9/11 WWE NXT Takeover II Live Coverage: Fatal Four-way for the NXT Championship pits Neville vs. Breeze vs. Kidd vs. Zayn, Bayley vs. Charlotte for the Women's Championship, KENTA debuts, and more

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9/11 WWE NXT Takeover II Live Coverage: Fatal Four-way for the NXT Championship pits Neville vs. Breeze vs. Kidd vs. Zayn, Bayley vs. Charlotte for the Women's Championship, KENTA debuts, and more
2014-09-11 18:30:22

By Zack Zimmerman

WWE NXT Takeover II: Fatal 4 Way
September 11, 2014 at Full Sail University

Pre Show

Inside the lobby of the NXT Arena, Renee Young, Jason Albert, and Alex Riley welcomed viewers. Alex Riley asked everyone to head to WWE.com to sign up for the Network fr just 9.99, which brings about the question of who could possibly be watching the pre-show without being a Network subscriber. They threw to a recap of the NXT tag match from Raw.

They first went to the NXT Women's Championship match between Charlotte and Bayley. The video package began at the post-show of the first Takeover where the live crowd chanted for Bayley when Charlotte asked who her next challenger should be. They did a personality profile for Bayley to the Always Sunny in Philadelphia music and portrayed her as quirky, but likeable and capable. Soundbytes from a Bayley interview played over it and she worked herself to tears talking about how much it means to be where she is. They then went to Charlotte's interview where she stuck to her usual over-confident schtick. It built to a close and did a good job of hyping the match, but didn't go as far back in the history books as it could've.

Back at the booth, Sasha Banks joined the team and she was wearing a shirt that read "I'm not ratchet." Sasha claimed to have taught Charlotte everything she knows, but Albert made the counter-point that Bayley has beaten Sasha twice so if that’s the case, it doesn’t bode well for Charlotte. Alex Riley suggested that Sasha might be jealous of Sasha and she went off on him. She got in his face and cut a promo on him about how the NXT Women's Championship will end up around her waist…

Zim Says: Good appearance for Sasha. She needs more screen time to get her character to the level of her ring work.

Back at the booth, William Regal joined the team. Albert spoke to him in Japanese and talked about how Japan was his spiritual home. Regal said that he didn't go to Kenta, Kenta came to him because Kenta wanted to compete with the best.

Suddenly, CJ Parker barged into the lobby. He said that William Regal is trying to silence his message. Regal apologized for overlooking him and not giving him a match on the show. He said that to make it right, Parker now has a match against an unknown opponent tonight. Parker was satisfied and walked off. The commentators riffed about hair and lack-thereof.

Zim Says: Looks like we found Kenta's opponent.

The panel threw back to the video package from NXT last week where Enzo and Cass went to the salon to get hair removal cream from Carmella. It got spilled on a poodle and the poodle's hair fell off. Back with the panel, Albert said he wished he had that cream for his hair back in the day. The panel showed photoshopped pictures of both guys with no hair.

Up next was the hype for the NXT Tag Team Championship match. The package showed The Ascension running through jobbers and then recapped the number-one contender's tournament which culminated in Sin Cara and Kalisto defeating The Vaudevillains in the finals. The commentators discussed the dynamic of the match and said we'd find out for sure soon…

Zim Says: Paige defeated Becky Lynch with the RamPaige in a dark match for the live crowd. Afterwards, Paige raised Becky's hand and endorsed her.

The panel then moved onto the Fatal 4 Way main event. Alex Riley did his best NBC News correspondent impression (which, to his credit, was pretty effective) and threw to an interview he conducted with all four competitors of the main event. They bickered about the tag match from Raw, with the heels arguing because Breeze lost and the faces arguing because Neville said that he won, and Zayn thought they won. Breeze said he didn’t need this and left. Kidd took over as the interviewer in an attempt to cause more strain between Neville and Zayn.

Kidd said he had to go get ready and check on his cats, so he left too. Riley was left with Zayn and Neville. Zayn said that they were friends, but he wanted to pin Neville more than Breeze or Kidd, Neville suggested Zayn go after one of the others because he can't beat Neville. The two got a bit tense before Zayn left the interview as well to end it.

Jason Albert went out with the fans and asked for their opinions. There was a funny guy doing Tyler Breeze cosplay, but not much else. Renee Young and Alex Riley gave one more $9.99 pitch. GRR. And here we go…!

NXT Takeover II

The show opened with Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Renee Young welcoming viewers before the team of Kalisto and Sin Cara made their entrance to new music which has the "lucha lucha lucha" chant in it but does not fit the rhythm of the music at all. Awkward. Tag champs The Ascension were out next.

1. Kalisto and Sin Cara vs. The Ascension for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Cara hit a springboard headbutt, body block, and moonsault right out of the gate, but Konnor provided the distraction from the apron and Cara was dumped to ringside. Konnor tagged in and went to work on Cara outside the ring before bringing the fight back into the ring. The Ascension isolated Sin Cara from that point and were in full control.

Viktor went for a slingshot powerbomb but it was really sloppy and Cara reversed into a hurricanrana. He couldn't make the tag however, as Viktor was able to get to Konnor and he ran in to knock Kalisto off the apron. Around the five-minute mark, Care hit a desperation enzugiri and a short time later made the hot tag to Kalisto.

Kalisto came in a million miles per hour, as usual, and hit his springboard tornillo after taking out Konnor on the apron. They blew a sunset flip powerbomb spot and the commantators even told Kalisto he had to slow down. There was a series of dives where The Ascension caught Kalisto and flipped him up, but he landed on his feet on the ramp and Sin Cara took out The Ascension with a dive.

Back in the ring a short time later, The Ascension had Kalisto in position for the Fall of Man, but Sin Cara pulled Konnor out of the ring and Kalisto hit Salida del Sol in the middle of the ring for the clean pin on Viktor.

Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension in about 7:30 to win the NXT Tag Team Championships.

The luchadors celebrated with their championships while replays aired. At the top of the ramp, Renee tried to interview them but they were too overwhelmed to say anything worthwhile. Basically, they were excited... The commentators gave their thoughts to everyone who was affected by the attacks on 9/11... A video package highlighted NXT Champion Adrian Neville...

Zim Says: I'd assume this means we see The Ascension move into a regular role on the main roster. That match suffered because Kalisto couldn't slow down enough to be smooth, but there were some exciting high spots. Rejoice! We may now get competitive matches in the NXT tag team division!!!

Back in the arena, CJ Parker made his entrance. Baron Corbin was already waiting in the ring.

2. CJ Parker vs. Baron Corbin.  Corbin killed Parker with a clothesline and then picked up Parker for a sidewalk slam, but swing it into a Complete Shot for the win.

Baron Corbin squashed CJ Parker in about 0:30.

The crowd chanted "Thank you, Baron" as he left the arena… A video package highlighted Tyson Kidd and featured the great promo where he talked about all of the attributes that you think are the other guys, but he's referring to himself. I love that...

Zim Says: There was a vignette for Corbin that aired during last night's Takeover Preview show, but I didn’t expect to see him this quickly. He has a unique look and a cool looking finish. I'll reserve further judgment, but that was a perfectly fine (re)debut. Looks like I was wrong about Kenta's opponent.

Back in the arena, Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis made their entrance to new music. They once again showed the video package of the trip to Carmella's Salon before Enzo Amore made his entrance along with Big Cass. He did his usual intro and then once in the ring, he continued. He said 1. He's going to punch Lefort in the mouth. 2. Lefort's going to get a haircut. He ran through all of the haircuts he could give Lefort and the crowd yelled "How you doin'" after every one. He said Lefort's head was going into the bucket tonight. Cassady said after that happens, there will be only one way to describe Lefort and that’s "S-A-W-F-T: Sawwwwft." Enzo's hair has leopard print dyed in it. Awesome.

3. Enzo Amore  (w/ Colin Cassady) vs. Sylvester Lefort (w/ Marcus Louis) in a hair vs. hair match. The crowd chanted "Bona fide stud – Certified G" for Amore at the start of the match. Funny. Lefort got the first takedown with a shoulder tackle. Enzo visibly called a spot after he took a headlock and he shot in for a schoolboy for two a short time later. Enzo ducked and dodged shots by Lefort before bringing him in the ring with a beel from the apron. He went for another moments later, but Lefort hung Amore up on the top rope to take control.

A short time later, Enzo hit a high knee strike but wasn't able to regain momentum of the match as Lefort wore him down with a shoot kick to the back. Lefort taunted with his hair and talked trash to Amore before hitting a clothesline for a two-count. Cassady took out Louis at ringside and Amore rolled Lefort up with an O'Connor roll for the win.

Enzo Amore beat Sylvester Lefort in about 5:30.

The crowd chanted "To the chair" but Lefort tried to split. He ran right into a clothesline however, and Cassady hoisted Lefort over his shoulder and headed towards the chair. Louis jumped them from behind which allowed Lefort to flee the arena and left Louis to take a beating from Enzo and Cass. Cassady laid out Louis with a boot and then did the "get the bucket!" line. They dumped it over Louis's head and he went backstage before you could see anything happening with his hair. Replays aired and the babyfaces celebrated to a mild reaction… Tyler Breeze's video package aired…

Zim Says: The match wasn't very good and we didn't even get to see the payoff for a hair vs. hair match? Perhaps we'll see it later or at the tapings, but this is a definite 'miss' in my book.

Back in the arena, ring announcer JoJo introduced NXT GM William Regal who came out to a good reaction and a loud "William Regal" chant. Regal said that NXT has become the place to be for every competitor in the world, and he threw to a video package. A hype package for Kenta aired showing Hulk Hogan signing him in Japan and multiple WWE Superstars talking about how big of a talent Kenta is. Regal proudly introduced NXT's newest signing, international sensation, Kenta!

Kenta came out in a suit and skinny tie to a very cool video wall and music. He stood at the top of the ramp to soak it all in with a big, satisfied, proud smile on his face. He looks like a million bucks. Regal welcomed him and Kenta took the mic. He spoke briefly in English to the surprise of the crowd before reverting back to Japanese for the bulk of his promo. He said that "This is a dream come true" and the crowd popped big. He said he was happy to be here in WWE and on NXT.

He said he's starting over by announcing that as a tribute to one of his heroes, he will now be known as Hideo Itami. The Kenta graphic on the tron switched to his new name. Suddenly, The Ascnesion's music hit and they made their way to the ring. Viktor kicked Itami in the gut and tossed him out of the ring, They began to demand a title rematch before Kenta re-entered the ring, He took off his suit and killed The Ascension with kicks to clear them from the ring. He went to ringside and retrieved a chair, which he then opened in the middle of the ring, sat in, and challenged The Ascension to come try that again. The Ascension backed up the ramp and Itami was left in the ring standing tall with the crowd trying to chant his name…

Zim Says: Now that’s how you do a debut right. He looked like a million bucks, showed that he's making real improvements in his English, and fought strong to a good reaction. Kenta is small so him clearing The Ascension might've sounded a bit odd on paper, but it worked here. Now if only the crowd can figure out a chant for his new name he'll be all set.

Still shots set up the match between Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey. Bull was out first, followed by Mojo.

4. Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey. Mojo took the fight to Bull with repeated shoulder thrusts in the corner, but Bull ran him over a short time later. Bull came off the top rope with a diving headbut for the win.

Bull Dempsey defeated Mojo Rawley in about 1:00.

Bull hit a second headbutt for good measure after the match. The commentators put Bull over as a dangerous man…

Zim Says:Thank goodness they kept it short.

Outside Full Sail, Enzo was complaining to Cassady when they saw Les Legionnaires hanging out backstage. They jumped them from behind and dragged Louis out to the ring. They beat him up some more and pulled off the towel that was covering his head. He looked like he had alopecia. He ran off embarrassed and Enzo said the word to describe Marcus Louis is "B-A-W-l-D: Bawwwwld…"

Zim Says: So, Lefort's not losing his hair? I don’t usually have issues with the booking of NXT but this just seems weird to me. Like they wiggled out of the full payoff.

Renee Young mentioned Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt when talking about the future before they threw to the hype package going into the NXT Women's Championship match that aired on the pre-show. Bayley made her entrance to new music and Macho Man-like tassels hanging from her arms. Her tube man were jumbo-sized for this show. Once in the ring, the crowd chanted "Bayley." NXT Women's Champion Charlotte was out next. Both ladies received full frmal in-ring introductions. Another loud chant for Bayley, while Charlotte got some loud boos. The crowd chanted "Bayley's gonna hug you" before the bell.

5. Bayley vs. Charlotte for the NXT Women's Championship. Charlotte patronized Bayley and Bayley fired up driving Charlotte into the corner with shoulder thrusts. The two traded offense early, but Charlotte took control by  reversing a backslide attempt into a neckbreaker. The crowd chanted for Bayley before Charlotte settled into the Figure-Four headlock. Bayley bridged back for a two-count, but Charlotte put Bayley down with a running dropkick.

Charlotte worked over Bayley at a methodical pace and began to fire away with chops. Charlotte went back to the Figure-Four headlock and did several summersaults which sent Bayley crashing into the mat. A short time later, Bayley turned the hold into several two-counts and she also reversed a Figure-Four attempt into a small package, but Charlotte kicked out and remained in firm control.

Bayley got another two-count on a surprise roll-up, but Charlotte hit a knee to the gut for a two-count of her own. The crowd rallied behind Bayley as Charlotte jawed at her. Bayley fought to her feet and fired up with rapid forearms. She drove Charlotte into the corner, but Charlotte reversed by hanging Bayley up on the middle rope and yanking her down with a neckbreaker for another two-count.

Charlotte went to the top rope for a moonsault, but Bayley met her there and the two battled up top. Bayley broke out a great Frankensteiner off the top rope and the crowd popped huge. Bayley slowly crawled into the cover, but Charlotte managed to kick out before three. Bayley hooked for her finish, but Charlotte reversed and sent Bayley crashing into the turnbuckles with a schoolgirl type roll. Charlotte went to the top rope and hit a moonsault where she landed on her feet first and then fell forward. Bayley managed to kick out at two, but Charlotte hit her finisher, Natural Selection, for the win.

Charlotte defeated Bayley to retain the NXT Women's Championship in about 10:40.

Charlotte celebrated to the ire of the fans before replays aired. Sasha Banks walked down the ramp past Charlotte, feigning applause for the match. She entered the ring and began to talk trash to Bayley before attacking her. Charlotte thought for a moment, and then hit the ring and pulled Sasha off of Bayley. She threw Sasha to the mat and made eye contact with Bayley before once again leaving the ring and heading up the ramp… Sami Zayn's video package aired and he was shown getting pumped up backstage…

Zim Says: Good match, but not quite the caliber of the two previous ladies matches from the live specials. I have no real negatives about the match aside from one slightly awkward spot in the corner, I just wasn't blown away like I'd hoped to be. It wasn't disappointing though. Was that a face turn for Charlotte? Either way, it sure makes for an interesting dynamic in the women's division between the three.

Back in the arena, the commentators hyped that Hideo Itami would be making his in-ring debut next week on NXT…

Tyler Breeze made his entrance for the main event first. Sami Zayn was out next, followed by Tyson Kidd. Kidd was wearing a hoodie and big headphones to the ring. A recap of the tag match from Raw aired before NXT Champion Adrian Neville was out last. Full formal in-ring intros for all four competitors. Big pop for Breeze, big pop and "Ole" chants for Zayn, boos for Kidd, and a good pop for Neville with a few boos. The crowd chanted "Breeze is gorgeous."

6. Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship.  The crowd chanted "Tyson's chicken," "Nattie's wife," and "Ole" while the fur guys squared off. A minute after the bell, things finally kicked off with Zayn pairing off with Breeze while Neville and Kidd went at it. They brawled at ringside before Neville and Zayn made it back into the ring and squared off. Before they could get into it, however, Breeze and Kidd re-entered the ring and the brawls at ringside resumed.

There was an awkward bit where Zayn and Breeze appeared to be waiting for something from the other two guys, but nothing happened except Zayn picking up Breeze's phone and hitting him with it before taking a selfie. Kidd snuck around the ring and attacked Zayn from behind. He tossed Zayn back in the ring, but Zayn planted him out of nowhere with the Complete Shot and hooked in the Koji Clutch. Breeze broke it up and action went to the top of the ramp where Kidd cut out the knee of Neville and fended off Zayn. Breeze and Kidd hit a double suplex on Neville on the stage. They hit another on Zayn on the inclining ramp.

Back in the ring, Kidd and Breeze continued to work over Zayn. They used him as a battering ram to knock Neville off the apron and continued the beating in the ring as the crowd chanted "Nattie's better" at Tyson. Breeze continued to prevent Neville from entering the ring as Kidd continued to wear down Zayn. They hit a double back elbow and Breeze went for the cover, which ended the Kidd/Breeze alliance. Kidd hit a high kick on Breeze to take him out and once again fended off Neville; isolating Zayn in the ring.

The crowd rallied and Zayn hit a jawbreaker on Kidd, but Kidd put him right back down and sent Neville toppling to ringside once again. Kidd hit a kick to the head of Zayn for a two-count  and continued the assault. Kidd hung Zayn on the middle rope and came off the top with a leg drop for a two-count. Kidd once again knocked Neville off the apron and the crowd is starting to popwhen it happens. Kidd hit a wicked soccer kick onto Neville at ringside and then hit a dropkick to Zayn in the tree of woe. Zayn showed some fight, but Kidd teed off in the corner and beat Zayn down before settling into a chinlock.

Neville finally re-entered the ring to break up the hold, but Kidd dumped him to ringside and the crowd cracked up. Neville came right back however to take out Kidd. Breeze cleared Neville to the apron before Zayn fired up on Breeze and knocked him to ringside. Zayn hit the ropes like he was going to dive onto Kidd and Breeze at ringside, but Neville was on the apron and cut off Zayn by hitting a gigantic springboard moonsault onto Kidd and Breeze at ringside.
It was finally down to Neville and Zayn and they showed a few brief moments of wrestling perfection before Kidd came in and cut them off Kidd launched Zayn into Neville, knocking him off the top turnbuckle. Breeze got dumped to ringside and Kidd hit a wicked fisherman's neckbreaker for a great near-fall on Zayn. Kidd looked for the Sharpshooter, but Zayn avoided it. Breeze ran in the ring and hit his finisher on both Zayn and Kidd before catching Neville with a dropkick. He went for a pin on everyone, but they all managed to kick out.

Breeze hoisted Neville onto the top rope. A few idiots in the crowd chanted "CM Punk" but a large portion booed loudly and stopped the chant in its tracks. Wow! There was a fantastic tower of doom spot with Zayn powerbombing Kidd and Breeze who super-duperplexed Neville. Zayn went for the pin, but there was a kickout. The crowd went nuts and chanted "That was three!"

The crowd chanted "This is wrestling" as all four guys were down in the ring. Zayn killed Kidd in the corner and then charged for the Helluva Kick on Neville, but Neville hit a high kick. Neville went to the top rope and hit a Shooting Star Press on Zayn, but Breeze slid in the ring and disposed of Neville before scrambling into the cover. Zayn was able to kick out before three and the crowd exploded again.

Breeze went for the Beauty Shot, but Kidd shoved Zayn out of the way and caught Breeze's legs, turning it into The Sharpshooter. Breeze was about to tap, but Neville slid in the ring and caught Breeze's hand before it hit the mat. Zayn broke up the hold and the crowd chanted "Thank you Neville" for saving the match.

Zayn and Neville traded forearms in the center before Zayn sent Neville over the top rope crashing to ringside. Zayn had Kidd set up for the kick, but he changed course and wiped out Neville with a suicide dive. He ran around the ring and took out Breeze with his torpedo tornado DDT through the turnbuckles. The crowd erupted. Back in the ring, Zayn hit the Helluva Kick and had Kidd beat, but Neville pulled the referee out of the ring. Zayn went after him at ringside, but Neville hit a superkick on Zayn and then went up top and came down with the Red Arrow on Kidd. Neville made the pin and scored the three count, but just an instant before Zayn could break up the pinfall.

Adrian Neville retained the NXT Championship in about 24:10.

Replays aired and boy, were there a lot of them. Neville celebrated in the ring and up the ramp with his championship as Zayn showed real disappointment, sulking in the corner to close the show…  

Zim Says: What an incredible match. The insane moves, spots, and work-rate are one thing, and they were off the charts, but it's also going to play really well into the storylines that will stem from it. I hope Kidd sticks around in a prevalent role and Breeze has shown that he belongs where he is on the NXT cards right now. Zayn is the most intriguing character coming out of this, as it really seems the seeds are planted for a bitter heel turn from the world-class talent who always seems to come up short when it counts. That match was a brilliant finish to a show that was otherwise "just okay."

This was the weakest of the live specials so far, but it was an entertaining show with a must-see main event. None of the matches other than the four-way exceeded expectations. The ladies match was good, the tag match was fine, the squashes were squashed, and the hair match underwhelmed. I really liked the way they did Kenta/Hideo Itami's debut and hyping him in action next week is a good way to capitalize on the buzz and keep the freshness coming. I'm also optimistic about the introduction of the Baron Corbin character and am curious to see how they expand on his character. With the guys we all know are on the brink of debut, I think this show will mark the beginning of a new era in NXT more than it will be remembered as a great show. That said, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend checking it out for the oh-so-good high points.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Dot Net NXT Takeover II audio review, which will be available exclusively for Dot Net Members.

Throw comments, questions, criticisms, or corrections @DotNetZim or DotNetZim@gmail.com; always happy to discuss.




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