Kayfabe DVD: The "Slap Shot" of pro wrestling

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By By Jason Powell
Feb 26, 2009 - 01:11 PM

Good news. The DVD for Kayfabe: A Fake Real Movie About a Fake Real Sport is finally available for online purchase. The lead character is named Randy "The Rocket" Tyler, but the comparisons to Randy "The Ram" Robinson end there. Whereas The Wrestler took a serious look at the world of indy wrestling, Kayfabe finds humor in the grassroots level of the business.

The movie is essentially the Slap Shot of pro wrestling with over the top characters and good old fashioned lowbrow humor. The movie was shot in HD, yet I still consider it a fun low-budget comedy that anyone who has ever been to an independent pro wrestling show can relate to.

The story focusses on Tyler and his beloved Tri-Cities International Championship Wrestling Federation (a/k/a TCICWF for, um, short). The crazy gimmicks and the dead on portrayal of indy wrestlers who take themselves too seriously are a riot. The award-winning indy flick boasts "70 percent more spandex than Spinal Tap, 25 percent more color than Saw, and 12 percent less homoerotic than Brokeback Mountain. How great is that?

You can check out trailers and clips of the movie on the film's official website. Better yet, you can finally order the movie in North America and worldwide via I encourage everyone to order a copy so the producers make enough dough to deliver a sequel.

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