s when I knew I was pretty badly cut and in that very moment, that was a situation where we caught lightning in a bottle and got to show a level of toughness I hadn’t been able to show quite yet in Ring of Honor. So, I think definitely, for me, that match in New York City will probably hold up as one of the break out moments for me in Ring of Honor.

… Actually, there was a point in the match where the doctor had actually come down to the ring, and this was as legit as it gets; the doctor that came down to the ring was the same doctor that stitched me up. He really did come out with the intent of wanting to stop the match, and I really did look him in the face and tell him there was no way in hell he was stopping the match. That was all completely real; that was as real as it gets. So yeah, absolutely, there was definitely concern from the New York State Athletic Commission because of how much blood I was obviously projecting at that point. But with that moment that we had and what was going on in New York and the way the crowd was reacting and kind of the magic that was being created, I knew there was no way I was going to let the doctor stop it and fortunately, he didn’t run into the ring or anything; I think when I told him off, that was enough to wait a couple more minutes.”

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