Former ROH/TNA star Homicide on working in both ROH and TNA, his problems getting booked in the US, and more

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Sep 26, 2012 - 12:36 PM

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On his return to ROH: "Back in the day with Ring of Honor it was a couple of people like myself, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, CM Punk...the list goes on and on and on, trying to bust our butts trying to make this company bigger than life...and after that we did so much for Ring of Honor that we needed to move forward so we went to other companies...some people went to WWE, some went to TNA and some people went to Japan. I did my stuff with TNA. I left and I came back to Ring of Honor and I admit that it was the worst comeback I ever had because I was in a rush. I got hurt in TNA I had 2 groin injuries and 2 cracked ribs and I came back too fast...Now I'm healed but I think it's to late. Ring of Honor is very different right now. I really don't know 100% about the new Ring of Honor. I'm down with the throwback or old school ROH but I'm part of the team...right now Homicide in Ring of Honor is a big question mark."

On his time with TNA "I had great bosses and teachers there... everyone there told me 'Play The Game'. I really didn't know what the hell that meant, but afterwards I knew, basically just shut up and do your work. I'm very outspoken. If I don't like something I say something and that's that. In the beginning I had Mick Foley who wanted me to go to WWE and Konnan who wanted me to go to TNA, so I thought about it and I picked TNA... Konnan had a group called LAX. First it was me and Apollo, but he had personal differences in Puerto Rico so he got chucked. After that it was Ricky Vega who called himself Machete. Great guy, good talent, but I guess the people from TNA didn't want us to be teaming up so they brought in 'SuperMex' Hernandez, and after that we just conquered TNA.

“I tell the media, I even told Mike Tenay the NWA, that's history like the NWA World Tag Team titles that is history right there, I tell people who was the first Latino tag team champions...It was LAX but nobody talks about that. Everybody says, oh Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez, god bless Rick Rude, Manny Fernandez my teacher, but I'm talking about 2 Hispanics. After that we broke up I went to World Elite. I like Eric Young. Eric Young to me is the most underrated wrestler, talker in the business and I was having fun, but things didn't work out and I got kicked to the curb and I left."

On problems getting booked "Over here in America it is pretty hard to get booked. I don't know what's going on with the wrestling business right now...I could say own opinion but it's not the right opinion...I will give you a perfect example, I was reading a newspaper and I opened it up and I saw a promotion called Family Wrestling Entertainment and it's a new promotion and I like the concept because it's all family. You can bring the kids and everything and their show is about 5 minutes away from my house and I said to myself why didn't they call me? Maybe because they don't know me or because I suck...or maybe because my name is Homicide and it means murder and I got a thug image and that's not good for the family. That right there I do understand."

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