Al Snow comments on his status with TNA, recalls the infamous WWE Dog Kennel match, says one wrestler enjoyed making Pepper pee on him, discusses WWE Tough Enough

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Jan 14, 2009 - 10:19 AM

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-Al said he's been training midgets for cagefighting to the death. He then says he's venturing into celebrity midget cagefighting. He takes us down a creative lane imagining Gary Coleman vs. Verne Troyer. Indy suggested a Wizard of Oz stable. Snow said he'd have to do a cagefighting battle royal. Indy said would they have to throw each other over a five foot cage. Snow made a pun at the kennel from hell match by saying there would be a moat filled with sharks... sharks with laser beams.

-Al said that right now pro wrestling has more physical talent and wrestling ability than it has ever had before.

-Al was asked what he thought about shoot videos on YouTube. Al then went into his first shoot-like rant of the show by saying he thought the trend of people talking about companies and burying each other doesn't make any sense. Though he admitted to being guilty of it. He said it makes no sense for someone to bury the company that paid them for years and complaining about the working conditions when people listening are like, "Why did you stay." He said when you throw dirt all you do is lose ground. He admits that as a group, pro wrestlers will complain about ANYTHING. He said you could pay a wrestler a million dollars a year and he only has to wrestle once a year, he'll find something to complain about.

-A caller asked Al who his favorite opponent throughout his career was. He said himself. There is no bigger fan of him than him.

-A listener submitted question asked Al what he thought was his most defining match. Al said he doesn't believe he's had it yet.

-Al was asked about his role at Final Resolution where he slapped Mick Foley. He said he doesn't know if it will lead to anything else in TNA, but he would be open for a run in TNA.

-Al and the hosts talked about The Big Bossman and the 'Pepper' angle. Snow said he remembers that Bossman would always talk and make as much noise as he could when Snow had the dog in his hands so that the dog would urinate.

-Snow recalled the Kennel from Hell match and said the biggest spot of the whole match was when the 350-pound owner tripped and splashed his own dog. He said the result rubbed him the wrong way because here he had a storyline built up for months and during the match you had the dogs urinating, defecating, and fornicating outside the ring to where you couldn't even show the animals on the show.

-Al was asked what his most painful injury was over the years. He recalled a few injuries. The most painful injury was when he cracked his tailbone. One of his most serious injuries was that his heart had swollen up from some impacts and that when he leaned to the side you could hear it clicking. He said he had a minor stroke as well. He named a few others and then recalled dislocating his hip. He said there have been three different occasions that he has laid in a hotel bed and asked God to kill him due to pain from an injury.

-He was asked about the J.O.B squad. He went on another shoot-like rant. He said the J.O.B squad is not about losing. It's a way to remind people in the business that you aren't really winning, you haven't really beat anybody. He said there would be locker room gangs who would think. "Who's that guy ever beat?" He said that's an absurd question. Because you don't really win. He said the one thing that's fake about wrestling is the outcome. Everything else is real, except the outcome. He recalled one time when Undertaker was in the ring and he piledrove Barry Horrowitz. Barry got up and walked away. Who had the most power in that match? J.O.B squad isn't about losing or being a loser, it's about the fact that you don't really beat him.

-Al Snow went on a tirade about how he wrestles for free. You pay him to go to the airport and deal with an immense amount of trouble. This rant was like a promo.

-Al was asked what his response to those who thought Tough Enough "exposed" the business. Al said that was a ridiculous assessment. Al asked the hosts when he thought was the last time people thought that wrestling was real. He said to try the 1930s when newspapers stopped reporting wrestling. How could he expose a business that people knew was fake since the 1930s? He said the fakest thing wrestlers do in the ring is punch each other in the face. It's the one move that exposes the business more than anything else. In a shoot towards someone, you figure it out. He said the one guy that complained more than anyone else about Tough Enough exposing the business came on Tough Enough and did the same move on camera. He said if you really paid attention nobody else ever threw one single punch on any of the seasons, He was the only one that did it.

-Al was asked if he would ever book or run a promotion. Al talked about when he booked and wrote OVW, and mentioned that the OVW TV ratings was the highest rated in the companies history when he booked it. He said OVW was asked by Six Flags to run more shows at the park during his booking era.

There was much more to the interview, these were some of the more noteworthy comments. The interview is available in full at

It was also announced after this interview that former TNA star Johnny Devine will be on talkIMPACTradio on January 29.

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