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ROH wrestler praises Bill DeMott after going through WWE tryout, the feedback he received, and discusses working with Samoa Joe
2015-04-16 11:30:52 ( ROH News WWE News Interview Highlights )

Former NXT wrestler CJ Parker on whether pay increased as NXT grew, his gimmick, and the wrestlers show inspired him
2015-04-15 14:40:25 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

ROH wrestler Raymond Rowe on the motorcycle accident he feared would end his in-ring career, changes he's made since the accident, reforming the War Machine tag team with Hanson
2015-04-15 09:55:48 ( ROH News Interview Highlights )

Lucha Underground creative lead Chris DeJoseph on his favorite WWE angle from his time on the WWE creative team, working with Vampiro, the Big Dick Johnson character
2015-04-14 12:33:54 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

Lanny Poffo on how the family feels now that Randy Savage is in the WWE Hall of Fame, getting the call, and whether he feels Damien Sandow stole The Genius character
2015-04-13 10:40:48 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Former NXT wrestler CJ Parker on underrated NXT talent, his desire to work all over the world and whether he received advice from Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, and Kevin Owens, taking part in the WrestleMania Golf Pro/Am event
2015-04-13 11:27:08 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

TNA wrestler Manik/TJ Perkins on whether the mask hinders his push, the death of Perro Aguayo, going from Suicide to Manik, why he hopes the Bound For Glory Series does not return
2015-04-11 09:10:39 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Former WWE wrestler The Patriot on working for WCW and the AWA, the wrestler he grew up emulating
2015-04-12 09:10:26 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Christopher Daniels on working with Alberto El Patron, whether he's in the ROH Title picture, leaving TNA
2015-04-09 11:34:07 ( ROH News TNA News Interview Highlights )

Drew Galloway on his decision to sign with TNA, his new faction, what he learned from working the independent scene, being dubbed The Chosen One and not having it pan out in WWE
2015-04-08 17:30:04 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Rob Van Dam looks back at his last WWE run and his time in TNA, the part-time vs. full-time schedule, differences between crowds of different promotions, the opponent who brought out the best in him, outside projects
2015-04-08 10:00:16 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Ken Shamrock on Brock Lesnar's decision to retire from UFC to remain in WWE, discusses his upcoming fight with Kimbo Slice
2015-04-08 15:25:54 ( MMA / UFC News WWE News Interview Highlights )

Magnus on the departure of Samoa Joe from TNA, the arrival of Bram, TNA's new Canadian television deal, his own evolution, feuding with James Storm
2015-04-06 12:12:57 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T on whether he was disappointed he didn't go over on Triple H at WrestleMania 19, comments on Samoa Joe and WWE talk, the WCW Invasion angle, TNA wrestlers he enjoyed working with
2015-04-04 09:24:09 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Jim Ross on his interest in calling Global Force Wrestling and future NJPW shows, Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, WWE's use of Brock Lesnar as champion
2015-04-02 10:22:40 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

TNA star Jeff Hardy says he's not worried about creating a social media buzz and focusses on his matches, whether he and Matt are trying to restore the importance of tag team wrestling, on advising younger wrestlers
2015-04-01 13:05:22 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Hulk Hogan on his scheduled WrestleMania match with John Cena and why it never happened, the possibility of one more match, inducting Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame
2015-03-29 11:31:16 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

WWE star John Cena on what is left for him to achieve in WWE, says he is overly patriotic but it's not a work
2015-03-29 00:58:31 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

WWE star Roman Reigns on the reaction he gets from fans
2015-03-26 18:33:53 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

NXT Champion Kevin Owens lists two ROH wrestlers he'd like to see in NXT, mentions Samoa Joe, comments on Brock Lesnar re-signing with WWE and how he paid tribute to him
2015-03-25 20:35:57 ( WWE News ROH News Interview Highlights )

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