Paul Burchill talks how his incest angle with Katie Lea got scrapped, how his debut was almost a bust and whether he is interested in working for TNA

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Apr 19, 2011 - 12:16 PM

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-Burchill on his WWE debut almost being a disaster: "I went out there and there's a freakin' rope hanging from the ceiling. So I swung down, went to the ring, climbed up to the top rope and stood on the top rope. As I stepped off I landed on the knee and it felt like it imploded. It was right in front of Vince and the first thing he said was 'are you ok?' I said I think I blew my knee out. He said you might want to get that checked. All that day I got injections, it was just about getting through the match…I was told 'You can go get your knee fixed but I can't guarantee there's going to be a spot for you when you come back.' Yea, they look after their talent.

-Burchill on why the Katie Lea incest angle was scrapped: "They debuted us with huge plans for us, but they went PG two weeks later…and then you're just there, especially on Raw, with no real direction."

-On if he'd like to work for TNA: "I'd definitely be interested because that's schedule is perfect. I enjoy a lot of stuff I see on TNA. I like TNA, I like the product, I like the people there and I have a lot of friends there. Where they get it right is they put people on the show and let them be themselves. It comes across a lot more real."

Other topics include why he asked for his release and how an idea for he and Katie was stolen and used with different wrestlers.

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