Kester's UFC 145 PPV Results and Review: Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans, Rory McDonald vs. Che Mills, Brendan Schaub vs. Ben Rothwell, Miguel Torres vs., Michael McDonald, Mark Hominick vs. Eddie Yagin, and Mark Bocek vs. John Alessio

Apr 21, 2012 - 09:00 PM

By Ryan Kester

UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans
Aired live on PPV from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

1. Mark Bocek (10-4) vs. John "The Natural" Alessio (34-14) [Lightweight Division]

Round One: 10-9 Bocek. Bocek worked the clinch early against the cage and took Alessio to the floor. Bocek stayed on top and worked a series of transitions and strikes to take the round. Bocek ended the round by taking Alessio's back but was unable to lock in the rear naked choke.

Round Two: 10-9 Bocek. Bocek again controlled the standing game before getting a double-leg takedown. Bocek continued to pound on Alessio but Alessio managed to escape back to his feet. Bocek clinched with Alessio against the cage to close the round.

Round Three: 10-9 Bocek. Alessio nailed Bocek with a few solid strikes but Bocek managed to catch a kick and quickly scrambled to Alessio's back. Alessio managed to slip out again and he went right back to work with his striking game. Bocek quickly took Alessio back to the ground and took Alessio's back, but Alessio went right back to his feet. Bocek clinched Alessio against the cage for the majority of the remainder of the round, but Alessio managed to escape to get in some strikes in the final seconds.

Official Decision: 30-27, 29-28, and 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Mark Bocek.

Ryan's Rant: This was a decent enough fight with an anticlimactic final round. Bocek simply dominated in the ground game but was unable to sink in a submission to finish the fight. Not a bad fight, but not the most memorable one, either.

2. Mark "The Machine" Hominick (20-10) vs. Eddie "The Filipino Phenom" Yagin (15-5-1) [Featherweight Division]

Round One: 10-9 Yagin. The two traded strikes in the early round but Yagin lit Hominick up with leg kicks and uppercuts. One uppercut landed flush and Hominick hit the ground. Yagin rushed in for the finish but Hominick managed to defend and get back to his feet. Hominick survived the round and landed several strikes, and Yagin seemed to be gassing himself, but Yagin had the better round.

Round Two: 10-9 Hominick. Hominick controlled the early round and out-struck Yagin, but Yagin managed to knock Hominick down with a right cross. Hominick recovered again and returned to his feet. Yagin continued some wild shots that missed while Hominick peppered him with jabs. Both men beat each other bloody, but Hominick maintained better control despite getting knock down again.

Round Three: 10-9 Hominick. Hominick continued his consistent striking while Yagin attempted to swing for the finish. Hominick tore into Yagin's busted nose and effectively switched to the body. Yagin threw great strikes, but he was so tired that Hominick was able to consistently avoid the blows.

Official Decision: 29-28 Yagin, 29-28 Hominick and 29-28 for the winner by split-decision, Eddie Yagin.

Ryan's Rant: I think the judges put more into that one solid shot from Yagin in the second round then I did. In my book, Hominick recovered quickly and spent the remainder of the round tearing into Yagin. Still, this was a very close fight that was very entertaining.

3. Miguel Angel Torres (39-4) vs. Michael "Mayday" McDonald (14-1) [Bantamweight Division]

Round One: The two traded even strikes back and forth for the first couple of minutes, but McDonald caught Torres with a solid left uppercut that knocked Torres out cold.

Official Decision: Winner by KO at 3:18 of the very first round, Michael McDonald.

Ryan's Rant: That was a surprise for me. I expected to see these two tear each other apart for several rounds, but that uppercut was directly on point.

4. Brendan "The Hybrid" Schaub (9-2) vs. "Big" Ben Rothwell (31-8) [Heavyweight Division]

Round One: Schaub caught Rothwell with an elbow early and charged in, but Rothwell caught Schaub with a left hook that knocked Schaub to the ground. Rothwell dropped a few clubbing blows on the fallen Schaub and the referee called the fight.

Official Decision: Winner by TKO at 1:10 of the very first round, Ben Rothwell.

Ryan's Rant: Great victory for Rothwell. He hit Schaub so hard with the left hook that even after Dean pulled Rothwell off of him, Schaub was attempting to clinch with an invisible opponent.

5. Rory "Ares" McDonald (12-1) vs. Che "Beautiful" Mills (14-4, 1 NC) [Welterweight Division]

Round One: 10-9 McDonald. Mills got a few solid shots early, but McDonald took the fight to the ground and landed a huge hammerfist. McDonald passed to side control and worked a series of elbows before obtaining the salaverry position. McDonald passed to full mount before taking Mills' back. McDonald attempted to lock in a rear naked choke but the round ended before he could sink in the hold. Mills' face is a mess.

Round Two: McDonald grabbed a single leg takedown and within seconds was back into side control. McDonald passed to full mount and took Mills' back again. This time McDonald settled for strikes and Mills was unable to answer before Yamasaki pulled McDonald off.

Official Decision: Winner by TKO at 2:20 of the second round, Rory McDonald

Ryan's Rant: McDonald looked like an absolutely beast in this fight. He could not have had a better ground game.

6. Jon "Bones" Jones (15-1) vs. "Suga" Rashad Evans (22-1-1) [Light Heavyweight Division]

Round One: 10-9 Jones. Jones controlled the center of the octagon and the first shot he threw was a front face kick. Crazy. Evans remained on the outside while Jones peppered him with kick after kick. Evans landed a huge head kick late in the round, but the rest of it was all Jones.

Round Two: 10-9 Jones. Evans connected with several shots early and managed to get his hands on Jones, but Jones continued to control the fight and backed Evans up. Jones connected with several straight elbows and one rocked Evans. Evans clinched and recovered, but Jones pushed the attack with straight elbow after straight elbow. Jones rocked Evans again in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three: 10-9 Jones. Evans connected with a huge overhand right early that Jones just ate. Jones continued the pressure and worked the jab while Evans attempted to defend and hit leg kicks. Jones connected with another elbow and began to pick up the face with flying knees and body kicks. Evans attempted a double-leg takedown that Jones stuffed. Evans continues to lad some good shots, he's just not landing enough and they are landing too far apart.

Round Four: 10-9 Jones. Jones continued to keep Evans at range and he continued to break out his more flashy offense. Evans attempted another takedown that fared as well as the first. Jones locked in a standing guillotine that he released to hit a pair of knees. Evans clinched with Jones, who responded with shoulder thrusts to Evans' face. Evans went for a late takedown that was unsuccessful. Jones is getting more and more dominant by the round.

Round Five: 10-9 Jones. Evans upped the aggression in the final round, but he continued to find it difficult to penetrate Jones' range. Jones clinched with Evans and pushed him up against the cage before breaking with a left hook. Jones continued to open up with a series of kicks to the body and head. Near the final minute Jones simply threw Evans to the ground and went for his back. Evans scrambled to his feet and the two clinched briefly before breaking. Jones pulled Evans into his guard in the closing moments of the fight. Evans swung, but Jones covered up completely.

Official Decision: 49-46, 49-46, 50-45 for the winner and still UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones.

Ryan's Rant: Absolutely amazing performance from Jones. I wish he would have pushed the finish a bit more in the closing round, but he simply outfought Evans here. Evans has some great moments in the early rounds, but he was unable to really chain anything together to swing the fight I his favor.

Overall Show:Solid card from top to bottom. Only the opening fight really ended on a less-than-stellar note, but the rest of the card was highly entertaining and we got some great finishes.

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