2/5 Ring of Honor on HDNet taping: The first round of the ROH TV Title tournament, former WWE and TNA wrestler debuts (spoilers)

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Feb 6, 2010 - 09:48 AM

ROH on HDNet taping
Philadelphia, Pa. at The Arena
Report courtesy of Brian Streleckis and Steve Kriske of


1. John Kermon defeated Rob Wolf.

2. Bobby Dempsey defeated Ernesto Osiris.

ROH on HDNet Taping

1. Claudio Castagnoli defeated Andy Ridge. Claudio wins a squash with the UFO.

2. Kevin Steen defeated Rhett Titus in a TV Title tournament match.

3. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) defeated the Bravado Brothers.

4. Rasche Brown defeated Caylon Conley.

5. Kenny King defeated El Generico in a TV Title tournament match. Brian calls the main event of the first episode “mighty good”, better than their other recent TV matches.

6. Eddie Edwards defeated Colt Cabana in a TV Title tournament match. Steve Corino distracted Cabana, and Edwards won with the Achilles lock.

7. Dark City Fight Club defeated The Set.

Jim Cornette introduced ROH’s latest roster addition, Shawn Daivari, who cut a promo and claimed that he wanted to be known as a wrestler. He still played his usual discriminated heel gimmick.

8 . Kyle O’Reilly defeated Tony Kozina. O’Reilly earned his first televised win with a small package after an even match.

9. Davey Richards defeated Delirious in a TV Title tournament match. Richards won with a cross arm breaker to make it four heels advancing to the semi-finals.

10. Necro Butcher defeated Cedric Alexander.

11. Erick Stevens defeated Pelle Primeau. Stevens won a squash and Necro saved Pelle from a further beat-down.

12. Steve Corino defeated Bobby Shields. Corino called out Cabana after the match and Colt beat him up a bit.

13. Chris Hero defeated Jay Briscoe. Really good match won by Hero with the Death Blow.

14. Roderick Strong defeated Austin Aries and Tyler Black in a non-title three-way match. Strong scored the win with a big running boot on Aries. Very fun match.

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