Dot Net Awards: 2008 Best Female Act

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Feb 4, 2009 - 12:32 PM

Dot Net readers voted on a variety of 2008 awards throughout January. The results will be posted today. The following are the poll results of the Best Female Act category.

(1) Beth Phoenix: 26 percent
(2) Awesome Kong: 16 percent
(3) Vickie Guerrero: 13 percent
(4) The Beautiful People: 12 percent
(5) Mickie James: 6 percent

Others: 13 others split 27 percent of the vote

Rich Twilling's thoughts: Vickie Guerrero is a heat magnet. She made the most of the opportunity WWE gave her, but I give this award to Awesome Kong. Kong, like Scott Steiner or Kurt Angle has "legit badass" written all over her. When she comes to the ring, I wonder how anyone could possibly beat her. She is extremely over with her actions and without the aid of saying anything. That is impressive. Guerrero and The Beautiful People get the silver and bronze here.

Jason Powell's thoughts: I disagree with the readers and Rich. Vickie Guerrero was the woman that fans loved to hate. She earned more heat with one "Excuse me" line than all the other women on this list combined. I seriously considered giving her my vote for "best heel" because she drew more heat than most of the male performers as well. Kong is an awesome in-ring performer and is the best female monster in the business. The Beautiful People get my third place vote because they're act was so consistently entertaining (at least until the Sarah Palin impersonator showed up). Beth Phoenix is also very good in the ring, but she usually only gets three minutes to show it, and Santino Marella does the bulk of the mic work for their act. Nothing against Beth, but I don't think the readers made the right call.

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