Powell's WrestleMania 6 review: Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Championship and Intercontinental Championship, Ted DiBiase vs. Jake Roberts, Andre the Giant and Haku vs. Demolition for the WWF Tag Titles

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Powell's WrestleMania 6 review: Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Championship and Intercontinental Championship, Ted DiBiase vs. Jake Roberts, Andre the Giant and Haku vs. Demolition for the WWF Tag Titles
2014-04-05 14:00:50

WrestleMania 6 took place on April 1, 1990. This review was written in March 2014. We will continue to post reviews of past WrestleMania events in the future.

WrestleMania 6
Toronto, Ontario at SkyDome
Aired on pay-per-view

WrestleMania 6 opened with Vince McMahon narrating a video package that showed various star constellations, then concluded with McMahon labeling Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior as the greatest forces in the universe. He said they were preparing to explode at WrestleMania...

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura introduced the show. Ventura spoke about how he's been to the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Rolling Stones (concert), but WrestleMania surpasses them all...

Ring announcer Howard Finkel introduced Robert Goulet, who performed "O Canada" in the ring...

Ventura said Goulet reminded him a little of Axl Rose. Monsoon had no idea who he was talking about. Ventura mentioned Guns N' Roses and then Monsoon acted like he knew what Jesse was talking about...

Powell's POV: Paul Heyman told me years later that he suggested WWE bring in one of the newer versions of GNR at a WrestleMania. Axl Rose hadn't performed live in years and it would have been a big deal had it happened. If memory serves, Rose was charging more than WWE wanted to spend, though I'm not sure how aggressively WWE pursued it. By the way, the pre-show dark match was Paul Roma beating Brooklyn Brawler.

1. Koko B. Ware vs. Rick "The Model" Martel. Koko, who had Frankie the parrot in his corner, jumped out to a fast start and the crowd rallied behind his flashy for the time offense. Martel came back and performed a backbreaker, then went for a Boston Crab, but Koko reached the ropes. Martel slammed Ware's head into the turnbuckle, but Ware no-sold it. Ware came back with flying headbutts. Martel ducked a Koko dive off the second rope, then applied the Boston Crab for the win...

Rick Martel defeated Koko B. Ware in 3:51.

Powell's POV: Martel had good heat, especially considering he is Canadian. You could see some fans standing up applauding him, but they seemed to be the minority. This was a little more in line with modern opening matches in that Ware's offense was fast paced and gave the crowd something to cheer for.

Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed The Colossal Connection of Andre the Giant and Haku, and Bobby Heenan. Okerlund dubbed them the Colostomy Connection. Heenan called him on it. Heenan said that if Okerlund wanted to talk evacuation it was fine. He said Demolition were headed straight to the treatment plant. Haku and Andre tried to talk simultaneously. Okerlund said they were anything but regular guys...

Sean Mooney interviewed Demolition in a locker room. They yelled about how they wanted to destroy Andre and Haku...

2. Andre the Giant and Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Demolition for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Demolition got a big pop as they rode to the ring on the ring cart that made it's return for the first time since WrestleMania 3 at the Silver Dome. Smash went for a backslide on Haku early, but Andre broke it up with a poor kick that Smash sold big.

Ax spent a few minutes selling in the corner of the heels before making the hot tag to Smash. All four men ended up in the ring and Andre grabbed Smash from behind. Haku went for a kick that Smash ducked. Andre took the kick and stumbled backwards to tie himself up in the ropes. Demolition hit their Decapitation finisher on Haku and got the win.

After the match, Heenan yelled at Andre and poked his finger at him in the corner. Heenan slapped Andre, who grabbed Heenan by the collar. Heenan begged off. Andre slapped Heenan a few times and then chopped him. Haku tried to kick Andre, but Andre caught his foot, chopped him twice, and knocked him away with a headbutt. Haku and Heenan tried to take the cart, but Andre threw them both off and rode to the back alone to big cheers...

Demolition defeated Andre the Giant and Haku to win the WWF Tag Team Championship in 9:30.

Powell's POV: Demolition were really over by this point. Smash (Barry Darsow) had the right charisma for the role and carried the team in that regard. Ax (Bill Eadie) didn't feel right to me in the first year or so, but he seemed more comfortable in the role and together they were really clicking at this point. Andre didn't do much during the match, as Haku's job was to carry the bulk of the in-ring work for the team. Andre's babyface turn really clicked and the fans were with him from the moment that Heenan slapped him.

Backstage, Okerlund interviewed Earthquake and Jimmy Hart. They set up their match with Hercules with a bunch of earthquake related lines...

3. Hercules vs. Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart). Hercules dodged Earthquake's splash attempts early on. Earthquake got the early advantage in a test of strength spot, then cut off Hercules with a punch when he was about to take control. Earthquake suffered a bloody lip.

Hercules came back and tried with clotheslines to knock Earthquake down. He eventually got Earthquake down to one knee. Hercules went for his backbreaker, but Earthquake cut him off with an elbow. Earthquake dropped a big elbow on Hercules, then stomped in the ring before hitting his running, um, ass-splash for the win. Earthquake followed up with the Aftershock splash a second time after the match...

Earthquake defeated Hercules in 4:52.

Powell's POV: John "Earthquake" Tenta was a college wrestler who went on to work as a sumo wrestler in 1986. He made the switch to pro wrestling for All Japan Pro wrestling and was just two years into his career when he went to work for the WWF in March 1989.

Rona Barrett interviewed Elizabeth on an interview set and told her that she was more stunning than the celebrities she'd interviewed. She asked where Elizabeth has been. She said most of her work has been in an advisory position lately. She said she didn't want to disappoint her fans. She said there were times where she could have helped in the past, but she was afraid of not being able to help enough, which would leave her fans disappointed. She said lately she'd been thinking about returning to ringside and if she did the fans would see a "far more active Elizabeth than you've ever seen before"...

Powell's POV: Barrett was a Hollywood gossip reporter.

Backstage, Sean Mooney conducted a brief interview with Brutus Beefcake...

4. Mr. Perfect (w/The Genius) vs. Brutus Beefcake. Ventura gave his annual greeting to his family back in Minneapolis. The Jeremiah person he mentioned the year before was not included this time. Perfect took big bumps for Beefcake's punches, kicks, and an atomic drop early on.

Beefcake signaled for the sleeper. Actress Mary Tyler Moore was shown cheering for Beefcake in the crowd. The Genius stood on the ring apron and left his scroll for Perfect, who picked it up and struck Beefcake with it. There were a group of fans who held up "10" signs when Perfect would do anything.

Later, Perfect slapped Beefcake and few times and jawed at him. Beefcake took Perfect down and did a slingshot move that Perfect sold by going over the top rope and onto the ring post, which led to Beefcake pinning him. After the match, Genius stole Beefcake's clippers. Beefcake caught up to him, threw him inside the ring, and put him in a sleeper hold. Beefcake cut off clumps of Genius's hair...

Brutus Beefcake beat Mr. Perfect in 7:48.

Powell's POV: Lanny Poffo went from being an undercard babyface to playing the role of The Genius. Beefcake beating Mr. Perfect at WrestleMania is blasphemy as far as I'm concerned, and this was actually Perfect's first televised loss. The finish saw Curt Hennig use the same spot as when he dropped the AWA Title to Jerry Lawler. Perfect worked hard and took his usual fun assortment of bumps, but Beefcake prevented this from being anything special.

A video package recapped the Bad News Brown and Roddy Piper feud. It started with Piper eliminating him from the Royal Rumble, then Brown reaching up and pulling Piper to the floor. They had a big brawl on Wrestling Challenge TV...

Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviewed Roddy Piper, who was painted half-black for God knows what reason. Piper said he was two-faced, and Brown wouldn't know whether Hod Rod or Hot Scot was going to beat him...

Powell's POV: Piper claimed in a "30 Years of WrestleMania" podcast that he came up with the idea of painting himself black when Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson first pitched the Brown match to him. He also said Andre the Giant and Arnold Skaaland ribbed him by dumping the solution used to remove the paint and it took him weeks to get it off. Couldn't he have just bought more of the solution? Brown later claimed that he felt that it was racist in a confusing way.

5. Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown. After a lot of back and forth brawling, Brown removed a turnbuckle pad. He tried to whip Piper into that corner, but Piper reversed it and Brown crashed into the exposed turnbuckle. Piper pulled a white glove out of his trunks. Ventura said it was a Michael Jackson glove.

Brown pulled Piper to ringside. He threw a punch at Piper, who moved, causing Brown to hit the ring post. Piper grabbed a chair and swung it wildly at Brown, who avoided it. Referee Danny Davis (previously a heel referee), counted out both men. Piper and Brown continued to fight and had to be pulled apart by referees and agents...

Powell's POV: I'll never grasp what Piper was going for here with the black paint, but it would never happen today. The brawl just wasn't very good, but it was still better than the Piper's Pit segment at WrestleMania 5.

Backstage, celebrity Steve Allen played the piano inside a locker room shower. He said it had the right acoustics for the Russian national anthem. "The Bolsheviks" Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov entered with the idea of singing with Allen, who sang some corny Russian jokes while Volkoff had to be restrained by Zhukov...

6. The Hart Foundation vs. The Bolsheviks. Bret put his shades on a young fan in the front row. The spoiled brat has the world by the balls in that his parents bought him front row tickets, and now he gets free shades? Volkoff sang the Russian national anthem, which the Harts broke up by hitting their opponents from behind to cheers from the crowd. Hart and Neidhart hit the Hart Attack Clothesline on Zhukov for the win...

The Hart Foundation defeated The Bolsheviks in 0:19.

Powell's POV: The Bolsheviks has no heat aside from the usual booing of Volkoff's singing. The Hart Foundation got the win, but it had to be disappointing to not play a bigger role at the first WrestleMania in Canada.

Vince McMahon narrated a video package for WrestleMania 7 at the Los Angeles Sports Coliseum... Ventura said "The Body is coming home" to Los Angeles... Backstage, Okerlund interviewed Tito Santana...

Powell's POV: The goal was to break their attendance record at the huge L.A. Coliseum. Instead, they ended up running the L.A. Sports Arena. They cited the switch was made due to security concerns, but the truth is that ticket sales were well below expectations.

7. Tito Santana vs. The Barbarian (w/Bobby Heenan). Barbarian used power moves to control the majority of the match. Tito worked in some hope spots. He performed a couple dropkicks late and followed up with a double axe-handle off the second rope. Tito hit his flying forearm and had the pin, but Heenan put Barbarian's leg on the bottom rope.

With Santana holding on behind him, Barbarian pulled himself through the ropes and the idea was that Santana was supposed to clothesline himself. He did not actually clothesline himself, but the announcers sold it as if he had. Barbarian followed up with a clothesline off the top rope for the win...

The Barbarian defeated Tito Santana in 4:33.

Powell's POV: The Barbarian and Warlord were split up as a tag team early in the year. The storyline was that Mr. Fuji sold Barbarian's contract to Heenan, and Warlord's contract to Slick. Warlord was repackaged and it didn't click.

A video package recapped the Randy Savage and Sherri Martel feud with Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire. Sapphire was cast as a Dusty Rhodes fan, who climbed over the guardrail to help when Sherri got involved....

Backstage, Mooney interviewed Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire. Dusty said he wouldn't pretend to be a king, and Sapphire wouldn't pretend to be queen. Dusty said Savage and Sherri were missing the key party of royalty - the crown jewel. Mooney acted baffled...

Powell's POV: Sapphire (a/k/a Juanita Wright) was legitimately a huge fan of wrestling who became a referee and eventually wrestler Princess Dark Cloud on the indy scene.

8. Randy Savage and Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire (w/Elizabeth) in a mixed tag match. Before the match, Rhodes introduced Elizabeth as the crown jewel. The crowd popped big for her return and one overly excited guy jumped up and down with a "We Love Elizabeth" sign. Ventura complained about the rules of mixed tag matches and said the women should face the men due to the women's movement.

Savage jumped off the top and Rhodes caught him, then swung him into an interfering Sherri. Rhodes tagged in Sapphire, who shoved Sherri into her corner where she accidentally clotheslined Savage and knocked him off the apron. Sapphire performed an airplane spin on Sherri for a one count.

Later, Savage hit a double axe-handle off the top rope and onto Rhodes on the floor. Sherri took shots at Rhodes while the ref was busy with Savage. Savage performed a second double axe-handle, but when he went for a third Sapphire stood in the way. Savage dropped to the floor and threw Sapphire to the mat. Ventura said she struck Savage first and deserved whatever she got.

The rules went out the window when Sherri performed a top rope splash onto Dusty and the referee actually made a two count. Later, Sapphire threw Sherri to the floor, then Elizabeth threw Sherri back in the ring for a pop. Sherri went over and jawed at Elizabeth. Sapphire knelt behind Sherri, then Elizabeth shoved Sherri over Sapphire, who got the pin...

Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire defeated Randy Savage and Queen Sherri in 7:52.

Powell's POV: I reached my limit of Rhodes over pushing himself in Jim Crockett Promotions long before he arrived in the WWF, so I never got into the polkadot gear. Meanwhile, Macho King and Queen Sherri were a blast.

The WrestleMania 7 commercial aired again...

Backstage, Okerlund interviewed Heenan and said Family members were dropping like the Berlin Wall. Heenan, who was sweating profusely, said he's the easiest guy to get along with. He said Andre didn't think wrong because it took two and a half hours for the blood to get to his brain. He said he was through with Andre and he was bringing in new Family members...

Backstage, Monsoon and Ventura interviewed Rona Barrett, who claimed she had footage "of the adult library variety" on Ventura. Ventura tried to cue for the footage, but Ventura sent it to Mooney, who was with Macho King and Queen Sherri. Savage said suffering builds character, and Rhodes would build a lot of character. Sherri screamed and threw a fit throughout the interview. Savage said the crown jewel doesn't exist...

Okerlund interviewed Demolition about their tag title win. Okerlund brought up the Hart Foundation as potential challengers. Demolition celebrated and spoke about winning the tag titles for the third time. Ax told the Hart Foundation to come after the titles...

Ventura and Monsoon spoke in the broadcast booth. Monsoon said he saw the Barrett footage and it was nothing...

Okerlund interviewed Hulk Hogan about "the ultimate challenge." Late in the promo, Hogan said it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's what type of winner or loser you are. He said he hopes Warrior is a good loser...

Mooney tried to interview Ultimate Warrior in a locker room. Warrior shoved Mooney aside. Warrior asked if Hogan wanted his beliefs to live forever. He said the ideas and beliefs can live through him. He said people want to know if Hogan is still willing to step into the darkness. Warrior said the darkness is accepting any and all challenges despite the threat of losing everything. Warrior said he comes to take what Hogan believes in further than he ever could. Warrior said he's not there to destroy the Hulkamaniacs, he's there to bring the Warriors and Hulkamaniacs together as one. Warrior said he's not there to do anyone harm but rather to bring what they both believe in to places they never have been...

Powell's POV: Believe it or not, this was actually about 1,000 times easier to follow than many of Warrior's promos. Obviously, there was an intermission in the stadium, which is why they threw so many interview segments at viewers.

9. The Rockers vs. "The Orient Express" Sato and Tanaka (w/Mr. Fuji). Tanaka took his always impressive back flip bump off a Michaels clothesline. Marty Jannetty took a hot tag from Michaels. They hit a double dropkick on Sato, then a big double backdrop on Tanaka. They went to top ropes for their finisher, but Fuji went after Jannetty with a cane.

Jannetty went after Fuji, but Sato snuck up behind Jannetty and threw salt in his eyes. Jannetty acted blinded and tumbled over the guardrail and into the front row. The referee counted them out...

The Orient Express defeated The Rockers by count out in 7:38.

Powell's POV: Good action from the popcorn match. Akio Sato worked for All Japan Pro Wrestling and NWA territories before teaming with Pat Tanaka in the WWF. Tanaka was coming off a run as AWA Tag Champions with Paul Diamond as Badd Company. They actually took the titles from The Midnight Rockers, who became The Rockers in the WWF. Badd Company was managed in the AWA by Dallas Page. Tanaka is actually Hawaiian, but don't tell anyone.

Backstage, Steve Allen said "they have been called one of the hottest new bands in the world today, but unfortunately they are not here" so he interviewed Rhythm & Blues (Honky Tonk Man and Boxcar Valentine) in their locker room. Allen said he hadn't been so excited since he found out Peewee Herman was straight. Allen said Honky reminded him of Elvis...Costello. Valentine said they were on their way to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Allen said he would call ahead and warn them that they were coming...

10. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart, Earthquake). Duggan brought out an American flag and tried to get a USA chant going in Toronto. He waved the flag and got a mix of "boos" and "hoooo." It was a pro-Duggan crowd once the flag was put away. Late in the match, Duggan set up in the three-point stance, but Earthquake distracted him. With the ref focussed on Earthquake, Duggan hit Bravo with his two-by-four and pinned him. Afterward, Earthquake dropped elbows and a few Earthquake splashes on him...

Jim Duggan beat Dino Bravo in 4:15.

Powell's POV: No one thought to have Duggan bring out a Canadian flag and an American flag? Anyway, the typical Duggan match, and the typical lack of real heat for Bravo. Duggan wins and they set him up in a post-WrestleMania feud with Earthquake.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Jake Roberts backstage. Roberts said it's the biggest match of DiBiase's career because the Million Dollar Belt he took from him was on the line. Roberts said DiBiase could get it back by going through him and Damien (snake). Roberts said he would make DiBiase beg just as he made fans beg him for money...

Powell's POV: A good promo from Roberts. There wasn't a lot of good mic work on the early WrestleMania shows, so that one really stood out.

11. Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) vs. Jake Roberts for the Million Dollar Belt. After Roberts had a run of offense, he went for a running double knee lift in the corner, but DiBiase moved and propelled him a bit so Roberts took a cool bump in the corner. DiBiase took control of the offense, but the fans took control of the show by starting a wave. DiBiase tried to taunt them to regain their attention, and Roberts tried to slap the mat to get them to follow along, but it was too late.

Ventura had fun with the wave and encouraged Monsoon to stand up when it came around, then told him that he ate too many hot dogs. Wide shots of the crowd doing the wave were shown and the announcers said it could only happen at WrestleMania. The fans got back into the match and rallied behind Jake when he was in the Million Dollar Dream.

Later, Virgil reached in to break up Jake's offense. Roberts body slammed Virgil on the floor. DiBiase put Roberts in the Million Dollar Dream on the floor, but Roberts backed into the post to break it. With both men down, Virgil rolled DiBiase back inside the ring and the referee counted out Roberts.

After the match, DiBiase celebrated with his title belt. Jake entered the ring and clotheslined both men, causing money to go flying out of Virgil's hand. Virgil grabbed the title belt and ran backstage. DiBiase hit Roberts from behind, but Jake ended up putting him down with a DDT. Roberts picked up the money and handed some of it to fans at ringside, then handed Mary Tyler Moore a $100 bill. Roberts shoved a bill in DiBiase's mouth and then poured the giant snake into the ring, but Virgil woke up DiBiase and they ran backstage. Roberts put the snake around his neck and chased the duo up the ramp...

Ted DiBiase defeated Jake Roberts by count out in 11:50.

Powell's POV: The wave was pretty common at this time at sporting events, but I don't recall it happening during televised WWF events. Was this the first example of a crowd temporarily hijacking the show? They picked a strange time because this was one of the better matches of the night.

Backstage, Mooney interviewed Akeem and Slick. Slick said money is they key to happiness and he's happy because DiBiase got his belt back. Akeem said there are two things that don't last long - dogs that chase cars, law enforcement officers who won't take the money...

Powell's POV: Oddly enough, Akeem (George Gray, formerly known as One Man Gang) was actually working at a prison. The story was that DiBiase paid Slick to get his title back. Bossman ended up with the belt and Damien the snake, but he turned down DiBiase's money and gave both items back to Roberts, which turned him babyface.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Big Bossman, who said he's happy to no longer have a skinny, belt-like manager...

12. Big Bossman vs. Akeem (w/Slick). DiBiase came out and put the boots to Bossman before the opening bell. DiBiase slammed Bossman on the floor and dropped an elbow on him, and then ran him into the ring post. DiBiase went backstage and Bossman ended up selling early. Bossman came back and won the match with the sidewalk slam for the win...

Big Bossman beat Akeem in 1:49.

Powell's POV: This was Akeem's last WrestleMania match. He left the company six months later and worked as One Man Gang in WCW the next year. The match was quick and mostly painless, though in no way memorable or good.

Mooney went into the crowd and interviewed fans, then moved over to Mary Tyler Moore, who said it was "the best of athletics and theater." She said she's never seen anything so exciting. Mooney ruined whatever credibility Moore had by asking her if she had all of the Honky Tonk Man's albums. She said she did. Mooney asked about Valentine. "How about him?" she asked. Mooney asked if Honky reminded her of Elvis. She played along and said yes. He asked who Valentine reminded her of. "Elvis," she said...

Powell's POV: Wow, that was painful. Maybe she forgot lines, but it sure seemed like they put her on the spot by asking her questions she clearly had no answers for.

Finkel introduced Rhythm & Blues for their performance of their new song. Honky, Valentine, Jimmy Hart, and two girls were driven to the rink in a pink cadillac. Honky performed "Hunka Hunka Honkey Love" while Valentine pretended to play the guitar. The Bushwhackers showed up and did their march around the ring as Honky and Valentine went backstage. The Bushwhackers smashed the guitars...

Powell's POV: The driver was Diamond Dallas Page, who had been an AWA manager. He was not acknowledged by name and even fans who were familiar with him didn't even notice it was him driving the car. The bit with the Bushwhackers was flat and the live crowd didn't give them much of a reaction since there wasn't anything to really cheer about.

The attendance was announced as 67,678 fans...

13. Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Jimmy Snuka. Steve Lawrence joined the broadcast team and cracked one-liners. The crowd was really flat during the entrnaces, but Rude got them to react in the opening minute when he threw a dropkick and Snuka held onto the ropes. Rude crashed to the mat and the fans gasped. They also popped for Snuka mocking Roode's hip swivel.

Later, Snuka went up top for his Superfly move, but Rude got back to his feet. Snuka jumped over Rude and remained on the offensive. Snuka slammed Rude and went for a second rope headbutt, but Rude moved. Rude hit the Rude Awakening neckbreaker for the win...

Rick Rude defeated Jimmy Snuka in 3:59.

Powell's POV: The live crowd seemed a little spent at this point in the show. Then again, Rude and Snuka didn't exactly have a hot program. Snuka didn't click when he returned, and Rude ended up leaving the company six months later. This was in no way a big semi main event despite its placement on the card.

A video package recapped the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan buildup. Warrior mistakenly clotheslined Hogan following a tag match on Saturday Night's Main Event. On The Main Event, Hogan saved Warrior from an Earthquake splash, which didn't please Warrior. Then Warrior returned the favor on a syndicated show, but Hogan didn't want the help. Warrior ran the ropes for no reason and Hogan stumbled into his path. Warrior teased clotheslining him, but stopped, then Hogan struck a fighter's pose, and Warrior left the ring...

14. WWF Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior for both titles. Both wrestlers got big reactions. They wore their title belts while staring at one another as the referee Dave Hebner gave them instructions. Hogan and Warrior handed over their belts and the bell rang to start the match. Hogan and Warrior continued to stare at one another. Warrior shoved Hogan and got a mix of cheers and boos. Hogan returned the favor.

Hogan and Warrior locked up. Warrior shoved Hogan into the corner, then Hogan returned fire. They each received a mix of cheers and boos. Warrior called for a test of strength and Hogan obliged. Warrior forced Hogan to his knees, then Hogan got up and forced Warrior to his knees. Things got a little homoerotic, but the crowd ate it up. Hogan tripped Warrior and covered him, but Warrior kicked out at one and they both jumped to their feet. They ran the ropes and Hogan slammed Warrior, then Warrior slammed Hogan.

Warrior clotheslined Hogan to the floor. Hogan sold a left knee injury and told the referee that his knee was "gone" but he would try to get back inside the ring. Warrior rolled Hogan inside the ring and kicked at Hogan's bad knee. Hogan raked Warrior's eyes twice. Ventura said it was getting dirty and he liked it. Warrior raked Hogan's eyes.

A short time later, Hogan backed Warrior into the corner and stood on the second rope and threw multiple punches. Monsoon said Hogan's knee seemed better and it may have been something that slipped back into place. Hogan got Warrior down and dropped elbows on him. Hogan put Warrior in a front chin lock. Monsoon said it was a dangerous move. Ventura said absolutely, just ask Richard Belzer.

Powell's POV: Hogan put comedian Richard Belzer in a front face lock until he passed out on a cable talk show. Belzer hit his head on the way down and bleed. Belzer sued Hogan for $5 million, and they settled out of court. Belzer later stated that the settlement amount was closer to $5 million.

Hogan had a run of sustained offense and threw punches and big chops in the corner, but Warrior held onto the ropes in the corner to avoid going down. Hogan clotheslined Warrior to take him down. Hogan covered Warrior and got a two count. Hogan performed a backbreaker for a two count. Hogan protested the count with the referee, then applied a chin lock.

Warrior started to pump up and his fans rallied behind him. Warrior broke the chin lock with three elbows to Hogan's gut. They ran the ropes and performed a simultaneous clothesline spot. Once they got up, Warrior started to no-sell Hogan's offense, then hit him with a big punch and clothesline.

Warrior took Hogan down with back-to-back running clotheslines. Warrior whipped Hogan into one corner and then the other and Hogan went down flat on his face. Hogan reached out and grabbed Warrior's leg. Warrior picked him up and suplexed him for a two count.

Warrior put Hogan in a bear hug and Hogan sold it by having his arms and neck go limp. The ref checked Hogan's arm and Hogan kept it up on the third try. The Hogan fans roared. Hogan threw several punches at Warrior and broke the hold. Warrior ran the ropes and Hogan dropped down, and Warrior collided with the referee. Warrior went up top and came down with a double axe-handle, then repeated the move in the opposite corner.

Warrior ran the ropes a few times and Hogan ended up grabbing the back of his head and driving him into the mat. Hogan covered Warrior an slapped the mat three times in two different sequences. Hogan checked on the referee and then looked to the fans. Warrior performed a belly to back suplex and covered Hogan, but the referee was out. Warrior woke up the referee and he made a slot count, but Hogan kicked out at the last second.

Hogan rolled up Warrior and again made the count on his own because the referee was still recovering. The ref got into position and counted, but Warrior kicked out. Hogan clotheslined Warrior to the floor. They fought there and tried to ram one another into the ring post. Hogan headbutted Warrior, but Warrior came back and ran Hogan's head into the post.

Warrior rolled Hogan back inside the ring and clotheslined him. Warrior pumped his fists, then picked up Hogan, pressed him over his head, dropped him behind his back, and then ran the ropes and splashed him. Warrior covered Hogan, but Hogan kicked out aggressively at 2.5.

Hogan no-sold Warrior's punches and Hulked up again. Hogan pointed at Warrior, then blocked his punches and threw punches of his own. Hogan whipped Warrior into the ropes and hit him with the big boot. Hogan went for the big leg, but Warrior moved, popped up, ran the ropes, and splashed Hogan. The ref counted to three and Hogan kicked out right after the three count.

Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WWF Championship and the Intercontinental Championship in 22:45.

After the match, Hogan got up and showed some frustration as Warrior celebrated by posing on the second rope of the various corners. A dejected Hogan went to ringside and grabbed the WWF Title. Hogan entered the ring and presented the title to Warrior, then held his arm up. Hogan and Warrior hugged, then Warrior raised Hogan's arm.

Ventura said at least the match wasn't like a Mike Tyson and Don King affair. He said Hogan was going out like a true champion. Monsoon said Hulkamania will live for ever, and Ventura agreed. Warrior celebrated in the ring with both title belts as Hogan headed backstage. Pyro went off in the ring behind Warrior, then he shook the ropes and continued to celebrate as his entrance music played. Hogan was shown watching the celebration from the ring cart. Fireworks went off at the top of the dome to close the show...

Powell's POV: A truly amazing match considering the limitations of both men, particularly Warrior. The atmosphere was something that did not exist during the WrestleMania era up until this point The formula was to build up a heel in a big way and then have Hogan eventually slay the dragon. You just didn't see top babyfaces work against one another in the WWF, so this felt like a major happening.

The fans were so hot for the main event that it was comparable to the crowd during Hogan vs. Andre at WrestleMania 3 in terms of the intensity. The booking of the main event was clearly designed to give Hogan plenty of outs. He scored the first visual pinfall. Even Jesse Ventura praised Hogan, which was incredibly rare.

The overall WrestleMania 6 card was softer than WrestleMania 5 card, but it was a better show that WrestleManias 1, 2, and 4. The main event certainly put it over the top of those other shows. Pat Patterson laid out a great match, and Hogan and Warrior stepped up and delivered in a big way. Warrior was famous for blowing up, so the fact that he kept it together for as long as he did was amazing. It was crazy to see him gorilla slam Hogan after 20 plus minutes. There was true suspense among wresting fans when it came to who would win the main event, which had fans hanging on every near fall. It may not seem as special if you watch the match now knowing who was going to win, but it really was a great match that saw both men deliver a better match than anyone anticipated.




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