12/7 TNA Final Resolution PPV Live Coverage: Eight-man tag match for the TNA Title, Kurt Angle puts his TNA career on the line against Rhino, former World Champion to appear in Angle's corner, Feast or Fired match

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12/7 TNA Final Resolution PPV Live Coverage: Eight-man tag match for the TNA Title, Kurt Angle puts his TNA career on the line against Rhino, former World Champion to appear in Angle's corner, Feast or Fired match
2008-12-07 19:00:52

Live from Orlando, Fla.
At Universal Studios

A video featured the Main Event Mafia vs. TNA Frontline feud... Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show from ringside and discussed the Mafia vs. Frontline feud. Tenay said they had a standing room only crowd at the Impact Zone. He and West ran through the pay-per-view lineup...

1. Hernandez, Homicide, Curry Man, and Jay Lethal secured briefcases during the Feast or Fired match (12:20 match). The competitors are Motor City Machine Guns, LAX, Rock-n-Rave Infection, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, B.G. James, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Cute Kip, and Shark Boy. There are four briefcases set up on poles. Three of the briefcases contain contracts for title matches, while one contains a pink slip that signifies that one wrestler will be fired. Tenay said they would reveal the contents of one briefcase tonight and the other three will be revealed on Impact. Weak.

At 1:20, Shark Boy pulled down Sonjay Dutt's trunks while trying to pull him down for a pin and we got a Ric Flair-like full moon. At 2:50, Sonjay springboarded off Hernandez's back onto the top rope and went for one of the briefcases, but Lethal cut him off. A short time later, Hernandez picked up Rave and gave him the Border Toss over the top rope and onto a group of wrestlers at ringside. Hernandez retrieved the briefcase labeled No. 4.

Tenay mentioned that Petey Williams was scheduled to be in the match, but he "did not receive medical clearance." They're still selling the Main Event Mafia's recent attack on Williams. At 6:30, Curry Man retrieved the No. 3 briefcase. The announcers noted that he had to get to the floor with it. There were wrestlers waiting for him in the ring, so he did back dive onto wrestlers on the floor to win the briefcase.

At 8:30, Lethal went for the No. 1 briefcase, but Homicide caught him and hit the Gringo Cutter off the ropes. Cool spot. Homicide went for the No. 1 briefcase, but Sonjay stopped him momentarily. Homicide crotched Dutt on the top rope and then stood on his back to retrieve the No. 1 briefcase at 9:30.

At 10:45, the Machine Guns teamed up to hit a big move off the top rope on Rave. Moments later, they hit a dropkick Doomsday Device (or something like that) on Lethal. At 12:10, Alex Shelley grabbed a briefcase and then used it as a weapon in the ring. He and Sabin held up the briefcase in celebration. Lethal used the ropes as a springboard and stole the briefcase and slid to ringside to win the No. 2 briefcase.

Powell's POV: Entertaining opener. The announcement that only one briefcase would be opened during the show was a disappointment. Tenay and West did a nice job of explaining that the winner had to bring the briefcase to the floor, which set up the spot with Lethal stealing it from the Guns. Of course, it makes the Guns look like idiots, but that's another story.

After the match, Jeremy Borash stood in the ring and addressed the briefcase winners. Borash asked the wrestlers on the floor if they were 100 percent aware of what they're getting themselves into. He said they could choose to forfeit the briefcases and walk away. None of the wrestlers took him up on the offer.

Borash said they randomly selected one number to be drawn. Borash said the No. 2 briefcase had been previously selected. The Guns were still in the ring and they were putting up a fuss over the briefcase that Lethal took from them. Borash and referee Rudy Charles opened the briefcase to reveal that Lethal had won a tag team title match.

The Guns flipped out even more and protested while Borash tried to wrap up the segment. Borash snapped and got in Shelley's face. He said he's sick of their whining, complaining, and bitching. He said the name of the company is Total Nonstop Action, not Total Nonstop A-holes. Borash said Shelley is the biggest pain in the ass he's ever worked with. The Guns just stood there with surprised looks on their faces while Borash headed to ringside...

Powell's POV: Wow, the Guns really look like idiots.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Sharmell and The Beautiful People. They all complained about the cellulite on their opponents' bodies. They also noted that the Beautiful People will win Booker T's dressing room if they help Sharmell win the match. They took credit for the economy being so bad by claiming they own everything. Angelina Love received a call from "the governor" at the end of the promo. She noted that "the governor" would be coming to Impact...

Powell's POV: Wow, that was long and painful. Are they really bringing back the Sarah Palin impersonator again?

2. Roxxi and ODB and Taylor Wilde defeated Sharmell and Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (w/Cute Kip) in 7:25. Sharmell hid at ringside with Kip early on because she was afraid of ODB. At 4:50, Love and Sky worked over ODB enough that Sharmell tagged into the match briefly to take a couple shots. She tagged out quickly and ODB recovered enough to tag in Wilde.

At 6:30, ODB and Sharmell ended up in the ring together. Kip ran in and prevented ODB from attacking Sharmell. ODB ran around him and chased Sharmell backstage. A short time later, Love went for a cross body block on Wilde, who rolled through and scored the pin for her team...

Backstage, Borash interviewed Eric Young about his X Division Title match. Young said he didn't blame referee Shane Sewell for attacking Sheik Abdul Bashir, but he said he has it this time around. Young said he's been a new man lately because he has confidence.

The Machine Guns entered the room and interrupted Young's promo. Young cut them off and asked why Alex Shelley always had to be "like this." Shelley said the other members of the Frontline have to earn his trust. He said the only person he trusts is Chris Sabin. After Young headed out for his match, Shelley slammed Borash against a locker. He said he'd let him go if he told him where Mick Foley was located. Borash complied...

The announcers previewed the X Division Title match and noted that referee Shane Sewell would be fired if he didn't call the match right down the middle...

Powell's POV: Um, why not just assign another referee to the match if Sewell is having so many issues with Bashir?

3. Eric Young defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir to win the X Division Title in 8:05. Bashir taunted Sewell when he checked his boots before the match. He continued to harass him throughout the match. At 5:40, Young hit a top rope elbow drop for a good nearfall. At 7:30, Bashir shoved Sewell, who showed frustration before keeping his cool. Moments later, Young tried to roll up Bashir, who grabbed the ropes. Sewell kicked Bashir's hands off the ropes and Young scored the pin.

After the match, Bashir attacked Young. Sewell eventually freaked out and attacked Bashir. However, Bashir grabbed the X Division Title belt and struck Sewell with it. Sewell bladed heavily. Bashir continued the attack and wrapped his turban around Sewell's neck. Bashir stood over Sewell and played to the live crowd.

Bashir tried to leave with the title belt, but Jim Cornette and security walked out and took it from him.

Powell's POV: Does the title change stick this time? After all, Sewell interfered in the match again. He didn't attack Bashir like he did last time, but it might be enough to overturn it. The live crowd reacted well to Sewell.

A Christy Hemme and Awesome Kong video aired...

4. Christy Hemme defeated Awesome Kong (w/Raisha Saeed, Rhaka Khan) by DQ in TNA Knockouts Title match in 5:00. Retired Army Sgt. Leslie Mansur handled the ring introductions. At 2:50, Kong picked up Hemme in a Toture Rack and bent her to the extent that Hemme's foot was touching her head. Cool spot.

At 4:15, Hemme hit the splits drop off the ropes and went for a cover, but Saeed pulled her to ringside. Hemme brawled with Saeed and Khan while Tenay questioned how much more the referee would tolerate. Hemme headed back inside the ring. The ringside heels followed and the ref called for the bell. Security ran out to keep Hemme and Kong apart as the live crowd chanted, "Let them fight"...

Powell's POV: Solid match with really nice effort from Hemme. The announcers did a nice job of selling the story that Hemme was getting the better of Kong before her corner saved her.

Backstage, Borash interviewed Kurt Angle and stressed that it could be his final night in the company if he loses to Rhino. Angle said he felt "sheer ecstasy." Angle compared himself to a hunter before he rips into the flesh on an animal. He said he's completely lost it while hunting Jeff Jarrett. He said he's seen a fire in Rhino's eyes that he's never seen before and credited him with lighting a fire under the Frontline. However, he said that's like a puff of smoke compared to the flame that burns for him when he thinks about Jarrett. Angle turned his attention to Jarrett and brought up his "three little girls." He said he would have no mercy on Jarrett next month. Angle stressed that special enforcer Mick Foley was "taken care of"...

Powell's POV: Good intensity from Angle, but I don't like the way he shifted focus to next month's match against Jarrett. There's plenty of time to hype that match after his match with Rhino.

A video chronicled the Beer Money vs. Abyss and Matt Morgan feud...

5. Beer Money (w/Jacqueline) defeated Matt Morgan and Abyss to retain the TNA Tag Titles in 11:35. Abyss chased James Storm around and then into the ring before the bell. He chased him to the back and Roode followed them both for some reason while Morgan just stood in the ring. Morgan climbed onto the top rope. The heels returned and Morgan dove onto them.

The heels took their title belts and headed toward the back. The ring announcer stated that the referee was going to ring the bell to start the match and that the heels would forfeit their belts if they didn't get back in the ring. They beat the count at the last minute and then slid back to ringside. Storm entered the ring, but darted back to ringside when Abyss tried to lock up. Roode finally entered the ring. After more stalling, Morgan and Roode finally locked up for the first time at 2:30.

Tenay announced that Cornette was holding up the X Division Title. He said Cornette would make an official ruling on Thursday's Impact. Ugh.

Roode tried to tag Storm, who was still acting timid by hiding at ringside and drinking beer. By 9:00, Storm and Roode were working over Morgan together until he made the hot tag to Abyss. Storm split to ringside so he wouldn't have to face Abyss. Storm returned to the ring to attack Abyss when his partner was in trouble, but Abyss no-sold his punches and then attacked Storm.

At 11:00, Abyss caught Storm winding up to hit him with another beer bottle. Abyss took the bottle and was going to hit Storm, but Jackie entered the ring and distracted him. Meanwhile, Storm put on a pair of brass knuckles. After Jackie left the ring, Abyss wound up to hit Storm, but Storm struck him with the brass knuckles, which led to the pin.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Mick Foley, who said his goal as special enforcer was to keep the Main Event Mafia away from ringside. The Motor City Machine Guns showed up. Foley made a turkey joke. Shelley referred to Foley as a dinosaur. Foley said kids love dinosaurs. "Kids also eat dirt," Shelley responded. Funny. Shelley told Foley to overturn the ref's ruling from the Feast or Fired match and give them the tag title match. Foley said he would take it under advisement. After the Guns left, Foley teased that Shelley would "get what he has coming to him" on Thursday...

At ringside, the announcers hyped Thursday's Impact show... The Machine Guns walked to the ring. Shelley brought a microphone with him and addressed the live crowd by asking them to shut up while the man in the ring is talking. Shelley said Foley was going to walk to the ring and reverse the Feast or Fired decision. Sabin grabbed two chairs from ringside and set them up in the ring. Shelley noted that the chairs had "excellent lower lumbar support." Funny.

The Guns sat down and said they wouldn't leave until Foley came out. Jim Cornette walked onto the stage instead. He said Foley had more important things to deal with "than a couple of crybabies like you." The Guns didn't budge. Cornette said he was going to get security to remove them. The lights went out and Suicide's light show played. He rappelled to the ring and cleared the Guns...

Powell's POV: Cool entrance for the new Suicide character. I'm not sure who is under the hood. The original plan was for Frankie Kazarian to play the character and I assume he still will at some point, but at least check he was still nursing a torn triceps...

Backstage, Rhino spoke in a mellow, determined voice as he cut a promo on Kurt Angle. He chastised Angle for speaking about Jarrett's daughters and said he felt like Angle was talking about his daughter too. He said he was fighting the match for Jarrett's daughters...

Powell's POV: How about everyone just fight the matches for themselves and leave the kids out of it?

A video hyped the Rhino vs. Angle match...

6. Kurt Angle defeated Rhino with Mick Foley as special enforcer in 14:20. If Angle wins, he gets Jarrett next month. If Rhino wins, Angle must leave TNA for good. Angle's mystery man didn't walk to ringside with him. Rather, West wondered aloud when the mystery man would show up. Both wrestlers went for pin attempts in the first seven minutes, but the live crowd didn't take them seriously.

At 9:00, Rhino hit a backbreaker, but Angle came right back and lowered the straps on his singlet. Rhino fired back and went for a gore, but Angle moved and Rhino gingerly hit the turnbuckle in one of the corners. Angle applied the ankle lock, but Rhino fought out. Rhino set up for another gore, but Angle met him with a kick to the head and followed up with the Angle Slam for another nearfall.

At 12:30, Angle brought a chair into the ring while the referee was bumped, but Foley entered the ring and stopped him from using it. Rhino recovered and rolled up Angle. Foley made the count, but Angle kicked out. Good nearfall. Foley rolled the referee to ringside and took over. Rhino hit a superplex for another good nearfall.

A short time later, Al Snow walked to the ring as the live crowd chanted "Head." Foley stuck his head through the ropes and was greeted with a slap from Snow. While Foley was distracted by Snow, Angle hit Rhino with the chair. Foley turned around just in time to count the pin for Angle.

After the match, Angle took the mic and said he will have the opportunity to face Jarrett at the pay-per-view. Angle told Foley that once he's finished with Jarrett, Foley is next. "You're next you old son of a bitch, I'm going to beat the shit out of you," Angle told Foley. Angle left the ring and greeted Snow on the stage. Snow raised Angle's hand...

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Sting, who was wearing a purple jacket, while the rest of the Main Event Mafia stood by. She asked how confident he was knowing that he could lose the title if any member of the Mafia were pinned. Sting said he's very confident and that this is exactly what he wanted... A video previewed the eight-man tag match...

Powell's POV: Sting spoke confidently and it was a good promo by his standards, but it does seem odd that the heel champion isn't bitching about the ridiculous stipulation regarding his title...

In another part of the backstage area, Borash asked Styles and Joe whether they could trust Team 3D. Brother Ray got upset. Styles cut him off, grabbed Borash by the collar, and he Team 3D was in the same position once that he and Joe are now. He said the Frontline was taking home the TNA Title. After Joe and Styles left, Ray put his arms around Devon and said, "Like brothers, like family, you got this?" Devon nodded and smiled...

Tenay ran through the tale of the tape, which had no measurements or anything that a normal tale of the tape would include...

7. Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Scott Steiner defeated A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and Team 3D for the TNA Title in 21:20. If any member of the Frontline team scores the pin, Styles captures the title. Borash handled the in-ring introductions for the title match. Sting played to the crowd by standing on the second rope and howling when he was introduced. Styles and Booker started the match as a loud "Let's go Frontline" chant broke out with a faint chant for the Mafia in response.

After some routine back and forth action, the heels gained control over Samoa Joe and took turns working him over. At 19:00, Joe made the hot tag to Styles, who hit Stinger Splashes on all the heels. Styles beat his chest and howled like Sting. At 20:10, Team 3D hit their finisher on Booker, but Steiner broke up the pin attempt.

At 20:45, Sting locked Styles in the Scorpion Leg Lock, but Joe entered the ring and kicked Sting. Joe set up Sting for the Muscle Buster, but Nash low blowed Joe. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Joe and scored the pin.

Afterward, West said he couldn't believe the match ended that way. He must have a really bad memory. In the ring, the Mafia celebrated their victory, but Sting took a quick powder. Sting headed backstage while the rest of the Mafia looked his way with surprised looks on their faces. At the top of the stage, Sting looked back at the ring and then looked down at the title belt he was holding in his hand...

A video hyped the January 11 TNA Genesis pay-per-view. The video featured Mick Foley stating that he's "ready to make history inside TNA's six-sided ring"...

Powell's POV: No major surprises on this show unless you count Snow appearing. They are definitely building toward Sting leaving the Mafia. Does that mean someone else joins the group? My guess remains Samoa Joe, but he showed no signs during this match. Overall, the show lived up to my expectations, but my expectations weren't set very high. I'll have more to say about the pay-per-view in the audio recap late Sunday night and in the TNA Final Resolution Hitlist on Monday.




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