Diana Hart-Smith says JBL took a cheap shot at her son D.H. Smith, comments on whether she would approve of Davey Boy Smith being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

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May 29, 2008 - 09:36 AM

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Diana Hart-Smith was welcomed back to the program for the first time in well over one year, and since Diana's initial Mayhem appearance the night after WrestleMania 23, she has become one of The Mayhem's official MySpace columnists. Her latest blog about her trip to this year's "Showcase Of The Immortals" and the WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremonies is now available at While there, please feel free to friend request the show. In addition, check out Diana's official MySpace page at
Diana said that she is doing very well, despite the "pissy stuff with D.H." that many fans around the world have seen with her son and WWE Raw superstar, Harry Smith. On a positive note, she believes that her family is stronger than that to let them down and put them in bad spirits.

She celebrated Mother's Day with Harry, her daughter (Georgia), and her sister (Allison). The family was going to be remembering and honoring the memory of Diana's late husband, "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, on the sixth anniversary of his passing this month.
This month the wrestling world also remembers the passing of Diana's brother, Owen Hart. With regards to both Davey and Owen Hart, she wanted to let the fans know that despite the trials and tribulations her family has endured and even though it has been a rough past ten years for the Harts (including the passing of her parents: Stu & Helen), she thinks about the both them "often and everyday...very fondly." Diana dreams about them a lot and feels their presence on a daily basis.
Diana wished to go on record about her feelings regarding WWE superstar, John Bradshaw Layfield "shooting" on her son a few weeks back on Monday Night Raw at The Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Diana described Layfield's remarks to Harry (how his father, his family and not even God could save him from the beating he was going to take in their match) as a "cheap shot," and does feel to an extent that Harry was "raped & pillaged" before the audience.

She honestly would love to see someone with the character of her late husband, brother, or father be in the locker room of the WWE today that would have been willing to set the record straight in the process after that happened. She is surprised that he has not received the push that not only she thinks he deserves, but Harry's fans believe he deserves now.
On the topic of both Owen and Davey possibly going into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Diana hopes they both do soon, and in fact, she thought that Davey was going to go in as part of this year's class. She would love to see them both forever enshrined. Diana believes though that Owen's widow, Martha, may put up some resistance about that though, but at the same time, she does not know whether she can stop the WWE from honoring Owen.

She thinks it would be nice to see Owen's two children, Oje & Athena, see their father receive the praise from his peers. After spending some recent time within the past year or so with Davey's father (for the first time in many years), she would absolutely embrace Davey going into the WWE HOF—especially if his father could be there to see the night.
Mosh and Blade switched gears, and asked Diana about her comments about the WWE Wellness Policy and whether or not the strides they have taken have been enough, or if more needs to be done. She thoroughly believes the WWE "is trying," but "they might not be trying in all the right ways." She does not worry about Harry or Nattie Neidhart being on the road, as both of them have seen a lot of things along the way.

Diana does not classify herself as "a blind parent" at all whatsoever, but does have some questions about Harry's much talked-about WWE suspension, which she said was based on an incident from back in October. She is a little surprised that the company waited close to two months to publicize the results of that failed test, and then do something at that point. Based on that, Diana does wonder whether the same rules are being applied to everyone."
And there is more in this near 35-minute Mayhem "Sweeps" interview—including Diana's thoughts and comments on Jim Ross's poignant blog about her brother Owen, how she feels she "lost Davey twice" in her life, the controversy surrounding his passing and his autopsy (including the last time she saw him alive), how she credits the WWE for trying to save Davey's life, as well as the fear of having your spot replaced in today's business. One of the most open individuals to ever appear on airwaves of The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network is the one and only Diana Hart Smith.

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