Dot Net Awards: 2012 Pro Wrestling MVP

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Feb 11, 2013 - 01:15 PM

Dot Net readers voted on a variety of 2012 awards throughout the month of January. The following are the results of our poll for Pro Wrestling MVP. Thanks to everyone who took part in the voting. You can check out the past winners in our Awards section.

(1) C.M. Punk: 59 percent
(2) The Rock: 6 percent
(3) John Cena: 5 percent
(4) Dolph Ziggler: 5 percent
(5) Daniel Bryan: 4 percent
Others: 21 percent

Jason Powell's Thoughts: The year of Punk concludes with an MVP win. A strong case can be made for The Rock winning since he provided such a boost to WrestleMania. Likewise, Cena is the poster boy of the company and has sold a ton of merchandise. Punk's body of work this year was just too impressive to ignore. He gave WWE viewers a break from Cena as champion whether those viewers knew they needed a break or not. Punk delivered strong title matches on a monthly basis and delivered strong promos as a babyface and especially as a heel throughout the year. A.J. gets honorable mention. The act may have lost steam by the end of the year, but her antics and the question of which wrestler she was with were the best reasons to watch Raw some weeks. I have her higher on my list than Ziggler. As much as I enjoy the guy's in-ring work, I believe A.J. and Daniel Bryan were more important to the Raw rating and pay-per-view buyrates in 2012.

Chris Shore's Thoughts: Not a lot of pomp and circumstance here as there is little to decide. CM Punk's name has been included in every singles award we have--even Best Female Act for his interactions with AJ--and has won several, both with fans and with staff. But take all of those other awards away and he is still the MVP for WWE this year. From the yearlong title reign, to the great heel promos to get the fans to turn on him, to the way he got Ryback over, CM Punk deserves this award.

Will Pruett's Thoughts: There were quite a few very valuable players in wrestling in 2012. Does one go with the status quo and pick John Cena? Should I choose part time players that played a major part in WWE's year like The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, or Brock Lesnar? Is a workhorse wrestler putting on amazing performances on the undercard, like Dolph Ziggler, actually more valuable than the main event players? I'm sure I agree with most of my colleagues with my pick of C.M. Punk as the most valuable wrestler in the world in 2012. He filled the main event portion of the show, helped get wrestlers over as both heels and babyfaces, and successfully transitioned his character from hero to villain exactly when WWE needed him to. Punk was more valuable than any other wrestler in 2012. 

Jake Barnett’s Thoughts: It may seem obvious, but the answer here is CM Punk. There was no one who was more consistent, both in the ring and in the microphone, than CM Punk this year. It’s easy to forget how much great stuff was encapsulated in Punk’s title reign, but I think if you actually go back through the year and try to capture all of the great moments it produced, you might surprise yourself at the volume and variety that are to be had. 

Ryan Kester's Thoughts: I think there can be little argument for anyone other than CM Punk. His title rein through the entirety of 2012 is proof of how much he meant to WWE throughout the year, and on top of that Punk delivered a good babyface run that led into an excellent heel run. Punk delivered great matches, held the top championship the entire year, and was either one of the best or the best act on the mic for WWE. Punk is easily 2012’s MVP.

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