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Oct 9, 2013 - 09:00 AM

By Jason Powell

-The featured match of WWE Main Event is Tons of Funk vs. Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, and Jinder Mahal in a handicap match. Join Ryan Kester for live coverage of WWE Main Event as the show airs on ION Network tonight at 7:00 p.m. CT.

-Dot Net Members are scheduled to hear to the new Dot Net Countdown Show with Will Pruett and Jake Barnett later today. They are currently listening to my 48-minute audio review of WWE Raw, and the 84-minute audio review of WWE Battleground that Chris Shore and Jake Barnett recorded on Sunday. If you enjoy our All Access audio, help support Dot Net by signing up for membership to the ad-free version of the website via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

-The late Eddie Guerrero was born on October 9, 1967. The former WWE Champion died on November 13, 2005. He was found dead at The Marriott Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His death was attributed to underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. His widow Vickie Guerrero went to work for WWE after his death, and his daughter Shaul recently returned to the developmental program. Eddie and Vickie also have a younger daughter named Sherilyn, and Eddie has a daughter named Kaylie from another relationship. Eddie was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 1, 2006. Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and Chris Benoit delivered the introduction speech, and Vickie accepted the honor.

-Former WWE Women's Champion Rockin' Robin (a/k/a Robin Denise Smith) is 49 today. She was born on October 9, 1964. She worked for WWE from 1987 to 1990. She is the daughter of Grizzly Smith, the sister of Sam Houston, and the half-sister of Jake Roberts.

-Pro wrestling veteran Stevie Richards (a/k/a Michael Manna) is 42 today. He was born on October 9, 1971. Manna pitched a perfect game in MLB 2K11, which should have scored him $1 million. However, he did not get the prize money because he pitched the perfect game prior to the contest starting. Weak.

-NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling ran Friday in Millersville, Tennessee on Friday with the following results: Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy beat Hot Rod Biggs and Shane Smalls, Jocephus (w/Abriella) beat Charles Alexander, Gator McAlister and HammerJack (w/Brewster) beat Jason Nation and Kevin Weatherby, Chris Michaels defeated L.T. Falk, Jeremiah Punkett and Drew Haskins defeated Tracy Smothers and Hot Rod Biggs (w/Jesse Belle). [Thanks to Lekisha F. Oliver]

-It's a rare night of no pro wrestling on ESPN Classic.

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