6/30 Barnett's Pro Wrestling Evo Live on iPPV: Evo Heavyweight Title on the line, Semi-Final in the Super-Hex Tournament, and more in Evo's first iPPV offering

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Jun 30, 2012 - 07:00 PM

By Jake Barnett

Pro Wrestling Evo iPPV
Aired live from Concord, NC

Chris Shore welcomed us to the show and plugged the fact that this is Pro Wrestling Evo's first iPPV. Shore handed things over to the ring announcer, whose name is Corky, but I couldn't quite pick up the last name. Corky introduced the Super-Hex Semi Final contest. First to the ring was Joe Black. He pulled a shirt off of his head to reveal a mohawk. Chiva Kid made his entrance, and Kirby Mack joined Chris on commentary.

1. Chiva Kid vs. Joe Black: The tied up to begin the match and broke clean in the corner. Chiva Kid got a waist lock, but Joe Black quickly reversed and hit a shoulder block and a waist lock takeover. A moment later Chiva Kid hit a headlock take over of his own. Black moved that into a head scissors, and then both men got to their feet. A test of strength then took place mid ring, and black won handily. He quickly used his strength to put Chiva Kid to the mat for a two count.

They worked some mat wrestling for a bit, switch headlocks and wrist locks, until Joe Black tried for a rollup, but Chiva Kid slipped out and hit a seated dropkick. Black rolled to the outside, and Chiva hit a springboard moonsault on the outside that got a big pop from the crowd. They brawled on the outside and ended up back on the apron, where Black hit a nasty looking German Suplex on the apron. Both men climbed back in the ring and Black covered for a two count. Black hit a kick a moment later and got another tow count.

Chiva Kid hit the ropes, but Black took out his right knee by going low. Chiva rolled to the outside, and attempted a shoulder block to get back in, but Black hit a kick to the head. Chiva flipped out of the corner a few seconds later to avoid a strike but, got hit with a pancake for a near fall. Black followed up with a dropkick for another two count. Black continued the assault with a double dropkick against the ropes for another close count.

Chiva and Black traded srikes and chops in the corner. Black charged at Chiva and ate his boots. Chiva went up top for some high risk but hit nothing but air. Chiva hit some strikes and some headbutts to the stomach, but couldn't take Black off his feet. Chiva hit two clotheslines, and Black responded with a clothesline that sent Chiva for a flip for another near fall. Black hit a nice running back elbow, and then cinched in an armbar. Chiva broke free and hit a Northern Lights Suplex and rolled through to hit a kick to the head. Chiva hit a shooting star press from the second rope for a very close near fall that the crowd reacted to.

Chiva climbed the top rope and went for another Shooting Star, but landed on his feet. Black then hit him with a spear for very believable near fall. Black went up top, but Chiva met him up there, and they battled. Black dumped Chiva to the outside, but Chiva hit a kick and then a springboard ace crusher that had both men flat on their backs. After 30 seconds or so, Chiva went for a pin but only got 2. Chiva set up black in the corner and climbed up top. He hit a huge double moonsault and got the pin for the pinfall and the points.

Barnett's Brief: Excellent display of athleticism from both guys here. There were numerous good nearfalls in the match, and the double moonsault looked great. The commentary was a little busy throughout the match, and at points seemed more focused on Kirby Mack than the match taking place. Overall, though, a great effort in the ring.

A pre-taped promo aired, but there was no audio so I couldn't hear anything that was said. Shore mentioned that it was the fun athletic guys, and referenced them as a couple. Yes, that's right, FAGS is the name of the gay tag team in Evo.

John Skylar made his entrance for the next match. Adam Page then made his entrance. Shore mentioned being Skylar looking for his first win in Evo, and Page in his first match for the promotion.

2. John Skylar vs. Adam Page: Skylar jumped Page before the bell and tossed him out of the ring to the floor. Both men traded blows on the outside, and Page got the best of Skylar. Page hit a knife edged chop and tossed Skylar back in the ring. Skylar flipped the table and took Page down with a kick and a boot to the back. Skylar showboated and did an elaborate dance that ended up as a headlock. Page quickly turned the tables and hit some arm drags and a dropkick, followed by some loud chops.

Skylar surged back with a chop of his own, but Page hit another one that floored him. Page hit another chop with Skylar coming off the ropes and a suplex for a two count. Page went up top, but got crotched on the top by Skylar. He then sent page ribs first into the ring post under the bottom rope. He then went outside and stretched Page over the post. Skylar continue the assualt with a backbreaker for a two count.

Skylar hit punches and kicks in the corner, and then sent Page to the opposite rope. Skylar then charged and ate a boot, and then followed up with a splash for a near fall. Skylar hit a suplex and got a near fall that the announcers got very excited about. Skylar locked in a waistlock, but Page fought to his feet only to eat adropkick for a two count. Skylar hit two running knees, followed by a knee lift with Page coming off the ropes. Skylar made a heel cover that got a two. Page reversed an Irish Whip but Skylar ducked. Skylar went for a clothesline, but Page ducked and hit an enziguri.

Page hit a huge Powerslam a few seconds later for a close near fall. Page hit a tilt a whirl into a facebuster and a kick. Skylar hit a SuperKick a moment later for a good near fall. Page sent Skylar over the top rope and then hit the opposite ropes. Skylar hit his Love Gun spear, and followed it up with the Spoiler Alert (Slice Bread) for a near fall. Page hit a powerbomb into double knees for another near fall a moment later. Skyler hit a low blow that the ref couldn't see due to an odd angle and rolled up Page for the win.

John Skylar defeated Adam Page at 11:45.

Barnett's Brief: Another very athletic match that was fast paced. The crowd seemed to eat it up, but it seemed like a lot of the near falls were given away by the announcers, who screamed for all the false ones and had a tame reaction for the actual finish with the low bow. There were a few minor timing issues in the ring, but they really worked hard.

there was a Zack Salvation promo, but again I couldn't hear it.

Derek Ryze entered the arena. Robyn Golphin entered next and got a good reaction from the crowd. Adam Page joined Chris Shore on commentary, as Kirby Mack had to prepare for his match.

3. Derek Ryze vs. Robyn Golphin: Both men locked up and traded arm bars. Golphin moved to a headlock, and then both men traded moves off the ropes that couldn't knock each other down. Derek Ryze sent Golphin to the outside and hit a rolling suicide dive that popped the crowd. Golphin returned the favor by sending Ryze out and hit a twisting senton on the outside. Ryze hit a drop toe hold and a kick in the corner after both men got back in the ring. Ryze then hit a punch and a shot to the back that sent Golphin to his back. He then hit a dropkick for a near fall.

Golphin reversed an Irish Whip and hit a back elbow. He followed with a spinning DDT for a two count. Ryze fired back with a clothesline and some kick to the back and a knee to the chin for a near fall. Golphin pushed aside a kick, but couldn't stop the second one. Ryze then hit a running knee in the corner, and then stomped Golphin in the face for a near fall. Golphin rolled to the apron and hit a punch on Ryze, and he hit a diving clothesline for a two count. Golphin continued to sell the chin from the stomp in the corner.

Ryze set Golphin on the top rope. Ryze charged, but Golphin hit a boot. He then hit a double stomp to the back of Ryze, but couldn't capitalize in time to make a cover. Golphin surged after both men got back to their feet. He hit several clotheslines and a DDT he calls Welcome to Detroit for a near fall at 7:45. Ryze pushed Golphin back into the corner, but ate a knee. Ryze hit a clothesline and followed up with a Go to Sleep and an Ace Crusher, but Golphin got his foot on the rope.

Ryze place Golphin on the top rope for a superplex, but Golphin fought it off and hit his relapse corkscrew suplex from the top rope for the win.

Robyn Golphin defeated Derek Ryze at 9:59.

Barnett's Brief: Crazy suplex at the end from Golphin. This was another very good match athletically, but I didn't think there was enough selling for the amount of abuse these guys took. There was quite a few very nasty looking moves that were shaken off less than 10 seconds later. The announcing with Page and Shore was a different chemisty, but it doesn't feel like they have defined PBP and Color roles. There is a lot of talking over one another.

There was another backstage promo that I couldn't hear. It was for Marcellus King. Arik Royal then made his entrance for his grudge match with Kirby Mack. Mack then made his entrance. Mack's shirt said "Who needs the gym if you have talent?" Mack got on the mic, but he was barely audible. From what I could hear, he said he was the man behind Arthur Rosenberg, and gave a rhyme that would have ended with a racial slur but he didn't say it. It was said in a rhyming comedic tone.

4. Kirby Mack vs. Arik Royal: Mack hit some leg kicks, but they had no effect. Royal grabbed his leg and shoved him down. Mack hit a flying head scissors and hit the ropes, but Royal hit him with a body block and a european uppercut. Royal hit some big chops in the corner and then tossed Mack hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Royal charged Mack in the corner, but Kirby moved to the outside and jumped on Royals back. He flipped Royal over but it was an ugly spot in the corner that looked like it didn't go off as planned.

Mack chopped Royal in the corner and then locked in a lazy looking head triangle. Royal picked up Mack and powerbombed him for a near fall after a heel arrogant cover. Mack grabbed a bottle of water and threw it at Royal. He then hit the ropes and hit the sprinkler elbow drop (modified people's elbow) for a one count. Royal hit an inverted atomic drop into a backbreaker for another near fall. Royal locked in a bear hug a moment later. Royal followed up with a kick to the gut and a jumping double axehandle. He dead lifted Mack up into a bear hug once again. Mack's shoulders touched the mat at one point for a two count.

Mack surged back and hit some headbutts and some running knees to the chest, but both men were down, so no cover took place. They both got up and traded punches middle ring, with Royal finally hitting a big punch that sent Mack into the ropes. He held onto the top rope and slid down into a seated position. Royal picked up Mack but he converted into a Codebreaker. Royal picked up Mack for a musclebuster, but Mack slipped out and reversed into an arm drag.

A moment later, Mack locked in an armbreaker with a body lock, but Royal powered out and lifted him up. Royal walked out to the apron with Mack holding on, and he dropped Mack onto his spine on the apron and dropped to the floor. Royal set up for a hit a DDT on the concrete. Royal celebrated on the apron for a moment, and then the match spilled into the arena. Royal then picked up Mack like a wheelbarrow and swept a row of chairs out with Mack's head. The announcers called for the end of the match at this point, but Royal dragged Mack and tossed him into the ring.

Royal didn't go for a cover, but instead picked up Mack and hit a musclebuster. Royal covered and Mack kicked out, which was made obvious by the announce team with their inflection. Mack then hit a kick and covered for a two count of his own. Royal hit a tilt-a-whirl facebuster and covered for another two count. Royal finally grabbed a chair, and set it up in the corner. Royal picked up Mack in a wheelbarrow again, and tossed Mack into the turnbuckle. The ref cleared the chair from the ring, and then Royal put it back. Royal picked up Mack from the wheelbarrow again center ring, but Mack turned the swing into a DDT that looked ugly.

Mack locked in a guillotine a moment later. Royal slammed him into the corner, but Mack held on for a moment. He locked in another guillotine type manuever center ring, but Royal tossed him off. Mack hit a superkick, but Royal fired back with an enziguri seconds later. Royal picked up a chair, but missed the swing and the ropes deflected it back into his face. Mack hit a standing leg guillotine for a near fall. Mack argued with the ref and then turned right into the Sick Kick from Royal for the win.

Arik Royal defeated Kirby Mack at 18:45.

Barnett's Brief: Brutal Match that saw both men get fatigued later on and the match got a little sloppy late as a result. Still a great effort form both guys, and the announcing was much better in this match. They didn't talk over each other nearly as much, and Page seemed to settle into to more of a color role. I still think they are giving away the near falls by overselling at times, but it has gotten better as the night has gone on.


John Skylar joined Chris Shore on commentary. They made fun of the Fun Athletic Guys and continued to allude to them being Gay without coming out and saying it. Chip Day and Corey Hollis made their way out next.

5. Trevor Lee and Ben Tyler vs. Chip Day and Corey Hollis: Hollis and Trevor Lee started the match, with both guys exchanged mat holds until Hollis reached the ropes. Hollis and Lee locked up Greco Roman style mid ring, and then Hollis pulled Lee down and locked in a head lock. Hollis got ot his feet and both men traded wrist locks until Hollis hit a fireman's carry take over. Chip Day hit some kicks on Hollis. Hollis ducked one of them and made the tag to Tyler. Tyler at a kick to the face and Day charged and hit him in the corner.

Day tagged Hollis back in and they both hit leg drops on Tyler. Tyler hit a chop on Hollis, but he quickly recovered and locked in a front facelock. Trevor Lee tagged in and low bridged Hollis. He hit some strikes and quickly tagged Ben Tyles. Hollis continued to take abuse from Tyler, who hit some strikes and chops. Hollis hit some chops of his own to fight out of the corner. Lee hit a nice DDT and tagged Tyler back in. They hit a double team flapjack and Lee made a cover for two. Lee tagged back in and taunted Chip day, with Hollis isolated in the corner.

After a moment, Lee tagged back and hit a back stabber for a near fall. Hollis hasn't mad ea tag in about 5 minutes now. Hollis finally woke up and hit an exploder suplex, and made his way over to tag Chip Day. Day dumped Tyler to the floor and hit multiple kicks on Lee. He hit an enziguri type move and made a cover for two. Lee rolled to the outside, and Day hit the apron and kicked Tyler. He then dived onto Lee on the opposite side of the ring into the crowd.

Day and Hollis hit simultaneous kicks on Tyler for a near fall. They then did a double team enziguri and knees to the face on Lee. Lee ended up on the outside, with Day and Lee being the legal men. Day hit some kicks on Ben Tyler, but Lee took advantage and hit a chin buster. Hollis hit a DVD on Trevor Lee. All 4 men were down for a bit. Hollis and Ben Tyler ended up on the ropes. Day picked up Lee for a powerbomb, but they ended up with a tower of doom superplex in the corner. Tyler caught Hollis and dumped him to the outside. Chip Day dove at Lee in the corner, but he missed and hit his head and shoulder on the post. Lee rolled up Day for the three count with the tights.

Trevoe Lee and Ben Tyler defeated Chip Day and Corey Hollis at 15:24.

Barnett's Brief: Strong tag match with a lot of action that wasn't really sold at all due to the frantic pace of the match. There was plenty of double teams, some good isolation by the heel team, and a very good hot tag to Day mid match. I think it may have gone a little too long as the crowd seemed to fade during the last few minutes, but this was a great example of what tag wrestling can be when it is given a good amount of time. Skylar has had the best chemistry with Shore on commentary thus far.

Marcellus King made his entrance to determine who will be the King of Evo. KC McKnight made his entrance next, and was called the Port City King.

6. Marcellus King vs. KC McKnight: Marcellus assaulted KC in the corner, and they traded blows until KC hit a German Suplex. Marcellus rebounded and hit more punches and gouged the eye of KC. Both men traded blows again, with KC getting the best and finishing a combo of puches with a Euro Uppercut. KC hit a snap mare and locked in a headlock, and Marcellus rolled out to the outside to catch a break.

Marcellus climbed in briefly to break the ref count. KC turned his back for a moment, which allowed Marcellus to get back in the ring. They brawled and KC left the ring, but Marcellus followed and they continued to brawl around the ring. Both men re-entered the ring and Marcellus went for a one count cover after some elbows. Marcellus hit a knee lift, which staggered KC, but he fought to his feet and hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count.

KC McKnight facewashed Marcellus in the corner and Marcellus sold it like he was unconscious. A moment later Marcellus isolated the leg with a leg lock and attempted to tweak it by hyperextending it. KC dumped Marcellus to the outside and Marcellus landed in a fans lap. KC chopped Marcellus on top of the fan. Both men continue to brawl around the ring and ended up over by the tech area. Marcellus ended up hitting a backdrop on KC on some chairs on the outside in a particularly ugly spot. Marcellus continued the assault out to the back of the arena, and then brought it into the ring.

Marcellus got into an MMA mount and pounded on KC's face and chest. Marcellus continued to hit strikes and clubbing blows. KC McNight had a few hope spots, but mostly Marcellus dominated. McKnight fired back with some forearm shivers and a huge clothesline. KC continued to sell the ribs for a moment, and then set Marcellus on the top rope. They jockeyed for position and KC got knocked into the ring. Marcellus dove for a double axehandle but KC hit him in the gut.

KC went for the cross face chickenwing, but Marcellus powered out. KC then hit a rolling senton for a good near fall. He then followed up with a tiger bomb for another good near fall. Marcellus hit a swinging backbreaker for a two count. He covered again immediately for another two. Marcellus climbed up top, but KC caught him with a superplex, but couldnt' capitalize. The fans counted down, and the time limit expired on the match.

Both men brawled into the crowd after the bell rang. The ended up in front of the entrance ramp and eventually fought to the back.

Marcellus King and KC McKnight fought to a time limit draw.

Barnett's Brief: Brutal stuff. Both guys took a beating and showed no signs of slowing up at the time limit. It was a very entertaining brawl, but this really isn't my favorite type of match. I won't complain about it, however, because this was a good change of pace from the technical offerings in the tag match. It definitely woke up the crowd, and the announce team gave their best effort of the night here. There was still a little awkwardness, but much better than the first couple of matches.

Cedric Alexander made his entrance first, followed by Zack Salvation. Kirby Mack rejoined Chris Shore on commentary.

7. Cedric Alexander vs. Zack Salvation for the Evo Heavyweight Title: Cedric stepped out on to the apron to collect his thoughts, and Zack didn't follow. After Cedric re-entered, they circled for a moment, until Cedric rolled to the outside to jaw with a fan. After the match got underway Zack took down Cedric, and they traded some mat offense until Cedric rolled to the outside once again. Salvation grabbed a wrist lock and took Cedric down, but he rolled through a second later Salvation went back to a hammerlock and took Cedric down once again.

Cedric got a headlock, and Zack pushed him off into the ropes and hit a leg sweep. Both men traded covers for one counts and both ended back up on their feet. They both traded rollups, with a nice looking bridge from Zack Salvation. Zack hit a nice drop toe hold, which he transitioned into a side headlock. Both men got to their feet and traded a few blows until Zack hit a headlock take over once again. Cedric fought to his feet and backed Zack into the corner. Zack reversed and hit a chop and then a hurricanrana for a two count.

Cedric locked in headlock briefly. They both got to their feet and Zack attempted a jumping maneuver, but Cedric pushed him away. Zack then successfully hit a spine buster for a near fall. Both men fought on the apron, and Cedric ended up getting dumped to the floor. Both men brawled outside and Zack dumped Cedric onto some chairs, before tossing him back in the ring. Zack climbed the turnbuckle, but Cedric hit a running knee that sent Zack to the floor. Cedric went to work with some kicks on the outside, and slammed his head into the apron.

Cedric continued the assault with kicks to the back and chest, followed by another argument with fans. Cedric locked in a chinlock. Zack tried to fight to his feet, but Cedric dropped him on his head. Cedric then wrenched on Zack's neck using his legs. Both men traded rapid fire strikes mid ring, until Cedric hit a nice dropkick. Cedric choked Zack on the ropes, and used the entire five count. Cedric continued to alternate between a facelock and pin attempt.

Zack fired back up a couple of times, but Cedric shot him down each time. Cedric raked his forearm across Zacks face after an arrogant pin attempt that got a two. He then went back to the chin lock. Zack fought to his feet, and avoided a dropkick, but Cedric connected with the follow up for another two count with another arrogant cover. Cedric used his knee to grind on the back of Zack's neck. Cedric went up top for a dive, but Zack got his foot up too early and Cedric avoided it. Cedric went back up top but Zack hit him with a dropkick on the way down.

Zack hit an elbow and some chops ot the chest, followed by "Gorilla Knuckles", which looked like a modified Thesz Press. He followed up with some mounted punches. Cedric caught Zack coming off the ropes, but Zack reversed into a DDT for a two count. Zack went for a body slam that Cedric reversed into a reverse DDT, which Zack reversed again into a victory roll for a two count. Cedric hit a slam of his own for another two count. Cedric hit a nasty looking powerbomb a moment later that got a very close near fall.

Cedric hit some kicks on a seated Zack. Zack went for the Zacklash, which Cedric reversed. Both men reversed pinfalls for two counts on the ground. Cedric then hit a brain buster that got a near fall. Cedric then knocked out the ref with a kick. Zack woke up and hit a Zacklash, and went for a cover. A new ref made a count, but Marcellus King pulled him out of the ring. They then hit a Murder Go Round double team move. They then hit a slingshot into a superkick which laid Zack out.

Marcellus and Cedric grabbed Shore from the announce booth and pulled him into the ring. They had a microphone and said the Circus owns Evo. They said the match ending in a no contest was their plan all along. He told Zack that he will take his title back when it pleases him. He said no one will be able to stop him. After the interview, Shore took a kick to the gut and one to the back from Cedric Alexander. King and Alexander posed over Zack and Shore to close the show.

The match ended in no contest at around 23:00

Barnett's Brief: Well, Chris Shore took some bumps everybody! I bet his wife is happy about that considering he made a joke about her earlier in the show. They put both heels over very strong here, and I must say the match was a little slower paced than the rest of the show. It picked up towards the end and the had some great near falls, but overall I think this match suffered from a slow start. The post match stuff is the real story here, and I think it was pretty well done. Kirby Mack seemed to have calmed down a bit on commentary, which was nice. I think the biggest problem with the announce booth was that it seemed like they talked over the action a lot with unrelated stuff, and it was tough at times to focus on both. I think there is a lot to be optimistic about with Evo, as they seem to have found an identity in the ring. They do need to correct some technical issues and improve the arena lighting, and perhaps rethink the chemistry in the announce booth. If they can find good chemistry there with more clearly defined PBP and color roles, it will accentuate what is going on in the ring better than the current approach. There is no lack of energy, just a little lack of focus and maybe a few too many attempts at humor.

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