06/19 Powell's ROH Best in the World 2015 pay-per-view live review: ROH Champion Jay Briscoe vs. ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal for both titles, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly in a No DQ match for the ROH Tag Titles, A.J. Styles and The Young Bucks vs. Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, and Matt Taven

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06/19 Powell's ROH Best in the World 2015 pay-per-view live review: ROH Champion Jay Briscoe vs. ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal for both titles, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly in a No DQ match for the ROH Tag Titles, A.J. Styles and The Young Bucks vs. Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, and Matt Taven
2015-06-19 20:00:59

By Jason Powell

Ring of Honor Best in the World 2015
Aired live on pay-per-view
New York, New York at Terminal 5

A video package focussed on the Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal main event. Both wrestlers and Truth Martini spoke, and a list of the notable names that both mean have beaten while champions was shown... The broadcast team of Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduced the show from ringside as the fans in attendance changed ROH...

1. Mark Briscoe (w/ODB) vs. Donovan Dijak (w/Truth Martini). Dijak shook hands with Martini rather than Dijak before the match. Kelly said ODB was at ringside because she's "one dirty Briscoe." Briscoe had the early offensive advantage until Dijak blocked a suplex and then tossed Briscoe across the ring. A short time later, Dijak had Briscoe up in bodyslam position and threw him over the top rope and down to ringside. The crowd immediately chanted "holy shit" and for good reason. Damn.

At 6:15, Mark sent Dijak to ringside and then dropkicked him through the ropes. Truth tried to hit Mark with the stupid Book of Truth, but Mark jumped. ODB took a swig from her flask, took the stupid Book of Truth, and tore it up. At 8:40, Briscoe blocked Dijak's finisher and came back with a brainbuster. He followed up with Froggy Bow (top rope elbow drop) for the win...

Mark Briscoe defeated Donovan Dijak in 9:00.

Powell's POV: The match was okay with a rather forgettable finish. Still, I'd actually consider voting for pompous ass Donald Trump if he named ODB his running mate now that she ripped up the awful Book of Truth. Truth and Jay Lethal are good together, but nothing screams bush league more than a manager who carries around a big book.

2. ACH and Matt Sydal vs. B.J. Whitmer and Adam Page (w/Colby Corino). Whitmer threw his towel at Steve Corino before the match. Sydal stopped shaving a while ago and it's not really working for him. Whitmer and Page declined the pre-match handshake. The crowd chanted "f--- you, Whitmer" as the match got started.

At this point, people from New York pat themselves on the back and say this would only happen in NYC even though the same thing would probably happen in at least five other cities. There was also a "blowjob Whitmer" chant.

At 7:50, Sydal hit a perfect standing moonsault on Page for a two count. Sydal hit Air Borne on Page and had him pinned, by Colby pulled Page to ringside. ACH performed a great dive over the top rope and onto Page and Colby at ringside. Whitmer book out ACH, then Page hit the Rite of Passage on Sydal and pinned him...

Adam Page and B.J. Whitmer defeated Matt Sydal and ACH in 9:10.

Powell's POV: The finish surprised me, as I expected ACH and Sydal to be the next challengers for whoever wins the ROH Tag Title match.

A video package hyped New Japan Pro Wrestling performers Kushida, Nakamura, and Okada for August 21 in Philadelphia, and August 22 in Brooklyn. "Worlds collide again," the narrator said to close the video package...

3. Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys). Silas put out his hand for a handshake. Castle offered the effeminate handshake. Silas blew that off and took a shot at him to start the match. At 4:50, Castle went for sunset flip and pulled Young's trunks down. The Boys stood on the apron and used their fans to try to blow Young over. Funny.

At 6:00, Castle performed a nice suplex on Young and then hit a couple of running knees in the corner. At 8:10, Young yelled at Castle about being a real man. They traded shots on the ring apron. Castle speared Castle through the turnbuckles in one corner and they both tumbled to ringside. Castle came back with a huracanrana.

Young came back with a suplext into a bridge for a two count. At 10:55, Young crotched Castle. Young and the referee bickered, then Castle low-blowed Young and rolled him up for the pin. After the match, Young performed Misery on one of Castle's boys...

Dalton Castle defeated Silas Young in 11:15.

Powell's POV: I'm happy to see this wasn't a one and done. The dynamic between the flamboyant Castle and the macho Young is great. I won't remember much from the match aside from seeing way more of Young's ass than anyone needs to see, but they worked pretty well together and I look forward to seeing more from them.

4. Hanson and Raymond Rowe vs. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. The referee called for the handshake, but Alexander charged the War Machine corner and dropkicked Hanson to start the match. A short time later, Cedric ended up with a wrench and begged Coleman to tag him, but Coleman declined. War Machine hit Fallout on Coleman and pinned him.

After the match, War Machine headed backstage. Alexander teased hitting Coleman with the wrench. He helped him up and told him they are finished as a team. Alexander left the ring without further incident...

Hanson and Rowe defeated Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman in 3:45.

Powell's POV: That was flat. I love the War Machine finisher, but the crowd was really quiet when they hit Fallout. I expected Alexander to destroy is partner after the match, but simply telling him they are finished and leaving didn't really put any heat on Cedric. Maybe they're saving the attack for television, but that didn't help this match.

Ring entrances for the three-way took place. Michael Elgin didn't get much of a reaction. Moose had six women walk out before him and he wore a football helmet and shoulder pads to the ring. The fans chanted Moose. Roderick Strong came out to a good reaction...

5. Michael Elgin vs. Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway, Veda Scott) vs. Roderick Strong to become No. 1 contender to the ROH Title. Kelly acknowledged that there were loud chants for Roddy, some for Moose, and not much for Elgin. There was finally a handshake, but Elgin then attacked both men to start the match.

Corino announced that the winner of this match will face the ROH Champion at the Death Before Dishonor iPPV on July 24. Early in the match, Moose caught Strong by the legs and flung him into the barricade. Elgin performed an impressive delayed standing suplex on Moose after holding him up for the fan count of 30.

Elgin had Moose seated on the top rope. Strong slammed Elgin on the ring apron. Moose jumped at Strong, who dropkicked him on the way down. A short time later, Strong superplexed Elgin and then ran to the other corner and did the same to Moose at 6:00. Moose came back by throwing a charging Strong into the air and clotheslining him on the way down.

Moose went for the same move on Elgin, who dodged it and suplexed Moose. Moose ran into a kick from Strong. Elgin rolled him up and then went for a double stomp and missed. The fans let him hear it with you f'd up chants. Elgin performed the move properly and was serenaded with some boos.

At 9:10, Strong caught Moose on the top rope and side slammed him, then followed up with a gut-buster. Strong went for a pin, but Elgin broke it up. At 11:25, Moose dove off the top rope and onto both opponents at ringside. Elgin caught Moose with a spinning back fist and then a pop-up powerbomb. He picked him up for another slam and then went for another move, which allowed Strong to hit the Sick Kick to break it up. Moments later, Strong caught Moose with a Sick Kick and pinned him.

After the match, Strong shook Elgin's hand. Moose eventually shook Strong's hand. Veda Scott slapped Moose twice. Moose set for to do lord knows what to Scott, but Cedric Alexander ran out and hit Moose and then Hathaway with the wrench from earlier. The fans chanted "f--- you, Cedric" at Alexander...

Roderick Strong defeated Moose and Michael Elgin in 12:55 to become No. 1 contender to the ROH Title.

Powell's POV: A good three-way considering the limitations of Moose. Don't get me wrong, he's come a long way in a short period of time, but three-ways can be tricky for a guy with of his experience. It's nice to hear the fans rally behind Strong. He's always been a hall of a worker, but he didn't always connect with the fans. He was definitely the fan favorite in this match. I hope I can write the same thing about Elgin at some point, but that connection isn't there right now.

6. A.J. Styles and The Young Bucks vs. Adam Cole, Matt Taven, and Michael Bennett (w/Maria). Styles and the Bucks teased handshakes, but they did crotch chops instead. Meanwhile, Cole, Taven, Bennett, and Maria countered by holding up four fingers. Superkicks, crotch chops, and all sorts of rapid fire action.

At 11:00, one of the Jacksons and Taven went for simultaneous superkicks. They ended up catching legs and each hopped on one leg until they were hit with, you guessed it, superkicks. At 11:50, the Bullet Club members teamed up for a springboard double spike tombstone piledrivers.

Maria stoodon the apron. Styles pulled her inside the ring. Maria slapped Styles. The Bucks superkicked her while Styles performed a Pele Kick on her. Later, The Bucks and Styles performed another spoke piledriver on Cole, then Styles performed the Styles Clash on him and pinned him...

A.J. Styles and The Young Bucks defeated Adam Cole, Matt Taven, and Michael Bennett in 15:05.

Powell's POV: A crazy spot-fest which is exactly what they were expected to deliver. The best match of the night thus far and the live crowd was hot for everything. Still, I couldn't help but feel like ROH could have gotten more out of having Styles on the show. They didn't publicize his involvement well on television in the weeks leading up to this match. I prefer watching him work singles matches, but either way they really should have made a bigger fuss over him working this pay-per-view.

A video package set up the tag title match...

7. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly in a No DQ match for the ROH Tag Titles. The broadcast team acknowledged that O'Reilly went to the finals of the NJPW Super Juniors tournament, and he said Fish had one of the best records in the tourney as well. Daniels came out wearing a military jacket and white gloves. Daniels debuted a singlet.

Daniels and Kazarian pulled a ladder out from underneath the ring in the opening minute or two. The teams brawled at ringside and then onto the stage. O'Reilly backdropped Kazarian off the stage and onto Daniels and Fish. Later, Daniels slammed O'Reilly onto a chair that was set up in inside the ring.

Daniels set up the ladder in the corner of the ring and then he and Kazarian whipped Fish into it. Later, FIsh was taped to the middle rope. Daniels and Kazarian set up a piece of the barricade over two chairs at ringside. They tried to suplex O'Reilly from the ring onto it, but he fought them off.

Daniels performed a Best Moonsault Ever onto O'Reilly, who caught him in an arm bar on the way down. Kazarian grabbed a chair and slammed it on the face of O'Reilly. Daniels and Kazarian followed up by slamming O'Reilly onto the barricade. Fish broke free and went on an offensive flurry on both opponents.

Later, Kazarian took an exploder suplex into the ladder that was set up in the corner. Fish and O'Reilly performed Chasing The Dragon and had Daniels pinned, but Chris Sabin ran out and pulled the referee from the ring. Kazarian knocked O'Reilly off the ring apron and into the barricade. Kazarian caught Fish with a kick to the balls, then teamed up with Daniels to hit Celebrity Rehab for the win...

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian defeated Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly in a No DQ match in 15:30 to retain the ROH Tag Titles.

Powell's POV: I was hoping for more of a straight forward wrestling match from these teams, but the No DQ stipulation should have been my first clue that they had different plans. I love watching Fish and O'Reilly work standard tag matches, but we seem to see them in multi-team spot fests or now hardcore matches. All four guys worked their asses off, but the match placement was questionable coming out of the spot fest six-man tag match. By the way, there's less than an hour left in the show, so we can forget the time limit draw since the main event was announced as having a 60-minute time limit.

A video package set up the main event... ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness headed to the ring to sit in on commentary for the main event...

Ring introductions for the main event took place. Lethal was accompanied to the ring by Truth Martini, Donovan Dijak, and J Diesel. Truth has a new Book of Truth. F--- me. Jay came out by himself and wore what appeared to be a gas mask on his head and a bandana over his face. Bobby Cruise handled the in-ring introductions for the main event..

8. ROH Champion Jay Briscoe vs. ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal (w/Truth Martini, Donovan Dijak, J Diesel) for both titles. Todd Sinclair was the referee for the main event. The fans were split in their cheers for both men before the match. After damn near everyone else blew off the handshake earlier in the card, Briscoe and Lethal shook hands and then the bell rang to start the match.

Dijak reached inside the ring. The referee ordered him and Diesel backstage. Truth rolled to ringside a few times early on to consult with Truth. Lethal's parents are in the crowd, and Papa Briscoe was also shown in the crowd. At 7:25, Briscoe pounded on Lethal in front of the Briscoe family cheering section.

Lethal performed a suicide dive. Briscoe clotheslined Lethal to ringside and then performed a suicide dive onto him. At 10:45, Truth tripped Briscoe, allowing Lethal to catch Briscoe with a kick to the back of the head. At 11:45, Lethal performed a belly-to-back suplex and got a two count.

At 14:50, Briscoe got a two count off a full nelson slam. Lethal came back with the Lethal Combination for a two count at 15:55. At 18:30, Lethal performed a top rope elbow for a two count and then applied the Koji Clutch submission hold that Briscoe broke by reaching the ropes with his foot.

They fought onto the edge of the ring. Truth distracted the referee, allowing Lethal to low-blow Briscoe. McGuinness stood up from commentary and ejected Martini, then returned to commentary. Briscoe won another battle on the ring apron and followed it with a Jay Driller through a table at ringside. Briscoe rolled Lethal back inside the ring for a two count at 22:10.

Both men got to their feet and traded punches. Briscoe ran the ropes and Lethal caught him with a superkick. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection, but Briscoe followed and hit a discus forearm for a two count. Briscoe followed with a big clothesline for another good near fall.

Lethal came back with a Diamond Cutter off the ropes and then hit the Lethal Injection for a great near fall at 22:40. The fans chanted "this is awesome." Lethal set up Briscoe for his version of the Jay Driller, but Briscoe fought out of it temporarily. Lethal came back and performed the Jay Driller, then hit the Lethal Injection and pinned Briscoe clean...

Jay Lethal defeated Jay Briscoe to win the ROH Title in 26:25.

After the match, the fans threw streamers inside the ring and then Truth Martini ran out to celebrate. The referee handed Lethal both title belts and he held them high in the air. Dijak and Diesel came out to join the celebration. Lethal's parents were shown celebrating in the crowd as Lethal continued to pose with the belts inside the ring.

Briscoe got to his feet and leaned in the corner. Lethal's music stopped playing and he looked to Briscoe. They shook hands and then Briscoe left the ring, and Lethal went back to celebrating his win. Kelly proclaimed Lethal the best in the world, and then the fans chanted "you deserve it" to close the show...

A video hyped Death Before Dishonor on July 24 for iPPV...

Powell's POV: A very good match and easily my favorite of the night. This sets up Lethal vs. Strong in what should be a hell of a match at the iPPV. It's really cool to see Lethal complete the resurrection of his career (from the Black Machismo fallout) by winning both title belts. I had my doubts when he returned to ROH and it took him some time, but he has completely turned his career around and this came off like a special moment. Overall, the undercard was mostly forgettable yet still entertaining, but the main event made this event worthwhile. Thanks for watching along with me.




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