8/13 ROH TV taping: Ongoing coverage of the first television taping of the Sinclair Broadcast Group era, Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong for the ROH Title

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Aug 13, 2011 - 07:37 PM

Dot Net readers Brian Burke and Jenny are at the Ring of Honor taping in Chicago Ridge, Ill. and is passing along updates from the building. You must refresh the page for the latest updates.

For the amount of hype of this being the first broadcast show, before the matches started there was no hype. Its like a regular day in the life of ROH. Just bigger cameras. There aren't even more people than usual.

Jim Cornette came out an explained why they selected Chicago as the launching city - Chicago kicks ass. He clarified that we will be able to watch all ROH TV shows at the ROH website for free. Brian noted that the mic cut out a couple of times.

Before the opening match, everyone started chanting C.M. Punk's name. Play-by-play voice Kevin Kelly got a mixed reaction from the fans.

Dark Match

1. Grizzly Redwood beat Tony Kozina. Tony had Grizzly against the ropes with some chest slaps. There was some back and forth, and Grizzly eventually won with a huracanrana reversal into a pin.

Nigel McGuinness (a/k/a Desmond Wolfe in TNA) is on color commentary. Former WWE Diva Maria is hanging around the production table.

They are having technical difficulties with the mic. People are chanting "This is awkward."

ROH TV Taping - First Show

1. Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly defeated The Bravado Brothers. Jenny said its nice to see one of the Bravados got a haircut, as she can tell them apart because they both no longer look like Selena Gomez. A lot of great kicks by all 4 guys Jenny generally loves this match up because they all have great humor. This was no exception. Bryan wrote that it was a short match, but had fun, fast paced action.

There have been long pauses between matches so far. Jenny says they needed a dress rehearsal for TV. Nigel worked to stall the crowd. People chanted we want wrestling...we want anything.

2. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass defeated The Kings of Wrestling (w/Shane Hagadorn) to retain the ROH Tag Titles. Charlie pinned Hero to win the match. Jenny said she's not sure why they use Hagadorn, and noted she may feel differently if he was eye candy. Meanwhile, Bryan said it was a decent match, but he feels like he's seen better from the two teams.

ROH TV Taping - Second Show

Cornette brought out Haas and Benjamin to start the second television show taping. The Briscoes vs. Haas and Benjamin seems to be coming soon. Cornette said he doesn't believe The Briscoes deserve a tag title shot, but they were given one anyway.

The lull between matches continued. "Oh my God, they need to learn how to entertain us between matches," Jenny writes. "The things the audience members are saying...not good."

3. Mike "The Prodigy" Bennett defeated Jimmy Jacobs. Major heat for Bennett, and Jacobs was a fan favorite. Jimmy went for the handshake, and Bennett begrudgingly accepted. Bryan was surprised by the outcome. He said the match never seemed to get going.

4. Jay Lethal defeated El Generico to win the ROH TV Title. This is the second show main event. Good action early and the live crowd was split in their support. Lethal favored his left leg, but kept the match balanced. They announced that there were only two minutes left on the time limit. The 15-minute time limit expired.

Jim Cornette came out and said that they didn't have another five minutes, but they had three minutes if they wanted it. The crowd was on its feet as the two wrestlers traded punches. There were "this is wrestling" chants during the match. Lethal won the match to become the new champion after a very exciting overtime period.

The next ROH show in Chicago Ridge will be on November 19. They said there would be a brief intermission, but over 20 minutes passed. Bryan says the downtimes have been horrible.

Dot Net reader Scott wrote to say that he spotted Jerry Lynn talking with some people during the intermission. Lynn is working as an agent. Scott also noted the long delays between matches.

ROH TV Taping - Third Show

5. Mike Sydal defeated Ernesto Osiris. The Embassy's interference backfired. The crowd was not into the match.

Jim Cornette brought out The Briscoes and said they had to beat All Night Express to get a shot at the tag titles. Bryan said the downtimes are unbearable. ROH has now delivered just six matches (including the dark match) in over three hours.

6. Tommaso Ciampa beat Andy Ridge. Bryan got so tired of the time between matches that he gave up and went home. Hard to blame him.

7. Davey Richards defeated Roderick Strong to retain the ROH Title. Richards won via submission with an ankle lock.

ROH TV Taping - Fourth Show

8. The Briscoes defeated The All Night Express. Thus, the Briscoes will get their title shot against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. The teams brawled afterward. Cornette came out and said that neither team would be considered No. 1 contenders due to the way the match went.

9. Eddie Edwards defeated Michael Elgin. Roderick Strong came out and went face to face with Edwards. Nigel McGuinness entered the ring and the House of Truth backed down. The taping finally concluded. The last three results were courtesy of the forum, as one correspondent went home and the other lost cell phone power.

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