DVD Review: The Last of McGuinness - Nigel McGuinness shares all in his self-produced documentary

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Dec 6, 2012 - 03:02 PM

Dot Net Member Zim wrote the following review of "The Last of McGuinness" DVD released by former ROH Champion Nigel McGuinness. You can purchase the documentary and merchandise at

At one point, Nigel McGuinness was the ROH World Champion, ranked sixth in the PWI500, and widely considered to be one of the most gifted, appreciated, and admired pro wrestlers in the world. But where does that level of success, the level of success that we as fans crave and admire, conflict with the "real-world’s" concepts of success; namely financial success and quality of life?

More than a wrestling documentary, the Last of McGuinness is a video diary of the final days of Nigel’s career as he attempts to come to terms with that own conflict within himself. It isn’t necessarily comfortable to watch at every point, but it is incredibly forthcoming and real. He discusses philosophy about success in the business and how it relates to his his career with people in the wrestling industry, from his own life, and in the most reveling segments, he is simply talking to his camera. He allows you to connect with him and feel his story in addition to just watching it.

In what I felt was the most engaging, yet brutally honest and emotional scene in the movie, Nigel lets loose and vents his stress to the camera while sitting in his car. As it turned out later that night, the man who was offered a WWE contract the same day as Nigel, Daniel Bryan, won the World Heavyweight Championship. The two scenes give contrasting, uninhibited, and unrestrained looks into the emotions and thoughts that he was experiencing in one of his darkest points during the filming.

The story of Nigel McGuinness hasn't followed the plot that his fans hoped it would, and this DVD gives a personal account of every unfair situation and insurmountable obstacle that hindered and ultimately ended a career far short of its potential. As the documentary is evidence of, Nigel McGuinness didn’t have the fairy tale ending to his career, I would argue not even nearly the career he deserved, yet I am able to walk away from the documentary knowing his story and knowing that he is in a good place and is fully aware of the support he has from his loved ones, friends, and fans.

For people wondering, yes, Nigel is completely revealing regarding the physical, mental, and political conditions and incidents that led to the retraction of his WWE contract, his sudden prevalent appearance in TNA, and subsequent dismissal. The one quote I found most profound and true "[the rumors have] gone from concussions… to hepatitis… to AIDS… and at some point the people have to believe one of those things, because [he’s] too good for it not to be something that crazy, otherwise [he’d] be in WWE, or still with TNA."

Whether you’re a fan of Nigel McGuinness, or a fan of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan who want to see the heartfelt story of their peer who paid every due they did, had all the talent they did, and never got his fair chance, I would sincerely recommend picking up the DVD at

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