Jon Heidenreich discusses his "Heidenrape" angle with Michael Cole and says it was inspired by Vince McMahon's dream

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Aug 2, 2008 - 12:04 PM

The Shoot radio with John Heidenreich
Hosts: Gary Cantrell and Alan Martin
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Jon Heidenreich made his Shoot return on the July 31 edition of The Shoot (Episode #80). He was welcomed by Hosts Gary Cantrell and Alan Martin. Gary started out by explaining to Heidenreich and the audience how much of an impact Heidenreich's first interview with the show had. He mentioned that it stirred up a lot of controversy and Heidenreich responded by saying, "It wasn't premedatated, It was only the truth will set us all free Brother."

He goes on to say that he's been working hard on the indy scene. He said that with Vince's monopoly on the business its hard to get a job. He says that he has done some work with the NWE promotion in Spain and that he is under a one-year contract with them so he will do more work with them. He says he's shooting for Mars. He says that he'd like to work with Aliens, he'll put em over, he'll beat them up. He's ready to go "Intergalactic" he says. Gary follows up by asking if he thinks that he'll rape them. Heidenreich says, "If they are good looking, I might have to." He continues with "Anything is possible in a Heidenreich match."

Heidenreich is asked where that Michael Cole raping angle came from and he things that Vince McMahon came up with it in a dream one night. He said that Stephanie was the one who approached him on the day of the tapings to let him know what he'd be doing. Heidenreich said that Pulp Fiction came to mind when he heard it and said, "I'm just happy I was doing the raping and not getting raped."

Gary threw in that he should be happy it wasn't someone like Snitsky or something. Heidenreich said that Snitsky was is his friend and that he's got a foot fetish so you never know what might happen. "It might be true love brother." Heidenreich added. Gary says that he hopes that Snitsky would brush those damn teeth before hand and Heidenreich said, "Bring out the Colgate and the fire hose".

The conversation switches breifly back to NWE as Heidenreich is asked for some of his favorite highlights in the last year since he was on the show. He said he did a 6 man match teaming up with Chris Masters and 0rlando Jordan to take on RVD, Rikishi and Black Pearl. He mentioned that he was on the same card that the Ultimate Warrior was on. He puts over the crowd in Spain.

Heidenreich was asked if he had ever been contacted by TNA. He said that he had but it was nothing solid or concrete. He also mentioned that he trys to keep in touch with some of the boys in WWE but its hard when they are running hard on the road, he said it was easier to keep up with the released guys who were working indy matches. Alan Martin asked him how the "Be My Friend" gimmick came about. He said that while he was in the ring he just said it in a screwing around type way and The Undertaker heard him doing it and encouraged him to keep it up. He said that while it turned him babyface, he believes the turn came too soon.

Gary asked if Heidenreich knew where his character was going to go before he got released and he said no. He said that he knew he was kind of a marked man when he wasn't being used alot, etc. A chat room listener asks if Heidenreich was ever afraid of caskets. "I don't like being stuck in caskets while I'm alive" says Heidenreich. He said during one show where he was painted up and dead laying in the casket and his Mom freaked out.

The conversation then turned to the topic of Animal. Gary asks him if he was aware of a recent RF Video shoot dvd that Animal did to which Heidenreich said he was not. Gary began to read a few quotes from the DVD which didn't make Heidenreich very happy. Animal's quote read, "You can't be halfway spiritual, you can't be spiritual and then have your ears bleeding from too much of something you shouldn't be doing."

Heidenreich said he wasn't too sure about what Animal meant other than that he was taking a drug that makes his ears bleed. "Maybe we'll get a f---ing doctor on here to see if there is any drug out there that you can take that will make you bleed out of an ear." He mentions that an inner ear infection was what was causing the bleed. He mentioned that they had put him on Morphine while he was in the hospital. He became very upset by those comments and went off on him. He said if Animal wanted to, that he would fight him anytime anywhere.

To hear his rant, as well as other comments, his entertaining back and forth with his AWF Casket match opponent on the air, and his exchange with a female listener who said she'd like to be raped by him then you can stream/download the interview @ His interview begins at the 65 minute mark.

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