7/20 Shore’s WWE Battleground PPV results and review: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt, Paige vs. AJ Lee, John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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7/20 Shore’s WWE Battleground PPV results and review: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt, Paige vs. AJ Lee, John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
2014-07-20 18:30:03

Prowrestling.net Members can look forward to their exclusive WWE Battleground audio review with Jason Powell and Chris Shore later tonight.

WWE Battleground
Aired live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
Tampa, Florida at Tampa Bay Times Forum

WWE Battleground Kickoff Show

Renee Young opened the show with the panel of Booker T, Christian, and Alex Riley. The audio was really bad and Renee was hard to hear. The panel hyped the card. Alex Riley gave the hard sell for the odds being stacked against Cena. They sent it down to Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler. They made their picks for the main event and Fandango made his entrance for an unannounced match. A picture from Twitter showed Layla and Summer Rose hanging out with Adam Rose. Rose was out next with his crew and the women…

1. Fandango vs. Adam Rose. Fandango slammed Rose. Summer and Layla suddenly led the Rosebuds around the ring. Fandango went to the floor and asked them what they were doing. Layla slapped him and Summer slapped the opposite cheek. Rose rolled Fandango in and hit the Party Foul for the win…

Adam Rose defeated Fandango at 1:20.

Shore’s Slant: How much longer will Adam Rose be the unannounced match guy for PPVs?

Renee setup a video that recapped the Shield’s rise and breakup, focusing on the subsequent feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The panel gave their thoughts on that match and then transitioned to a hype video for Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt and their thoughts on that match. If anyone had anything of value to say, I would have written it.

Backstage, the Usos cut a promo with Tom Phillips that was all over the place. They said they would each get a pinfall tonight…Cameron and Naomi made their separate entrances. Cameron had new music. Naomi used the funk song. Cameron was dressed as a school girl and it was a cue attempt. Naomi was in checkered gear that looked really bad on her…

2. Naomi vs. Cameron.Cameron ran from Naomi to start and used it to hit a kick. Naomi powered back with a Thesz press. Cameron slammed Naomi into the ropes and hooked a schoolboy rollup with a handful of tights for the win…

Naomi defeated Cameron at 3:11.

Shore’s Slant: I had some PC problems right when that match started so I missed most of it. What I saw was a match made to cover up for Cameron’s green.

The panel gave more predictions and then setup a long video to hype the main event…

WWE Battleground

A video hyped the major matches on the card, followed by the Battleground opening and pyro. Cole, JBL, and Lawler were still on commentary. The Usos made their entrance. Harper and Rowan were out next. A video showed their match from Raw where the wrong Uso was pinned…

1. The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan in a two out of three falls match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Jey Uso slapped the mask off Rowan to start.The Usos had some quick early offense that sent Rowan and Harper to the floor to regroup, but the heels quickly settled into control and worked in and out on Jey. Jey hit a back suplex on Harper and dove for a tag to Jimmy. Jimmy jumped over Harper and hit the rope. Harper hit a big boot and covered for the first fall.

Luke Harper pinned Jimmy Uso at 4:43. Harper and Rowan lead 1-0.

Harper had to wait about 30 seconds before he could begin the next fall. He and Rowan had several quick near-falls to play off the first fall. Jey took forever to make his way back to the apron. Jimmy flipped his way out of a back suplex and tagged Jey. Jey jumped over Harper and rolled him up for the pinfall.

Jey Uso pinned Luke Harper at 8:10. The match is tied 1-1.

Rowan stormed in and beat the hell out of Jey. Harper had to push Rowan back to the corner before the ref would let the final fall start. Harper attacked Jey with power moves and a slingshot in the ropes. He shot Jey into the corner. Jey knocked Rowan down and then kicked Harper. Jey tagged Jimmy and Harper went to the floor. Jimmy dove on Harper and then on Rowan.

Jimmy rolled Harper in the ring and they went back and forth. Jimmy hit Whisper in the Wind for two. Harper blocked a superkick and kicked Jimmy to the floor. Harper dove on Jimmy an rolled him back in the ring as the crowd started their first awesome chant. Harper went to dive on Jey, but Jey kicked him and Jimmy rolled him up for a near-fall. Harper hit the powerbomb for a near-fall.

Rowan went to the top rope and tried for a splash. Jimmy moved and he crashed. Harper went to the top and got dropped to the floor. Jey tagged in and hit the top rope splash for a great near-fall. Jey went to the top again and Harper slowed him. Rowan came to the top and Jimmy ran up and tagged. Rowan double superplexed both Usos to the mat and covered Jimmy for two.

Harper tagged in and they stood Jimmy. Jey ran in and hit kicks. The match broke down and Harper hit the discus clothesline and covered Jimmy. Jey had to break it up. Harper dumped Jey and setup again to hit Jimmy. Jimmy hit a superkick. Jey slid in and they hit double superkicks on Harper and Rowan and then hit a double top rope splash for the final fall…

The Usos retained the WWE Tag Team Championships at 18:48.

Shore’s Slant: Outstanding match. The ending was a little kitschy for me, but only slightly. I also think the wrong team won, but it’s hard to criticize anything after that match. The bar has been set awful high tonight. But I also think this card has the ability to answer.

The Rollins vs. Ambrose hype video aired. Backstage, Rollins cut a promo with Tom Phillips. Rollins said he was smiling because tonight he gets to put an end to Dean Ambrose. He said he was going to squash Ambrose like the cockroach he is. He said the answer to Ambrose’s question was “No, that’s not all I have.” He started to say he was going to be the next champion, but Ambrose flew in and attacked him. Ambrose beat the hell out of Rollins and the set. A group of guys ran up and pulled Ambrose off. Triple H ran up and told them men to toss Ambrose from the building. Hunter checked on Rollins, who sold the attack…

The announce team sold befuddled and asked what that meant for their match. They final sent it up for the next match. Paige made her ring entrance and a video shows how she won the Divas Championship. AJ Lee made her ring entrance and a video showed how she recaptured the title…

2. AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Divas Championship. The women shook hands to start. They locked up and Paige broke clean. She smiled and clapped at AJ. They repeated the spot with AJ breaking clean and she skipped around. The announce team started entertaining themselves as Paige took control and worked a clean, but heelish, attack.

AJ reversed a lift into a tornado DDT. Paige came right back and drove them both to the floor. She slammed AJ into the wall and then rolled her back in the ring. She went to the top rope and AJ ran up. They botched a sunset bomb that looked like AJ landed hard. Paige caught an AJ crossbody attempt and tried to flip her into something, but AJ twisted it into the Black Widow. Paige sold it and then powered out. She hit the Paige Turner for a near-fall. She tried to hook the PTO, but AJ reversed into a pinfall attempt. They broke the hold and AJ hit the Shining Wizard out of nowhere for the win…

AJ Lee retained the WWE Divas Championship at 7:13.

Shore’s Slant: A good match with some bad spots. I didn’t like AJ kicking out of Paige’s finisher but Paige not kicking out of AJ’s. Especially after AJ took the heat almost the entire match. The action was good, but the story of the match failed for me.

A SummerSlam hype video aired…Backstage, Orton looked for Kane. Kane appeared and said Orton made a bad decision coming back there. Orton said he was there to apologize and get them back on the same page. Orton said he was sorry and asked Kane if he was sorry. Kane said being the Devil’s favorite demon meant never having to say you’re sorry. Orton said it was most important that neither Cena nor Reigns left with the title tonight. Kane said that wasn’t going to happen and assured Orton the winner of the match was “standing right here.” He walked off and left Orton looking upset…

The panel took over again. They hyped the main event and setup a video recap of the détente from Raw. Lana and Rusev made their ring entrance. Lana let the crowd boo them and then told them to shut up. She said the American propaganda machine blamed Russia for the current events but they were the ones “war mongeling” in Afghanistan. She said American crams their Western culture and so-called democracy down everyone’s throats. She said we were leaderless and called our President a wuss. She put over Putin and said tonight Rusev would crush each and every one of us, and Jack Swagger.

Swagger and Colter made their entrance. Colter took a mic and said they had heard all they wanted to hear from Natasha and Boris. She slapped Colter. Swagger went after Rusev. Lana and Colter calmly left the ring while the two big men brawled around. Swagger clotheslined Rusev over the top rope and Rusev took it rough. He finally got back in the ring to start the match…

3. Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter).Swagger took advantage and started to hook the Patriot Lock. Rusev went to the floor to regroup and came back with a fallaway slam. Rusev worked a nerve pinch forever. Swagger finally escaped to the floor and Colter talked him up. Rusev kept attacking Swagger as he tried to get back in the ring. Swagger got pissed and hit a hangman. He slid in the ring and hit a big boot in the corner. He hit a Swagger bomb and covered for two while Lana freaked out.

Swagger got caught up in the ropes and took a big kick. Rusev went for the superkick, but Swagger picked the leg and hooked the Patriot Lock. Rusev started to make the ropes and Swagger pulled him back to the center of the ring. Rusev pulled himself back to the ropes for the break. Rusev went to the floor and Swagger followed. He clipped the leg and hooked the Patriot Lock again. Rusev crawled over to the stairs and used the leverage to whip Swagger into the ring post. He slid in the ring for the win…

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger by countout at 9:59.

Post-match, the trainers checked on Swagger. Lana gave Rusev the crush command and Rusev rolled Swagger in the ring. He stomped the back and hooked the Accolade until the refs begged him off…

Shore’s Slant: Decent match and I really like the finish. There’s a time and place for cheap finishes. Not only was this a good place for one, they did a great job of Swagger looking strong at the end. Perfect way to give this feud yet another month.

Stardust and Goldust cut a weird ass promo about the cosmic key. Wow… Seth Rollins made his ring entrance. Cole said Hunter tweeted that Ambrose would not be returning tonight. Rollins took the mic and said he was there to be declared the victor by forfeit. He made Justin Roberts announce him as winner and played to the crowd before leaving. He started up the ramp and they cut to the announcers.

Suddenly Ambrose came flying down the ramp and attacked Seth Rollins. They brawled into the crowd and back to ringside. Ambrose backdropped Rollins on the Spanish announce table and continued the attack. Security ran out and pulled Ambrose off several times, but he kept escaping and attacking Rollins. Triple H came down and helped separate them. They finally got Ambrose away and Hunter held up Rollins arm as the victor…

The announce team argued over what happened and then setup a video that recapped Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho. Wyatt and family made their ring entrance, followed by Jericho. Jericho dumped Wyatt’s rocking chair over on his way to the ring…

4. Bray Wyatt (w/Harper and Rowan) vs. Chris Jericho. The two men brawled for close to three minutes before Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, Harper and Rowan jumped on the apron and the distraction allowed Wyatt to drop Jericho, Jericho came right back and hit his springboard dropkick that spilled Wyatt to the floor.

Jericho went to the top rope and hit a dive on all three men. He rolled Bray in the ring and tried to get in. Harper grabbed Jericho’s leg, but the ref saw it and ejected Harper and Rowan. Bray sold shock but drove Jericho to the floor. Jericho nearly killed a cameraman in the process. Back in the ring, Jericho started a little comeback, but Wyatt stopped him with a gutbuster after he botched the first attempt at it.

Jericho started another hope spot and hit a bulldog. He went for a Lionsault, but Wyatt got the knees up. Wyatt popped up into the crab walk and then slammed Jericho with a Rock Bottom. He setup for the corner splash, but Jericho hit an elbow instead and dropped Bray hard on the bottom turnbuckle. Bray went to the apron and Jericho followed. Wyatt hit a DDT on the apron for a near-fall.

Wyatt hooked for Sister Abigail. Jericho escaped and tried for Walls again. Wyatt fought back and hit his flying elbow for two. Jericho hit the Codebreaker out of nowhere and covered for the win…

Chris Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt at 15:02.

Shore’s Slant: Not the match I thought we might get, but it did feel like they were holding back a little. I assume we get this again. I’m not thrilled with the finish, but as long as Wyatt ultimately wins the feud in a convincing manner this will be fine.

Seth Rollins was shown leaving the arena with security. He told security he was fine and could leave, so they did. He immediately got spooked and looked around. Ambrose popped out of a trunk and attacked Rollins. They brawled around outside until Rollins jumped in his car and sped away…

The entrants for the battle royal made their entrances. Damien Sandow was dressed as a nerdy white guy at the beach. Bad New Barrett came to the ramp with his arm in a sling. He said whoever won tonight would be champion, but he had bad news. He said the winner would be like an old couple moving to Florida. He said it would be nice at first, but they were just delaying the inevitable. He said the hourglass would run out and the winner tonight would have his reign end by a bull hammer elbow…

5. Battleground Battleroyal for the Intercontinental Championship.Everyone attacked Khali and he tossed them all away. He eliminated a couple of jobbers and then Sheamus hit him with a Brogue Kick and they all teamed up to get rid of Khali. Everyone ended up on the mat at one point and Ryback faced off with Sheamus. Sheamus eliminated him with a Brogue Kick. Miz tried to eliminate Sheamus, but Sheamus took him out. Miz went under the bottom rope to the floor.

Titus tossed Sheamus around. Bo Dallas hit him from behind and eliminated Titus. Bo celebrated and Cesaro dropped him. Cesaro and Kofi had a spot on the apron where Kofi skinned the cat on Cesaro. Ziggler eliminated Del Rio. Miz ran in and tried to eliminated Ziggler. He failed and went back to the floor again to hide. Cesaro eliminated Big E. He tried to eliminate Kofi, but Kofi landed on Big E’s shoulders. Cesaro grabbed Kofi and dead lifted Kofi in a suplex back into the ring. Heath Slater ran over and eliminated Cesaro.

Sheamus tossed Slater and finished with a Brogue Kick. Dallas went after Sheamus and Sheamus hit his clubbing forearms on Dallas. Ziggler hit Dallas with a dropkick to eliminate him. It looked like Sheamus and Ziggler were the final two, but Miz was still on the floor. Ziggler went for the Fameassor, but they botched it. Sheamus lifted for a powerbomb. Ziggler tried to escape and Sheamus fell awkwardly. Sheamus hit a slingshot on Ziggler over the top rope but Ziggler held on.

Sheamus went to the apron and they battled. Ziggler ended up back in the ring and superkicked Sheamus when Sheamus tried his slingshot shoulder tackle. Miz ran in from the floor and tossed Ziggler for the win…

The Miz won the Intercontinental Championship at 14:30.

Shore’s Slant: Typical battle royal fair and the wrong guy won. Miz doesn’t interest me in the least anymore and I get the feeling I’m not alone in that position. How he won it is supposed to get him some heat, but if the crowd reaction is any indication, all it got him was groans.

The hype video for the main event aired, followed by ring entrances. Justin Roberts had old school ring introductions before the match…

6. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They paired off with Orton vs. Cena and Kane vs. Reigns to start. Orton took out Cena and he and Kane double teamed Reigns. Orton would cover Reigns for a pin and Kane would watch Cena to make sure he didn’t interfere. Cena made his way back to the ring and they dumped Reigns before Kane once again stepped aside for Orton to try and pin Cena. Kane went to the floor to keep Reigns occupied, but Reigns slammed him into the post. That allowed Cena to comeback and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena lifted for the AA, but Orton escaped over the top rope.

Cena turned around and faced off with Reigns. Orton and Kane ran in and attacked them before they could lock up. Orton dragged Cena to the floor and Kane slammed Reigns. He covered for two, and Orton hit the ring pissed off. He and Kane argued and devolved until they were fighting. They went to the top rope, and Cena and Reigns recovered. They ran over and worked a tower of doom spot with Orton taking the superplex and Cena and Reigns double powerbombing Orton.

Reigns and Cena once again teased locking up but Kane sat up. The match broke down and Kane stopped Orton from getting a pin. Reigns and Orton traded half crabs. Cena hooked a crossface on Orton while Reigns had him in the half crab. Kane broke it up by knocking Reigns to the floor. Cena hit the AA on Kane and hooked the STF on Orton. Orton sold it for ever and went to tap, but Reigns stopped his hand. He pulled Orton to the floor and threw him into the announce team.

Reigns and Cena finally faced off, but the crowd didn’t seem to care. Reigns went for the Superman punch, but Cena ducked and hit his slam. He went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Reigns popped up and hit the Superman punch. The crowd finally came alive for that. He hit the spear, but Kane broke the pinfall.

Reigns and Kane squared off. Reigns hit a Superman punch on Kane. He went to the floor and hit his kick through the ropes on Cena. He hit a similar move on Orton on the announce table, and then hit the hat trick on Kane. He speared Orton through the timekeepers table and went back to the ring for a spear on Kane. Kane grabbed the throat, but Reigns powered him away and hit the spear. Cena broke the count. Cena hit an AA on Kane, but Reigns broke the count.

Cena hit an AA on Reigns out of nowhere and Kane had to make the save, which made sense considering how may finishers he has just taken. Kane hit chokeslamms on Cena and Reigns. He covered Reigns for two. Kane gave the throat slit gesture and my feed started having real problems. Kane went for the tombstone, but Reigns escaped and hit a spear. Orton broke the count and hit an RKO on Reigns. Cena flew in and hit an AA on Orton on Kane. He covered Kane for the win…

John Cena retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in about 18:45.

Shore’s Slant: A good match, but the crowd seemed tired or something. They never really got into the match. Even down the stretch they picked the spots they wanted to cheer for and just sat there for the rest. That hurt the overall presentation for those at home, but I think everyone should be happy with that match. It entertained well and protected Reigns nicely.

All in all a very entertaining PPV from WWE. I don’t understand the bait-and-switch with Ambrose and Rollins, but we didn’t expect a clean finish anyway so it’s forgivable. The tag title match delivered as expected, and really there were no bad matches. If you didn’t enjoy this PPV at all, I’m not sure you should be watching wrestling anymore. This is about as good as it gets outside of major shows. I’ll have more to say tonight exclusively for our Members. Sign up now to hear the Audio review and thanks for watching along tonight.




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