8/5 Moore's Lucha Underground Season Finale Review: Ultima Lucha part two, Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship, Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr in a Ciero Miedo Match, seven-way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship, Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron

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8/5 Moore's Lucha Underground Season Finale Review: Ultima Lucha part two, Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship, Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr in a Ciero Miedo Match, seven-way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship, Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron
2015-08-06 10:00:54

By John Moore

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network
Taped in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California at The Temple

This week's Ultima Lucha episode started off with a dedication note, "Dedicated to the memory of the original rudo, Rowdy Roddy Piper". The opening video package was a small recap of the entire season; from Dario Cueto's first in ring promo to Black Lotus going Wing Chun on a wall, as well as all of the other things in between like the rise of Mil Muertes and the rampage of Cero Miedo...

Melissa Santos was in the ring and introduced us to Ultima Lucha. Matt Striker checked in on commentary and he was joined by Michael Schiavello due to Vampiro's in ring duties for the night. Schiavello ran down his various calls around the world when he called events like K-1 and the such, but he said he is excited to be a part of Dario Cueto's temple on the night of Ultima Lucha. Striker said that this show promised to change the industry and said that tonight they were here to Lucha for everyone who made this possible, Perro Aguayo, and the locker room. He passed the action to Melissa in the ring...[C]

1. Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron. Mundo started off the match by hanging out on the outside. Mundo continued to tease coming in the ring, but instead decided to play mouse in the game of cat and mouse. Alberto was eventually able to kick the leg of the mouse and tossed Mundo all over the place. Alberto took Mundo to the announce table and started targeting the arm using the table. Mundo ran away again and ran under the ring. Mundo managed to make it to the other side.

Mundo grabbed some dirt and threw it in Alberto El Patron's face, who decided to throw Alberto around just like Alberto did to him. Mundo instigated his ground and pound offense on the outside of the ring. Mundo took El Patron back in the ring and got a nearfall. El Patron got a glimpse of hope, but that glimpse was ended by Mundo's signature running knee. Johnny Mundo tried to go for the quick Fin de Mundo, but Alberto El Patron quickly recovered and met Mundo on the top rope where he did a reverse side suplex. Alberto El Patron sold his calf afterwards while the crowd showed him with "si" chants.

The two luchadores traded punches in the ring until Mundo laid in a kick. Mundo then worked on Alberto in the corner by slamming Alberto's head in the turnbuckle. Striker noted how this probably cleaned the dirt off Alberto's face and Alberto came right back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Mundo kicked out of the pin after a backstabber. Alberto El Patron teased Sweet "Si" music, but Johnny Mundo countered with an enziguri, leading to a Mundo nearfall. Johnny Mundo went for what Striker thought was a pedigree, but Alberto escaped. Mundo dodged an incoming El Paton and caught Alberto with a hanging backstabber.

Johnny Mundo went to the top rope for a 450 while Alberto was already recovered (?). Alberto was recovered so he just disposed of Johnny to the outside. Johnny Mundo caught Alberto with a feint kick and sent Alberto to the outside. Johnny Mundo shot Alberto with a corkscrew plancha. Back in the ring, Mundo's kick attack was ended by Alberto's springboard footstomp. Alberto El Patron locked in the crossarmbreaker, but Mundo got to the ropes to break the hold.

Alberto did some rapid shoot kicks to Mundo in the Tree of Woe. Mundo's core saved him when he sat up to dodge an El Patron tackle. As the two luchadores fought on the top rope, Mundo hit a footstomp on an hanging Alberto El Patron and was able to finally hit him with Fin De Mundo. Alberto kicked out of Mundo's finisher. Alberto went for his superkick, but Mundo pushed the ref in the way. Ref Bump!!! (Oh hell! I'm reviewing TNA after this aren't I?). Mundo went for the Moonlight Drive, but Alberto countered into the crossarmbreaker. Mundo tapped out, but the ref was bumped.

Mundo slithered out and escaped. With Marty Elias knocked out, Alberto was allowed to lock in an illegal armbreaker on the ropes. Out of nowhere, Johnny's former manager, Melina came in and struck Alberto with the AAA Mega Championship. Striker noted how Melina has been out of wrestling for over five years. Mundo hit another Fin De Mundo and obtained a victory over the Mega champion.

Johnny Mundo defeated Alberto El Patron via pinfall in 13:37.

Melina joined Johnny Mundo in the ring and the two made out in the ring. The two made out several times until Alberto put a stop to it. El Patron slammed Mundo on the rusty barricade. Melina yelled like she usually does. Alberto El Patron threw Johnny Mundo first into the wooden chairs and next into Dario Cueto's door which had a glass window as payback to what Mundo did to him a few months back.

Alberto tried to get a sip of water, but Melina came right in with rapid slaps to the Mega Champ. Alberto El Patron just no sold the slaps, put Melina into position, and gave her an old school spanking. Alberto El Patron stood tall in the ring with his Mega Campeonato in hand. A camera cut to Melina consoling Johnny Mundo who was a bloody mess on the floor. Alberto El Patron approached Mundo and Melina and just gave them a simple wink as he made his way to the top of the steps and celebrated his revenge on his rival. Matt Striker hyped the upcoming Cero Miedo match between Vampiro and Pentagon Jr...[C]

John's Thoughts: This match started off as a fairly underwhelming match, but it really picked up by the end and all of the gimmicks at the end made this a really fun match to watch. I also liked that they didn't go into top gear from an in ring standpoint as it really allows the other matches on the show to stand out. Overall, fun match and fun to see Melina back on national pro wrestling. Melina would be a great addition to the thin female roster of Lucha Underground if Lucha Underground is allowed to continue.

El Dragon Azteca approached the jail cell of Black Lotus as the two were also joined by Dario Cueto. Dario brought up how Dragon Azteca just broke the treaty and said that the punishment was death. As Cueto teased releasing the brother, Black Lotus choked Dragon Azteca to show that she bought into the story of Dario Cueto. Dragon Azteca tried one last time to convince her otherwise, but she finished him off with a palm strike to the spine and heart, seemingly killing the heroic luchador.

Dario Cueto opened Lotus's cage while holding a face of shock. Cueto offered his hand to Black Lotus, but Lotus said she got what she wanted and nothing more was needed. Dario Cueto told Black Lotus of the immensely dread thing she just did by killing such a powerful person and that many people would be after her now. Lotus accepted Dario's offer for protection. Dario Cueto said that he was also bringing Mantanza along, so he opened the cage...

In the ring, Melissa Santos handled ring introductions for the Cero Miedo Match. Pentagon Jr sported a lighter version of his gear and white version of his Perro Aguayo Perros Del Mal shirt. Striker noted how it was a bit odd to see Pentagon Jr represent light. His opponent was Vampiro who came dressed in a very sweet dark priest uniform with is face painted in his vintage Vampiro Canadiense tone. I'm digging this dark pope thing!...[C]

2. Pentagon Jr vs. Vampiro in a Cero Miedo match. Pentagon Jr started off with several chairshots to the dark pope still in his pope attire. Pentagon continued the strikes on the outside. Vampiro was able to get some strikes in when he dragged the action to the stands. After a kick, Vampiro was able to take off the robe. The two brawled to the bottom of the steps.

Pentagon Jr removed the padding on the floor and hit a body slam on Vampiro to the concrete. Pentagon got chair after chair and threw it at Vampiro. Pentagon Jr sandwiched Vampiro in a chair and started hitting that chair. The ref tried to stop the action by throwing up the X symbol, but Pentagon Jr continued the attack including using the camera power cables to choke Vampiro. Striker told us that Vampiro has suffered a "serious" injury so we would have to go to an unexpected break...[C]

John's Thoughts: I can see wrestling purists getting all mad at Lucha Underground for treating this like a real injury, but I personally don't mind and would tell the purists to just give Lucha Underground a break, they are so much of an alternative that they can contain such actions within their universe and it just plain makes sense.

Pentagon Jr was celebrating a job well done in the ring as Vampiro was being stretchered out. Vampiro fought off the paramedics and started walking to the ring. Vampiro entered the ring and sold the beating he took. Vampiro came right at Pentagon with a kick and a spinning wheel kick. Striker did a really good job here cheering on his broadcast partner in the ring, and Matt has been doing a great job throughout the match. Vampiro pulled out a bag and poured out thumbtacks.

Vampiro lifted and body slammed Pentagon Jr on the thumbtacks. Vampiro tried to hit Whisper of the Wind, but instead ended up hitting that Corkscrew Senton onto the thumbtacks. Pentagon Jr pulled out some fluorescent light tubes from under the ring. Pentagon Jr hit Vampiro with the tubes, shattering them. Pentagon Jr took a piece of the glass and started to cut open the head of Vampiro. Pentagon Jr got some of the blood and licked it. Pentagon Jr followed up with kicks and punches. Pentagon Jr got more of the fluorescent light tubes in the ring.

Pentagon Jr hit Vampiro with many strikes but Vampiro stood as strong as he can. Pentagon set the tubes on the turnbuckle and tried to whip Vampiro into the tubes, but Vampiro reversed into a hip toss to send Pentagon Jr into the tubes and subsequent shattered glass. Vampiro ripped Pentagon Jr's mask in half. Vampiro licked his blood and shattered a light tube on Pentagon Jr's head. Pentagon Jr's face showed worry and blood at the same time. Pentagon Jr thought he sent Vamp to the ground but Vampiro recovered and met Pentagon Jr on the top rope. Vampiro hit a super side toss on Pentagon sending him into the tacks.

Vampiro brought a table into the ring along with the materials to set that table ablaze, which he did. Pentagon Jr saw this and quickly ran in with the Uranage, sending Vampiro into the flaming table. Vampiro was doused in fire extinguisher fluid and Pentagon Jr came in for the pin and snagged the hard fought victory.

Pentagon Jr defeated Vampiro via pinfall in 11:30.

Pentagon Jr wanted to cut a celebratory promo, but Vampiro slid in the ring and insisted that Pentagon Jr break his arm. Pentagon locked Vampiro into position and did just that. Pentagon then called out to his Maestro. He said he finished what he promised he would do, all for his master. Vampiro had a mic and told Pentagon that as Pentagon's teacher (!), Pentagon was now ready "my son!". Pentagon Jr and Vampiro celebrated in the middle of the ring with the Cero Miedo pose, taking us to commercial as the crowd was shocked...[C]

John's Thoughts: Wowzers! This was interesting. It can be easily said that hardcore wrestling has no place in Pro Wrestling in 2015, hell in the 2000s just look at those Vampiro matches in Wrestling Society X; but given that Lucha Underground has embraced this extreme and supernatural universe so well, for some strange reason it just works and I loved this match. Vampiro was clearly VERY limited in the ring, but these two luchadores pulled out every single smoke and mirror out of the book to tell a really compelling story. Vampiro used to have a little Jeff Hardy in him, and he was able to pull out enough athletic moves to make him credible (Look! At least the guy's not Blue Demon Jr). I also thought the revelation was well done, not everyone would get it, but I can't help but think it was Asian influenced and I loved those stories and mangas. Two matches in and this is already a strong show.

3. Fenix vs. Sexy Star vs. AeroStar vs. Bengala vs. King Cuerno vs. Jack Evans vs. Big Ryck in a 7 Way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship. As usual, madness ensued. Big Ryck looked dominant to start off since he was clearly the most powerful of them all. AeroStar attempted a German Suplex, but to no avail. Ryck stood alone in the ring after disposing of everyone else. The field decided to team up on Ryck to even things up. Ryck managed to clothesline Cuerno and Bengala and continued to dominate as usual. Fenix and AeroStar ended the domination by dropkicking Ryck to the outside.

AeroStar hit an impressive tilt a whirl hurricanrana on Fenix to stand tall in the ring himself. AeroStar followed up with a springboard Tope on Fenix. AeroStar tried a crossbody, but Fenix converted that into a power slam. Back in the ring, Jack Evans fought with King Cuerno. Jack Evans showed his caporieta skills and hit a spinning roundhouse on Cuerno. Cuerno dodged the tope and grounded the high flying Evans. Bengala met Cuerno in the ring and hit him with a backbreaker.

Sexy Star tried to get a high risk move on Bengala but Bengala kicked her in the crotchal region. Big Ryck broke up the following pin and flapjacked him. The rest of the Luchadores recovered to stop Ryck again. Ryck cleaned house again. Out of nowhere, AeroStar found some random spot near the roof of the temple and ended up hitting King Cuerno and Bengala with a sick crossbody, and that's sick as in sweeeeet.

Marty the Moth came in the ring and met Sexy Star for some reason. Sexy Star ended up hitting La Mistica on Marty the Moth, making him scurry to the outside. Marty the moth got dropkicked to the outside and put his hand in a place that Melissa Santos didn't like, and she screamed to show it. Sexy Star went to the top rope and crossbodied Fenix, AeroStar, and Jack Evans. Big Ryck grabbed Sexy Star in the ring by the hair. Star dodged the right arm and caught Ryck with the headscissors.

King Cuerno beat up and stood on Sexy Star. Cuerno hit her with the Thrill of the Hunt. Cuerno stood even with Fenix for a bit, but Bengala came right in with a front suplex. Bengala managed to use his quickness to get the upper hand, and even got a pin attempt. Bengala topped off his attack with a corkscrew plancha. King Cuerno shot his signature arrow and hit my favorite suicide dive in the business on Bengala. Jack Evans tried to steal a win over AeroStar. Evans had the Guillotine choke and fought out into a DDT. AeroStar hit the slingshot splash and got a nearfall that Sexy Star broke up. Sexy Star tried to pin, but Ryck broke this one up. Big Ryck slammed Sexy Star HARD into the mat with a Uranage.

At ringside, DelAvar Daivari turned on his former mercenary and struck Big Ryck in the chin with a steel chair. Daivari then hit Ryck with a (protected) shot to the head. Jack Evans tried to take advantage of this by landing a springboard 450 splash on Big Ryck. Cuerno broke up that pin quickly. King Cuerno locked in his crossbow dragon sleeper that Fenix broke up with a leg drop. Evans missed an enziguri on Fenix but got Cuerno out of the ring. Evans tried to get a pin over Fenix but Fenix escaped.

Fenix hit Jack Evans with a superkick. Evans got a crucifix submission on Fenix who was standing. Fenix fought out with many strikes. Fenix planted Jack Evans with the Fire Driver to defeat Jack Evans to become the new Gift of the Gods Champion as King Cuerno stood at ringside in disappointment.

Fenix defeated Aero Star, Bengala, Big Ryck, King Cuerno, Jack Evans and Sexy Star via pinfall in 12:12 to become the inaugural Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Champion.

John's Thoughts: Fun undercard match. What was good was how they managed to allow everyone to get a spot in. It also allowed a few people not on the show to get a spotlight, even though I'm not sure why we needed Daivari or even worse, Marty the Moth on this show. In WWE, this is what we would call the "get everyone on the show" match, or the Wrestlemania Money in the Bank Match. This was the least epic of tonight's matches so far, but still pretty entertaining, Except Marty the Moth. Why the hell was he even there?

[C]. Out first, now just from Mexico, The longest reigning AAA champion in AAA History, El Texano Jr, came out finally through the top babyface entrance for once. I still love that guy's theme though. Out afterward, now residing in South Beach, Florida, Blue Demon Jr came out accompanied by Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco. LOLs, Are they really going for J&J Security with these guys? C&C Security or C&C Seguridad? Mr Cisco handed Melissa Santos a Lucha Underground letter that said that Dario Cueto was changing this match to a No-DQ match because of Blue Demon's "legendary status". [C]

4. El Texano Jr vs. Blue Demon Jr (W/ Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro). Texano started off the match with clotheslines to the classic luchador. C&C immediately interfered to begin, but got taken down quickly. Texano got a two count after a hanging elbow. Texano worked on Blue Demon in the corner with chops. This is where Blue Demon got a little offense, but Texano came right back with an atomic drop and a spinebuster. Texano hit his signature sitout powerbomb, but C&C broke it up.

They handed Demon a kendo stick that he didn't use. Oh Hell! Chavo Freakin' Guerrero is back for no reason. In the latest worst swerve in Wrestling History (That's what the announcers were trying to sell, I'm not sure what we were supposed to think), Chavo hit Texano with a chair. Chavo then handed Blue Demon Jr the chair to get a (protected) chairshot to Texano's Head. Blue Demon won.

Blue Demon Jr defeated El Texano Jr via pinfall in 3:01.

Demon, Chavo, and the Security Guards stood together in the ring together as they mocked Texano on the ground. Chavo gave Demon a hug before lifting his hands in victory...[C]

John's Thoughts: Really? I know I had REALLY low expectations for this match, and they managed to bring the bar even lower by having a lame angle, Texano essentially squashing Demon, and Chavo? Chavo? I'm just going to imagine that these last five minutes didn't happen.

Epic music played as Prince Puma and Mil Muertes were leaving the locker room. Melissa Santos announced that per Dario Cueto's orders, this match must have a winner...


5. Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) vs. Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground Championship. Striker noted that Catrina was on a quest to gain all of the gold in the company. Prince Puma was alone this time with Konnan supposedly in the underworld. Prince Puma was pummeled by the massive strikes of Mil Muertes. Puma countered the power with his speed. Puma landed a dropkick, but Muertes didn't budge. Muertes took Puma to the outside and threw him around the temple, sending him to the stands. Puma and Muertes traded fists in the stands and ultimately onto the steps. Puma almost hit Catrina, but instead used her as a weapon to hit Mil Muertes in a way that didn't hurt Catrina one bit.

Muertes recovered and threw Prince Puma into the wooden chairs. Catrina kept holding up her power rock. Muertes tried to slam Puma into the rusty barricade, but Puma ran up the wall. Prince Puma then ran against the ring apron, parkour style, to hit Mil Muertes with a spinning roundhouse. Prince Puma set up a table on the outside of the ring, that time allowed Mil Muertes to recover. The two luchadores brawled on the outside. Mil Muertes grabbed wooden stairs and set it up on its side. Prince Puma was powerbombed into the steps that didn't break, which made it look more painful.

Muertes grabbed a chair, but Puma ran right at him with a baseball slide. Prince Puma went for the Suicide Dive, but Mil Muertes swatted Puma's back midair with a chair. Mil Muertes set up the chair in the turnbuckle this time. Puma blocked being sent into it. Mil Muertes was staggered by a Puma Tiger Knee. Puma went for a cutter and ended up getting a double footstomp in the end of the sequence instead. Mil Muertes caught an incoming Prince Puma with a right arm. Puma dodged Muertes sending him into the corner chair. Prince Puma hit is Pele GTS and got a good nearfall out of it.

Prince Puma dragged Mil Muertes into position but missed the Phoenix Splash. Prince Puma hit a combination of kicks, but Mil Countered with a powerslam, leading to a two count. Mil Muertes worked on Prince Puma in the corner with many clotheslines. Mil Muertes tried a running powerslam, but Prince Puma escaped and hit a capoeira rolling waterfall kick on Mil Muertes from above. Prince Puma rolled through the northern lights with an Exploder Suplex leading to a two count. This invoked "Suplex City" chants.

Catrina held up the stone, which caused Mil Muertes to recover. Mil Muertes staggered Puma with a forearm on the apron. Puma staggered Muertes back with a feint kick. Mil Muertes came right back at him with a spear on half of the table. Mil Muertes powerbombed Puma to finish off the table. Once in the ring, Prince Puma kicked out at two. Mil Muertes planted Puma with a swinging chokeslam. Prince Puma pulled a matrix spin to dodge Muertes. Puma grounded Muertes in position with many roundhouse kicks. Prince Puma finally hit his 630. Muertes kicked out of the finisher.

Puma went for another 630, but missed and landed on his back. Mil Muertes hit a spear that Prince Puma took very well. Mil Muertes then spiked Puma with a Flatliner that looked like it snapped Puma's neck. Prince Puma kicked out of Muertes's finisher. Puma tried the best he could to kick Muertes from the ground. Striker noted how nobody has ever kicked out of both of those finishers. Puma went to the top rope again, only to meet the right hands of Muertes. Mil Muertes was sent to the mat, but quickly ran up to Puma and hit a Super Flatliner to earn the victory and become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

Mil Muertes defeated Prince Puma via pinfall in 17:41 to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

Catrina gave Prince Puma the lick of death per tradition in the ring. Mil Muertes and the Trios Champions, the Disciples of Death, stood tall in the ring all with their titles and magic rock. Striker noted how an age of death was beginning as Lucha Underground ended...

But wait! In what may be the final scene of Lucha Underground, Black Lotus and Dario Cueto were packing as much stuff as they can to get the hell out of the temple. Dario Cueto made sure Black Lotus got all of the money. In a very funny scene, the two bailed quickly, but Dario Cueto forgot his favorite red bull, which he ran back to get. Black Lotus and Dario Cueto got into a truck and we saw a dark skinned masked dude in the trailer. The growl told us that it was Mantanza...

Fenix walked into a nice customized vintage car to leave the temple with his new championship. He was trailed by a pickup truck. The cowboy hat probably means it is Texano..

Marty the Moth was freaking out in a random room. He had Sexy Star tied up in a rope cocoon. He said that people think that he's a joke and that Sexy Star won't be laughing when she meets "his sister". Sexy Star screamed in peril, while Marty flapped his hands and screamed like a creep...

Son of Havoc told Angelico that they were getting the titles back. Havoc asked Ivelisse for one last ride, she told him to shut up and get on as all three of them drove out to the open road...

Drago was in the warehouse and told AeroStar "Til we meet again... My friend". Drago then opened his wings and became fire again. AeroStar walked in the same area, fired up his jets and supposedly flew away...

Pentagon Jr was in the dojo calling to his master again, wondering where they were going now? Vampiro approached from behind and said they were going to a darker place...

The white hooded man put on the mask of the Fallen Dragon Azteca and spray painted a huge question mark on the Lucha Underground Billboard. A final scene showed of Dario Cueto slowly walking out of his temple as it got enveloped in darkness, possibly never to be seen again. The show ended with the words "to be continued" and another dedication to the true original Rudo, Roddy Piper...

John's Thoughts: Nice match as usual from Puma, and Mil Muertes never fails to disappoint with is power offense. The match went for over 17 minutes, but it didn't feel like that long and in fact felt like it could have gone longer. Mil served wonderfully as that "base" that big men are supposed to, making all of Puma's face paced offense look stellar. Puma losing also sets up this storyline where Catrina has power over the Temple with all of the gold.

The cliffhanger montage was also pretty well done as well, and aside from the creepy and needless Marty the Moth one, all were good hooks for next season, if there ever is one. If there isn't one, that was a great run and the ending was a good ending for part one of any movie. I also liked how we as viewers can read deeper into these segments. Like what is this "darker place"? They also have Fenix in their back pocket as the glimmer of hope to end, and the white hooded man too who we now know has a goatee...

It was a pleasure reviewing this show for ya'll and hopefully with the positive buzz around it, this show gets greenlit for a second season. Even if that doesn't happen, this thing could even linger for years as Mark Barnett and crew have put together a good infrastructure for someone to pick up and succeed with this red hot product!




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