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WWE's Xavier Woods on why he thought New Day would succeed as babyfaces, dropping the militant stable, why he would choose a PhD over a WWE World Heavyweight Championship run
2015-05-09 09:08:53 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Samoa Joe On The Ross Report recap: WWE discussions, early issues with Sting, C.M. Punk in UFC
2015-05-07 13:00:31 ( MISC News Interview Highlights More Reviews MUST-READ LISTING )

TNA President Dixie Carter on Steve Austin Podcast recap - Dixie recalls how she became part of TNA, how the Spike TV deal came about, provides a Jeff Hardy update
2015-05-06 12:12:38 ( TNA News More Reviews Interview Highlights MUST-READ LISTING )

Who is the nicest member of the McMahon Family? Former WWE Magazine writer's assessment
2015-05-06 11:21:09 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Hermie Sadler on Global Force Wrestling talent, ending his run promoting live events for TNA, his relationship with Dixie Carter
2015-05-06 10:00:44 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler on WrestleMania 31, his announcing style, and his DVD
2015-05-01 12:24:56 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Finn Balor on underrated NXT talent, the independent wrestler he'd like to see signed to NXT, working live events in Ireland
2015-05-01 10:00:50 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Lucha Underground's Johnny Mundo on whether he would consider another WWE run, pressure as a cornerstone of the brand, skepticism before he signed with Lucha Underground
2015-04-30 16:39:27 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

D-Lo Brown on his relationship with Droz, why he wore a chest protector, failed gimmicks and the end of his WWE run
2015-04-30 12:27:20 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Former WWE Tough Enough participant Son of Havoc (a/k/a Matt Cross) says he doesn't believe the show is about finding talent, what separates Lucha Underground from other products
2015-04-30 13:33:29 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Jesse Ventura on working for Verne Gagne in the AWA, the creation of "The Body" name, Verne the perfectionist, teaming with Adrian Adonis
2015-04-30 09:30:11 ( MISC News Interview Highlights MUST-READ LISTING )

WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund on his relationship with Verne Gagne, feels he has another run left in him, looks back on his heel run
2015-04-29 17:28:37 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Devon Dudley on returning to WWE, being compared to his tag partner, avoiding substance abuse issues
2015-04-29 16:30:31 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

WWE's The Miz says fans reacted negatively to Roman Reigns because they would rather cheer for a wrestler they feel they had a part in making
2015-04-29 15:40:40 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Former WWE wrestler Mason Ryan on whether he's interested in returning to WWE or going to TNA, looks back on his run, discusses the differences between WWE and the independent scene
2015-04-29 14:00:31 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

WWE Hall of Famer George Steele on the origins of his green tongue and chewing turnbuckles, and he recalls working with Bruno Sammartino
2015-04-24 11:47:10 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Ric Flair on Charlotte vs. UFC star Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, downplays the quality of his TNA matches
2015-04-23 13:00:01 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

WWE stars The Miz and Summer Rae on whether their characters will stay together, teaming up in The Marine 4 film, Miz on whether he would rather headline WrestleMania or star in a major movie, his interest in appearing on the Tough Enough training staff
2015-04-23 11:17:34 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Drew Galloway on his run with TNA, his debut on Impact Wrestling, The Rising faction, becoming TNA Champion
2015-04-22 13:00:35 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Former WWE and TNA wrestler says he was supposed to play a big part in Django Unchained, discusses his role in a new film, and whether he intends to wrestle
2015-04-21 10:51:59 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

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