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Johnny Mundo (f/k/a John Morrison) on having more fun in Lucha Underground and the creative freedom, cuts a promo on injured WWE star Seth Rollins
2015-12-20 10:18:09 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

Finn Balor on making the transition from NJPW to NXT, the creative process of his entrance, keeping a positive mental attitude
2015-12-17 15:00:06 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

ROH wrestler looks back on training with Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy and the talent that came out of the OMEGA promotion
2015-12-17 14:05:06 ( ROH News Interview Highlights )

Kurt Angle on how close he came to working a match against Bret Hart, WrestleMania 33 possibilities, his desire to face Daniel Bryan, TNA Impact Wrestling moving to Pop TV, why he isn't interested in working in NXT
2015-12-16 10:55:26 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

A.J. Styles says he has not spoken with anyone from WWE who wants to hire him, says he would like to have a WrestleMania moment yet is content working big events such as NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom
2015-12-15 09:50:37 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

Brad Maddox on being released by WWE for language used during a dark match, working with Undertaker on The Tonight Show while dressed in a turkey costume
2015-12-10 11:05:30 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

TNA's Ethan Carter III on his most memorable opponents and friends within the industry, women's wrestling, and the success of NXT
2015-12-06 09:22:17 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Chris "Crowbar" Ford on working with Terry Funk, never getting a singles feud with Chris Candido over the WCW Cruiserweight Title, the surprise of Vince McMahon buying WCW after Eric Bischoff's group seemed close
2015-12-06 09:20:10 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

EC3 on TNA moving to Pop TV, going live with the premiere on Pop, the World Title Series
2015-12-04 13:40:52 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Daniel Bryan's co-trainer looks back on training him and working against him in his first match, how Shawn Michaels acted at his wrestling school
2015-12-02 14:00:54 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Teddy Long on his run as the WWE Smackdown general manager, the origin of Playa stemming from a dog named Balls, how his grandson inspired his dance, the running tag team match joke
2015-12-01 09:33:01 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

Former WCW broadcast team member says Michael Cole sucks and JBL is horrible, praises Mauro Ranallo as the best announcer in pro wrestling
2015-11-24 10:03:46 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

Johnny Swinger on Vince McMahon changing his name, why JJ Dillon gave him multiple raises in WCW, working on the Hulk Hogan vs. Goldberg show at the Georgia Dome
2015-11-25 10:15:29 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

Zack Gowen recalls Roddy Piper trying to pull off his actual leg rather than his prosthetic leg, working for WWE and with legends so early in his career
2015-11-23 15:10:46 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

TNA wrestler Eric Young on Impact Wrestling moving to Pop TV, says TNA is the Nickelback of pro wrestling, changes the company needs to make
2015-11-23 09:51:34 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

Kurt Angle says the UK tour will be his last with TNA, says he enjoyed his TNA run more than his WWE run, discusses Bellator commentary debut
2015-11-18 13:35:42 ( TNA News Interview Highlights )

ROH COO Joe Koff on moving to Comet, says there's not a person in the world who can't access ROH television for free
2015-11-18 11:45:24 ( ROH News Interview Highlights )

Lance Archer (a/k/a Lance Hoyt) on his run in TNA and the regulars who rallied behind him, joining WWE and becoming Vance Archer
2015-11-18 12:40:17 ( MISC News Interview Highlights )

WWE enhancement wrestler recalls working with John Cena early in his career
2015-11-16 10:30:17 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

WWE star Kevin Owens on facing Undertaker, why he dreamed of winning the Intercontinental Title
2015-11-16 09:48:56 ( WWE News Interview Highlights )

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