2014 WWE Hall of Fame live coverage: Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Lita, Razor Ramon, Paul Bearer, and Carlos Colon

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2014 WWE Hall of Fame live coverage: Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Lita, Razor Ramon, Paul Bearer, and Carlos Colon
2014-04-05 20:00:28

By Jason Powell

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The following is a live coverage report on the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Please refresh the page for the latest updates.

A WWE Hall of Fame video aired to open the show and featured still shots of many notable names along with various audio clips. Each of the 2014 Hall of Fame entrants were shown.

Jerry Lawler was introduced as the host. He said the night would be a celebration. He set up a WWE video set to the tune of Kid Rock's "Celebration" song. The video featured footage and shots of past and present wrestlers, celebrity guests, and even WWE performers endorsing products... Lawler set up a video package on Lita...

Lita: Presented by Trish Stratus

Lawler introduced Trish Stratus as an entrepreneur, a new mother, and a WWE Hall of Famer. He said that's what he was told to say, but he wanted to say that she's one of the hottest Divas to ever appear in a WWE ring. Trish had dark hair and sported a black dress.

Trish noted that Lita is the the godmother of her child. She spoke about their friendship and how they main evented Raw together. Trish said Lita was cool and dressed different than the other Divas. "The point was she was relatable, and the girls saw something in Lita that they probably saw in themselves," Stratus said.

Trish noted that Lita was probably best known for her time in Team Extreme. The fans applauded. She said Lita is the only Diva to be on Rolling Stone's "Hot List." She said Lita revolutionized the way to wear a thong. She said Lita was making her "long dress debut" and said that's a big deal.

Lita walked out wearing a red dress and was all smiles as the crowd gave her a standing ovation. Lita said the wrestling world are kind of their own breed. She said celebrities end their career with a big roast, whereas they get this. "Thanks for this moment, I'm super into it," she said. The fans chanted "thank you, Lita."

Powell's POV: Aside from more art work on the arms, Lita doesn't look any different. She really hasn't aged. Must be something in the Nicaraguan water.

Lita told a fun story about going to Mexico to get her start in pro wrestling at Arena Mexico. She told some comical stranger in a strange land stories about her first trip to Mexico, including mistakenly going to the circus, and being invited to sit in on commentary. She also pulled out a mask that she admitted to taking it when a luchador mistakenly left it behind. There was a minor disruption in the crowd with some booing.

Powell's POV: Brian Fritz of BetweenTheRopes.com is at the ceremony and noted on Twitter that the fans booing was because the speech was not shown on the big screen but rather on smaller screens on the side of the stage. By the way, Brian will be joining me for the annual "WrestleMania Sunday Brunch With Brian" on Dot Net Members audio tomorrow morning.

Lita recalled seeing Rey Mysterio Jr. in Mexico. Rey was shown smiling in the crowd. Lita told a story about Arn introducing her to Mysterio and how she owed Anderson a beer. Trish brought out a tray with two beers and two shots. The beers went to Arn, while Lita and Trish did the shot on the stage. Arn eventually got up and gave the second beer to Mysterio.

Lita recalled her various wrestling weddings and included a mention of ECW and Danny Doring. She ran through the silliness of her marriage to Kane and the demon spawn storyline. She said Kane is one of her favorite people to work with.

Lita recalled being called by the WWE office and being told that director James Cameron had picked her to be on the "Dark Angel" show. She recalled being dropped on her head and that a stunt person had to perform her signature move. She said she knew something was wrong and eventually the third or fourth doctor she saw informed her that her neck was broken. Lita pulled out her bobblehead from the bag.

Powell's POV: At the risk of being rude, um, how many more items does she have in that bag? Let's just say there's no way WWE fits this show into that two hour and 30 minute window listed on the WWE Network schedule. Was she inspired by the recent Beautiful People talking segments on Impact?

The fans booed again and she paused. She spoke about her neck injury and facing surgery. She said she wanted to talk to "Stone Cold" rather than the neurosurgeon. She said Austin hooked her up with his surgeon and she wore his t-shirt during surgery.

Lita ran through a list of people that included Joey Mercury, Tommy Dreamer, Jim Ross, Tom Prichard, Trish, The Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys, and Edge and Christian. She also thanked the crew and said she was thinking about "Frank." She also thanked friends and family, and the punk rock and hardcore scene. She got a standing ovation at the end of her speech...

Powell's POV: I am surprised she went as long as she did, but it was a good speech that covered the various portions of her career. Hey, you only get inducted once (unless you're Ric Flair) so why not make the most of it? Good for her. I suspect some of the guys working tomorrow were less than thrilled by the length of the speech. By the way, among those front row center at the ceremony are Jim Ross and his wife Jan, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and his wife Jennifer, and Brooke and Nick Hogan, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon.

Jake Roberts: Presented by Dallas Page

Lawler set up Jake Roberts video. Lawler introduced Page as the master of the Diamond Cutter and a fitness guru. Page came out to a good reaction and spoke about how humbled he is to be there. He said he felt like there was some divine intervention going on. A loud "happy birthday" chant started. He thanked the crowd.

DDP said he can't think of anything better than having two of his boys step up to receive the recognition they deserve. "I wanna thank you, Hunter, very cool, man," Page said. Hunter didn't change his expression. Page recalled living with Kimberly and Roberts. He said his ex-wife Kimberly had one rule - no snakes in the house.

Page spoke about how much he learned when Roberts lived with them. He said there was one night he heard laughing down the hall. He walked in and saw a 12 foot cobra, but then he realized it was Kimberly laughing. He told another story about the snake getting loose. He said Jake told him he could come back in the morning to get the snake out and then didn't return for three days.

Page got serious as he spoke about how he has been working on paying back the debt for everything Jake taught him. He said Roberts wrote the book on psychology. He recalled Jake's big feuds with Ricky Steamboat, who was in the second row, Rick Rude, and Randy Savage (complete with a Savage impersonation).

DDP focussed on Jake's recovery from his issues. He said their pie in the sky dream was to be on the Hall of Fame stage when the started 18 months ago. "Never underestimate the power you give someone by believing in them," Page said. "Never underestimate the power you give yourself by believing in you." Page introduced Jake.

Roberts was escorted onto the stage by The Bella Twins. Page was there to greet Roberts and gave him a big hug and spoke into his ear. Jake said he forgot what he was going to say. He said he remembered what it was. Jake said he has always loved professional wrestling, but he has always hated neck ties (he tugged on the tie he was wearing).

Jake mentioned names from the past who loved wrestling, then said he didn't always feel that way. He said he hated wrestling at one time because his father was a wrestler. He spoke about drawing extreme reactions from fans, including working up an older woman to the point that she pulls a knife on your ass.

Roberts came close to swearing, then said he had to be filtered. He then said to hell with it and appeared to say that wrestlers masturbate the emotions of the fans. He was censored, but Dusty Rhodes stood up and applauded. He said he wouldn't like about his age like Page. "He's at least 60, look at him," Roberts cracked.

Roberts says it hurts because he can't "play" anymore. He called for Ricky Steamboat, who stood up for a playful exchange. The fans chanted "you still got it" at Roberts, who stopped them and said, "No, you're wrong, I don't." He said his heart still wants it, but there's a point where you can't do it justice.

He said when he fell in love with the ring it's the only woman he didn't cheat on. He said he's ashamed of that. He scolded someone for laughing by saying it's not funny. He spoke about self medicating with drugs and alcohol. He spoke about not being able to look in the eye of women and being tired of lying to children.

Roberts got choked up and the crowd responded with applause of support. He said you don't want to carry on and your career is gone. He said all you have in your heart is pain and you can't do what you love anymore. He said he asked God "why not me" because he didn't want to commit suicide or hurt his children anymore.

Jake praised Dallas Page for being there for him. He was censored a few times as he spoke about how Page never shuts up and is the most positive person around. "Dallas Page saved my life," Roberts said. "I know that. I am so grateful." He recalled how the fans donated $30,000 for him.

Roberts said he was given a lot of talent by God. He said the fans got a little of it. He said he wasted a lot of it and was ashamed of that. He said he had some special people with him - his family. He said he has a hero and had one of his family members bring his 18 month old grandchild on the stage. The child was dressed in the same outfit as Roberts and knocked the outfit away.

Jake spoke about the medical issues the child has gone through, then said get ready because at WrestleMania 50 the boy will be there. Roberts had his family members stand up and thanked them. He also thanked WWE for the part they played in saving his life (by sponsoring his rehab), then offered thanks before leaving...

Powell's POV: Roberts stole the show. A tremendous speech. He just masturbated the emotions of the fans again. One of the most memorable speeches in Hall of Fame history.

Lawler took the stage and was interrupted by Hornswoggle running onto the stage. El Torito followed. Lawler ended up being gored in in the balls by Torito. He used a high voice to set up the Mr. T video...

Powell's POV: I would have cringed had you told me before the show that this was going to happen, but I suspect it was done to lighten the mood after the emotional Roberts speech. It was terrible comedy and all, but I get it.

Mr. T: Presented by Gene Okerlund and T Jr.

Roddy Piper was shown in the crowd. Lawler introduced Gene Okerlund, who was escorted onto the stage by Layla and Eva Marie. Okerlund told a couple of jokes about his own age, then joked about "Mister? Mister?... T" being his close friend. Okerlund looked back at the first WrestleMania.

Okerlund said tomorrow is going to be a day to remember. He noted that Steve Austin was shaking his head. "You know what I mean," Okerlund said. Austin gave him a thumbs up. Okerlund told some jokes about Mr. T's hair and clothing style that didn't get over. He introduced T Jr. as Mr. T's inductor. T Jr. came out and gave a brief introduction to his father.

Mr. T walked onto the stage and said quiet "thank you" a few times, then the crowd picked up and cheered him again. He said he was honored to be with "wrasslin's greatest." He stopped to thank God, then offered an onstage prayer. Mr. T spoke about his mother and said he hoped her story would inspire someone.

T mentioned coming from a family of ten. He said his mother raised the family on her own, then said she wasn't alone because she always had God. He said behind the mohawk and the bad attitude is an old fashioned momma's boy, who just happened to love his mother very much. He said he believes mothers are one of God's greatest creations.

Powell's POV: No man his loved his mother this much since Cliff Clavin.

Mr. T started talking about how his mother's urinary tract and other body parts had to work for two while she was pregnant. He then talked about how he loves his mother on every goddamn holiday there's ever been. "Yes, even on Father's Day, I loved my mother."

Mr. T said he was just trying to tell people how much he loves his mother. The fans chanted "This is awesome." He continued to talk about the manners, not to hang with the wrong crowd, to pray... The fans chanted "thank you, mothers." He said his mother was always there when he was sick. He wanted to grow up and buy her a nice house and pretty dresses and he did.

Powell's POV: I may need to take a break from live coverage because I have this strange desire to call my mother for some reason.

Mr. T spoke about how he loved his mother too much to disrespect, disobey, or dishonor her. Then he started talking about his brothers and how they weren't saints, but they went on to have success. Finally, Kane's music played and he walked onto the stage and glared at T. They shook hands and Kane walked backstage. "They tell me my time is up," T said. "Sorry, sorry, sorry..." The A-Team theme played to end his speech...

Powell's POV: I can't blame Vince McMahon for sending out Kane to serve as the hook. Hell, they'd have to push WrestleMania back to Thursday if they let him deliver the entire speech about his mother. Mr. T's mom and Dorothy Mantooth are saints!!!

Lawler said that after Mr. T's speech, everyone loves his mother. Kane was introduced and then Paul Bearer's video played...

Paul Bearer: Presented by Kane

Kane said he hated to run off Mr. T but all the time he spent talking about his momma was cutting into the time he had to talk about his daddy. He noted that Paul Bearer's real name is Bill Moody. He spoke about how Moody called Mobile, Alabama home and was a fan of pro wrestling who met Michael Hayes and Robert Gibson. Hayes tipped his pimp hat.

Kane noted that Paul Bearer was truly a mortician in real life. He spoke briefly about Moody working as Percy Pringle in Florida and World Class. He said everything changed when he became Paul Bearer in WWE, the manager of Undertaker. Kane praised Taker's character as the greatest in wrestling history.

Kane said Bearer eventually informed him of his secret. Undertaker had a brother. "Me," Kane said. He spoke about how Moody made all the travel arrangements and even made Kane a fans of country music. He said Paul reminded him every chance he could that he was his daddy.

Kane told a story about how he used to wear a ski mask to hide his identity when he arrived at WWE events. He said Paul asked him to drive because he wasn't feeling well. He said when they pulled up to the venue, Paul started yelling out the window, "It's a miracle, Kane can drive. Hilarious.

Kane mentioned the Cauliflower Alley Club that Moody was involved with and that he sometimes was in the corner of D.J. Pringle at Gulf Coast events. Kane mentioned the Moody's passing and said he thinks Moody would have been thrilled to have been involved in WrestleMania 29 in the manner he was.

Kane introduced Bill Moody's sons Michael and Daniel Moody.. They came out and offered quick thanks. One of the the sons delivered the "Oh, yes," line and they started to leave the stage. Undertaker's music played and the fans roared. Undertaker came out in his gear with an urn in hand. He knelt down and held up the urn in one hand and looked up at the Paul Bearer graphic on the screen...

Powell's POV: Kane was fantastic in his role as the presenter. He covered the bases of Moody's career and mixed in some fun stories. I was hoping we might see Taker break character and say a few words since he's appeared on WWE DVD releases recently, but so be it. It was still a nice touch to have him at the Hall of Fame in that manner.

The Razor Ramon video played...

Razor Ramon: Presented by Kevin Nash

Nash started by saying, "And the Bible says..." The fans laughed. He concluded by saying that gray hair is a sign of wisdom. He said the man he's inducting told him that there are a lot of guys in the crowd who have matches on Sunday and told him, "Speed it up, big man."

He recalled getting the call from WWF about giving up "the prestigious Vinnie Vegas gimmick" (laughs) to become the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels. He spoke about watching Michaels and Razor work. He said he didn't think he could get more emotional than when Shawn Michaels was inducted, "but I was wrong." He said another one of his brothers was going in.

A tanned Scott Hall came out wearing a white jacket over black clothes with two divas on his arm. He hugged Nash and then threw the toothpick at the camera. "Hey, yo," he started. He kept a toothpick in his mouth as he started. He said he attended his first pro wrestling show at age eight and fell in love. He said he had his first match in his twenties.

Hall said he discovered that no matter how his life was going, he had a certain amount of power and control once he stepped in the ring. "And I was digging it," he said. Hall said that if you asked Razor how he was doing, the standard response was "Better than you, Chico."

Hall got a little choked up as he thanked the fans in attendance and watching around the world. A "thank you, Razor," chant broke out. Hall smiled. He thanked the great mentors and talents he had the privalege to work with. He said that in his lifetime, he has learned that hard work pays off and dreams come true. "Bad times don't last, but bad guys do," he concluded. Razor's music played and he looked a little surprised.

Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash, and Triple H walked onstage and they all hugged Hall. They joked around about how they should line up, then did so and made the Kliq hand sign...

Powell's POV: I thought Hall might be as emotional as Roberts, but he was really straight forward and in fun mode. I hope he didn't scale back a heartfelt speech because of time, but I got the impression that it would not have gone the Roberts route. It was great to see Hall looking so happy and healthy. Perhaps that's the image he wanted to leave fans with. Of course, he can always enter as Scott Hall someday.

Lawler started to interrupt the next video when Bad News Barrett's music interrupted him. Barrett walked up to the podium and the fans chanted for Randy Savage. Barrett did his "bad news" schtick and the crowd cheered. He told the pathetic wannabes on the roster that this was as close as they would get to the Hall of Fame. Big Show and Cody Rhodes thought it was hilarious... The Carlos Colon video played...

Carlos Colon: Presented by Primo, Epico, and Carlito

Lawler introduced the inductors as Colon's three sons even thought Epico is his nephew. Carlito and Primo acted upset, while Primo played it cool. The fans broke out in a loud "Carlito" chant. He said he's used to working in big halls and high school gyms, so that was nice. Carlito cracked that they had their time cut. "It's like I never left," he said to laughs.

Epico ran through his uncle's history and Primo chimed in too. Primo said he knows this generation knows of ECW. He said he has a feeling that Paul Heyman got his ideas from World World Council in Puerto Rico.

Colon was escorted onstage by Layla and Eva Marie and received mild applause. Colon spoke in a mix of English and Spanish. He thanked several big names he worked with, and also thanked members of his family...

Powell's POV: I guess he forgot to mention Bruiser Brody. Carlito was hilarious, and Orlando Colon is a much better talker than he's ever been given a chance to show in WWE. I was hoping to get a second listen to what Carlito said, but unfortunately rewinding is not an option. It just brings me back to Kane interrupting the Mr. T speech. I ended up missing a portion of Colon's speech as a result, but I did hear him thank his mother. Apparently, she's got nothing on Mr. T's mom.

Lawler set up Ultimate Warrior's video...

Ultimate Warrior: Presented by Linda McMahon

Lawler introduced Linda as the former CEO of WWE. "Hasn't this been a fantastic evening?" she started. Linda said that she told Warrior she was flattered and would be honored to induct him. She spoke about how the Hall of Fame is her favorite event. She said Warrior is truly unique. She noted that he legally changed his name to Warrior because he believes in the principles of living a warrior lifestyle.

Linda recalled Warrior's manic entrance. She said he was a longer in the locker room and on the road. She said he was committed to his own principles, passionate about his performance, and an absolute warrior. She said he wasn't always the easiest guy to be around or to convince that his way wasn't always the best way.

Linda said Warrior requested that she be his personal contact when he came back to WWE. She said it was because she understood his passion. She recalled him calling when he was worked up. She said there were times when she would put him on speaker phone with the volume down. She said he just needed time to vent and then they would have a terrific conversation.

Linda said Warrior called her mom once. She recalled telling him that he was behaving like a petulant child and she would put him over her knee if they were in the same room. She said that made the both of them laugh. Linda said Warrior has no tolerance for whiners. She said he has time to coach, but no time for excuses. "He is a devoted husband, father, and patriot," she said.

Warrior was escorted onto the stage by his daughters Maddie and Indie. Warrior hugged his daughters and they left the stage together. Warrior made one of his Warrior noises into the mic. "The most anticipated speech in the history of sports entertainment," he said. "A lot of squiggling going on in these seats right here," he said pointing to the front rows.

Warrior thanked and praised his wife and mother, who were seated in the front row. His daughters were back in their seats. He recalled telling that Vince McMahon and WWE do awesome things. He asked them if this was awesome and they nodded approvingly. Warrior said he did a lot of great things when he was a wrestler, but nothing is greater than being their father. The crowd responded with a round of applause.

Warrior told a story about Dallas Page and then praised him for helping people turn their lives around and stop their self destructive ways with DDP Yoga. He said he promised he wouldn't use those two words (Self Destruction of Ultimate Warrior DVD play). He told a comedic story about putting the deal to do this together with Triple H, then told a story.

Warrior said people should try his brand of self destruction because you can live in exile for 18 years and still come back and headline the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 30. The fans chanted "one more match." Warrior said they were just being kind. He said that wasn't going to happen, but there are big things ahead.

Warrior said he learned something from everyone in the business even if it was how he didn't want to live. He recalled his early days with Steve "Sting" Borden, which got a cheer. He mentioned Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter), Tommy Rogers, Bobby Fulton, Ted DiBiase, and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams.

Warrior said he patterned his clothesline after Ted DiBiase. He looked for him and DiBiase waved. Warrior asked how he was doing, then said "awesome." He recalled Dingo Warrior being "a poor version of Ultimate Warrior." He mentioned the Von Erichs, Len Denton, Tim Brooks, and Bruiser Brody, which got a reaction.

Warrior recalled George Scott and Bronco Lubich in World Class Championship Wrestling. Warrior mistakenly said WWF. "I wish they could put the f'n F back in," Warrior said. There were "Yes!" chants. "I really can't believe that (WWE attorney) Jerry McDevitt got his ass kicked by those wildlife people," Warrior said. Funny.

Warrior recalled working with Jose Lothario and said he thought he was going to blow him up. Warrior cracked that he was blown up before they started. He thanked "Brooklyn Brawler" Steve Lombardi and Terry Gibbs. He said there was a lot of discussion in the DVD that he wasn't welcome in the locker room and was an a-hole to everyone.

Warrior said the DVD comments broke his heart. He said that if people came in and didn't have the right attitude, they didn't hang around very long. He said guys who couldn't handle the Bulldogs breaking into their bags and leaving "something you never want to find in your bag" then you wouldn't last.

Warrior said there's a guy he had a classic match with that has gone on record saying he was a good guy. "I was a good guy," Warrior said without mentioning him by name. Warrior said the superstars who make things happen are the people who work behind the scenes in WWE. He mentioned the ring crew among others.

"Thirtieth WrestleMania tomorrow," Warrior said. "That's awesome." He said it's WrestleMania 30 and they are already working on WrestleMania 31. He said that means WrestleMania 35 is going to happen even though the guy who runs it isn't even going to be around anymore. He took it back and joked that Vince will live forever. Warrior said he wants the WWE Hall of Fame to have a special category called the Jimmy Miranda Award for people who work behind the scenes.

Warrior said he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the Ultimate Warrior fans. He said his name is Warrior and he is the one and only Ultimate Warrior. "You are the Ultimate Warrior fans," he said. "The Ultimate Warrior is a legend. And Ultimate Warrior fans, you are legendary. You waited all these years to speak your voice. You fought. I saw you fight all these years."

Warrior said the fans fought all the people who put forth all the lies and tried to reprogram their minds. "You fought back and I'm here because of you." A loud "thank you, Warrior" chant started. "No! No! No!" Warrior said, which led to a "Yes!" chant. Warrior joked that they just taught him something and he's been out of the business way too long.

Warrior thanked the fans for giving him the life that he's had and how appreciative he is that he can be himself. He spilled his water bottle. He said he and (Sting) got the chance they did was because they had manners and treated the guys who had been in the business with respect. He said they let them into their business to give it a try.

Warrior said Vince McMahon gave him the chance to use his creativity and to go as far as he could with it. He recalled meeting Vince McMahon for the first time at Madison Square Garden. He said the wrestlers used to gripe about not getting what they wanted from their pay-per-view checks. He said they would talk about meeting Vince at TV and getting thing straightened out. Warrior said they always walked out with bobbling heads.

Bad News Brown was mentioned as an example of a guy who had had enough. Warrior said he was sure Vince was going down, but Brown came out with the same bobbling head. Warrior said he gave Vince notes on what he could do better for him before he even got on television, then always got a meeting with him whenever he wanted it.

Warrior said it was awesome to be bigger and larger than life than he was "to play make believe in being a tough guy." Warrior said there are few legitimate tough guys in the business. "The rest of us get to play that role," he said. Warrior said it's an incredible thing to feel and to be a hero to people.

Warrior addressed John Cena and said someone named Ed Connors told him he's a big Warrior mark. He spoke about how all the mainstream athletes get wrestling gimmicks. Warrior said that if you get to play a tough guy or a strong guy in WWE, you should be able to go out and handle a simple thing like life and not fail in it.

Warrior said WWE gives you a gear bag that has the tools to make your wife work. Warrior said he became good friends with blowing up. He explained that it meant pushing yourself to your limits and becoming a heaving hog. He said the guys used to make fun of him and still do for blowing up in the ring. "I'm blown up now," he said.

Warrior said he pushed himself to the limit and then did things at the end to below up even more. He said pushing his body to its greatest limits is the greatest thing he ever felt in his life.

Warrior took a long pause. He said everyone wondered how he was going to behave and how he was going to act. He said a lot of people talk about how he didn't know where to draw the line between the work and his real life. He said everybody still works their gimmick based on what he saw on social media today.

"Ultimate Warrior embodies a place you go to when you need to get something done," he said. Warrior said he's inspired people. "All I can say when I was in the business, nobody came up and said anything to my face," he said. "The DVD was just wrong, that's all. It did make me angry, but also it was hurtful."

Warrior said he's signed a multi-year deal to serve as an ambassador for WWE and he's looking forward to making that work. Warrior started digging in his pocket and recalled a letter that Vince wrote him. He jokingly questioned whether a check for supplemental money he got from Vince was going to bounce.

Warrior said he was proud of the fans for fighting for him to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He paused again and shunned the "one more match" chants again. He said he had a couple more things and then he would be done.

Warrior said there will be a WrestleMania 75. He spoke about today's wrestlers helping the young guys develop. He encouraged the younger talent to be prepared for the arena of life. The fans cheering about something random distracted him. He thanked fans for coming and told them to enjoy WreslteMania. Warrior's music played and the fans gave him an ovation before heading for the exits...

Powell's POV: I was ready for Kane or that clown from Showtime at the Apollo to come out a few different times to speed things up. While there's plenty there to dissect, Warrior didn't badmouth Hulk Hogan or his enemies directly. It was interesting that he got Ted DiBiase to wave since DiBiase has been critical of Warrior being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He also didn't go political or into attack mode, but he was obviously bothered by the DVD portrayal almost as much as Mr. T loves his mother. Thanks for watcing along with me tonight.

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02/15 Prowrestling.net All Access Daily Podcast with Jason Powell on John Cena saying it is time to gamble, final WWE Raw before WWE Fastlane, Brock Lesnar at Smackdown, Daniel Bryan, Undertaker
02/12 Prowrestling.net All Access Daily Podcast - Zack Zimmerna's NXT TV review, Jason Powell's thoughts on WWE Smackdown featuring the second AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho match
02/11 Prowrestling.net All Access Daily Podcast with Jason Powell on the WWE Network subscriber count, WWE reducing Titus O'Neil's suspension, Vince McMahon on WrestleMania 32
02/10 Prowrestling.net All Access Daily Podcast - Titus O'Neil suspended for grabbing Vince McMahon, CM Punk's back surgery leads to postponement of his UFC debut, and more
02/09 Prowrestling.net All Access Daily Podcast - Jason Powell's WWE Raw Review featuring Daniel Bryan's retirement speech
02/08 Prowrestling.net All Access Daily Podcast - Daniel Bryan announces his retirement, ROH production upgrades and new television possibilities

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