WWE DVD recap: Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero (Disc One)

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By By Jason Powell
Nov 13, 2008 - 10:25 AM

The video opened with brief comments from various superstars, including Mick Foley, who recalled being blown away by Eddie's talent when he first saw him.

-A smiling Vickie Guerrero recalled meeting Eddie and falling in love. She also smiled as he discussed the late Art Barr. She credited him with talking to the promoters and being the energy of the team because Eddie is too shy. Barr's death was breezed over. Vickie simply stated that Eddie carried on the frogsplash when Barr passed away. She said Eddie was excited about his ECW debut. This led in to a match between Guerrero and Too Cold Scorpio that took place April 8, 1995.

Powell's POV: Vickie's smile put this viewer at ease almost immediately. She seemed to genuinely enjoy discussing her late husband's career at this point in the interview.

-Dean Malenko made his first appearance and discussed meeting Eddie. He said he was familiar with his family because their fathers worked together. Malenko recalled working with Eddie in ECW for the first time. He said it turned out to be a defining moment in Eddie's career because their matches put him on the map. This led to a match between Guerrero and Malenko Hostile City Showdown on Apr. 15, 1995.

-Jim Ross discussed the "Worlds Collide" pay-per-view. Oddly enough, this led to a match between Guerrero and Shinjiro Otani from Starrcade 1995.

-Ric Flair introduced his U.S. Title match against Guerrero, which took place at the Hog Wild pay-per-view on Aug. 10, 1996.

-Chris Jericho said his best experiences working with Eddie were as a tag team. He said they considered themselves the best tag team that never existed. He said they never really got a chance. "Not to sound boastful, but we were second to none," Jericho said. Jericho shared some fun stories about bickering with Eddie. "That's what friends do and then five minutes later you're friends again." Jericho's comments led to his match with Guerrero from SuperBrawl on Feb. 23, 1997.

Powell's POV: This was the best interview of the DVD thus far. They gave Jericho plenty of time to talk and it didn't feel rushed.

-Rey Mysterio made his first extended appearance on the show. He said he and Eddie had chemistry in the ring that he doesn't have with anyone else. He recalled Guerrero being a perfectionist. He said they always went out to top the last pay-per-view. "Sometimes you just couldn't do it," he said. This led to a Nitro match between the two from Nov. 10, 1997.

-Malenko spoke of Guerrero's creative mind. He said he could almost go to the ring and wrestle Eddie with his eyes closes. He said there were times when he knew what moves Eddie was going to do two or three moves ahead of times. "I think what we had was magical," Malenko said. Malenko vs. Guerrero from Starrcade '97 was featured next.

-Chavo Guerrero said wrestling was the family business and they both knew that they were going to be wrestlers when they grew up. "Every style that we needed to know, we learned," he said. "We were taught at a young age to adapt to every style of wrestling." Chavo credited Eddie and others with being the true show stoppers in WCW and said they changed the way people wrestle today. Chavo introduced Eddie's match with Ultimo Dragon from Slamboree 1997.

-Chavo said wrestling was always part of their lives. He said they grew up with a wrestling ring in their backyard rather than a swing set. "That was the family business and that's what we did," Chavo said. He recalled Eddie's golden heart that fans didn't always get to see. He said Eddie was great at getting the best out of someone. "He was a great leader in that ring."

-Eddie vs. Juventud Guerrera from the Aug. 3, 1998 WCW Nitro was shown.

-Vickie Guerrero said Eddie had no fear in the ring. "He wanted to go faster and higher," she said. She recalled Eddie's serious car accident and said it happened during his drug using days. She said wrestlers don't like to sit home and wait for injuries to heal, so they become very irritable. Eddie vs. Psicosis from the June 24, 1999 WCW Thunder aired. Mike Tenay noted on commentary that it was his second match back from a car accident.

Powell's POV: Solid first disc. I still prefer the full fledged documentary approach, but I guess this is what you get when WWE does multiple DVD sets on the same performer. I didn't know what to expect from Vickie, but she seemed to enjoy talking about Eddie. I'm sure it won't be as easy when they discuss more recent events and his death, but it put me at ease to see her smiling and enjoying the conversation. Check back for recaps of the second and third discs.

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