9/2 Moore's TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA Title or Jeff Hardy's freedom on the line, GFW's Hostile Takeover, Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Mordetzky, Magnus's Feast or Fired contract is cashed in, PJ Black vs. Bobby Roode for the King of the Mountain Championship, and Kenny King vs. Bram

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9/2 Moore's TNA Impact Wrestling TV Review: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA Title or Jeff Hardy's freedom on the line, GFW's Hostile Takeover, Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Mordetzky, Magnus's Feast or Fired contract is cashed in, PJ Black vs. Bobby Roode for the King of the Mountain Championship, and Kenny King vs. Bram
2015-09-03 09:11:29

By John Moore

TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America
Taped in July at Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

This week's Impact opened with the Hardy brothers and Ethan Carter III entering different parts of the Impact Zone in preparation for their impending collision for the TNA World Championship vs. Jeff Hardy's freedom. Impact then transitioned into a video package spotlighting the Global Force "Invasion"...

The Jeff Jarrett siren played as usual as The Jarretts and Global Force entered the six sided ring. Jeff Jarrett gave a similar initial promo as he has the past few weeks involving the strangeness of him being back in TNA and being welcomed back in the TNA Hall of Fame. The crowd showered him with boos. Jarrett said he helped TNA and Dixie with his TNA/GFW supershow that proved to be successful. Jarrett said he gave Dixie a taste of the success this company can have with Jeff in charge. Karen took the mic to take over the promo for her husband.

Karen said that she saw all of the hard work that Jeff put in and she knows how great he is. Karen said she had Bully taken out to give Jeff what he deserved. The crowd overwhelmed her with TNA chants with Karen responding by saying that they want to hear what she's saying. Karen said she saw how much Jeff loved TNA and his family which inspired her to call Chris "The Adonis" Mordetzky to beat up Bully and Drew Galloway. She said she did what had to be done. Jeff Jarrett thanked Karen for putting the wheels in motion for a "Corporate Hostile Takeover". Jeff said he was building another wrestling empire with GFW in the middle. He said no one could do anything because he still had ownership stake in TNA.

Jeff told TNA that no one can compete with the GFW roster. Chris Mordetzky grabbed the mic and said that GFW wasn't impressed with the TNA roster. Chris said he was bigger and better than anyone in the TNA locker room. He then made an open challenge to the TNA lockerroom. Lashley's music played to show that Lashley was accepting the challenge...

John's Thoughts: I've said before that this brings back bad memories of old TNA and I maintain that thought with this segment. This wasn't even fun master of MMA or Mexican Jeff Jarrett, this was the boring top heel Jeff Jarrett that always seemed out of place wherever he performed. It doesn't help that GFW had no credibility even though Jeff Jarrett claims that these shows (that were pre-taped so it isn't his fault) were a success. There was some good to come out of this segment though and it was the Impact Zone crowd who really did a good job showing Jeff and Karen with boos and delivering the heat.

1. Chris "The Adonis" Mordetzky vs. Bobby Lashley. Lashley dominated initially with a belly to back suplex on Mordetzky. After a few slow lockups, Mordetzky locked in a headlock. Lashley quickly escaped and got a back lockup on The Masterpiece. Lashley dodged some of Mordetzky's attack and got a clothesline. Mordetzky went for the Masterlock, but Lashley reversed into his own Full Nelson slam. Mordetzky turned the tables and put the boots to Lashley. After another resthold, Lashley escaped with the help of the crowd cheers.

Lashley draped Mordetzky over the apron and took him to the outside with a forearm. Lashley was grounded after Mortetzky did a strong whip to Lashley on the ring steps. Lashley beat the ten count. Mordetzky hit a double underhook suplex and got the two count out of it. Lashley fought back with his fists and grounded the Masterpiece with a running clothesline. Lashley came right at Mordetzky with a German Suplex and started tackling with Masterpiece in the corner. Lashley nailed Mordetzky with his signature delayed suplex. Lashley went for the spear, but Mordetzky countered with a thrust spinebuster.

Mordetzky teased the masterlock. Mordetzky couldn't lock it in which allowed Lashley to get an armdrag. Lashley slammed Mordetzky with his running powerslam. Lashley speared Chris Mordetzky. Suddenly, Brian Myers ran in and hit Lashley with his Curt Hawkins Cane, invoking the DQ.

Bobby Lashley defeated Chris Mordetzky via DQ in 8:23.

GFW joined Myers in the beatdown on Lashley. The Wolves ran in to try to end the GFW numbers game, but Jeff Jarrett and crew were still too much for the three TNA guys. Josh Matthews tried his best to sell this as a big moment. Jeff Jarrett called Karen Jarrett out to bring a "special surprise"...

John's Thoughts: Wow! That was as dull as hell! The bulk of the blame for being dull should probably go to Chris Masters. I only say that due to all of the respect that Lashley has gained due to him putting on good to great matches with a myriad of opponents since 2014. Hell, Lashley had a pretty decent match with wannabe Chris Masters, "The Adonis" Jessie Godderz, a few weeks ago that wasn't this dull. I also thought they would have tried to tell the story of Lashley being the first person to break the Master Lock, but instead we got a dull match.

Oh Gawd! Karen Jarrett was walking to the ring with what looks like a repurposed Feast or Fired briefcase with the number 3 on it. Wait a sec? Is that Magnus's briefcase that was for him and Bram? Karen said that her friend Magnus gave it to her and it was the Tag Team title shot. Jeff Jarrett said he was cashing in the tag title shot right now. Earl Hebner grabbed the mic and told GFW that he has cashed in many briefcases but he wasn't cashing in this one tonight for GFW. Jeff Jarrett and Earl Hebner had a hilarious shoving match until Earl was sent to the outside with a right hand from Double J. Double J then called for Scott D' Amore to get a ref out there.

Scott D' Amore ran out with a replacement ref. Lei'D Tapa and Royal Red were picking on the poor guy. The ref called for the bell and we had an official match...

2. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers and Trevor Lee for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Trevor Lee went for the quick pin, but Eddie Edwards Kicked out. Eddie fought back a bit only to eat a Trevor Lee dropkick. Brian Myers tagged in and clubbed both Wolves with punches. Myers nailed Eddie with a vertical suplex and got a nearfall himself. Myers nailed Eddie with a spinning bodyslam and got yet another nearfall. Eddie Edwards got his only little rally and got a half crab on Trevor Lee. Davey Richards recovered and got a Texas Cloverleaf on Myers.

Both Wolves got distracted by Sonjay Dutt like goofs. Trevor Lee grabbed the briefcase and smashed it over the head of Eddie Edwards and got the victory.

Brian Myers and Trevor Lee defeated The Wolves via pinfall in 2:29 to become the new TNA Tag Team champions.

GFW celebrated in the ring with their new belts. Trevor Lee and Brian Myers stood alongside PJ Black holding their TNA Championship straps up in the air...

Bobby Roode was interviewed and mentioned how he could care less about the chaos outside. Roode said he was tired of being disrespected by both TNA and Jeff Jarrett. He said the most important thing to him was winning championships and that PJ Black was facing the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time...

John's Thoughts: Okay... That whole segment was a whole pile of cow dung, but I will look at some of the positives. I'm a huge fan of shows paying attention to continuity and it was cool to see them take one of their storylines from the past and use it in present time, but I did also have a chuckle on how Magnus seems to not want to have any part of TNA right now. Good for Magnus! The rest of it, TNA looks like it has gone through a time machine and to a time that we didn't like so much. This isn't even the Vince Russo time, this was bad Double J time!

Josh and Pope took a somber tone in recapping the "hostile takeover" by Global Force Wrestling. They said that if Bobby Roode wins the King of the Mountain Championship, TNA might be able to gain some momentum back. Josh Matthews also said we were having a TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match between Matt Hardy and EC3 tonight...

John's Thoughts: Wait? There's a world title match tonight? ughhhh.... this company!

Jeremy Borash was hyped, and he interviewed Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. Ethan Carter said he was a fan of the Hardy Boys mystery series, even though he thinks that the Hardy Boys is a terrible name. He said he liked the adventure choosing elements of the books, like a RPG. Ethan Carter III called himself god mode and started narrating his tale in novel style. Ethan Carter said that Matt Hardy may never die, but his world title aspirations will. Ethan told Jeff that he likes his coffee black, women brunette, and his title in tact...

The entrances for the King of the Mountain Championship match took place. Roode had a mic and said he was keeping it short and sweet. He told Black to look around and see that this is TNA wrestling. Roode said he was a TNA original and he helped build this company over the past ten years. Roode mentioned how some people hate him and love him, but he first and foremost earned their respect. Roode said he doesn't know about this GFW crap, but this was his house, and this was TNA's house. He then pointed to the fans and said that this was our house. Roode then promised to kick PJ Black's ass and win the KOTM Championship

3. PJ Black vs. Bobby Roode for the King of the Mountain Championship. PJ Black was aggressive to start until Roode came back with aggressive punches of his own. Roode ran PJ Black over the top rope with a clothesline, rallying the crowd to chant TNA. Mathews clarified that the King of the Mountain championship doesn't have to be contested on solely King of the Mountain matches. PJ Black gained the advantage again with the match inside the ring.

Roode fought out of the corner with chops and kicks. Black was grounded with a strong clothesline. Roode went for a suplex, but PJ Black fought out and hit a back thrust kick. Roode escaped outside and was hit by two tope's from PJ Black. Roode was grounded with a springboard elbow drop, sending us to commercial. [C]

Roode evened things up with a springboard cutter. Both wrestlers traded punches when they recovered. PJ Black missed a springboard move which allowed Roode to hit a spinebuster, earning him a nearfall. Roode hit a sitout front suplex on Black. Roode went for the Roode bomb, but Black escaped. Black got a nearfall after a reverse DDT. Black got another nearfall after a tornado DDT. Black got a third nearfall in a row after a springboard moonsault. Black went for another moonsault, but Roode got the legs up leading to a crossface.

Sonjay Dutt was on the ring apron again which distracted Roode. Roode kicked out of the rollup from Black. Drew Galloway ran in to take out Sonjay Dutt on the outside with his running high knee. This distracted Roode somehow, but Roode got the Roode Bomb on PJ Black and earned the championship.

Bobby Roode defeated PJ Black via pinfall in 9:03 to become the new TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

The crowd was hot for the Roode win as TNA got the upper hand for the first time tonight. Mathews said that Roode and Galloway have quelled the hostile takeover for the time being. The Jeff Jarrett siren played as Bryan Myers and Trevor Lee tried to attack Roode, but luckily he heard the Jarrett siren. Jeff Jarrett asked what the hell was happening. Jarrett said this was a hostile takeover and that he wasn't leaving until Dixie gives back what she stole from him.

Dixie Carter came out with a microphone. Jeff Jarrett said there should be no more Dixie Carter and no more moronic business mistakes. Dixie Carter mocked Jeff Jarrett by saying that she at least admits to it when she makes a mistake (she must not have listened to the interviews that she did with Stone Cold, Wade Keller, and the such). She said she never thrown Jeff Jarrett's mistakes back at him and only wanted to work with Jeff as a team. Jeff responded by saying that they were a very successful team until Dixie stole his power and replaced him with many failed regimes. Jeff said he was staying in the ring to take over. Dixie Carter said that Jeff left TNA and that she (oh gawd!) remained here to fight the fight still to this day.

Dixie Carter said that she didn't remove him from power, Jeff removed himself from power. Dixie said she still stood by his side and hoped he would change. Dixie said that Jeff Jarrett taught her on pro wrestling and leading with an ego and that Jeff's ego caused him to take his ball in leave. Jeff told Dixie to shut up. Jeff said he was staying in the ring and not leaving. Dixie Carter said she was making an offer that Jeff couldn't refuse, and offer that would either get rid of Dixie or Jeff. She proposed one match with her majority shares vs. Jeff's shares. She said she was doing it for those who decided to stay in TNA and fight for TNA.

Jeff Jarrett questioned as to why Dixie would blame Jeff for being selfish. Jeff said he was put on this earth to serve, not to be served. He said that the wrestlers in the ring believed in Jeff and GFW. He said they understand that Jeff would go in the trenches with them and fight with them. Jeff said he had his team, but Dixie had no one behind her. Drew Galloway was the first to walk out. Drew said that Jeff thought that TNA was going to lay down and die, Drew then told GFW on behalf of TNA to go to hell. Drew said he was going to stand up for TNA, Dixie, and his way of life. The Wolves joined him behind Dixie. Lashley was the fourth man. Drew said he saw Jeff's change in demeanor and that "This was Team TNA"...[C]

Josh Mathews and Pope talked a bit about standing up for TNA. Josh then brought out the Knockouts calendar. They also said that Kenny King was in the ring...

Kenny King said that he was the king of the night. King said that he was going through an identity crisis and that there were no flags, mask, or crew behind him. Kenny said he didn't want to be a king that uses the advantage and numbers game, he said he didn't want to take orders from anybody because Kenny King was a leader. He said as the new Kenny king, he wanted to start Open Fight Night again, so he was calling out anyone from TNA or GFW to challenge him. Bram took him up on that challenge.

4. Kenny King vs. Bram. Kenny King met Bram with punches on the entrance ramp. Bram gained the upper hand and took the action to the ring. Kenny King sent Bram to the outside with a caporieta kick. Bram sent King to the outside mat with a strong clothesline.

Kenny King went for a sunset rollup, but Bram continued his advantage following the pin attempt. King fought out of the corner and started using more caporieta moves to kick Bram. Bram escaped the fireman carry, but not a bulldog on the top rope. King went for a springboard cutter, but Bram got out of the way. Bram hit the Impailer DDT for the victory.

Bram defeated Kenny King via pinfall.

Jeremy Borash was backstage with the Hardy Boyz. Jeff mentioned the crazy deal that he agreed to. He said that even Ethan's aunt turned on him. Matt Hardy said that Ethan Carter was masking fear. Matt said that Jeff putting his freedom on the line fuels him and that the fans also fuel him on his goal to become the new TNA Heavyweight Champion... [C]

John's Thoughts: It's cool seeing Kenny King get a chance to move out on his own even though a set of unfortunate circumstances led to the BDC being put away. The match was nothing special, tonight was a really dull wrestling night.

Velvet Sky made her entrance. Mathews recapped Rebel joining the Doll House. Velvet said she has been keeping to herself because the landscape of TNA has changed. She said that the Knockouts division is constantly evolving just like herself. Velvet called the Doll House a group of monsters. Velvet said that sending Taryn's group of "minions" to beat her down, Taryn will wish she never met Velvet.

Velvet called Taryn out, but Taryn responded from the Doll House lair. Taryn said she was scarred for life. She then said that Velvet will wish that Velvet never messed with her. Taryn mentioned how Taryn was always compared to Velvet since coming from TNA. Taryn said the difference is Taryn's celebrity status as opposed to how Velvet looks like she came from Hot Topic. She then summoned the Doll House to the ring. The Doll House entered the Impact Zone with Rebel now in the center. Velvet Sky took the fight to all three Doll House members, but got overwhelmed by the numbers advantage.

Angelina Love's music played as Angelina Love and Madison Rayne entered the ring to even the odds. The Beautiful People cleared the Doll House from the ring. Madison Rayne said that she was sorry to interrupt, but playtime was over. Angelina Love said that the Doll House has now met the edgy, badass, new, and improved beautiful people. Pope was giddy and Mathews made a dumb noise. Velvet Sky told the Doll House to bring it...

John's Thoughts: Remember that time machine I mentioned? ughhhh... Okay, last week's Beer Money reunion was wonderful and great. I loved it and it looked like the crowd did as well. This, eh... Did anyone really want to see the Beautiful People return? Also, if you remember your 2015 TNA history, the BP's were an actual thing this year (even though they were a part of the terrible BroMans act). Angelina Love sounded like she couldn't care less in the ring and I don't blame her...

Drew Galloway thanked Dixie Carter backstage and asked her if she was sure about putting so much on the line. Dixie said she didn't have a choice. She said this was an investment to the people who stayed for the company and fight for her. Davey took control and said that TNA was like family and that they would fight for this family. Drew Galloway told them to go for war. Mathews announced that GFW would face TNA in two weeks in a Lethal Lockdown match...

5. Ethan Carter III (w/ Tyrus) vs. Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jeremy Borash handled the ring introductions as usual with these World Title matches. Ec3 started the match near the ropes to keep Hardy at bay. EC3 sent Matt to the mat with a shoulder block. Matt countered with a hip toss. Hardy attacked Ethan with knee strikes to the head. Matt Hardy clotheslined EC3 over the top rope to send us to commercial. [C]

EC3 had the upper hand when we returned. EC3 mocked Hardy's top rope leg drop, but ended up missing the elbow from the second rope. Ethan Carter slowed the action down with a sleeper hold. Hardy teased fading, but escaped with a jawbreaker. Hardy hit EC3 with a 2nd jawbreaker leading to his clothesline rally. After a bulldog, Hardy hit a second rope elbow on EC3. Hardy hit the side effect which earned him a nearfall.

Matt went for the twist of fate, but... oh gawd... Ref bump! Hardy hit the twist of fate, but the ref was bumped. Tyrus punched Matt Hardy. EC3 ran through Hardy with the title belt to the head, but he only got a nearfall out of that. EC3 tried to use the title again but Jeff Hardy stopped that. Matt Hardy escaped the one percenter. Both of them hit each other's heads together causing EC3 to fall on Matt Hardy, almost getting him the victory.

Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy had a headbutt battle. Jeff Hardy took down Tyrus with a steel chair. EC3 hit Matt Hardy with the TKO which gave him a close two count. Matt dodged the stinger splash, into his own tornado DDT. EC3 kicked out at two. Hardy attempted a Twist of Fate, but EC3 countered with a short armed clothesline. Hardy pushed EC3 into the ref, which allowed EC3 to hit Hardy with a low blow. EC3 won the match with a sunset flip pin.

Ethan Carter III defeated Matt Hardy via pinfall in 9:22 to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

EC3 had a look of elation in the ring, while Jeff Hardy had a look of disappointment. EC3 demanded that Jeff Hardy enter the ring to raise EC3's arm in victory. While showing apprehensiveness, Jeff Hardy begrudgingly obliged. This ended impact.

John's Thoughts: A good match with a lot of the actual wrestling. The classic TNA-isms were still annoying though and only added to what was already a bad show. This match was good, but not as good as their Full Metal Mayhem match. At the same time, they never built up Matt Hardy as having a chance to beat EC3 in this match, so Jeff's servitude was a foregone conclusion. TNA is in a strange place right now, and I have the feeling that it's only going to get even more bizarre. God help us!




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