WWE Main Event, Dot Net Notes, UK events featuring Lita, Ted DiBiase, Goldust, The Steiners, Tommy Dreamer, and more, Billy Gunn appearing at WWE NXT event tonight, Steve Blackman update, Baby Doll

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Feb 13, 2013 - 09:00 AM

By Jason Powell

-WWE Main Event features the return of Chris Jericho's talk show "The Highlight Reel." Jericho's guest will be the other WWE talk show host The Miz. Join Chris Shore for live coverage of WWE Main Event as the show airs tonight on ION Network at 7:00 p.m. CT.

-Dot Net celebrated its fifth birthday on Monday. In celebration of this, we are holding a special throwback membership special starting at $5 for one month. You can also lock in at that rate for six months by signing up for $30. Or you can sign up for our cheapest full year membership rate ever at $55. To access the coupon codes needed to take advantage of this one-week sale, visit the Dot Net Birthday Sale Page.

-Dot Net Members will be listening to the new Dot Net Countdown audio show with Will Pruett and Jake Barnett later today. Will and Jake will be counting down the best and worst moments of the last week in pro wrestling.

-UK based Preston City Wrestling is advertising WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase, ROH Champion Kevin Steen, DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano, and Tommy Dreamer for their April 26 event in Preston at Lava Ignite on Church Street. The show will also feature a 30-man Rumble match.

-Preston City Wrestling is advertising former WWE Diva Lita, Goldust, Chris Masters, and The Steiner Brothers for their May 31 and June 1 events in the UK. Both shows will be held at Lava Ignite. For more information on all upcoming PCW shows, visit

-Billy Gunn kicks off his three night run for WWE NXT beginning with tonight's show in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Armory. Gunn will also appear at the February 17 event at the Brooksville, Armory, and on February 22 at the Jacksonville Armory. He will be taking part in meet and greet events at all three shows. Gunn worked the weekend WWE house show events in tag team matches with Road Dogg against Rhodes Scholars. He is working as an NXT trainer.

-Former WWE wrestler Steve Blackman continues to work as a bail bondsman. Dot Net reader Jeremy H. paid a traffic ticket at the district offices in Harrisburg, Pa. and noticed that Blackman is listed as the official bondsman of his area. Jeremy added that Blackman does MMA training for local fighters as well.

-Former pro wrestling valet and wrestler Nickla Roberts (a/k/a Baby Doll) is 51 today. She was born on February 13, 1962.

-There are no pro wrestling shows listed for ESPN Classic tonight.

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