6/29 Shore's WWE Money in the Bank PPV results and review: Two Money in the Bank Ladder matches, The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan or the WWE Tag Team Championships, Paige defends Divas Championship

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6/29 Shore's WWE Money in the Bank PPV results and review: Two Money in the Bank Ladder matches, The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan or the WWE Tag Team Championships, Paige defends Divas Championship
2014-06-29 18:30:00

By Chris Shore

Prowrestling.net Members can look forward to their exclusive WWE Money in the Bank audio review with Jason Powell and Chris Shore later tonight.

WWE Money in the Bank
Aired live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
Boston, Massachusetts at T.D. Garden

WWE MITB Kickoff Show

Renee Young checked in to start the show and the crowd chanted for Booker T before she could even introduce him. She also introduced Christian and Alex Riley. She hyped Daniel Bryan appearing later and sent it to Tom Phillips in the social media lounge… A video recapped Daniel Bryan getting stripped of the title and then transitioned to hyping the main event.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns. Reigns said he was going to attack until he was the last one standing and then climb the ladder to prove the big dog runs the yard.

Shore's Slant: Mediocre promo from Reigns. This is the risk withhim. He's been protected well in promo spots and has delivered because of it. Now that he has to carry these moments on his own, he will be judged more harshly. He didn't stink, but it didn't stick out for good either.

A Money in the Bank by the numbers video aired. Kind of fun… Young said Bad News Barrett would not be in the briefcase match after his injury. The panel made their picks for the match. A video recapped Randy Orton winning MitB last year and cashing in on Bryan at SummerSlam… A commercial hyped "A Cougar Countdown" for Tuesday on WWE Network…

Michael Cole stood in the ring and introduced Bryan, who made his regular entrance to a hot reaction from the crowd. Jerry "The King" Lawler and JBL were shown talking, but it took several seconds before the audio was there. A "Daniel Bryan" chant started as soon as the music cut off and they let it go until it morphed into another "Yes!" chant. He shushed the crowd in fun and they chanted "No!" back. He finally gave in and did a "Yes" chant with them.

Cole asked him when to expect him back in the ring. Bryan said he had some bad news, he didn't know when he would be back. He said the strength hasn't come back to his arm and they were talking about doing another surgery. He said he would be back at some point and be better than ever.

Bryan put over Cena, Orton, and Reigns as possible winners of the title match. Cole asked a question from fan about how Bryan felt when he was stripped. Bryan said they didn't call him to tell him. He said he felt disrespected because of that, but more than anything he hated the smugness that Stephanie McMahon had when she announced it.

Bo Dallas made his entrance and said Bryan not being able to compete tonight must be a pain in the neck. He said Bryan couldn't climb the ladder for the title tonight, but he could climb the ladder of life if he would just Bolieve. Bryan said Bo was acting like a Bo-ner, which got a "boner" chant from the crowd. He said he spoke for everyone when he said, "Bo, leave." Bryan's music played and he played to the fans while the panel made their final picks on the pre-show.

Renee Young started to do the final hard sell when the Wyatt sounder went off. Harper handed Rowan the sheep mask and said the Usos time was up. Rowan told them to run…

Shore's Slant: I said there was no need to put Bryan on the show if he was going to be out for a while, but if they are talking about a second surgery, I take it back. They did what they needed to do to let fans know what is going on. That's terrible news for WWE and Bryan. Hopefully if there is the need for a second surgery it will solve the problems.

All the whole, I didn't like Renee Young leading the pack as much as Josh Matthews. She did fine, but she's not comfortable with it yet and it stood out. That said, the show was fine for what it was.

WWE Money in the Bank

A video started the show, followed by pyro, and the announce team checked in. The Usos made their entrance, followed by Harper and Rowan who didn't use that horrible harmonica theme from Raw. Cole narrated video that explained the feud…

1. The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan for the WWE Tag Team Champiomships. Cole said the Usos have been champions for 115 days. Guaranteed loss now.The Usos started with quickness, including Jey hitting a flying forearm from the barricade on the floor on Rowan. A distraction by Harper allowed Rowan to shove Jey off the top rope to the floor. Jey took the heat until Rowan missed a spear in the corner. Jimmy got the hot tag, as did Harper. Jimmy dumped Rowan to the floor. Rowan grabbed Jey and Jimmy dove on them. That allowed Harper to hit a big boot on Jimmy and the match broke down.

Harper dove on both Usos on the floor. Jey took the double choke slam type move from the Wyatts. Jimmy saved the pinfall as the crowd chanted, "This is awesome." Harper took a superkick on the apron and sold hitting his face on the stairs. The usos hit a double superplex on Rowan and followed with back to back splashes for the win…

The Usos retained the WWE Tag Team Championships at 13:12.

Shore's Slant: Wrong finish but very good match. They set the bar high, but there are ladder matches later so I don't think they did too much. I still would have made the title change here. There really isn't another heel tag team for the Usos to work with, and it would have added heat to the main event ladder match with Bray Wyatt later.

A video recapped the Seth Rollins turn. Backstage, Dean Ambrose cut a promo about the briefcase match. He said he had a choice between using the ladder to get the case or using it to bust Rollins's face. He said, "Case or face" several times and then asked why not both. He said Rollins begged his daddy Triple H to put Ambrose in the match and daddy would be mad with Rollins once Ambrose won the match…

2. Paige vs. Naomi (w/Cameron) for the WWE Divas Championship. The women hooked a collar and elbow and rolled all the way to the floor and around the ringside area. They went back to the ring and Paige hit a tilt-a-whirl move and Naomi went to the floor. Paige tried to pull her back in, but Naomi threw her to the floor and went back to the ring for a dive that Paige took rough. Cameron no sold everything at ringside.

Back in the ring, the women reversed several rollup attempts. Naomi reversed one into a submission hold. She broke it for another pin attempt. Naomi went to the top rope and they went to do a spot, but they fell to the floor instead. I think it was a botch but they covered it OK. Back in the ring, Naomi hit the Rear View for a near fall. She went for a springboard moonsault, but Paige got the knees up. Naomi recovered and hooked for something, but Paige hit a package DDT for the win…

Paige retained the WWE Divas Championship at 7:02.

Post-match, Cameron celebrated a little and then attended to Naomi like they were besties…

Shore's Slant: Good match, botch notwithstanding. Naomi got a ton of offense and I don't understand why. Or rather, I don't understand why Paige didn't get any more offense than she did. She continues to squeak by in championship matches and I don't feel like they are playing to her strengths. Still, an entertaining match.

The announce team sold the WWE Network and then they went to the panel who killed the momentum of the show. They even played the "by the numbers" video again… Damien Sandow made his entrance as Paul Revere. He said the "half-wits" were coming and by that he meant the Rosebuds. He said Boston would always live in the shadow of New York, which at least got some heat. Adam Rose made his entrance with the Rosebuds…

3. Paul Rev… er, Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose. Cole actually introduced it as Revere vs. Rose. I can't. Sandow beat down Rose and the Rosebuds got the crowd singing the theme for a moment. Sandow yelled "The elbow is coming" before dropping it as the announce team talked about rabbits. I shit you not. Adam Rose hit the party foul for the win…

Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow at 4:15.

Shore's Slant: I really don't know what to say. This went from a PPV in the first two matches to a shitty episode of Raw ever since. They haven't killed the show, but that was awful…

A cool WWE Shop commercial aired. The announce team setup a montage of everyone in the briefcase match cutting promos about winning. During ring introductions, Ziggler told the crowd "They hear you" while pointing to the back. Ambrose was out last to a big pop. He attacked Rollins immediately and that caused the match to start…

4. Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Rollins and Ambrose fought to the floor and took each other out quick. Kofi put a ladder in the ring and Swagger picked it up. Kofi ran up the ladder and over Swagger to take out RVD. He hit a Boom Drop on Swagger on the ladder and started to climb. Ambrose pushed the ladder over and Kofi , jumping from the ladder to the top rope, took out everyone but Rollins on the outside. Ambrose climbed the ladder, but Rollins stopped him. Ambrose slammed him on a ladder to take him out again.

A mad scramble for the ladder led to Ziggler and Kofi at the top of the ladder. They battled until both men fell down. They continued to fight and Rollins hit them both with a ladder. Van Dam flew in and dominated everyone, hitting Rolling Thunder on Rollins while Rollins lay on a ladder in the corner. He climbed the ladder, but Kofi stopped him.

Kofi and RVD fought on the top turnbuckle, so Swagger hit them with a ladder. Swagger set a ladder up in the corner and tried to superplex RVD. RVD knocked him off for a big bump. He did the thumb point thing and Seth Rollins ran up the ladder. They battled and RVD teased the superplex. Swagger climbed up and teased the Tower of Doom spot. Rollins fought away and Swagger hit the big powerbomb alone. Ambrose ran in and actually hit the superplex spot on Rollins. Wow.

Swagger hit a Swagger bomb on the ladder on Kofi, which was kind of stupid. Ambrose and Rollins fought to the top of the ladder at 14:00. Rollins fell from the ladder and Boston went nuts. Swagger pulled Ambrose off, but Ambrose landed by hitting a DDT. Rollins climbed the ladder again, but Ambrose pushed the ladder over. He sold his arm being dislocated and the refs and doctors made him go to the back.

Rollins went to the top and RVD stopped him. Kofi bridged a ladder from the big ladder to the ropes. RVD got dumped and then Kofi hit aback drop on Rollins onto the ladder. The ladder bounced out of the setup ladder so Rollins took the bump three or four times. Ziggler showed out and climbed the ladder. Swagger put the Patriot lock on Ziggler on the ladder. Ziggler climbed the ladder with his hands only and kicked Swagger away.

Rollins stopped Ziggler with a chair shot to the ankle. Ziggler fell and Rollins hit several more chair shots. Rollins climbed the ladder and the crowd chanted for Ambrose. They suddenly went insane and Ambrose ran out and hit Rollins with the chair. The crowd chanted, "Yes" as Ambrose hit shot after shot with the chair. He climbed the ladder and Kane's music and pyro popped. Kane ran out and pulled Ambrose from the ladder. He hit a chokeslam and Tombstone and then held the ladder for Rollins to climb and retrieve the briefcase…

Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank match at 23:14.

Shore's Slant: Well, that match delivered everything I thought it might. Absolutely great ladder match. I hated the Kane finish on one level because I thought it took momentum off Rollins's win, but I also see how this plays into the main event too. Kane has already teased helping Orton on Smackdown, and this solidifies it at least as the starting point for the main event.

Post-match, Triple H and Stephanie came out to celebrate with Rollins… Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Orton. He said his chances of winning tonight were better than anybody else. Saxton asked about Rollins winning and Orton said Rollins proved he needed all the help he could get whereas Orton would do it all by himself. Saxton asked about Reigns and Orton gave him the evil eye.

5. Rybaxel vs. Goldust and Stardust.The crowd died and so did my feed right in the middle of the match. It said Media Read Error and then punked out for several seconds before coming back low quality. It finally went back to HQ and Stardust hit Cross Rhodes on Ryback. Axel broke the count, but ended up hitting Ryback by mistake. Stardust rolled up Ryback for the win. Axel tried to attack after the match but took a double team DDT…

The Dust Brothers defeated Rybaxel at 6:35.

Shore's Slant: Come down match brought us down too far. The six minutes felt like thirty. Again, I don't think the Stardust character is catching. I think people are just saying, "Oh, this is what Cody is doing now."

A video recapped the feud between Summer Rae and Layla. Backstage, Saxton interviewed Fandango, who said he loved triangles. Layla walked up and said Fandango would call the match for her because he was in love. Summer Rae walked up and said the same. They argued and it devolved into a cat squabble that Fandango had to break up…

Lana and Rusev made their entrance. Lana cut her same general promo. USA sucks. Vladimir Putin. Rusev crush. Rusev agreed. Big E made his entrance with the American flag. A cut-in video had Big E giving a sing-song patriotic speech…

6. Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Big E. Both men clubbed on each other and Big E dropped him on his head. Rusev sold, but brutalized Big E in the corner. He charged, but Big E hit a cool STO for two. Rusev rolled to the apron and Big E speared him to the floor again, but it looked like Big E landed on his head too. Rusev came up with some blood in his mouth as Big E dropped the straps. Rusev rolled to the apron again and hit a kick. He followed with a thrust kick that took Big E out. CRUSH! Rusev locked in the Accolade. Big E started to power out, but Rusev walked him back down and cinched it in tight for the win…

Rusev defeated Big E at 7:19.

Shore's Slant: That wasn't quite as long as I had hoped but I think it was as long as it needed. The crowd was flat after the tag match, and the end of this match was never in doubt, but they managed to pop them a few times. The spear to the floor was a very dangerous spot, and one I don’t think they need to do again. Big E could have easily broken his neck there. It's just too risky in my opinion.

The panel spoke again and killed momentum. Again. A video recapped Daniel Bryan's appearance on the pre-show. Backstage, The Bellas talked about Vickie leaving. Stephanie walked up and asked Nikki why "she" was here. Steph acted like she couldn't hear Brie and Brie said she was showing Nikki her favorite video. She held up her phone and they showed the video of Vickie putting Steph in the pudding. Steph had security throw Brie out…

7. Summer Rae vs. Layla with Fandango as special referee. The crowd died as the women battled around. Summer choked Layla in the corner and Fandango was distracted by her long leg while counting. The crowd chanted for CM Punk. Layla hit a roundhouse kick out of nowhere for the win. Fandango made out with Layla afterward…

Layla defeated Summer Rae at 3:06.

Shore's Slant: Terrible. Simply terrible. Not much else to add.

The main event hype video aired. Triple Ha and Stephanie came to the ring to watch. Everyone made ring entrances. Bray Wyatt said "I'm here" and came to the ring alone. Cena was mostly booed by his hometown crowd. Reigns got a good pop, but Ambrose had a better one…

8. Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman) vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane in a Money in the Bank match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Dueling Cena chants started immediately as the eight men brawled like it was a battle royal. Orton and Kane cleared the ring of everyone except Cena. Orton worked over Cena as Kane put a ladder in the ring. That led to a rapid, rotating order of guys running back in the ring for one move. Sheamus and Reigns each ended up with a ladder and sandwiched Kane with it.

They both setup their ladders, and after a spot with everyone on the top of the ladders, Kane cleared house. He chokeslammed Cena and Boston popped. Kane setup a ladder, grabbed Orton by the throat, and threw him into the ladder. He held it as Orton climbed. Reigns ran in and pushed the ladder over. The ladder ricocheted and hit Orton in the top of the head. He got busted open and rolled to the floor to get attended to.

Sheamus and Cesaro climbed the ladder and hooked their arms in the belts. Bray pushed the ladder away and they hung from the belts. Sheamus fell first, but Cesaro fell not long after. Orton got cleared to re-enter and grabbed Sheamus on the floor. They battled over a ladder setup from the ring to announce table and Orton hit the hung DDT on Sheamus. Orton slid the ladder into the ring and set it up. The other seven men had a mad scramble that left Kane in the ring. He took the ladder down and went after Sheamus.

Sheamus fought back and went on a killing spree. He hit the Brogue kick on Cena and yelled, "You can't see me, fella!" Hilarious. Sheamus set the ladder up and climbed. Cesaro setup the ladder from the ladder to the top turnbuckle. Cesaro climbed up and they battled. Reigns pushed the ladder over so that it balanced on the other one. Holy shit! Cena came back after a moment and reset the ladder.

Kane and Orton beat everyone to the floor. Kane was setting up the ladder when Reigns flew in and hit a spear. Orton slammed the ladder on Reigns to stop him. Orton kicked Reigns and setup for the RKO. Reigns shoved off and hit s Superman punch. That led to Reigns taking everyone out except for Cena.

They stared off and then settled into a yea vs. boo punching contest. Cena suddenly lifted for an AA and the place booed. Reigns escaped and hit a spear to a big pop. Reigns started to climb the ladder but was stopped by Orton with a backbreaker off the ladder. Orton started to climb but was stopped by Wyatt with Sister Abigail. That popped the shit out of the crowd.

Del Rio stopped Wyatt and hit his corner enziguri and superkick from the knees on him. Sheamus stopped him pushing the ladder over and hitting a Brogue kick. Cesaro stopped him with an European uppercut off the ladder and the neutralizer. Orton stopped him with an RKO off the ladder. Orton started bleeding like hell as Reigns fought him on the ladder. Reigns knocked a bloody Orton off, but Kane chokeslammed Reigns off. He held the ladder for Orton, but Cena ran in and hit an AA on Kane. He pulled Orton off for the AA on top of Kane. He climbed the ladder and retrieved the belts…

John Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at 26:35.

Shore's Slant: Well, at least it wasn't a dominant victory, right? In all seriousness, this was the right call because I do believe the plan is to put the title on Brock Lesnar and Cena is the guy who can absorb that loss the easiest. Crazy match that had the craziest spot of the light with the leaning ladders. They did a great job of using the ladders and they should all be proud of it.

All in all a weird PPV. Half the matches delivered like hell. The other half felt like Raw matches. I would say I enjoyed the PPV as a whole, but it certainly dragged in spots. I'll have more for Members later tonight on the audio review with Jason Powell. Thanks for watching along tonight.




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