Former WWE referee shares a story about a rib that was played on him, why he feels its a good thing he was fired by the company

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Nov 28, 2008 - 11:02 AM

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The guys are joined by Wes Adams, who is back wrestling after being a referee in WWE for the last few years. Wes tells the guys he was a wrestler first from 2001 untill 2007.

Wes thinks WWE asked him to ref because he was average looking, had no tattoos or long hair, and didn't stand out. He says that in WWE, referees get a lot of respect which is different from the indies where you are just another guy.

Some calls come in. Jason asks if has Wes any Mike Knox. stories. Wes tells the story of him and Mike on a flight. They were messing and Mike grabbed Wes's bicep and said it was nice, all the time a woman is watching. Mike asks her did she to grab his bicep. She was scared of him from then on.

A question from the forums asks did Wes ever work overseas. Wes said he worked a European tour which was fun, the crowd is very hot overseas and he liked that.

William called in and asked what was Vince McMahon was like. Wes said he didn't see him much but didn't have any problems with him. Wes was also asked who is the best performer on Smackdown, Wes singled out Edge for his hard work and great in ring skills and also The Undertaker and Great Kahli, who he says is underrated as a performer.

Wes was asked how tough is it being a referee on a scale of 1 to 10. Wes said 10. He said it's very tough you might have to wrestler four matches a night and people don't realize some refs work as part of the ring crew like Charles Robinson, Jack Doane, and Chad Patton so you have to be up early setting up the ring and up late taking it down.

Jack asks about the infamous match where Wes called an early finish. He said John Morrison was legit knocked out and he didn't realize it till after. If he had known, he would have thrown up the "X" sign for an injured wrestler to get help. Jack asked if this is why he was fired. Wes tells him maybe. He was the greenest ref there by far, but doesn't think that's why he was fired.

Wes was asked about any rib stories and tells one where he is about to ref a match. Finlay ws the agent for it and is in his earpiece giving instructions. Jerry Brisco gets on it and tells Wes to get out of the ring. Wes obliged. Finlay yelled at him to get back in, then Jerry tells him to get out again. This went on for several minutes and Wes could hear Jerry laughing. After the match he gets back and everyone was laughing except for Finlay who was pissed at him.

Wes feels that being fired by WWE is a good thing because he can now wrestle again. He thanked the fans for all their support and emails, and thanks the guys for getting him on the show.

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