8/1 Gleeds's WWE Smackdown review: Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro, Randy Orton issues a challenge, Stardust wants to know the colour of a cowboy's saddle, and Chris Jericho vs. Erick Rowan

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8/1 Gleeds's WWE Smackdown review: Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro, Randy Orton issues a challenge, Stardust wants to know the colour of a cowboy's saddle, and Chris Jericho vs. Erick Rowan
2014-08-01 18:55:09

By Haydn Gleed

WWE Smackdown on Sky Sports 3 (UK Version)
Taped on Tuesday in Newark, New Jersey

Cody B Ware started the show off by telling us all about This Life and the life he chooooossseeee... Michael Cole welcomed us to Smackdown as Jack Swagger's music played. He walked out on the stage with Zeb Colter carrying his giant USA flag. He got a decent pop from the crowd, and a shot was shown of a few jocks in the front row, hand on heart chanting we the people. We got a recap video of what happened between Swagger/Zeb & Rusev/Lana on Raw.

Back in the arena, Cesaro made his entrance as Swagger swung the USA flag back and for in the middle of the ring...

1. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs. Cesaro. Both men locked up, and we had some traditional wrestling take downs, with both men getting the upper hand over the other. Swagger went to put on an early patriot lock, but Cesaro made his way to the outside.

Swagger got the upper hand early on until the referee pulled him off Cesaro who was in the corner, and Cesaro put a thumb to the eye. Cesaro showed off his outstanding power by lifting and throwing Swagger like a ragged doll.

Cesaro continued on the offence, until Swagger came back with a painful looking elbow off the ropes. He went for the swagger bomb, but Cesaro caught him and threw him to the outside as we went into the commercials...

Back from the break, Cesaro was on the top with Swagger sat on the turnbuckle. Cesaro went for a superplex but Swagger knocked him off. Swagger jumped off the top rope, but Cesaro caught him with the uppercut punch. Swagger just kicked out before 3.

Both men traded offence, until Swagger caught Cesaro jumping off the ropes for a 2 count. Swagger hit the swagger bomb, again for a close 2 count. Cesaro rolled to the apron and caught Swagger on the top rope and hit a powerbomb in the ring for a 2 count. Cesaro went for a boot in the face, but Swagger caught the foot and turned it into the patriot lock. Cesaro fought for a few a few seconds before tapping...

Jack Swagger defeated Cesaro in 7:15 via submission.

After the match, Swagger and Colter were about to proclaim we the people, when Rusev's music hit and out they walked. Rusev with his giant flag of course. Lana said behold the real red white and blue, the Russian flag. On behalf of Rusev, she is issuing a challenge for a flag match at SummerSlam.

Zeb said Americans never miss the opportunity to defend the American flag. So you want an answer? We accept. He said, it won't be just him and Swagger that accept, but it will be any real American. He called for the crowd to chant we the people, and they of course obliged. The segment ended with Rusev and Swagger waving their flags at each other...

They hyped Chris Jericho vs. Erick Rowan for tonight, and if Jericho wins, Rowan is banned from ringside at SummerSlam..

They showed Randy Orton walking backstage, and announced he will address what happened on Raw, next...

Gleed Ramblings: We all knew the Swagger against Rusev match was coming at SummerSlam, and I enjoyed the challenge from Lana. As always her delivery is guaranteed heat. I wish it wasn't a flag match, but I guess within the story they have built its logical Not sure what's going on with Cesaro at the moment. I don't think he is in the dog house or anything, but he continues to lose matches. I'm hoping in the next month the reason he is losing will make sense. I had forgotten that these two men were team mates up until WrestleMania, that's how different their careers have gone since then. The match was hard hitting and a decent showcase of both men's skills.

Orton still hears voices in his head. I wonder what accent they have? Orton made his way down the aisle and into the ring. Orton reminded everyone about last week on Raw, and how Brock was chosen as the challenger for Cena at SummerSlam, and it should be him. He said the only reason it's not him is because of Roman Reigns. He said he took it upon himself to send a distinct and clear message to Roman as we saw highlights from Raw and the beatdown that Orton unleashed on Reigns.

Back in the ring, Orton was smiling to himself. Orton said he dares Roman to step into the ring with him at SummerSlam. He dared him to face the poisonous viper who will inject poison into his veins. He ended the promo by mocking the old Shield catchphrase by saying, Roman you can believe in that.

They showed Cole and JBL as they introduced a video from Payback showing Brie Bella quitting and giving a slap to Stephanie...

Gleed Ramblings: I do like the fact that Randy looks like he's finally stepping out from behind the Authority's shadow, and bringing back the old viper confidence. The beatdown on Raw and this promo made me more interested in this feud then I thought I was going to be going in. They kept his promo short and sweet, which is probably the best for Orton at this point.

Back from another ad break, in the UK we had a Raw Rewind video showing Bo Dallas losing to R-Truth on Raw and his beatdown afterwards...

After the video package, R-Truth was already in the ring, and he looked angry. Bo's music played and out he came looking his inspirational self.

2. R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas.Truth didn't take his eyes off Bo who tried to shake hands before the match. R-Truth tackled him to the mat, and Bo bailed to the outside. Truth followed after him and threw him against the barricade. He threw him he ring and whipped him to the turnbuckle. He went for a flying splash but Bo moved.

Bo was in complete control in the corner beating Truth down. There looked to be an awkward cut at one moment so I'm guessing there was a botched move there. Bo had Truth pinned in the corner who was pressed against the ropes. The ref counted to 5 but Bo did not release the hold so he called for the bell.

R-Truth beat Bo Dallas by DQ in 1:52.

Bo started to put the boots into Truth on the ground, and wouldn't let up the attack. He walked around the ring with an intense look on his face, and you could tell at that moment that him and Bray are brothers.

Dallas grabbed a microphone and said that he believes that R-Truth got exactly what was coming to him. Bolieving is a spiritual experience, and he knows that all of you have not lost faith. He knows that all of you truly Bolieve in him. The crowd booed as he blew kisses to the crowd.

Gleed Ramblings: As much as a Boliever that I am, and I don't see the point of the losses, I am enjoying the fact they are establishing that he's not a one dimensional comedy character with his vicious side. The promo he cut after being disqualified was a real heat generator, and you could tell the crowd hated him.

They showed A.J. skipping backstage, and said she would be in action next... Rosa Mendes was already in the ring, as Cole said she was the latest star on Total Divas. I can report that she has light coloured hair. A.J. made her entrance to a good reaction. They recapped what happened on Raw between AJ and Paige.

3. A.J. Lee vs. Rosa Mendes. Rosa screamed she wanted a title shot, and within 15 seconds had the Black Widow applied to her which she submitted to.

WWE Divas Champion A.J. Lee beat Rosa Mendes in 0:15.

After the match, AJ posed on the stage with the belt. From behind, Paige pushed her and sent her flying to the concrete floor. AJ didn't move as Paige screamed she's fine as referee's and trainers came out to check on AJ.

Paige screamed be careful with my friend and that AJ was her best friend. After a minute of this fake concern, she shouted at AJ call me when you feel better.

Gleed Ramblings: Paige looked vicious throwing AJ off the stage and we finally get the full on face vs. heel dynamic that we all wanted. AJ now has a reason for revenge and we now have a personal feud between arguably, the two most talented Diva's on the roster. I'm looking forward to their match at SummerSlam as a result of this segment, so mission accomplished.

Backstage, Ambrose said he's sure that Triple H thinks this is pretty funny and all he does is put obstacles in front of him to protect his precious Seth Rollins. He said, now they have put the demon Kane with Rollins. Ambrose said he knows a thing or two about demons, and he will go through the demon Kane to get to Rollins. He said he hopes that Kane has brought two masks, because after he gets done with Seth's face tonight, he will need a mask.

Gleed Ramblings: Ambrose continues to be entertaining in every promo he does. I would argue by now, if 90 percent of the roster had to say week after week they were going to beat up the same person it would be boring by now, but Dean is so entertaining.

Back from the commercials, they replayed the AJ/Paige incident including an excellent camera shot of AJ Lee falling towards the camera. They then showed AJ being stretched out of the arena.

In the arena, Kane's pyro blasted and he strolled down to ringside. He was closely followed by Seth Rollins in his super hero outfit carrying the money in the bank briefcase. Dean Ambrose then made his way to the ring to a good reaction...

4. Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Kane in a handicap match. Rollins was standing behind Kane as the bell rang. Rollins went to the outside, so Kane started this match with Ambrose. Dean went after Rollins but Kane stopped him and this allowed Kane to get the advantage.

Kane knocked Ambrose down with a big boot, at which point Rollins was willing to come into the match. He kept Dean down on the mat. He was on the offence until he got caught by Ambrose and scampered his way over to Kane who came in and kept the punishment on Ambrose. Kane picked up Dean and threw him shoulder first into the ring post. As Ambrose was selling the effects, Rollins proclaimed in Deans face that he will never get to him.

Rollins tagged in, and with Kane holding him, he started to slap Dean in the face. Kane and Rollins took turns dishing out the punishment to Dean until Ambrose caught Kane with a boot to the face and started making a comeback, but was cut off by a side walk slam by Kane. My cable went out for a minute or so, and came back with Kane on the outside, and Rollins in the ring by himself.

Ambrose got in the ring and unloaded with left hands, rights hands, boots, the kitchen sink, everything on Seth. Kane recovered and saved Rollins and pulled Ambrose to the outside. He went into the ring to make sure Seth was ok. Ambrose came into the ring and smashed Kane with the chair. Kane recovered quickly and went to hit a chokeslam on Ambrose on the steel chair, but Ambrose counted and hit a DDT to Kane.

He turned around to go after Rollins, but Rollins ran up the ramp. He took the steel chair and started beating the holly hell out of Kane. He gestured to Rollins that he was so close to getting to Rollins. He had an intense look in his eye.

Seth Rollins and Kane beat Dean Ambrose in a handicap match by DQ in 4:12.

Gleed Ramblings:This was a very logically booked match. For the majority of the match Dean was being beaten down, mostly because of the 2 on 1 advantage, and he sold it well. It was because of guts that he was able to make a comeback and he fired up on Seth really well. I didn't like how much of a coward Rollins looked, I wish he could have held it back a little bit, but all round good stuff from these guys again.

Backstage, Star Dust was talking about the stars shining like diamonds in the sea lighting the way. Goldust was shown wearing a cowboy hat. Stardust asked what colour is the cowboy's saddle. Goldust said is it brown. Stardust made it rain gold and that was the end of that.

Gleed Ramblings: Really I have no idea what is happening with this. A lot of people were excited about the Cosmic Key comment last week, because it was starting to make some sense, but there was none of that on this show as far as I could tell. This was just weird.

Fandango was already dancing in the ring, until we saw Diego make his entrance with Layla and Summer Rae. The girls held a blanket in front of Diego and out came El Torito. The girls were all over El Torito, damn! They recapped what happened on Raw with the foursome and Fandango..

5. Fandango vs. Diego. Fandango jumped Diego before the bell and viciously beat him down. He went to throw Diego over the top, but Diego held on. He dived over the top but Fandango caught him.

Fandango got distracted by El Torito, he chased him around the ring, but the girls hid him and begged him not to hurt them. Diego went after Fandango but he got caught with a neckbreaker across the top rope. As Fandango was going in for the kill, his music hit, and the girls and El Torito were dancing. This distraction allowed Diego to hit his back breaker finisher for the 1-2-3
Diego beat Fandango.

Diego beat Fandango in 1:48.

Gleed Ramblings: Is it really bad that I just couldn't give a damn about this storyline with Fandango?

They recapped the excellent John Cena promo from Monday before going to the adverts... We returned with Del Rio in the middle of his entrance. Cole introduced Miz as the guest commentator. He wore shades indoors. Never trust someone who wears shades in door, true story. Dolph made his entrance and got a good reaction. From the wide shot they showed, it looked like this wasn't piped in cheers...

6. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio. Before the match, they recapped the Miz against Dolph Ziggler match. Del Rio attacked Dolph before the bell, and was on the offensive. Dolph turned the tide with a beautiful dropkick, but lost it again when Del Rio threw him high into the air.

Del Rio settled into a chinlock as the Miz talked about him winning the Intercontinental Championship. Dolph powered his way out of the hold and took Del Rio down with a clothesline. He hit a splash in the corner followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Del Rio came back with a German suplex but got caught with a DDT. He got a close two count.

The Miz grabbed a microphone and stood on top of the commentary table. He thanked his parents for his superior DNA. Dolph distracted in the ring got rolled up for a close two count. The Miz said he wanted to thank Dolph because he is simply just not as good he is. Dolph left the ring and chased after Miz but he escaped.

He tried to get in the ring, but Del Rio caught him and applied the cross armbreaker. Dolph screamed and tapped out....

Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler in 4:20 via submission.

Gleed Ramblings: Del Rio is just a lost character now, and although I'm mildly interested in the Dolph against Miz feud, this was just another formulaic setup to their probable match at SummerSlam. The show is really starting to drag now.

Cole said that AJ had been transported to a local medical facility after the attack from Paige. He threw to a package showing the history and feud between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon, including the show ending angle from Raw. They kept editing the word bitch. They also showed a brief clip of the interview with Brie Bella that is available on WWE.com...

The Wyatt sounder hit, and Christi, they are here. Bray led the way down to the ring with the cellphones being held up. In the ring, Bray asked Jericho why he keeps coming back here, is it for the thrill? Is it for these bright shining lights? Is it for the rush? Or perhaps he came back this time because he would be right here waiting for him. He said after SummerSlam he will be just dirt. Bray said she warned him about you, that you would ride in on the white horse and tell everyone he was here to save everyone.

He said they now see through you, while pointing at the crowd. He said they only see his visions, and at SummerSlam they will see their savior Bray Wyatt take down Chris Jericho. At SummerSlam, you will save no one, especially yourself...

After a brief break, the walls are apparently going to be broken down. Jericho and his flashy jacket made their way out to the ring. As Jericho made his way down the ramp, he did look somewhat apprehensive at all three men being in the ring. Cole reminded us that if Chris wins tonight, Rowan is banned from ringside at SummerSlam...

7. Erick Rowan vs. Chris Jericho. Rowan aggressively went after Jericho and manhandled him in the corner. He threw him to the outside in front of the other members of the Wyatt family. As he attempted to get back in the ring, Rowan attacked him. Jericho made a brief comeback but Rowan used his power to get back on the offensive.

Jericho was whipped into the ropes, but he held onto the ropes and pulled them down when Rowan attacked. Rowan fell to the outside where Jericho continued the attack. He threw Rowan back in the ring, but with the ref's back turned, Harper pulled Jericho off the apron. The ref turned around and forced Harper to head back to the locker room. This took us into the final commercial...

Back from the break, Jericho was fighting out of a hold that Rowan had applied. Rowan turned the hold into a back breaker for a close 2 count. Jericho fought back with a few chops, but his comeback was quickly stopped by Rowan, who whipped him with purpose to the turnbuckle.

He threw Jericho outside the ring and continued the attack. He rammed him back first into the steel post. Back in the ring, he got a close 2 count before wearing Chris down some more. The crowd got behind Jericho who made a comeback. He attempted a crossbody but got caught. He somehow managed to counter this into a DDT for a close 2 count.

Jericho continued on the offensive, and went to the second rope. He lept off with a missle drop kick for another 2 count. Jericho turned around into a spinning kick from Rowan and kicked out just before the 3 count.

Rowan beat down on Jericho with clubbing blows. He went for a big kick but Jericho blocked it. He got Rowan down and hit the lionsault for a very close 2 count. Jericho charged at Rowan but caught him with the elbow. He placed Jericho on the top rope and went for a fallaway slam. Jericho fought back and came off the top rope but got a boot to the face for a 2 count.

Rowan placed Jericho in a bear hug and went to slam him in the corner. Jericho fought out and hit Rowan with the codebreaker for the 1-2-3. Bray looked on not looking impressed...

Chris Jericho defeated Erick Rowan in 12:09 (TV time).

After the match, Bray got out of his rocking chair, pulled off his hat but started to back up the ramp as the crowd booed. Smackdown went off the air with Jericho celebrating mid-ring.

Gleed Ramblings: This adds a nice little wrinkle to the feud, as I fully expect the same stipulation being put to a Jericho/Harper match before SummerSlam. Ultimately, if Bray comes out victorious with both his henchmen banned from ringside, this will re-establish him as a bad ass who doesn't need his followers to beat his opponents, which has been a criticism dating back to the Cena feud. As for the match, I thought they had a good match and I did enjoy it. Rowan looked like a powerhouse, wheras Jericho looked like the wily veteran that he is.

Overall, there were some parts of this show I enjoyed, and some parts that dragged. As I said above, I enjoyed the Rowan/Jericho match, and I also enjoyed the opening match between Swagger and Cesaro. Between the handicap match and the final match, there was about a half hour period where we had the Fandango nonsense, Stardust and Goldust rubbish, Del Rio and Dolph and recap after recap to the point I just switched off my brain. Thumbs in the middle type of show for me.

Did you enjoy Smackdown more than me? Or do you think I was spot on? Hit me up on twitter @haydngleed or email at haydn.gleed@gmail.com




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