Dot Net Awards: 2008 Most Memorable Moment in Pro Wrestling and MMA

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Feb 4, 2009 - 03:03 PM

Dot Net readers voted on a variety of 2008 awards throughout January. The results will be posted today. The following are the poll results of the Most Memorable Moment in Pro Wrestling and MMA category.

(1) Ric Flair's retirement weekend: 45 percent
(2) Jeff Hardy captures the WWE Title at Armageddon: 17 percent
(3) Brock Lesnar defeats Randy Couture to win the UFC Hvt. Title: 13 percent
(4) John Cena's surprise return at the WWE Royal Rumble: 9 percent
(5) Chris Jericho punches Rebecca Michaels: 5 percent

Others: Five nominees split 11 percent of the vote.

Rich Twilling's thoughts: The retirement weekend of Ric Flair wins this award without question. It's funny, for those who say wrestling is "fake," the emotion, respect, and everlasting memories of that weekend were more real than anything you would see in any sports or entertainment medium. Rarely do we get moments like these in anything we enjoy, so when they happen, you know you witnessed something amazing. I feel as though Flair was in a category of his own, so Chris Jericho punching Rebecca Michaels, John Cena's return at the Royal Rumble, and Brock Lesnar winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship were all fantastic, memorable moments.

Jason Powell's thoughts: WWE exceeded everyone's expectations for Flair's retirement weekend. It was first class all the way from the Hall of Fame speech, the match with Shawn Michaels, and the amazing sendoff on Monday Night Raw. This was WWE and pro wrestling at its finest. My second place vote went to Chris Jericho punching Rebecca Michaels. It was one of the few moments that really made my jaw drop last year. My third place vote went to Lesnar defeating Couture. Brock's fast rise from an 0-1 UFC fighter to champion of his division in a matter of months was amazing.

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